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Hey guys! Big smile 

sssooo I'm giving my try at a small short story about ram and Priya and how I would've liked to see the day after and morning of holi take place! (Honestly speaking I'm sure we still cant get enough of all these anywayss) Normally I'm a silent reader I comment here and there but not as often but I read and LOVE each and every FF, SS, OS, take etc. and I'm ALWAYS constantly checking for everyones updates(so for those who havent updated! Im waiting) Tongue EmbarrassedSoo here's my shot at a One shot Raya: C ke baad and holi scene Big smile Hope everyone likes it! I was actually thinking as I was typing soo I got to think about part 2 LOL but yeahh ENJOY! Big smile ALSO my hindi is not that great Embarrassed Cry so don't mind the spelling errors or anything ive tried my best to sound it out LOL plus it wouldve have the same meaning if it were in english and ALL comments welcome Big smileEmbarrassed(OH and yes this story also runs on balaji time so yes it does take ram/priya 10 secs to be changed n completely ready LOL)

Morning after Big C. Scene starts with both Ram and Priya sleeping peacefully. Ram sleeping on his back and priya cuddled in sleeping on his arm. The bright sun shines through the window directly towards the bed which makes Priya flinch a bit and turns her head and body towards the other side moving away from Ram (Back towards him). This wakes ram, he stretches slightly while yawning and rubbing his eyes and looks at the time its 10am, remembering that its holi and that Priya had mentioned she had to wake up early to help dadi get things organized and ready. He moves towards priya and wraps his arms around her saying "Good morning beautiful" kissing her cheek and neck. Priya wakes up, slightly moans and says:

Priya: sone dijiye na (tries to shrug him off)

Ram: hain toh sutho na maine kub mana kiya

Priya grabs his hands and hold them around her tightly, gets comfy and is about to doze off again. As she closes her eyes she remembers about last night. Ram on the other hand enjoying the fact that he feels complete holding onto priya tightly is also reminiscing about how everything turned out. The big party, the jealousy to the huge fight and emotion-filled day to the fashion show holding priyas hand forcibly to the misunderstanding of their family issues and dragging her to the car and home. Coming home to another argument that lead to a kiss and then to the beautiful moments they spent together last night. Priya opens her eyes and turns her face towards Ram, ram looks at her and in each other's eyes they can tell what the other is thinking, the past events, the past few weeks, the emotional rollercoaster of everything that had happened. A tear rolls down priyas eye and Ram comes closer kisses her tear and wipes away the excess moist (from the tear). Priya turns over towards him and once again snuggles in closely. There's no need for them to say anything or speak because they can sense and speak to each other through their eyes and the warmth of their hug. A few minutes pass by and Ram finally decides to say:

Ram: Waise mujhe yaad aiya ki subah ke dus bajhe ho gaya hai

Priya (shocked gets up): Dus bajhe!? Oh my god dadi toh mujhe daat lenge.

Priya is about to move away and get up to change when Ram grabs her hand and says

Ram: Itne jaldi be kiya hai? Dus to bhaj ge Subah saath baje ootne ko tha ab itne dhare already ho gaya toh aur dhare ho gayenge toh kya hoga? (Gives a little smirk and pulls her back and grabs her in a tight hug)

Priya tries to break away and says: Mr. Kapoor yeh kiya kar rahay ho chordo nah dadi tumhare kaan toh nahi pakrege. Itne dhare taak hum soh reh thi Niche ja ke koi pooche toh mein kya kahoon Choodiye na mujhe jaldi se tayaar hona hai aur aap bhi jaldi so ootiye aur thayaar ho jao.

Ram wasn't in the mood to listen, although he knew people would be asking and dadi is probably mad and wondering where they were he enjoyed teasing Priya and holding onto her while she's trying to get away. Just as priya is struggling to break free and ram holding onto her tightly someone knocks on their bedroom door they get startled and look towards the door "Priya! Hello? Oot gaya ho? Hello?? Darwase kyun lock hai? (Knocks some more) Priya? Fatty!! Open the door" Of course its no other than our pyaari Neha. Ram and Priya look back at each other priya trying even harder to break free and Ram still teasing her keeps her wrapped in his arms.

