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I think, instead of new topic every weekend, I'll post my random scenes here!Tongue

Updates :
These are just Random scenes, i.e. I'm not following a storyline here!Tongue
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Scene 1 : Starts after just after the colour applying scene

Neha and vikram came searching for Ram and Priya. They were worried and confused! They finally found RaYa in a corner, holding hands, broad smiles on their faces. Ram was supporting her coz she was still lil tipsy, but calm. But what surprised Vi-Ha most was the colour on ram's face and kurta! Ram kapoor! Playing holi??? Their confusion was increasing min by min..

Ram took the lemonade fron Neha's hands and asked priya to drink it, and priya took it without any complaints.
Vikram was slowly realising the situation but neha was still hyper. She started..

N : Ram, plz hame bataoge, ki aakhir chal kya raha hai? Ek toh ham dono pareshan hai, hamari wajah se ye zagada ho gaya! Aur priya ro kyu rahi thi? Uske hath ko kya hua 

R : ohh Ho.. Ruko ruko..  Jaisa tum dono soch rahe ho.. Waisa kuchh nahi hai... 

He stoped, and thought that he needed to clear their confusion and guilt... He had
blamed vik! But first priya needed to be taken care of..

R : Mai jara ise sulakar ata hu... she needs to sleep this off.  fir baith ke bat karte hai.. 

And he put his hand around her shoulders, and guided her to their room. Priya was calm and she listend to him like a little child, as he helped her to get fresh and soon she was asleep on the bed. 
Ram adjusted the AC, put comforter On her.. He couldn't take eyes off her face.. The sleeping beauty never ceased to charm him!

He remembered vikha were waiting for him. He went downstairs.. And tried to explain

R : are yar... Hua tha zagada... Ab tum dono bhi toh ladhte rehate ho hamesha! par woh solve ho gaya hai.. All's well...
N : par priya ro kyu rahi thi? 
R : Are woh nashe me thi... Chahe toh kal subah wo hosh me aa jaye toh usse bat kar lena...
Neha's still hyper... Vik attempts to silent her.. But fails
N : par uske hath me chot kaise aayi..?
Neha's tone makes him understand what she's implying.. And he's suddenly angry...

R : toh tumhe lagta hai maine use chot pahuchayi?? C'mon neha.. How can i do that?? Muze apni biwi bahot pyari.....

Leaves the sentence in middle... his shy face is assurance enough for vik-ha that all is indeed well.. Neha hugs him in joy and vik gives thumbs up!

Vik neha are leaving km.. Ram is der to say bye.. And something strikes neha!

Neha : par.. Fatty... Phir bhi Tumne ye nahi bataya ki priya ka hath hurt kaise hua...
ram's face is a sight to watch.. He tries to cover up as always..
R :achha... Bahot hua..Nikalo abhi..
laughing heartily, Neha sits in car!

Priya wakes up.. Its late evening.. She finds that ram is sitting next to her on bed, working on laptop. she sits up, completely in senses but her head aching badly.
Ram smiles at her.
R :Oho.. Uth gayi madam.. agali bar na talli hone se pehle muze advance warning diya karo... Kuchh enegry toh gather kar liya karunga.. Tumhe sambhalne ke liye..
Priya is embarrassed. She goes
P : kya mr. Kapoor aap bhi..
R : aur ab ye mat puchho ki 'maine kya kiya'
Priya can remember the hug and how secure she had felt in the embrace. She looks at him lovingly.
Ram speaks up.. Following his own trail of thought
R : Aur agar abhi bhi tumhe bak bak karne ka man kar raha hai, toh mai sunane ke liye taiyar hu...
P : kya??
R : yahi.. Ki... Kal.. Rat ko... Maine... Tumhare sath..
Priya is flustered.. She tries to hide her face in pillow. But the movement makes her feer her head ache.. She screams 'ouch... Mera sar..'

Ram calls to kichten and orders adrak wali chay..

He starts to massage her head. But he's on naughty spree.
R : Yad hai... Tumne meri telmalish ki thi..
P : hmmm...
R : pata hai, Jab tumne lawn me kaha tha, step 2 kamare  me hi ho sakta hai.. Toh ek pal ke liye muze laga,
P :(still lost in feeling of massage) Kya?
R : ki shayad.. tum kuchh... aur hi...

Priya is aghast as she suddenly understands what that meant..  She had never realized the reason behind all that hesitation. With Scarlet face, She straightens up and looks at him..  
Their eyes are locked... And the air stats to change... tension strikes...

Just then, Bansikaka arrives at doorstep with tea... Priya feels even  better  after drinking tea. Ram keeps his cup down.. And says
R : so do you still need the step 2?
Priya gives him stern yet blushing look.
R : (smiling) i meant telmalish only...!
And priya happily leans on him again... and he starts to massage her head gently once more smiling his million doller smile...
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Posted: 2012-03-16T08:51:40Z
as usual superb story priya i loved it ...so ram in teasing mood now i love his expressions wen he tries to tease her like  da first drunk scene 
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Posted: 2012-03-16T08:55:41Z
Hi amy. ;-)
It was too good and cute.
And i liked that he told about that telmalish and his fear of step 2.
And keep it up with your random scenes becoz weekands are becoming untolerable for me .
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Posted: 2012-03-16T09:01:53Z
OMg you are just amazing, this looks like a real scene, seriously CVs should come here and read this story, so wonderful.. Awesome job. Love itClap keep them coming, Day Dreaming
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Posted: 2012-03-16T09:02:03Z
hey tht was so sweet...made my mind fresh!!!plz continue soon...i mean very soon...i mean asap...hehehehe
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Posted: 2012-03-16T09:07:30Z
Wah baby!!Iam so proud of you!! This is very possible scene!! CV"s koi toh aajao aur yahan Amy ko CV gang main add kardo.. Naughty naughty hogayi hai tu.. Step 2 haanWink
Loved it!!Embarrassed
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Posted: 2012-03-16T09:38:48Z
Superb ,excellent.too good.  Aur yeh dil maange more more. Please give us more scenes. You are awesome.
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