OS:Life's Moments Series-Pickles and Icecreams

Posted: 7 years ago

hi all, I am back with one more OS in Life's moments series. This one is titled Pickles and Icecreams... do read and let me know if you like it!

For other OS in this series, see my Index: 51533738  

It was almost 11.30 in the night when Arnav came inside the house, carrying a package. He was about to climb the stairs to his room when he saw the lights in the kitchen and started walking towards the kitchen.

A sight of his eight month pregnant wife, kushi perched on the kitchen counter top, holding a jar of pickles and a spoon greeted him.

"What are you doing here? he asked her
"Eating pickles"
"at this time? you know what the time is? " he asked her
"I dont wear a watch"
"its crossed 11.30!" he sighed "here, take this!" he said dropping the package on the counter beside her.
"What is this?"
"The one you asked for Kushi... Blackcurrent Icecream"
"I dont feel like eating it now"
"what do you mean? you dont feel like eating it now? You wake me up at 10.30 in the night and tell me that you are craving for Blackcurrent Icecream and want it right away and when I get it for you... you say..."
"I said I was craving for it 1 hour ago"
"I had to literally drive 30 km to find a outlet which was open at this hour of the night and which serves Blackcurrent hygenically" he shook his head
"Unbelievable Kushi !really..."
Her pregnancy cravings and tantrums were really cutting him, she seemed to change her views and tastes in a wink. He moved to take the package.
"what are you going to do?"
"Put it in the fridge. what else..."
"No leave it here, I will have it"
"You dont have to have it you if dont feel like having it."
"No I really feel like having it now"
She got down, took a mixer jar, put some pickle in it and added a scoop of icecream to it.
"What are you doing now?"
"Icecream and pickle Milkshake"
"Kushi are you sure... you are going to upset your stomach"
"No, dont worry, this will taste good" she said pouring it into a glass. "Just like us Hot and spicy/ cool and sweet combo"
"whatever!," he turned to leave
"Are you leaving?"
"Its going to strike 12 in 15 mins kushi!  I am going to catch some sleep now and you should do the same too... " he told her
"But I dont feel sleepy, I feel like talking!"
"I told you I have a deal to make in the morning, If I need a fresh mind then.. I need some sleep now" he sighed
"oh really? I am in this predicament because of this pregnancy, I dont get sleep at all... and all those times when I literally begged for some sleep... did you listen? and now you sigh because I am asking you to stay awake for sometime? so mean"
"You compare this and that? really kushi, To refresh your memory...all those times I kept you awake, I made sure we both did something that we both enjoyed doing... And all you do now is asking me to listen to your bak bak... you dont even let me near you"
"not my fault! The doctor told me to keep it light and gentle after crossing 8 months, she told me if we stress out, then probably I might start contractions preamaturely, which I dont want to happen... and With you, once you start, your gentleness, control all flies out of the window!"
"me?" he asked incredulously "Oh I see!"
"yes you!" she said nonchalantly.

"She is a stupid Doctor"
"hmm you were the one who shortlisted her from a list of 10 top gynecs in the city, now you say she is stupi just because she advised your wife to be safe" she snorted into her milkshake.
"what the?"
she laughed before she gulped her milkshake in go and  placed the glass near the sink, put the left over icecream inside the fridge and turned to him.
"come lets go and try to get some sleep!" she said innocently holding onto his arm.
He looked at her and pointed above her lips
He again repeated his action, this time circling the area with his finger, showing her the place above her lips where the milkshake had left a moustache.
"oh!" she tried to wipe it off with the back of her hand. But he stopped her, holding her hand and bent closer to lick it off. He quickly gave a peck on her lips and moved back
"lets go"  he said and truned back to go, still holding her hands.
But he was tugged and looked back to see that she hadnt moved at all.
"what happened?"
She pulled him back
"Wont you complete anything properly?" she asked before her lips crashed against his. He laughed against her lips...
"Now who was gentle and who is losing control? "

They started kissing passionately only for him to pull away after sometime.
"What happened?" she asked him breathless
"The baby...  was moving a lot"
"yeah.. he seems to be.. you were crushing him..."
"oh really? Again it is only me?"
"Ok we... Happy? wait till my son comes out... I will have someone who will really support me... He is gonna say Dad! dont you dare touch my Mom...stay away from her!"
"Oh now will the little tyke dare me to touch his mom, let me see him try that..." he said, affectionately touching her tummy "but wait...He? How do you know it is a he?"
"I know, Motherly instinct!, this is a Momma's boy"
"it is going to be a girl... Daddy's girl"
"is it? Then shall we have shart? we dont have to really do anything now... everything is already done, just wait for 1 and a half months to see me win.."
"yeah...we will see" He laughed
"what will you do if I win..."
"Oh, nothing dear, I would love to see you win this time... not only this one but you can have as many sons as you want... only that I wont leave you till you give me my little girl"
with that, he walked over to switch off the kitchen light, gently pulling her by hand while her mouth still open on his comment.
"shart cancelled, I mean this is a Win-Lose for you and me... You will always win, No this is not fair, I am not falling for this stupid shart... my bad for starting all this shart... its cancelled...do you hear me?"
For all her continous bak bak, his answer was only a lopsided wicked grin!

The End.


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Posted: 7 years ago
cho chweet!!
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Posted: 7 years ago
Abavi  ..."UNBELIEVABLE"  (ie: unbelievably believable & a very cute os
cheers : )

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Posted: 7 years ago
That was freakin cute!! Koved the little challanges!!
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Posted: 7 years ago
this is sooo cute <3
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Posted: 7 years ago
cute one...

I love ur moment of life series.
Please keep writing more...
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Posted: 7 years ago
so,cute.wanna see in serial same like this.
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Posted: 7 years ago
Superb 7n I would love to see this arhi onscreen again
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