Arnav's Shirt Colour "Spoiler" Code

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Posted: 9 years ago

EDIT (29/07): Since this badboy has once again managed to find itself unearthed from the depths of the forum- let me just add this little edit. I wrote this a LONG time ago. It would appear almost all of the IPKKND crew has been replaced (stylists included) and Arnav's shirt collection has become severely depleted so the code no longer sticks as true as it once did- I haven't really watched it properly in a while so I can't be certain. Also- I don't know how I figured all this out, nor do I know from whence I found the TIME. This all said- enjoy. LOL

Guys... please tell me I'm not the only person who has noticed that the colour of Arnav's shirt seems to be a MASSIVE giveaway as to what's coming up in the plot? I don't know if you guys know the user on Youtube under the username ismailvegamze, but they very kindly and conveniently put up all the ArShi scenes. I've just gone through and rewatched them all and this is the hint system I've figured out.

I'd just like to clarify this only seems to work when he's dressed for work- not casually or even when he's wearing the shirt minus the waistcoat. He has to be in the shirt and a waistcoat and black/ charcoal grey trousers for the Arnav Singh Raizada Shirt Spoiler Colour Code to apply. :') Pretty specific, I know- but hey, we all love spoilers LOL

And this is going back to the very first episodes! Either the CVs are phenomenal and have planned this from the very beginning- in which case EVERYBODY SHUT THE ACTUAL F UP WITH ALL THE COMPLAINING as anybody who can plan to THIS level of detail needs to just be left free to do their thing, or it's some sort of incredible coincidence. Either way... it seems to work out and also explains several things like why Arnav sometimes seems to be wearing the same colour for AGES. 


The BLACK Shirt

Whenever Arnav hurts Khushi in anger, he is wearing the black shirt. Whether it's the very first episode with the scenes backstage at the fashion show, the times in the office when he was just an Angry Young Man to her in general, the time just after he found out Khushi was engaged when he was trying to hurt her by making her jealous to force her to admit he mattered to her, or almost permanently post-wedding. He wore it ALL THE FREAKING TIME in the days/weeks immediately following the wedding. It's only recently, now that his guard around Khushi seems to be dropping, that he is alternating it with my personal favourite (not because it means anything particularly brilliant, but purely because Barun Sobti looks like an ADONIS in it...):

The WHITE Shirt

I think most of the forum love it when this one is cracked out for the same reason I stated above. Its significance in the Shirt Colour Code is the indication of a challenge of some sort between ArShi. The most obvious ones are the recent ones where they first shake on the Sangeet Ceremony, Khushi threatening to not return to Shantivan unless Arnav admits the truth and most recently, post Heer-Ranjha where Khushi has clearly decided she is going to make him admit that he was speaking as Arnav Singh Raizada and get him to finish his sentence. But there were also moments in the past where a gauntlet was thrown down between ArShi- like when he was wearing it the day he realised Khushi was an orphan... He yelled at her and told her to not even TRY and pretend she could sympathise with him and then she inadvertently proved him wrong because- well- she's an orphan. And obviously, everybody's favourite challenge... When he dared Khushi to kiss him... This is, in fact, the saving grace of the white shirt... it is almost always preceded by some pretty substantial ArShi romance. Onwards we go!


The NAVY Shirt

Whenever Arnav wears the navy shirt- three things happen: 

1) A truth is revealed 
2) Khushi stands up to Arnav
3) Arnav counters by hurting Khushi in a way which ultimately brings them closer 

The first time the navy shirt made an appearance was when Arnav dropped Khushi from his office: 
1) Khushi realises ASR is Arnav Singh Raizada
2) She tells him she won't work for him and that she'd rather die than be saved by someone like him
3) He drops her from a first storey office and then forces her to sign a demoralising contract keeping her in the office

Again here: 
1) Arnav finds out Khushi is engaged
2) Khushi tells Arnav the reason she didn't tell him is because he means nothing to her
3) Arnav moves his engagement with Lavanya to a week and forces Khushi to organise the whole thing

1) Both Arnav and Khushi's engagements have been broken off
2) Khushi yells at Arnav for breaking his engagement with Lavanya and tells him he'll never know how much a girl's heart hurts when she finds out her fiance is scum.
3) At the Desi Girl party, Arnav is wearing navy again when he chastises Khushi for being so low that she doesn't even care her engagement broke...

