Reason out for ArHiless SPA song (fun post)

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This is why Arnav and Kushi didn't feature for long in the SPA song' read on'

 I usually write only OS or FF, or some times predictions and episode analysis... This is the first time I am trying something in league with humor... Let me know your thoughts on this... and the disclaimer is - its quiet long, so I have posted it in consecutive 5 part posts... but please read and do leave comments...

Other Shows Actors(OSA)

Other shows Male Leads(OSML)

Other Shows Female Leads(OSFL)

Other Shows MILs (OSMIL)


OSA: "This is not fair. How come the leads from that show alone get special treatment?"

SP: "No No, you all are getting it wrong, We actually forced the CVs of that show to change a lot, now they adhere to our rules, they introduced some rona dhona type episodes and the female lead also gets to sleep outside by the pool and the Female lead has to borrow one dress a day from her SIL now, even though her husband owns a fashion house, her family and his family haven't accepted them even though they wanted both of them to get married in the first place'we forced them to show this even though they argued there was no logic'"

OSA: "that's not enuf'"

OSML: "yeah what about us... we were married for two years in our show and only now we have a proper conversation with our wife and here this male lead seems to have long arguments with this brand new wife of 3 days "

OSFL: "And every time, the female lead gets to fall right into the Male lead's Arm, that too before marriage and if he misses catching her, then he ends up falling on top of her or she on top of him... and lot of times he cornered her against a wall, now the wedding is over, he keeps carrying her in every alternate episode and as if that is not enough, he keeps pulling her close and here our husbands think for eternity to touch us even..."

OSML:  we didnt get a sensational song to dance with our wifes yet... He got to dance for one that too before marriage...we didn't even get to kiss our wife for 2 years yet in the show' and he gets to kiss her even before marriage happened' and get a  kiss in return too' and you let them show that'

SP: you know we tried to stop them during Diwali' but this time, they shot it and didn't even show it in the promo' it came as a surprise for us when they aired it'

OSMIL: "The elder ladies in the family are not doing enough' what is this, they just started with taunting their Bahus and these boys stand up for their wife! How dare! and the other casts also keep looking over the newly wedded couple from odd places and act as if they can hear all those lovey dovey talks from long distance so that those two can pretend to fake some romance scene..."

OSA: "And above all this, we are all here shooting for the SPA awards and where are they, not even one lead pair came for this shooting'the same happened when we were all asked to go to different places and promote for the SPA and the actors of that show alone got off the hook'we are also shooting in tight schedule"

 SP: Ok Ok we will call them right away

OSML : Don't ask the Female lead to wear red again

SP : Why? The ladies have to be in red and men in Black ... the theme is that

OSML: you know why', when that outdoor shooting for spa song happened, the leads of that show came for just few minutes and he carried her away again sighting that she was wearing red and they need some time alone'

SP : Yeah yeah, we had to cut their scenes because they didn't complete their shooting and went missing in the middle of the shoot. Ok fine'


to be continued...

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part 2:

After sometime 2 cars arrives in front of that SPA set and they all see Arnav, Kushi  get down from a car and  Akaash, Payal and Mami get down from another car'

 Kushi: what is the need to come here' I am still dripping wet' they didn't even let us change'

Arnav: yeah... we will get over with this fast and drive home and now remember don't over react in front of them, talk less otherwise they will again ask us to change your character to be mute and dumb'

Kushi: yeah thanks for reminding me' Oh god how I hated to cry cry cry after our marriage when everyone was taunting me and payal'

Arnav and Aakash go towards the group of Male leads standing and watching them while Kushi and Payal go towards the female leads group. Mami walks towards Mils group.

OSML: What happened? You are dripping wet?

Arnav: We had an argument again and she threw a jug of water on me

OSML: and you let her go just like that?

Arnav: No, can't you see, I drenched her fully in front of my staff and clients and security

OSML : what? Where did this happen?

Arnav: At my office

OSML: you are married for three days and she came to your office to fight with you?

Arnav: yes' actually no, she came to see my brother and I didn't let her in, we had an argument, I asked her to go home and she said she wouldn't and yes we fought!

