OS- The Colors of Life..

Posted: 2012-03-15T19:32:48Z

Pic courtesy-Illyria
They applied color on each other. Priya immensely happy about it and Ram glad to bring smiles and cheer on her face..
They hugged; lost in each other, enjoying and savouring the moment..It seemed like an eternity..
Tipsy Priya seemed to have gone more talli, her World seemed to have become topsy turvy..
A protective Ram guided her to the confines of their room, after hurried excuses and goodbye to their guests..
He needed Priya to sleep of the effects of Bhang. Desi concoction is always more potent than the refined alcoholic bewarages..
The hours passed slowly.
The music faded.
 The colors of Holi dimmed with the passage of time..
Ram sat quitely next to her on the sofa and watched her rhythmic beating while asleep.
A fleeting images of his marriage flased before him..
Then images of Priya in various situations and times flashed one after the other.. His heart and mind seemed to be fully filled by her..
He thought he was born again, a new Ram, thanks all to Priya.
She slowly stirred, moaning in pain and clutching her head.
"Ouch" she cried trying to sit up in bed , but failing miserably..
Ram immediately climbed on bed and helped her to sit , her back rested on his chest..
"Hmm. Welcome to this world Madam. 
Patha hai kya kya thamasha kiya thumne?
Dont you know that drinking bhaang will make you tipsy?"asked a concerned Ram
"Aaahhh. chillayiye math. Oh God! my head is pounding.
Aapka mathab? How did I know that bhaang was mixed in that thandai?
Hmmm! What time is it? Sab log kahan hai?Aur holi function?And how did I manage to wash myself and change?" asked Priya..
" Gaya. sab apne apne ghar gaya. Aur mem saab ,abhi raath 9 bhaje hai.. Dont you remember saying a hurried bye to all?I helped you clean and change, while you were still talli..
Well now its time to eat dinner.. Subha se thum khana bhi nahin kaya. Come on eat dinner with me.. You will feel alright' said Ram gently..
" But my headache? Give me something to lessen it. And I dont want food" said Priya like a child.
" Mere paas ek illaj hai. Just keep quite and lean on to me" said Ram and started to massage her head carefully..
Time passed the pain lesssed ..
The hangover abated; but a new tension crackled..
Priya soaked in the warmth of his hands and comfort his body offered.
Pulling his hands down in front of her she locked it around herself..
" Hmmm! that was good." a content sigh escaped.
Slowly she felt his breath in her ears and kissed his hands before tuning back..
The hot food Bansi kaka had wheeled in the trolley was long forgotten.. 
The room sizzled with passion..
The colors of holi  
The colors of love
painting a  new
Colors of life.
The colors of life for Raya..
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Posted: 2012-03-15T19:39:45Z
awsome maris. loved it. thanks
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Posted: 2012-03-15T20:07:33Z
Maris -

You captured the moment dear... Woo Hoo

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Posted: 2012-03-15T20:26:38Z
Good one Maris loved itClapClapClap
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Posted: 2012-03-15T20:40:56Z
Very nicely written dear !

Such a sweet picture of RaYa, their expressions are daam sweet, Lovely !
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Posted: 2012-03-15T21:00:29Z
Awww Maris!! What a beautiful portayal!! ClapAnd another night of passion..Not sure if Raya can handle it but our forum needs a break please..LOL
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Posted: 2012-03-15T21:47:57Z
Originally posted by anizor

awsome maris. loved it. thanks
Thanks RosyEmbarrassed
Originally posted by jakther

Good one Maris loved itClapClapClap
Thanks AktherEmbarrassed
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Posted: 2012-03-15T21:50:14Z
Originally posted by IndYa4u

Maris -

You captured the moment dear... Woo Hoo

Thanks Mittal..Am sure Priya will have a hangover and Ram will help her overcome it.. A little  bit  of imagination of how he goes about it always helps..Embarrassed
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