1) Arnav realises he cares about Khushi when he thinks she's been in a road accident
2) Khushi asks Arnav why he cares
3) Arnav refuses to admit that he DOES care, yells at her in the car but... well, we all know the incredible scenes with bangles and Khushi falling sick that followed.

I'm hoping it's next appearance will be
1) Khushi finds out why Arnav married her
2) Khushi goes sick at Arnav about not giving her the chance to defend herself
3) Arnav tells her because he was so blinded by love at the time he wouldn't trust himself to be able to see past her lies...

One can dream, right?

SPEAKING OF DREAMS- Although the meaning isn't that great, I really, really wish Arnav would have a chance to wear this next shirt more often and, if most of the FF writers on here got there way, he would be wearing it at the beginning of almost every single one of theirs-

The SKY BLUE Shirt

Let me just begin by saying Sobti is a VISION in this shirt. It's a shame it indicates an upcoming separation... or at least the threat of one. Arnav has worn this most beautiful of shirts only twice- once when Khushi threatened to go back to Luckhnow and then once more at the temple when they got bandage-engaged and they decided they would never see each other again... only to see each other again.

I guess this shirt just serves to represent that as much as they try to separate- fate won't let them. The sky blue shirt epitomises nafrat paas aane na de, mohabbat door jaane na de.

Speaking of fate, we can now move onto:

The RED Shirt

The red shirt tends to make appearances when Arnav is planning something and is trying not to think about Khushi... but inevitably ends up running into Khushi. Kind of like fate intervening to remind them "Erm, you might TRY to run away but GOOD LUCK WITH THAT."

What's that Arnav? You're trying to plan an anniversary party for your sister thinking KKG has gone back to Lukhnow. NOPE CHUCK TESTA, SHE'S IN YOUR WARDROBE.

Sorry what? You wanted to discretely follow Aakash to see why he's been acting so weird? NOPE CHUCK TESTA, SPOTTED BY KKG AND ROPED INTO INSANE FILMY PLAN.

Oh and what was that about wanting to wallow by yourself in your grief over the love of your life hugging your creepwa of a Jija on the terrace and yelling some vague statement at him? NOPE CHUCK TESTA, THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE COMES OUT TO SLEEP BY THE POOLSIDE YOU BANISHED HER TO AND TELLS YOU THAT SHE HATES YOU.

The red shirt doesn't seem to be much of an indicator as to what's coming up exactly since we all know that all three of those scenarios were very different in tone, pacing and emotion- but the red shirt DOES, to me, seem to have the underlying link that, regardless of how or why they try to separate... Arnav and Khushi just cannot remain apart.

The GREY Shirt

Now, assuming the Shirt Code holds true... I'm next going to flip my shit and start squealing as much as I did seeing the navy one in TODAY'S, when I see Arnav in the grey shirt- because what THIS shirt has coincided with every single time is KHUSHI realising something important. 

Arnav's  wearing grey when Khushi sees his softer side on the day he buys all those pigeons for the little girl and then again when she first realises that she has "dhak dhak" feelings for him. Most importantly, however, he's wearing it on the day Khushi finds out the truth about Shyam and cries on Arnav's shoulder. 

The grey shirt also seems to indicate that Khushi is about to decide to keep whatever new found knowledge it is she has obtained a secet from Arnav. If Arnav's wearing grey when Khushi finds out why he married her, we can be DAMN sure she's not going to confront him but will just be sad and then try to PROVE her innocence by staging some drama. Which, in my opinion... WILL BE BRILLIANT OMG ARNAV PLEASE WHIP ON THE GREY SOON!!! 