Priya: Mr.kapoor chodiye na! Neha aiye hai kiya kahenge!

Ram: Nahi mujhe tumhari saath kooch dhar aur chaiyee

Priya: Abhi nahi Mr.kapoor kiya kar rahe ho mein chilonge aur sab aa jayenge

Ram: Himmat tumhari pas toh hai nahi aise karne ke liye

Priya: (stops struggling) Challenge kar rahi ho?

Ram: Hain.. toh?

Neha (Knocks again): Abhi tak so rahe ho kiya?! (knocks louder) Wake upp!!

Priya goes closer to Rams face, Rams shocked as to what shes doing thinking shes about to kiss him she brushes her lips past his towards his ear and bites it. Ram Yells really loud and loosens his grip around priya and she quickly runs away right into the wardrobe turning around and sticking her tongue out and closing the door quickly. (MIGHT I ADD! Although in the show they woke up with no clothes in my version they magically woke up with clothes already on lol Ram had on his white kurta and priya was wearing her cute little red dress Wink) Neha shocked as to what she just heard Knocks again

Neha: Ram?! What happened?! Kyun chillaya? Is everything alright? darwase koliye na!!

Ram thinks to himself "Are yaar yeh neha bhi na" Get up and says "aa rahe hoon" holding his ear Unlocks the door and opens it just enough for him to stand there. "Kya!"

Neha: Mujhe dadi ne bhaje hai tum aur priya ke bolane ke kiye aur aap chillaye kyun the? Aur priya..

She trails off staring in shock at Ram. Ram notices her staring and looks at her weirdly thinking what happened, Neha is looking at Rams kurta, specifically his left shoulder he follows her eyes and looks at his left shoulder and its cover with Red sindoor! Rams shocked and quickly covers it with his right hand just then nehas eyes widen EVEN MORE when she looks at Ram right arm that has scratch marks on it. Rams embarrassed and says "Neha tum jao yaha se hum log aa raha hai" Neha smiles and still in shock couldn't believe what she was looking at, she was speechless! Ram quickly closes the door Neha on the other side says "han han samaje gaya Jaldi se niche aiye Hum sab tum dono ki intezaar kar rahe hoon, agar aage bardne ki liye err mere matlab niche aane ke liye mushkil ho rahi hai toh ek do candle zaroor jaladeyge niche aane ke liya khud hi raste dikh jiyga" She giggles and runs downstairs.

Ram squints his eyes and turns around and sees Priya standing by the wardrobe door in total shock and embarrassment.

Priya: Aree ye kya ek aur musibat kara kar diya apne! Apne app ko dekh kar nahi darwase kol sakti thi? Aur darwase kyun khole? Candles ke badre mein bhool gaya kiya? AB mein kiya bolungee!

Ram just stared at priya mesmerized by her beauty, Her hair semi dried but still wet put to one side wearing a simple yet beautiful elegant white sari light sequences as the boarder and on it (Like the one from the consummation promo Embarrassed) He moves towards her lost in her beauty, priya moves back as he moves closer and closer she feels her back against the almari door and is about to run away but then ram grabs her by the arm and spins around pins her against the almari again priya stares into his eyes, left to right constantly back and forth. "Aap.." she starts to say but then ram puts his finger on her lips and gazes into her eyes he moves his hand towards the piece of hair strands infront of her eyes and moves it behind her ear and holds his hand by her ear and slowly moves in closer and closer and kisses her on the lips priya closes her eyes and ram slowly moves towards her cheek and bites her priya yells out "OOUCHH" and holds her cheek Ram grabs his other white kurta that was hanging on the almari door and runs into the washroom starts laughing and yells "Thodi se meeta tha!" WinkLOL

Priya: (angrily) Mr. Kapoor! Itne zor se (looks into the mirror) Aree itne lal hoge! (holds her cheek and turns around looks towards to the bathroom door) Dekh lena mein ja ke na Dadi ko bathonge ki yeh tumne kya kiya aur itne dhare hui tumhare varje se Tub dekhna!

