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It was such a pleasant day for Ram and Priya, Priya had literally dragged Ram with her for shopping, they shopped for almost 4 hours and Ram was amazed at the capability of women to spend so much time on shopping, then they went for a romantic candle light dinner, it was first time RaYa had went for dinner all alone and they enjoyed it thoroughly, lost in each other's eyes. Then while returning back to home, Ram had stopped his car at Priya's favorite road-side Kulfi parlor and this time RaYa fed each other. It seemed as if all was so perfect in their life, but they didn't know that a huge disaster was awaiting them.

They reached home, with Priya holding Ram's left arm, laughing at some random thing and Ram beautifully gazing at his lovely wife, but only to find Natasha hugging Niharika and crying loudly. They found Mamaji and Sid standing at one place, watching whole drama peacefully.

Niharika: Baby, stop it please. At least tell me what happened. Jab tak tum hume nahi btaogi ki kya hua hume kaise pta chalega? tumhe ye chot kaise lagi, tell me what exaclty happened?

Sid: Haan Nuts kuch to bolo.

But Natasha just wasn't in a mood to utter a single world, she was just crying and crying, probably waiting for the right moment or the right person. Just then, Niharika realized that Ram and Priya were standing at the door trying to understand what was going on. Niharika rushed to Ram immediately.

Niharika: Ram, Ram dekho na Natasha ko kya ho gya hai. She is just crying and not saying anything, u talk to her please.

Ram rushes towards Nuts and finds her in pathetic condition with her lower lip cut.

Ram: Choti kya hua? Tu ro kyun rahi hai?Teri aisi halat kisne ki? Apne bhai ko bhi nahi btayegi kya?

Nuts(hugging Ram tight and weaping): Bhai, Karthik...Karthik did this to me. He slapped me. Bhai usne mujhe mara.

Saying this Nuts collapsed in Ram's arm and he was just too shocked, along with Niharika, Sid and Mamaji, on hearing that Karthik did this to his choti. He lifted Nuts to her room and urgently called the doctor and everyone except Priya too rushed back to her room.

Priya was stunned. She couldn't believe what she just heard. She knew her brother well and that his brother can't do this insane task of beating his wife. She couldn't think of anything else at that moment but to go to her house and know what really happened. She left in a hurry.

While Priya went to her house, doctor came, checked Natasha, gave medicines and asked Ram not to worry. Doctor gave his opinion that it might be a case of domestic violence and left saying that Natasha will be alright after she takes proper rest.

Mama, Sid and Niharika had quietly discussed "the matter" all this while when doctor was checking Nuts. They had no sympathy for Nuts, they were sure that she was exaggurating the matter. Niharika rather saw this as an opportunity to break down Ram and Priya's strong relationship that was getting on her nerves now. 

Ram was still in shock, he sat close to Nuts, caressing her hair with tears in his eyes. He couldn't see his Choti in this state.

Niharika: Ram, mujhe to vishwas hi nahi ho rha ki Karthik aisa kar sakta hai. Ho sakta hai ki Nuts ki galti ho, par fir bhi wo aisa kaise kar sakta hai meri bacchi ke sath? Uski halat to dekho, Karthik ne kya haal kar diya hai uska. Aur Priya, Nuts ko dekhna to door wo to kahin chali gayi hai and she didn't even bother once to inform us.I can't believe Ram, wo is ghar ki bahu hai ab, use pehle Nuts ki chinta honi chahiye par...Chalo leave it, but Ram don't say anything to Priya, his brother did so wrong with Nuts, she is so irresponsible but we can't forget that she is our Bahu, we can't do the same that Sharma's did with Nuts. And Ram you look so tired, Beta,u go and take some rest, hum sab hai na yahan Nuts ke paas.

Ram just nodded and left from there. The evil trio shared the evil grin as they could clearly see how angry Ram was, they knew when Ram is angry he doesn't listen to anybody and they were sure this would destroy Ram and Priya's relationship completely.

