Weekend FF : 'Ehsaas' Part 2 on page 3

Posted: 2012-02-24T00:10:44Z
Abhi bhi bas friday hai yaar... aur aaj muze kuchh kam bhi nahi...Ouch

so.. here I'm back with my imagination for Ram's return...Tongue

I'm goona make it total lovey dovey... to hell with maturity for once!!!! Wink

Hope u like it... LOL

waise ek warning hai... Big smile

watch out where you are when you drool about RaYa...
As I was thinking and writting this down.. I din notice how my face was looking..
got teased so much from my friend who was looking at me and I had hard time convincing that I wasn't writting a love letter to someone!!! Embarrassed
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Posted: 2012-02-24T00:16:37Z
Ram was in  flight. He could hardly belive he was finally headed back to home. Though he was feeling a bit stupid, as he remebered how shocked his employees  were, as otherwise Mr. Perpectionist kapoor wrapped up the meeting, and rushed to airport to catch flight. 

But ram agreed to himself that he couldn't stand even one more day there. 

And "woh madam.. Ram thinks " Jinke bare mai soch raha hu, pata nahi kis duniya me hai.. kitani bar phone kiya batane ki liye ke mai aa raha hi.. Par uthaya nahi.. Phir us gadhe vikram ko phone karana pada. use toh kya bahana chahiye, chidhane ka.."
He smiled as he remembered the convo..

vik : haan bol ram
Ram : are sun, mai nikal raha hu abhi yaha se.. Ye priya bhi na phone nahi utha rahi.. Isliye phone kiya..
Vik : achha.. toh tuze actually priya se bat karni thi..
r : yar chup kar tu... Ek toh kaise toh nikala hu aadha kam Mr. Shah pe chhodake...

Goes Blush blush... Embarrassed And hurries to stop vik from saying anything

Mai flight board karne ja raha hu.. Tu priya se bol de mai nikal gaya hu.. Ha par plz ma ko mat batana. wo pareshan ho jayegi ki mai jaldi aa raha hu.. Mai aake samza dunga ki yaha sab thik hai..

v : (teasing) haan...bol dunga... Waise tu kya keh raha tha, ki tune aadha kam mr. Shah ko karne ko bola.. Kyu? Tu kabse aise karne laga?? 
ram blushes even more... Embarrassed

V : chup na yar.. mai jaldi me hu...
Par vikram thode na aise chhodega

V : achha... Toh mai aa jaau tumhe airport lene??

Ram's taken aback.. He absolutey wants to see priya as soon as  he reaches.. Ye thinks 'ye kya ho raha hai.. Kitana utavala ho raha hu mai priya ko dekhane ke liye..' 
r : haa, par wo...
vikram : tu bhi na ram kabhi nahi sudhrega.. Apne liye Bolana sikh le ab..
Don't worry.. Aaram se aa.. Main priya ko bataunga to wo khud aa jayegi tumhe receive karne..

Ram smiled at how well vikram knows him... And once more his thoughts turned to priya.. How horribly he had missed her.  technology might have progressed a lot, Ram acknowlegded, but the video chat couldn't ever quite  make up for her actual presence..
16 more hours... And he will be home.. Finally... 
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Posted: 2012-02-24T01:11:39Z
wow what a imagination.ClapClap
ram toh bada utavla ho raha hai apni priya Wink se milne ke liye.LOL
good going priya fan love it .Tongue
want more of your imagination.
waiting... waiting... waiting... waiting...
Big smileBig smile
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Posted: 2012-02-24T01:13:38Z
Lovely... I m blushing... continue soon...
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Posted: 2012-02-24T01:16:35Z
continue soon. really niceee...
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Posted: 2012-02-24T01:44:40Z
awww..nice one..Embarrassed
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Posted: 2012-02-24T02:32:44Z
Hey its nyc, plz continue. Waiting
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Posted: 2012-02-24T03:26:46Z
wah wah chagoaye ho tussi!!
awesome continue , continue please and also when you update mention the page no in the title so it is eaiser for us to keep  track LOL
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