OS Priya calling Ram by his name

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Frenz this is my very first attempt of writing anything so please do bear with me and sorry for any mistakes. This is how I want the scene to be played when Priya calls Ram by his name for the first time :


Its 6.30 in the evening and Ram had been eagerly waiting since morning for the clock to strike &.00 so that his office hours would get over and he can rush home and hear his name from his lovely wife. He was thinking that how everything has changed in last 6 months. Earlier there was time when he used to work 24*7 and was never bothered of the time to reach home early and would not leave office until Vikram would not tell him to leave. But today he was eagerly waiting for office hours to get over like his employees wait. He remembered that Priya had told him that he is the boss he can do whatever he wishes and no one would question him but still he had some duties to be fulfilled as an owner of the company. And today he felt that not only Priya was teasing him from morning by not calling him by his name but even time was teasing him by moving very slowly. Suddenly the phone bell rang and after attending the call he was more upset since an urgent work had come up which meant that he won't be able to leave office by 7.30, he decided to message Priya that he will be late by 1/2hr.

At Km, Priya was worried for Ayesha after hearing Nutz and Neha, she had decided that she would give Sid one Last warning but she could not meet him bcoz Niharika informed her that he has gone for a party and will return late at nite. So she decided that first thing in the morning she would meet Ayesha and make her understand Sid's true intentions and if she is able to convince her than Sid would not be able to influence her and until that she would not tell Ram anything. Then she heard her cell beep and read the message which Ram had sent it said," Will be late by 1/2 an hr so she gets more time to practice to call him by his name" On reading this message she suddenly realized that Ram had given him time till evening to call him by his name. She remembered that on 2 occassions she had called him by his name, once in front of Ashwin when she had suudenly seen Ram and 2nd time when she had seen his and lalaji's photo in Krishuji's bag. But both the time Ram was not there around but now she knew that Ram would not leave her unless she calls him Ram.

Here Ram had finished his work and by the time he left it was 8.15 left, now he had told his driver to drive since he was so much occuoied by Priya's thoughts that he could not concentrate on any other ting. He was thinking how would he feel when he hears his name from Priya, how will she say, how her cheeks would turn red while calling his name.

He reached home by 9.00 and directly headed towards his room, but could not find Priya there and asked Bansi Kaka about Priya, he said that she was with Dadi. He went to Dadi's room and as soon as Priya saw Ram she knew that now he would try to make her say his name. on seeing Ram, Dadi said "Golu puttar tu aa gaya, achcha hua chal hum dinner kar lete hai, ready hai, jake fresh ho jaa hum tera dinning table pe wait kar rahe hai.

Ram – ji dadi, main abhi fresh hoke aata hun

Everyone have dinner together and all the while they were having dinner Ram was telinng Priya through his eyes that be ready dear after dinner u have to call me Ram, and Priya also understood and kept blushing.

As soon as dinner got over Priya went to her room and even Ram was about to leave but dadi stopped him and told him that she wanted to talk to him now. He thought," kya yaar sab urgent kaam aaaur battein aaj hi aani hai". He went with his dadi to her room, she wanted to know the details of how and when he was going to place his Father's statue at his office and also gave him some instructions regarding muhurat. Finally after 15 mins she told him to leave and take rest. He was very happy.

He reached his room and when he entered it was all dark and only light which was there in their room was moonlight. He thought that Priya must be in the washroom he went in to check there and there he heard the room door being closed he came out and saw Priya there all blushing he understood that she was ready to call him Ram. Here Priya was also ready to call him Ram but was still shy but excited at the same time. She went stood beside the window. Ram came from behind whispered in her ear," I am waiting Darling". Priya Slowly turned and faced him and told him, App aankein band kijiye, uske baad hi mein bolungi jo aap sunna chahte hai.

Ram – Priya yaar ye kya baat hui ab kya jab bhi tum mere naam logi kya mein aankhien band karronga kya.

Priya – dekhye har baar ka pata nahi but main pehli baar bol rahi hun na toh please band kijiye na annkein.

Ram had no other option but to close his eyes. As soon as he closed his eyes, Priya moved closer to him and whispered in his ears "I love You……… RAM", and gave a peck on his cheek and kept standing there all shy and blushing. Ram could not express how pleasant his name sounded to him for the first time as if his name was Ram only for Priya to call him so. He opened his eyes and looked at priya, he cupped her face and said " I love You too Priya" and they shared a Passionate Lip Lock.