Now allow me to move onto the next shirt:

The PURPLE Shirt

This particular baby is a tricky one so it took me a while to realise the pattern for this one. There is always a religious celebration of some sort (I'm counting engagements as religious in this case) and then, ArShi wise, something happening which culminates in Arnav trying to talk to Khushi about something/ tries to help her out- but her refusing to listen or getting angry at him instead which in turn (obviously) causes the great Arnav Singh Raizada to flare up in a rage as well:

It's hard to believe it could really be this specific, right? But it's true. 

Okay so, examples include: the morning of Teej- the first time it makes an appearance. He tries to talk to her about her resigning in a rage and yelling at him but she ignores him and gets annoyed.

It's next appearance is (I'm so sorry for my ignorance but I don't remember exactly what she was describing) I think it was the birthday of one of the gods and it's where she calls Arnav Kans Mama. Khushi tricks Arnav into coming downstairs and lighting the diya for the pooja. Lavanya calls the police on Khushi to do a background check and Khushi is upset, Arnav helps her out. He then takes her home but gets angry and leaves her in the middle of the road. He gets out and tries to help her up and back into the car but she's angry and refuses.

The next time is when Arnav finds out about Khushi's engagement. He confronts her and he's upset that she hid it from him but she gets angry and asks why he even cares. It's the very first "Farak padta hai kyunki..."

The purple shirt basically means Arnav's going to get hurt because Khushi will reject his help or apologies. If he's wearing purple when he apologises to Khushi post-MU Clearing... then I think I will literally cry. Then again, there has to be some sort of religious celebration at some point while he's wearing it and he has to actively participate- whether it was taking the thaal at Teej, lighting the diya at the other one or nearly putting Khushi's engagement ring on her ring finger on that day... So I guess maybe it'll be some sort of rausam for Poojali's baby/ Snakewa's death?

The BROWN Shirt

The brown shirt, hilariously enough, seems to indicate Arnav getting jealous and then somehow ending up in bed next to Khushi. :')

It first made an appearance for New Year's when NK speaks to Khushi on the phone and Arnav gets jealous, sees her first thing and then ends up hiding in her bed.

It's back for their Honeymoon where he gets jealous of Shyam, they do that weird dance and then they end up sleeping next to each other on the recliner.

And now he's wearing it again at the Gupta House where I guess he's not really jealous per se, unless he's being thrown by the feelings he's experiencing as a result of all the love the Guptas are giving him and which he knows Khushi must therefore have grown up with- and I guess he's in a PERMANENT state of jealousy over Shyam. :') And we all know they ended up sleeping next to each other- Khushi crossing the Great Wall of Arnav with little to no difficulty. 

The TAN Shirt

Both times he's worn this he has realised that Khushi means something to him and the realisation has confused him.

First time when he beats up all those goons at the dhabba and then again when Khushi talks about getting married and he nearly falls off the stool and then DOES fall off the stool. 

The dhabba time he kicked her out of the car and then got frustrated because he didn't know why she made him lose control like that and then the second time he stared at her all the time and drowned a plant. :') 

The second time also led to him cracking out:


Whenever Arnav wears this shirt, he does something which makes Khushi think they've grown closer... to clear her "misconceptions" Arnav retaliates by hurting her double. 

The first time she takes files to his house and eats breakfast with his family- she thinks she understands him slightly better but NOPE he forces her to go to some broken down dilapidated house where she gets trapped. 

Most significantly, he's wearing it during the entire Diwali sequence. He helps Khushi escape from the circles of diyas, fixes her foot, returns her payal and then nearly kisses her... And then he gets engaged to Lavanya, tells Khushi to stop dreaming about a future with him and tells her she means nothing to him and never will... 