OSML: you told her something and she didn't obey you? She actually fought with you? You know, SP wifes do not even know to speak coherently in front of their new husband. And you let your fight with you in front of your client? (One of the male leads from another top trp show: mine though doesn't even speak more than "whoa.. whoa still..")

Arnav: It beats me yaar' but if that happens with kushi anytime, then I would be wondering what happened to the feisty girl I fell in love with.

OSML: That's not the way it has to be in SP, the husband should always be in control' where are you looking?

Arnav: I was looking at her' She is looking wet and wild and ' hmm yeah' I have to be in control' yeah go ahead(still keeps looking at Kushi who is standing and chatting with her fellow female leads' Akaash follows his lead and starts looking at payal too when Payal turned and caught them both looking at her and kushi respectively.


to be continued

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part 3:

Meanwhile in the other side where the MILs where gathered

OSMIL: what is the use of your MIL post when you don't even know how to control your DILs and Sons...

Mami: Hello hi bye bye' what do you mean? I taunt them in every opportunity I get.. That is now adays I only get the opportunity when the male leads leave for work' Didn't you see' botht he boys told us off when we had all just started to show what we were capable..

OSMIL: very ill bred boys you have at your house' Our boys don't even do anything which would suggest they are not happy with the treatment their wifes get from us' All they do is keep mum and give constipated looks'

Mami: I think, You people have to teach me how to do that' One of the boys in my show threatened that he will leave the house with this wife' and you know he is the one who sponsors for everything in our house and the other one told me in front of everyone in the house that he won't tolerate his wife being treated like that because he promised his wife's parents that he would see to that she wouldn't cry' Now how is it going to work'.

OSMIL: you shouldn't let them talk over phone when your son is away at work' Keep the bahus busy with so much work that they don't have time to think of anything else'

Mami: I did that today' I snatched my bahu's phone when she was talking with her hubby'

OSMIL: really? Good.. now we will teach you other stuff so that you can get the due respect for your role like other shows'


to be continued

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part 4

OSFL: you are dripping wet!

Kushi: yeah' I had a water fight with my hubby before we were called to hurry to this place and didn't even have time to change'

OSFL: Oh god.. he threw hot water on you? he was so very angry?

Kushi: what hell no... I was angry and threw water on him... then he copied me...and hot water ? LoL...but yeah I have thrown hot tea on him once though!

OSFL: you threw water on him intentionally? you get to be angry with him and react like that?

Kushi: yeah... I do get to be angry with him and call him Mr. Arnav singh Raizada a numerous times, push him, challenge him, walk out of the house, deny picking his calls when he tries to call me desperately and shout at him... thats what I am doing for past three days...

OSFL:  you call your husband by his fullname and do all those things? you know we are married for two years in the show and still address them suniye.. ji ' and you fight with him.. we are allowed to say only woh woh...

Kushi: He calls me by my full name too'

OSFL: in front of his family? The husbands in our show were too shy to call us by first names in front of their family even now'

Kushi: oh really' that's sad.. but really.. you all have to get a grip and drop that ji' even my jiji dropped ji from akaash ji' which I didn't think will happen so fast' you are learning quickly jiji

Payal: Kushi leave that' see there' Arnav and Akaash are looking at us, while the OSML are telling them something'

Kushi: Probably they are all teaching them both about how to keep us in control' she turned back to look at Arnav

OSFL: what is happening here.. How do you do that? Don't you blush? You are shamelessly oogling at your husband' we didn't even get to look at them properly' some of us only got to see our husband in the mirror angle' all those days ago when we were married for merely months and you on the third day get to throw water on him and drool at him shamelessly

Kushi : so what? Isn't he looking hot'

OSFL: yeah he his'

Kushi: what ? ladies thats my husband you are swooning over...  I think I had enough of this' I am taking him home'

OSFL: but we have the SPA shoot'

Payal: But how will you go home? I mean with SP forcing us to come

Kushi: I know how to play my cards well' I had a bet with my husband...If I give him the right hint...He will take me'

Payal: Ok you go first.. maybe after Akaash sees his brother taking you home, I can nudge him to take me home as well..

OSFL: what about your MIL. (looking fearfully at the side where all the MILs were dramatically surrounded around Mami giving her gyan)

Kushi: we can afford to miss her for some time'

Payal: yeah she can come later'


to be continued

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part 5:

Arnav: Oh Man, she is coming this way

OSML and Akaash: yeah'

Arnav: back off guys.. That's my wife'and Akaash you too?

