If i was Priya's place in 12 march episode

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Posted: 2012-04-01T09:52:04Z
If i was Priya's place in 12 march episode. I tried to make it more realistic. Friends hope you like it.

bin007 = Priya

Till Ram's confession everything is same. 

Ram said " when i close my eyes, i see you " 

I was shocked. I Couldnt believe if this  was dream or real. I closed my eyes and opened to see if anything has changed .I was like a statue. Ram said if i am alright. I couldnt utter a word. Then he felt that I didnt accept his proposal. He sat on bed. He didnt ask anything further. After sometime he  moved towards window to get some fresh air. I tried to stop him but i am unable to speak, my heart was beating fast. 

I recollected some of the recent incidents: 

He fulfilled all my weird wishes during my BC scare period.

Prefered to miss flight to see me while leaving for US.

Video chat for some important file which he didnt mention again. 

Called me to office to give surprise after his US return. Hugged me for some unknown reason ( coin tale that i dont know yet ).

Secretly watched me in party. 

I concluded that indeed he loves me. I went to close the door as i dont want anybody to disturb us in our most precious moment. 

Ram saw me leaving and he was about to collapse. I ran and held him. He said "Are you leaving me? " I said no. And he in a happy but low voice  said " I love you". I blushed. He hold my hand and brought it to his lips and kissed my hand. I said " somebody might come , let me close the door. But he was not ready to leave my hand. He started walking towards the door and i walked along with my soulmate. He closed the door with other hand which was free and said " now is it ok ? " i nodded my head. 

He took me inside the room, I was gasping.  I couldnt dare to look at him. He  came very near to me and he felt that i am nervous. So he told me to sit and said " relax and take rest". Like a caring husband he left my hand. I sat for sometime and closed my eyes. I saw him with closed eyes! 

I opened my eyes and started searching for him. He was staring me from a distance.I went towards him in slow motion, i was shy too. He also took some steps to reach me fast. The moment he was near me, i hug him tightly and he too hug me tightly. 

I said in low voice "You said you love me and .."he interupted and told in a  clear tone that he loves me. I said "you always said about compromise " He lifted my head, our eyes met and said " past is past, but today i declare that i love you priya. I have realised your value now, please forgive me for my previous not-so-good behaviours". I smiled and said yes. 

We again hug each other. He felt my tears in his chest and asked me " why tears, any problem". I wispered "happy tears". He laughed. 

I told lets sleep as i was very tired. He asked me if i want to sleep in bed or couch ! I shyly replied " your wish". He got my intension. He Lifted me on his arms and placed me on bed in his side. I told "this is your side" then he told "from now-on-wards there is no your or mine, all is OURSSmile ". 

Like a gentelman, he went to other side of the bed and started arranging the pillows. And rested there. I asked him if i can hold him and sleep, he smiled and nodded. I think he was waiting for the green signal from my end. I holded him closely and kissed him in his cheek. After that . . . ( left for your imaginationsWink

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Posted: 2012-04-01T10:18:30Z
"this is your side" then he told "from now-on-wards there is no your or mine, all is OURSSmile ".
loved these lines ...brilliant imagination with golu ...
bin007 i want to ask u a question ... any way i will give the pm to u..wats it ...

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Posted: 2012-04-01T17:46:52Z
awesome , superb , touching tooo... Clap
gr8 thoughts... Hug

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Posted: 2012-04-02T01:18:03Z
Nice Imagination...keep it up...Clap
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Posted: 2012-04-02T08:29:35Z
nice thought Clap
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Posted: 2012-04-02T08:57:56Z
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