Priya looks back into the mirror tears forming in her eyes, holding her cheek. Ram comes out of the washroom changed and ready looking at priya with naughty eyes priya looks at him through the mirror and gives him a mean look and angrily walks out. Ram runs up to her and stands in front of her just before she reaches the door

Ram: arree app naraze ho gaya aur yeh kiya? ankh mein asoo

Ram feels bad and cups her face in his hands Priya closes her eyes and tries to move her head away but ram still holds onto her face

Ram: Sorry baba mujhe nahi pata tha ki maine itne zor se kaat liye sorry! (puppy dog face) Maaf kar do na (puppy dog face) plleeeaaasseee (he dries her moist eyes) aur waise bhi (lets go of her and turns the other way crossing his arms) tumbhe toh koi kum nahi ho tumne shuru kiya tha mere kaan ko kaat liye voh toh koi kum nahi tha! Jaise koi apple kha rahi thi (gives his mischievous eyes and smirk)LOLLOL

Priya: ha-ha very funny ap ke kaan toh teek hai na? gira toh nahi na? mere gaal ko tune lal kara diya! ABHI BHI dukh raha hai! (ram doesn't budge and still looks the other way with his arms crossed priya notices and gives up) aacha teek hai! Sorry baba! (She puts her arms around him from behind and looks at him still no reaction) aree sorry toh bola na! (looks at him for a reaction but still nothing then she gets a small smirk on her face) acha.. toh aise nahi manenge?

Priya turns him around takes his hands and puts them on her waist and she puts her hands around his neck staring at him with that 'priya cute se look' and pulls his face closer to hers and kisses his cheek and then goes towards his ear (that she bit) and kisses it better, just as she does this Ram slowly turns his head towards her neck and nuzzles(? Is that the word Confused) it and his hands start to move up and down caressing her back, priya loves the feeling it was giving her she starts to slowly run her hands through his hair Both lost in the moment. Rams finger slowly circles around priyas 'blouse ki hook' Wink priyas eyes immediately open and realizes what's happening and pushes him away and runs smiling towards the door. Ram looks after her and starts smiling too and runs after her. Priya glances back and sees ram coming towards her and starts laughing turns back quickly rushing to open the door and runs out ram catches up to her and grabs her hand priya stops looking shyly to the side behind her when ram all of a sudden lets go of her hand, shocked, she looks back and sees rams expressionless face looking forward she turns to look where ram is looking and the smile on her face disappears'..


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very nice imagination ...lagta hai 12th March ki episode ka nasha sab ke dimaag se abhi tak utra nahi hai...Big smileBig smile Edited by TVserialfreak - 2012-03-28T06:20:41Z
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Posted: 2012-03-28T06:22:58Z
LOL definitely not for me! =P too cuutee! Thank you!! :D
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Posted: 2012-03-28T07:07:22Z
very nice @ ranii.sharma
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Posted: 2012-03-28T07:08:33Z
tht was gr8!plz dnt leave as one continue it...wanna know raya kise dekh rahe the!Wink
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Posted: 2012-03-28T08:31:23Z
Beautiful Rani Sharma,bhaiee kya  suspense mein aake roka hai. Hamari Neend udadi aapne.please continue soon. Ab intezaar mushkil  hai.
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Posted: 2012-03-28T10:56:32Z
Very beautifully written...Kaash show mein bhi aisa dekhate but nice imagination. Please update soon...just like other FF updates, I'll be eagerly waiting for yours tooBig smile. I really like this naughty Ram aur is FF mein censorship ka bhi panga nahiLOL
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Posted: 2012-03-28T11:59:13Z
It was awesome and lovely. ;-)
you are a good writer but hindi thodi ajeeb hai tumahari.:-D
if u are having problem in writing in hindi then you can give update in english.

Keep updating. :-)Edited by SWEETETIKA - 2012-03-28T12:01:54Z
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