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Vicky rolled his eyes at geet. Theek hai. Main raat KO aayungi to app Ghar jaana. She just twists her lips looking down. He moves forward kissing her forehead. Take care Bhabhi. Looking at maan he smile hugging him and take Annie and mom home for some time.





Next morning she entre maan room early. Vicky was not there so she simply sat beside maan who was still sleeping due to seductions. Bringing the rose near his cheek she caresses his face than whispered softly. Morning my love. He smiled a little with his close eyes feeling her touch, moving a little he tried to open his eyes and talk to his mishti but she whispered slowly keeping her finger on his eyes. No sleep.. I'm here .. She saw him again sleeping holding her hand bringing it near his heart. Kissing his lips softly she sat there admiring him for longer time not moving from her place. .



After half hour Vicky entered with two cups of coffee. Seeing geet he smiles he knew well she will of course come this early to meet her husband and knowing from the reception he grab a cup of coffee for her ..He knows well she must not have eaten anything and just ran here.. You came? He smiled giving her the cup. He Is still sleeping. Vicky whispered looking at maan..



Yea ..Seductive. Both giggle softly. Vicky sat on a sofa . How are you now? He asked her.




I'm fine. She looks at Vicky ..This person has changed so much in such a small time. This time was not so easy for him too ..For taking up everything and nothing was in place ..How well he has e managed everything in maan absent ..Of course not like but he still tried and did quite well. Smiling she entangle her fingers from maan than went to sit beside him keeping her head on his shoulder. Thank you Vicky. He frowned looking down at her. When maan was not here. You hold everything very nicely.




He smiled. I'm not like bro Bhabhi. He is something else. She smiles looking at maan. Yes. Maan is different. Very different. Vicky look at her finding her lost in her husband and smiled happily. Finally the spark on her beautiful eyes is back. Finally her beautiful smile is back on her face. Only one person in this world can bring this happiness on her face .. Her cries and tears drenched his heart very much. She is the person who has brought so much happiness in their life and seeing her in pain was something he was not able to hold. She looks better with her strength and happy nature..





That's how he wants to see here. Always. And that can only be done by his bro. He is the only person who can bring this happiness in her life.




Three more days were past. Maan was still in hospital. Geet visit him daily. she is the only person he waited all day to see and talk. Otherwise Vicky or Adi have to bear his anger. If she will be 5 minutes late he would shout at them.



She entre with a smile and a rose in her hand meeting Adi outside at maan room. Oh geet. Kaha ti tum? She giggle at his frustrated voice and entre the room only to find her annoying husband with a file in his hand and vicky sitting in sofa with his head on his hands. It's been two days he is insisting to go to home or even visit his office but doctors are not allowing for it so this person have made Adi and vicky bring all the information of every projects and every paper to him..





She chuckled entering and snatch the file from his hand making him look up to shout at the person but his eyes spark seeing her. Hey. She smile sitting on his bed and kiss his cheek. How are you?



He is perfect Bhabhi ..But I'm not. Vicky called standing beside her. She giggles looking at him while maan rolled his eyes. It's time for you to go.




Yea yea. He mimicked going out finally sighing that his Bhabhi came to handle the biggest storm in this earth.



How are you? He asked her keeping his hand on her stomach stroking with his thumb. She keeps her hand on his. We are fine. Missing you. Bending down she kiss him than keep her head in his chest.




I want to come home. He complained when she move back stroking her cheek. Just two more days. 

I just hate this place.. geet giggle than kiss his lips softly. now? he smile holding her neck pulling her down letting her lips touch his again. this is the only thing i love here.

she chuckled moving back .He sighed than close his eyes. The seductive never let him talk to her for long. She smiles kissing his forehead. Sleep for sometime honey.



Hmm. He mumbled holding her hand making sure she is near him and slept peacefully. She stroke his hair letting him sleep and sat beside him all the time .she make sure everything is ok with him before taking him home not wanting to take any risk.



Precap: coming home.



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