It's back again the first time Khushi acknowledges she's married to him, when she goes to AR Offices to meet Aakash and tells the guards to let her in because her name is Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada. Arnav seems to accept this but then not only throws an entire bucket of water over her but threatens that he will make Aakash divorce Payal and tricks Khushi into believing he's succeeded... 

And then most recently it appeared when he lost his voice and Khushi understood everything he wanted. She thought their relationship was on track and did everything for him but then he told her he was faking it and just wanted her to feel guilty for no reason. Follow this with the whole Heer-Ranjha sequence and you have Khushi suffering a whole world of hurt whenever her husband dons this shirt.

Poor, poor girl.

The only thing I can say in favour of this shirt is Arnav always ends up hurt himself when he realises the hurt he causes Khushi whenever he's in this shirt. I'm actually a little surprised we haven't seen it more often post-marriage. Maybe when he decided to ACTUALLY be mean to her.

And now we move onto the final shirt I have figured out, and that is:


Arnav realises he's hurt Khushi beyond what's appropriate and feels guilty about it. When he makes her work in the parking lot in the rain and she nearly dies getting run over by a car and then later at some point when he flashes back to all of the times he has hurt her in the past and he realises that life has no rewind button and he can't take back all the times he has hurt her. Annoyingly, this is due to a conversation with Shyam- but it doesn't make Arnav's guilt any less real.

Green in general seems to indicate Khushi making Arnav lose control- after all the first time he wears green is the first time he sees her in a red sari and is mesmerised by her. When he wears green he finds himself inexplicably drawn to her and then feels the need to hurt her double to convince himself that he's being ridiculous and this girl means nothing to him. SHE can't POSSIBLY be responsible for his HIGHNESS losing control over himself... 

But he always feels bad about it. 

I guess that's the excuse everyone always gives for Arnav's atrocious behaviour: yeah he's bad, but it's not like he doesn't feel guilty about it or repent. LOL  But I guess if chauvinism and guys treating the love of their life badly made people stop watching, NOBODY WOULD EVER WATCH ANY INDIAN DRAMA EVER. 

I hope you're enjoying the ridiculously keen analysis right now and that it'll give you something to analyse even FURTHER and hunt for even MORE spoilers just by staring at Barun Sobti's body LOL 

So yeah that's it. Do drop a like or a comment. I'm sorry this took me forever and I promise I will add in photos later. 

I'm just tired and have a Unit 5 A2 Biology Mock tomorrow. My exam board is AQA. To those of you who know what this means because you are in the same boat- I both pity you and wish you endless amounts of luck.

You'll need it ;)

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Posted: 9 years ago
lol this is brilliant can't wait for the full version!!
Posted: 9 years ago
Wow, what an observation! 
Posted: 9 years ago
Great post!
I love his shirts and you have given them a beautiful meaning!
Posted: 9 years ago
omg! this is such amazing analysis! With the way you've laid it out it seems the CVs do actually have some sort of plan with these shirt colours! LOL
Waiting for the rest of your brilliant analysis but for now good luck with your revision! Wink
I'm trying to stay away from that youtube channel right now but keep on going back to it like every 5 mins LOL really need to revise though Tongue
Posted: 9 years ago
ClapKudos for such keen observation. Clap

I knew there was some connection between how things go and the outfit choices of the leads, but never gave it a second thought.Smile Thanks to your hard work, research and detailed post, lazy couch potatoes like me won't have to go crazy trying to figure out the color coding going on Wink BTW, I love his blue shirts (both of them) the best, followed by his brown and black ones Embarrassed

Can't wait to see what you have to say about his red shirt Big smile after you finish studying, of course. Chemistry, did you say?? Hmmm write about Arnav and then study Chemistry...bit of redundancy, no??Wink
Edited by kpk1002 - 9 years ago
Posted: 9 years ago
Hahaha!LOL Fab observation, see you can learn by drooling over Barun Sobti! ROFL
Posted: 9 years ago
Fabulous analysis! Loved it! 

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