OS under the shower

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hey guys  .. 

this is for all my  ff readers.. for thos who appreciated me  for my  work.. 

Ram took priya to  change  room. priya is not in a state to  balance  herself ..
R: priya  .. chalo naha lo. yelo   lo towel aur  yeah  raha  bath room .
P; mr. kapoor  aap  ne kaha ki aap meri  madhath  karega..??  Starts crying.. meri  chaar chaar haath hai   aap  mujhe  meri haalath pe  chod  rahe  hai . This is not  fair .

R: am helping u na .. tum jao  nahaloo . he take  her to  bath room

P; yeah kya  .. aap mera saath  kyu  agayi . ?

R: priya  plz dnt  torture me  more  . ab chup chap nahalo ..  am going  out.

P; tik hai  mr. kapoor aap  she  turns  to walk . ram is watching  her..  she is  dancing  and  singing. she . suddenly trips   

ram see's this and  holds her  make her stand straight .

P; aap gaye nahi  abhi tak .. !! l will manage.

R: tum manage karpaungi . Leave it priya.. uff!! Mujhe karana padega.. sit here. make her sit on the rim of  the  bath  

Ram  turns to  cling the  towel to hanger.. priya   stood and walk towards mirror.. starts singing there.. .. .. ram goes to her and stands   behind her..  hold's her by shoulder. Looking her in mirror..

R: priya   .. dekho  tummari  tarah .. ur in colour .plz  nahalo naa.. [priya  starts  crying turns  towards him. They  stand  so  close..  ram  hold   priya   ] ab kya hua  y r u  crying  again..

P; aap ne tho kaha tha ki u  ill help me .. but see .mera baal, aur  mera chudiya  nikala  bhi nahi    ab mein kaise nahalo..  kaal  raath  ko  bhi aap ne  mera  chudiya nikala nahi aur  jhor se  mera haath pakda ki  mujhe   chot lag gaye..

R: oh oh !!! ok  .. mein     ill do it. Take her to  change  room and  now  ram  takes priya  to change room  unwinds  her hair .. and  slowly  removes her  bangles..   ram  made her   lean against the  dressing table ..  priya  looking to his  eyes intently.. ram looks to her   beautiful   intense  eyes and  removes the  bangles. Without his knowledge  one bangle  breaks on her  hand and  priced to her   skin..

P; ouch .. aww!!!

R; kya   hua .. 

P; tut  gaye na.. ab adath ho gaye.. iss dardh ka

R; blushes. See her  hand . he saw the   mark on her  hand. which is a memory of their  wonderful night . ram took her 
hand    kiss her hand .. where the  hurt is  been made.  Looks  at her  deep remembering  when  he   broke her   bangle

P; ab  mein jao  nahalo ..

R:  tum karsakthe  hai  kya .. 

She  turns  to  bath room  walks  few steps and  trips again..  

R: u need my help priya  can I [priya nods her  head].  chalo  il help u..

Both reach  bathroom and  ram lock the  door.  priya turns  to  him

P; mr.kapoor   u  also need to take  bath . see u too  have  colour on ur  face 

R: haan  first  tum karo .. aur  baadh mein.

P; kyu baadh mein   abhi kijiye .. abhi '.

Ram's dint mind her words   go near to  her . un pins her  saree  pin ..  priya   moves away  from him and  sit on the    tub .. 

P; app  bhi  abhi   kigiye na.!!

R;  ram   startled at his   wife's   drunken  state and  at her words and  said yes..She  stood  with the help of shower 
tap .as soon as  she   stood her   pallu fell down. She unintentionally  on the tap of  shower . water  started to fall on her..  she   got  completely wet  in a min.  ram  was staring at her  .. she is  so  beautiful in  her wet  clothes .. her  deep neck blouse  exposed her  cleavage.. .. he is scaning  her wet, hot body.. Priya  who is not in senses started  dancing  under  water.. .. 

Ram  came  near to  her after a while..  stood  under the  shower..  looks her longingly , turns  on the tap to  fill the  bath tub and kept soap in it.   Priya  is  dancing but  she   was  about to  fall ram hold her   waist.. his   hot hand  on  her wet cool  waist   made her  feel nervous to his touch no matter she is talli she gave her response to  him  she  suddenly   become  quite. ram now  understood  how he  could  calm her.  He  pulled her  towards him.. pulls her  sari off..