There Priya had gone to her house, she was first shocked to know Sudhir was ill and nobody informed her but Sudhir clarified that he only asked everyone not to tell her as she would unnecessarily be worried. Then Shipra, Ayesha and Karthik started with how Nuts was so irresponsible and how beacause of her Sudhir's condition got so bad and then also she wasn't accepting her mistake but arguing back on how middle class they were and so on. But Priya questioned that who gave Karthik the right to hurt and injure his wife even if she was at fault but no one seemed to listen to Priya. Karthik told her that out of anger he only slapped Nuts and nothing else. Priya was really getting confused now, only Sudhir, being sane, asked her to go back to KM as already it was so late and Ram must be waiting for her.

Priya returned back home all confused as to who was right and who was wrong. If Karthik had slapped her then how come Nuts was much more injured? Was she exaggurating the matter? Or her family members were trying to defend Karthik? She jerked off all thoughts and went straight to see Nuts but she got only taunts from Niharika who sarcastically asked her to look for Ram instead.

Priya then went to her room and found Ram all angry, sitting on the sofa, drinking. She could justify his anger, why wouldn't he be angry, his sister whom he treated like his daughter was badly injured by her brother and then she had left even without telling him anything.
Priya: umm..Mr. Kapoor, wo wo main ghar gayi thi. Sorry main itni jaldi main thi ki aapko bta hi nahi payi.

But Ram didn't even looked up to face Priya. He was for the first time really angry, he didn't know if it was beacuse of her or her brother. But his silence was killing Priya. She came forward, kneeled down beside him and tried to explain what she heard at Sharma house. But Ram didn't seem to listen her, he didn't even said a word and continued to drink, all annoyed.

Priya: Mr. Kapoor, Mr. Kapoor kuch to boliye please, main janti hun aap naraz hain Karthik se, mujhse, par please aise shant mat rahiye, please kuch to boliye.

But Ram wasn't in a mood, he was in fact getting irrated by Priya repeatedly talking.

Priya: Raaam...please kuch boliye and she began to weep.

At this point, Ram threw the glass of whine with full force on the ground and accidantely the glass hit him too. A big glass piece got stuck in his hand and he closed his eyes in pain while Priya ran to get the first-aid box.

She held his hand and Ram tried to withdraw but Priya held his hand more tightly, silently crying over his pain, which she was feeling more than him. Her hands were shivering while removing the glass piece and tears rolling down her eyes that were falling on Ram's hand then. Ram was looking deep in Priya's eyes, trying to understand how much she loves him. After removing the glass piece with great difficulty, she began to apply detol on open wound, then started bandaging it, taking care that it doesn't hurt Ram at all while she controlled herself from completely breaking down.

Ram himself couldn't take it more, he himself was feeling bad for being rude to Priya, after all there was no mistake of Priya in this, and may be Nuts had done something very wrong too. He kept one hand on priya's shoulder and with his injured hand began to wipe Priya's tears. Priya looked up into Ram's eyes and hugged Ram tightly and began to cry louder.

Ram hugged her and patted her back. They weren't talking, they didn't need words but it was clear that they were ready to fight the situation, together. They just needed each other's support and they can solve life's biggest problems.

Jab koi baat bigad jaaye jab koi mushkil pad jaaye
Tum dena saath mera o humnawaaz
Na koi hai na koi tha zindage mein tumhaare siva
Tum dena saath mera o humnawaaz

I wrote this before yesterday's episode telecasted, and it got much lengthy and it doesn't make much sense either Confused
Sorry and Thank You.
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Posted: 2012-04-13T02:59:04Z

amazing! i think you should continue!! 
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Posted: 2012-04-13T03:16:59Z
awesome nuts !!!!
i love this very very much...
pls continue to write...
thanks 4 this lovely , touching OS... Hug
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Posted: 2012-04-13T03:46:57Z
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Posted: 2012-04-13T05:16:49Z
Awesome Nancy...please continue to write...Big smileClapClap Edited by TVserialfreak - 2012-04-13T05:20:44Z
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Posted: 2012-04-13T07:23:08Z
Very cute...Nancy...
good one...Clap
write more OSs when ur bored...
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Posted: 2012-04-14T08:34:38Z
thank you for a wonderful post...

Very wonderful...hope something like this happens in real episode...
Keep enchanting us with more such wonderful os...
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Posted: 2012-04-14T14:16:34Z
Lovely...u wrote vry good about the situation. 
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