Then they separated after sometime and Priya thought of the first time he had kissed her how she had misunderstood him for doing so because he did not had any other option and was just doing his duty as a husband. She also felt sad far the way she had behaved with him that whole and for all the things she said to him that morning. She khew that Ram had forgiven her for being so rude to him but she could not forgive herself and she needs to apologise to Ram.

She was lost in her thoughts Ram brought her back to sense.

Ram – Kya soch rahi ho itni dhyann se.

Priya – Ram main apse kuch kehna chahti hun,

Ram – ha kaho na, tumhe kabse mujse kuch kehne ke liye permission ki zarurat padne lagi.

Priya – Main aapse Sorry kehna chahti hu Ram, us din maine gusse main najane aapse kya kuch nahi kehdiya, mujhe aisa nahi kehna chahiye tha. Lekin sach bolo toh us din mujhe aapse zyada apne aap pe gussa tha ke main situation ko itna bigadne hi kyun diya, mere hi behavior ke wajah se aap itna hurt hue the aur gusse main who sab kuch kaha tha. Agar mujhe aapka attention hi chahiye tha Ram toh mujhe aapse aakar sidhe sidhe puch lena chahiye tha ki aap mujhe ignore kyon kar rahe hai naki Ronit ke sath flirt karna chahiya tha. I am really sorry Ram. Aur jo maine aapse kaha ki aap nahi mujhe aur nahi mere pyaar ko deserve karte hai who sirf gusse main thaa mera who matlab nahi but pata nahin mujhe kya ho gaya tha aur main ye sab bol gayi and I am ……… (suddenly Priya realized that Ram was staring at him with trademark cute smile  ) Kya hua aise kya dekh rahe hai.

Ram – Priya tumhe pata abhi jo kuch bhi tumne mujhse kaha us sab main mujhe sab se achcha kya laga?

Priya – Kya?

Ram – Tumhara mujhe Ram bulana (Priya started blushing) Aur rahi baat sorry kit oh, main bhi tumse sorry kehna chahta hun kyunki maine bhi tumhe aur Ronit lo lekar bahut kuch aisa bol diya jo mujhe nhi bolna chahiye tha. Aur dekha jaye yoh meri bhi galti hai agar main tumhe ignore nahin karta toh tum mera attention pane le liye ye sab nahi karti. I am also really sorry.

They both keep string each other lovingly for some time.

Ram – Aur Priya aaj main tumse ek baat saaf saaf keh dena chahta hu, aaj ke baad hum dono ke beech main ye sorry shabd nahin aana chahiya, Arrre darling humare paas aur bhi bahut saati batein hai karne ke liya aur kuch na yaad aye toh tum mujhe I Love You keh diya karo (Priya starts blusing, Ram moves closer to her) Aur phir bhi baatien kam pade toh we can indulge into some action sweetheart u see Action speaks louder than Speech.

Priya realizes his intentions and is all shy and tries to move away but Ram catches old of her and Hugs her (u see they have done PhD. In hugging).

After some time they separate and he takes her to the bed and they make love that night 

Then they both sleep clser cuddled into each other with a pleasant smile on their face.

So now let them sleep and dream about each other.


Uff!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry For such long and boring OS and thanks for bearing me

Agar aapko achcha laga to kripya karke tareef kijiye aur agar nahi achcha laga toh jhooti tareek kijiye is se hum jaisi nayi naveli lekhikaon ko aur lokhna ka protsahan milta hai.


Thank You.


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its awesome,lovely.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,keep updating more...
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Posted: 2012-03-29T04:50:29Z
wow ...so romanttic...waiting 4 your new posts...
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Posted: 2012-03-29T05:12:07Z
Originally posted by phulwafan

its awesome,lovely.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,keep updating more...

Thanx for liking it
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Posted: 2012-03-29T05:12:16Z
Very beautifully written..
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Posted: 2012-03-29T05:13:04Z
Originally posted by feelgood682

wow ...so romanttic...waiting 4 your new posts...

Thanx feelgood for liking it 
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Posted: 2012-03-29T05:17:02Z
Its really nice dear... Keep writing such stuff
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Originally posted by neo7

Uff!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry For such long and boring OS and thanks for bearing me

oh.. dont be sorry... bcoz it was long but fabulous.. 

& thank u tho muje kehena chahiye , bcoz ithney ahchi OS jo palh ney milaa mujey... 

write more & post more...

u write really well.. sach me...

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