Trap for Ayesha--An OS.

Posted: 2012-04-04T20:02:09Z
Trap for Ayesha..
Ayesha has suddenly been invited for a cozy lunch with Niharika at Hotel Royal Blue,an exclusive high end eatery with entry for members only..A smooth and slick talking Niharika cleverly brushes aside Ayesha's objections and makes her understand that Ram and Priya  dont have the time  for lunch..
Now lets move on..
Ayesha dresses up and hurriedly leaves for the Hotel..Waiting for an auto she dosent think how strange and sudden this change of plans has happened. Afterall the future face and model of Lomal is more important matter than this trivial matter of lunch..Already her mind is on things, as to what to get, how to do things her own way, like even which model of car to buy once she starts her work.. A daydreamer to the core..
A car screechs near her jolting her out of the reverie..
A shocked Ayesha starts to shout her objections when she realises that its Vikram in the car..
"Oh hello Vikram" she says sheepishly .
" Hello Ayesha. What are you doing on the side of the road? Waiting for someone?"he asks concernedly..
Ayesha briefs him about her  luncheon date with Niharika..Smelling something fishy, Vikram excuses and calls up Neha and asks her to come directly to the hotel concerned with their daughter.. Cutting off her objections , he assures her that they still need to eat lunch and he will explain everything..
"Chalo Ayesha I will drop you there. Infact am too headed for lunch with Neha at the same venue" he says..
Cut scen to Ram's office..
Raya break off from the hug.. Wiping away her tears of happiness, Ram says that this calls for celebrations and that they should go somewhere for lunch..Cutting off Priya's protest about her classes, he sheperds her and simply drives the car without informing where they are headed too..
The Royal Blue hotel..
An exclusive high end joint its the ultimate symbol for the hep and happening society..
In goes Vikram and Ayesha, and  little later followed  by Neha and their child..
Vikram-Neha's membership gurantees automatic entry..
Sometime later enters  a confident and happy Ram and  a docile and shy Priya..
The magnetic presence of Ram opens doors beyond common man's imagination..
Cut scene to KM..
The evil trio are gloating  and nursing drinks..
"Aree sweety, bataao? What exactly have you planned for Ayesha? Why invite that do kodi ki ladki to this hotel? Kuch khas plans hai kya?" asks takklu Mama..
" Yes Mom. Why go out of the way to invite her and soil the santity of such place? Cant understand your logic?" says a confused Sid..
" Bahiya hamesha aap ka dimag ki batti dher se jalthi hai..Let Ayesha cool her heels outside the hotel..Shortly she will be eveteased and have a harrowing time..Journos will be present there to click and record this thamasha..Then I will forward all this sensational happening to lomal..
An international brand and company, they cant afford to have their yet to be launched model belittled like this nah?Who would expect a woman ,who has already had a wardrobe  malfunction, out on the street fitting like a feline cat amidst curious onlookers.. Lomal will have a fit and regret signing such a person..They dont go for commoner out to create a sensation in the street, nah" glees Niharika smiling her at masterstroke plan..
"Then when things are out of control,you will make a grand entry and save Ayesha from the clutches of street thugs and make sure the media has got all the juicy potions covered well.. Ayesha can never step into the fashion world again.. She will become an outcast.." completed Sid  and chortled at his mom's brilliant plan..
The evil laughter reverberated the room..
After an agonising hour of no news nor any tip off from her plant, Niharika starts to get vexed. She rushes to the hotel and finds everything normal..
Tredding inside, she gingerly scans the lobby and still further into the cafe ..
A shock! A jolt she has never experienced before!
There in the open cafe, she saw Ram, Priya, Ayesha, Neha and Vikram and their child all enjoying and laughing  and bonding well over lunch..
A scowling, the botoxed lips in an ugly twist, the face murderous, Niharika was left standing fretting and fuming..
All the best laid plans for Ayesha have rebounded and hit instead.
The trap for Ayesha happened; well almost..
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Posted: 2012-04-04T20:19:21Z
awsome maris. thanks
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Posted: 2012-04-04T20:21:28Z
u are brilliant maris u shd really write a ff Clap
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Posted: 2012-04-04T20:45:57Z
Loved it, Maris. This was so clever and cute. I loved it. Clap
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Posted: 2012-04-04T20:48:15Z
very interesting...
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Posted: 2012-04-04T20:59:12Z
Superb post...awesome thinking...hats off...ClapClap
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Posted: 2012-04-04T21:03:11Z
Awesome post Clap, hope aisahi kutch ho..Wonder,what that B*** has planned for tomorrow?Confused I really wish Ayesha takes Priya with her, or Ram and Priya goes their for lunch too. That will be awesome.
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Posted: 2012-04-04T21:23:56Z
wow maris...
u have good brains.. where did u get these gr8 thoughts...
i really appreciate it...
good job maris...
keep it up...Thumbs Up
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