Random Scenes:Ek nanhi Pari! Part-6 Pg.20(28/3/13)

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  Hi all, written a new part with Ram-Priya-Peehu...on page 13. I started  this FF long back,so instead of Peehu, there are other kids upto part-3. 
 Part-1 Page 1
 Part-2 Page 5
 Part-3 Page 10
 Part-4 Page 13
 Part-5 Page 16
Hello everyone!Let me introduce about me & my family.You know my mamma-papa better than me. What people call them...ahhh.. ok! something like 'Priya' to my mummy & 'Ram' to my 'dad'. Actually there are many people in my house. Tongue
I don't know much about the other people,I would tell about others later but one lovely lady pampers us a lot. She calls my dad as 'Golu puttar'. I am confused cause same thing my mamma & other people says for my brothers & me...????Confused
One lady always yells on my mamma. Daadi always keeps shouting at  her as "oyee'Chutaki". When she kisses on my cheeks, some color appears on my cheeks...Dad shouts at her, "Please mummy aap khayal rakhiye. Apna lipstick kam kejiye. Meray bachoko skin irritation ho jayega !AngryAngryAngry That brings a smile on my mamma's face.Embarrassed

Ok.I am here to ask u something .My Pa teases my mom that I am the only one ...among his children who is not naughty.Others r just like him...what he says...'Panjab de sher'. Why he is proud of them. Let me show u...

Rishabh: Priya bhabhii! I dont know, how my favorite Jelly disappears from  the  refrigerator every day. Can u find out plz? Aap shayad mystery solve kar sakti ho..jaise 'Pushtaini haar' ka mystery aapney solve kiya tha.

Priya to herself: OMG!!!!!!!!!How he has done it again????????
Mr. Kapoor ko bhi 'besan kay ladoo' churaney ki aadat thi.Bilkul apney papa pe gaya hai.
In Kitchen RaYa Juni1: Yummy jelly! Let me finish it before anyone!!!!!Tongue
RaYa Juni2: Pandu uncle! u know whose son am I? U know he is India's no. buiz tycoon.Take this dairymilk for ur kid.Wink


Mamaji: Ram dekho yeh Piiriya kay bachhe! phir se ek accident kar diya. Maine toh peheley hi kaha tha yeh Priya kay laad-pyar ka nateeja hain!


Ram(angrily): Mamaji yeh mat bhulna woh mera bhi beta hai. He has closed the case successfully by giving a chocolate to Pandu.

Tensed Priya(to herself): kyon humarey bachhe 'Mr. Kapoor' ki sab bad habits follow kar rahe hain.

 INCIDENT 3:     
 Raya Juni 3:  Muaaah!
(Ram's Buiz-friend & his wife with their 2 year old daughter had come for a dinner at Kapoor  mansion.RJ-3 kissed their daughter.)LOL


Priya: Ram have you seen, Mr. Roy's daughter cried so much. Abb! bas yahi baki tha...Cry meray baccho ko sikhana!AngryYeh kyon itnay shaitan ho gaye hain.Aapney bigada hain unko...Ouch


Ram:Oh meri Gudiya!don't worry. Ek kiss he to kiya hai. Baccha he to hai.Tum bhi na chhoti-chhoti bantey dil pe leti ho aur rona suru...Embarrassed


Hope you like it.Please do comment.Embarrassed



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Aila, darling cute post. Will read and comment later Edited by ravichitra - 2012-04-06T11:00:26Z
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Posted: 2012-04-06T11:05:09Z
Baby Saniya ( i felt like calling u that after seeing ur post) what an awesome piece of work. wonderful.Party
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Posted: 2012-04-06T11:08:08Z
OMG!! OMG!!! OMG!!!
This is soOO cute and sweet. :-)
nice post. :-)
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Posted: 2012-04-06T11:09:41Z
LOL Really cute, great work !!!
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Posted: 2012-04-06T11:22:43Z
awww...GOLU aur GOLI ke bache...
junior 1..PAPPU... 

junior 2...PAPPI...
junior 3...MOLI...        
junior 4...MOLU...

That was so cute...

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Kudos for your post...Reading your post made me travel back to memory lane..You have indeed come out of your pupa stage and blossomed into a butterfly...Chaka mar diya with this post...You envisioned the future and took BALH to FF track...loved this cute golu molu ...good job Clap
The lil one loves jelly very much...kindhearted like his father...Liked your style of writing but didn't like Priya musing he has all the bad habits of Golu...Golu is a sweet heart compared to a lot of men out there yaar..When u wrote this  u stuck to the story lines...Niharika, Dadi, Rishabh, klep Mammu...go on writing ..it was something very unique
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Posted: 2012-04-06T11:51:31Z
ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL laughing my head off yaar... kaha kaha se itne acche ideas aatein haiLOL
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