Akaash: no bhai' I was wondering why she is coming this way

Arnav: Don't lie.. did you think I missed it when you touched her shoulder today' and I didn't like it when she told me that she came to see you in office today' You better call her Bhabhi from now on'

Kushi: jee' suniye.. I ..I jee..woh'

Arnav: what the? Stop this ridiculous stammering kushi kumari Gupta singh raizada'

OSML: what was that such long name?

Arnav: yeah pathetic' I know that's how she calls herself now'(turning to kushi) why can't you shorten it kushi' It's really long that LM says cut it before I complete my dialogues half the time

Kushi: you know I actually thought I should call myself kushi kumari Gupta Arnav singh raizada' But I cut Arnav in it' its actually shorter now'

Arnav: how dare you cut my name from it?

Kushi: don't you know the SP trend' If I had your name in my name then I cant say my name loud because the SP wifey cannot say her husband's name' that's why'

Arnav: but it is still long' Maybe SP can say you cant be kumari anymore' and get us to consummate'

OSML: that cant happen any time soon' we are all waiting for that and we are married or two years in the show' you have to wait for your turn'

Kushi: Oh I forgot' jeee woh woh'.

Arnav: Kushi I forbid you to talk to those SP wifeys, they corrupt your ability to talk properly

Kushi: And I forbid you to talk to these men as well' They corrupt your ability to think straight' If you were on your own, we would be honeymooning right now' and DM ...I cant believe we are actually wasting time shooting here for SPA song!'  I am tired and I want to go home

Arnav: (thinking: Did she forget about the bet? Wow' I get to win this time') yeah' its time you went'

Kushi: Are you not driving me home' You promised earlier'

Arnav: I dont keep promises... remember I HATE YOU

Kushi: I HATE YOU more than YOU HATE ME
OSML: But that was more like you both meant I LOVE YOU... I mean so much passion...
Kushi: What is your Problem guys... actually our show says that hate brings us closer... so we keep saying we hate eachother so that we can stay close to eachother... (turning to Arnav) are you taking me home or not?
Arnav: A long ride home...with a wet you and a wet me.. hmm Ok..(turning to Akaash) you stay with payal and finish the SPA song shoot, we are going home'

Kushi: didn't you listen to me ? I said I am tired'

Arnav: (looking at her baffled) oh yeah ' Let me carry you'

OSML: but this is not allowed' All our gyans have gone waste' (One of the male leads from another top trp show: I got to carry my wife in the show only after she was hurtin legs and couldn't walk and even then, I stared at her for whole ten minutes before I could decide that I am actually going to carry her ' and you go readily go and carry her, with her slightest hint)

Arnav: That's what I do the best.. see you guys'

Payal comes there'

Payal: Akaash even I want to go home.

Akaash: (looking back at his brother driving off with his wife')ok come'

Payal: you do everything taking cue from your brother' wont you also carry me?

Akaash: But I am not allowed ' I mean the CVs have reserved that only for him

Payal: Atleast can you hold my hand?

Akaash: yes that I can do' That's what I do best.. you know right?

Mami was busy getting all the gyans that she only noticed all of this when she heard Arnav's car start and then came running when Akaash and Payal were going down the steps hand in hand towards the car'

Mami: Where did Arnav and Kushi go and where are you both going

Akaash: they went home' And we are heading there as well

Mami: what about me?

Akaash: SP will be really angry if not even one of us were here to represent our show' you be here finish it and then come' I will send the car back with driver'

Mami: Hello Hi

Payal: bye bye sasuma'

And that's how only Mami got to feature for that song'


The end.


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Ill be damned if i say this is good...
this is amazingly wonderfulll...You made my Holi morning lady...ROFL..ROFLROFLROFL..
Loved it and cant stop laughing at all...And I loved the hit you made at the 2 yrs married coupleWink
I guessed and Bt srsly kudos to KKGSR and ASR for their amazing gyaan and chemistry
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Posted: 7 years ago
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ROFL
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Posted: 7 years ago
Oh my goodness, that is hilarious! loved it...mami in SPA song, oh la la LOL
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