P;  mr. kapoor aap ! ur  drenched  .. 

R continues to  see  her. She  looks  amazing to  his  eyes.ram  cant even  take his eyes off her..  ram takes  off his  
clothes .step into   the tub   pull priya  on him she  sit in front of his  . she starts  her  singing again.  Ram   started nuzzling her    wet shoulder. Priya  stop's talking.  Priya then  turns to  ram'. He un hooks her  blouse ..  shy  priya  turns  towards  ram hides her  head in his  chest.  He  removes her  blouse.. 

P; kya  kar rahi ho

R: help' 

Priya  blushes to her  husband's  words.. she hugs  him tight. Ram  starts  cleaning  her   colour off her  cheeks.. priya  lifts her hand up   took  some water in her  hand   pour it on his  cheeks  and wipes the  colour off.ram  holds  her  close. Kiss her  fore head ..

R:  I love u 

P; thanku  Mr. kapoor. Love u too

R: thanks  kisliye .. 

P: issliye  ki aap ne  mujhe  rang lagaya.. u dnt  like  holi colours   still u   allowed colour on ur  skin for  me.  [kiss on his 
cheeks  ] thanku  so much   mr. kapoor . am so  lucky  ..
Ram  lips her  face to him  tugs her  hair  to her  ear traces her  trembling   lips  with his  hand his eyes  are fully in need of her . he  want s to kiss her. Priya  got the  message in his  eyes .. she move   close to him . she  is  totally  comfortable in his  arms  their  lips are inches apart. 

P: soch  kya  rahi ho 

She  closed her   pretty  eyes. Soon she  ended her  sentences the  very  next  sec ram  kiss her on  lips  both   kissed passionately . ram  nuzzled her  neck , shoulder, her  back  nape . he  kissed her  very  passionately   pouring all the love  that he  have  for her.   He  loved his  wife. She is  very  hot . he kissed her  again intensely. Both  finishes their   bath. Ram  first  dry's himself and  then  dry's priya.. he  covers her with the  towel and  lead her to  change room . he  made priya  stand  leaning to wall . she watched  long, she  likes him  taking   care of her, she  walked to wards him  hugged him  from  back . in  wet  eyes .

P; I love  mr. kapoor.. thank you  for  being my life

R: arey tumme kya hua  priya  ur  my life  my everything.. now let me  do what I have to now k.. 
He then  turns  to  cupboard and  picks  some  clothes  for  both of them. Ram   dress her      combs her  hair  soon then  bansi kaka   brings  food to the room. Ram   feeds her. And make her lie on the bed.

P; mr. kapoor  app  mujhe  chode ke math  jao 

R: ram laughs  at his  beautiful  child like  wife. Priya tum bhi na .. tik hai . am here   beside u. k

P; haan .. ab  tik hai
 Priya  came close to  ram   cuddled him and  drift to  sleep  ram  kiss her on her  fore head ..both  drift to sleep'.

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Posted: 2012-03-29T02:51:27Z
yay me first!
that was one hot take Wink
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Posted: 2012-03-29T03:23:15Z
Kya yaar paagal banane ka irada hain? Waise bhi bahut saare log asylum mein admit hone ke liye ready hain aur upar itni hot hot takes. Ooohhh
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Posted: 2012-03-29T03:25:44Z
It was sooo
You are a superb writer. ;-)
keep it up. :-)
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Posted: 2012-03-29T03:49:27Z
Loved it... Superb... Mazedaar scene tha..
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Posted: 2012-03-29T04:03:06Z
nice.Thumbs Up
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Posted: 2012-03-29T04:04:12Z
wonderful OS... 

it was so hot... 

you write awesome...
btw thanks 4 the dedication...

do continue to write more OS.. i'm sure you can write many superb OS...

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Posted: 2012-03-29T04:17:08Z

All I can say is.. Thanks Wink

This was a treat... suddenly...so many days after 12th March.. out of the blue... 
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