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Posted: 2012-03-03T21:28:11Z

Without further delay, the results for the recently held Valentines-themed contest are out! Big smile

All the participants did marvelously and it was a very close call but here are the results for each section of the contest.


Winner: maris08

Winning Entry

Captured Moments

The bright dawn beckoned a new day.

Ram gazed out of the window, his face lighting up by the sun's rays. Through the gap, the streaks managed to wake up the sleeping Priya. Kicking off the covers, she lazily joined him by the window. Her movements sensuous; that made Ram inhale a deep breath, the fragrance of her as well as that of the crisp new morning.


 It was Feb 14th, Valentine's day.


Just, over a year ago, their lives had changed forever. Things had happened at an unbelievably fast pace, sucking them into the whirlpool of myriad emotions. But throughout they managed to survive, tiding over the crisis', discovering each other in the process and finally falling in love.


Ram kissed Priya, gently blowing away the stray hair falling on her face. Priya smiled serenely interlinking her hands with his. The night's lingering passion was still evident. Both gazed at each other; their faces reflecting their love. Eyes pleading, requesting; fingers exploring, squeezing; their legs leading them back. A little later, the bliss and ecstasy was experienced, a content sigh escaped.


Eyes closed, both slowly waded into deeper thoughts; reliving the past in a companionable silence.


A marriage of convenience gradually paved way for a healthy friendship between them. Life seemed to sail smoothly and according to their laid norms and conditions.


But the breast cancer scare for Priya was the beginning of a new equation in their relationship. A benign tumor that was medically cured, but left an indelible imprint in their minds about the disease. Ram supported and helped her; a pillar of strength. Priya endured and braved it; overcoming the threat.


She wished; he fulfilled them. He commanded; she obeyed. She pleaded; he granted. A new chapter began. Their care and concern for each other slowly dissolved into love. An unknown feeling realized, in a knowing way.


The betrayal of his Step mom, Brother and Mama robbed him of his Mansion and Businesses. But Ram understood that a 'Man is not where he lives but where he is loved'. Rishabh and Dadi were his moral support, but Priya had instilled back his confidence. A new outlook of life and a new venture helped him to bounce back. A changed Natasha and Karthik stood by Raya, throughout their trying phase. Life's unexpected twists and turns taught them invaluable lessons.


Today, a year had passed.  Their new apartment radiated warmth and comfort, ensconcing all those who treaded in. Their lives filled with happiness and contentment.


Raya blinked back to reality. Their synchronized thoughts, captured many a pleasant moments.


" Toh, aaj kya programme hai, dear?" asked Ram teasingly.


" Arre,Ramji. How can you forget?  We are spending time with the kids at the Orphanage" said Priya indignantly.


Their Valentine day maybe different, but their love beautifies their hearts, souls and thoughts. Destiny chose them, but love blessed them in eternal bondage.

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Runner-up: leena04

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Winner: maanddy

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Video Mixes

Runner-up: -SONEE-

Runner-up VM:

Entry #1

Link :  http://videobam.com/PZGEM

Link: http://www.vidpe.com/2no6a0hq7bm6.html

Link: Fall In Love_Contest VM Entry!!.wmv

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Winners: -SONEE-, Anamika163 and monamie111

Winning VMs:

Entry #2 by -SONEE-

Link: http://videobam.com/fIAlL

Entry #5 by Anamika163

Link: http://videobam.com/IhYdZ

Entry #6 by monamie111

Link:  http://vimeo.com/36899539

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Congratulations to all the winners and runner-ups!! Hug Thank you everyone for your participation in making this contest a success!

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Posted: 2012-03-03T22:38:17Z
Wow. Congrats to all da winner.
U all r well deserve :)
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Posted: 2012-03-03T23:26:56Z
Congrats to all the winners!!! ClapClapClap well deserved!!!

and Maris, loved your one-shot!!!StarStar congrats!!!
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Posted: 2012-03-03T23:57:01Z
Congrats to all the winners.ClapClapClapClap
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Posted: 2012-03-04T00:34:44Z
Oh my my .. Shocked Embarrassed Big smile

A HUGE Thanks to ALL of you who voted for me! Hug
Hug Hug

Love you guyz! Hug

Love RaYa and Love my prize Siggie too! Embarrassed

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Posted: 2012-03-04T00:46:16Z
heartiest congrats to all the winners... a big huge HUG to my new found friend Anu... 
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Posted: 2012-03-04T02:48:22Z
Wow!!..congratulation to all the winners!!Big smile you all did a gr8t job!Clap

and OMG! i won in VM category!!Big smile 
Thank you sooo much who voted, not only for me but also for everyone!!EmbarrassedHug
i enjoyed this contest a lot!Embarrassed


Edited :

Ohh I forgot to say that it was my first contest in IFEmbarrassed and in that first contest i won in VM category..so thank you all guys!!Hug without the suport of you all it would not be possibleBig smile
and a very big thanks to the DT team for organizing this contest..hope they will organize more contests like thisEmbarrassed

~ Monamie
Edited by monamie111 - 2012-03-04T11:45:44Z
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Posted: 2012-03-04T03:23:07Z
Congratulations to all the winners! Well done all of them..!!Clap

Special thanks to the Dev.Team for conducting such contests. May there be many more to come!!Clap

Great job,guyz!!Thumbs Up

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