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Posted: 9 years ago

I Luv yah Sho Sho sooo much 4 da incredible banner awww my fave MaanEet and ArHi i swear i can look at this banner 4 years thy r lookin sooo boom Day Dreaming

..W e l c o m e ..

Welcome everyone cant belive its our 4th shop eeeks im sooo maha proud lmaooo x hmmm ive been making siggies 4 i think bout 2 years i fink ive got such a crap memo so realli dont knw how long its just a guess LOL hmmm on memo lane now basically started off with very simple siggies :) finalli i have learnt 2 make Avi's anmd slowly slowly i've cum 2 learn how 2 make Siggie Avi's and im sooo proud of dat ROFL Hmmm i have many PSD dat i have used from deviantart but recently im trying 2 use my own coloring which i hope everyone is likin :) even though its crap lol im also gonna start uploading them on Deviantart if people wanna use which is defo gonna be a big fat NO cause im not dat good im crap lets just say LOL anywhooo enogh of my rambling and i just hope dat u all love my work even in dis shop :)

. . I n t r o d u c t i o n ..

.. S a i ..

Hey I'm Sai, I'm 25 and am from England. I'm a
mad Kash and Maaneet fan so our update is mostly going to be on them. I'm still
a beginner so they will not be the best but as we get used to making them
hopefully they will turn fab.

Hope u all will like our Siggies


.. S a n z y ..

Hey guys im Sanzy or wht yah all name me hehe x Im from England and yah all my upadates will be on either Kash,Maaneet or ArShi my new loves hehe x really wish yah all like my work even though its not da best ever but still wish yah all like and yah do request would luv 2 make yah all :)x 
Luv yah all <33
.. R u l e s ..

- Do not crop any of my work and name as urs
- Do not paste my works on other sites
- u can request as many times as yah want but 1 siggy at a time 
- if its a personal siggy feel free 2 PM oh and also plz dont ask Sai 4 requests she aint taking em in yet she is busy with work and dat so only im takin request at da moment x
- Only Req when im open [O=OPEN] [C=CLOSED]

.. R u l e s 4 R e q u e s t ..

- Only request whn my shop is open x [O]
- U can send me up 2 12 pics 4 a siggy but if i cant use em all will defo PM yah and ask yah :)
- Text of ur choice 
- use da siggy 4 like 2-3 days 
- Do not call my work urs 
-- People dat only comment on da shop can request otherwise i will ignore

For Avis x
- YouTube vid 4 like 15 seconds
- Ask if yah wnt border and coloring and dat x
- Tell me if u want da videos stacked and dat 
- Give me da size

Hope u all follow da rules :) x 

.. W h a t I M a k e  ..

Animated/Non-animated sigs

.. C o p y R i g h t s ..

Ri Creation 
Sai Creation

.. T h a n k Y o u A l l ..

Just wanna say im sooo happi im on my 4th shop and dats only cause of u amazing people love yah all sooo much it really mans da world whn i see all da boom comment i get its makes my heart go Dhak Dhak LOL hope u always shower me with all da lovely comment hank u all sooo much <33 Luv yah all Heart

.. P r e v i o u s S h o p s ..

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Posted: 9 years ago
. . P r e v i o u s W o r k ..

.. S a n z y ..



.. S a i ..



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Posted: 9 years ago
. . U p d a t e  ..



Teheee couldn't help myself thy just looked choo cute Embarrassed

Plz do PM or just ask in da shop if yah want em stacked and which one's cause i cant be bothered 2 stack em all cause im maha lazi LOL

Creditz- Go 2 me and Deviantart Embarrassed

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Posted: 9 years ago
..N o t e..

Hey guys if yah want a PM from me plz buddy this ID cause it's easier 4 me thn do just PM my whole buddy list LOL


Thanks Luv Sanzy <3
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Posted: 9 years ago


to both of you girls on your 4th gallery  Clap Clap you guys absolutely deserve it..stunning creations you guys got...may you guys have many many many more shops in the future <3 Embarrassed Big smile

stunning shop banner...wow Maaneet and ArHi are just totally rocking it..I love it <3 EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

This DD sig is simply gorgeous <3 the effects done on it are auhmazing Clap

oh how I miss Maaneet...loving the sig Embarrassed the style is fabulous Day Dreaming

Sarun Day Dreaming gosh they have a rocking chemistry both on and off screen...mind blowing sig sanzy...superb blending and coloring Embarrassed

wow I'm loving these SI & DD video avis...I love their off screen friendship EmbarrassedEmbarrassed two of my favorite girls <3 Love both of them...Really love all the video avis you made...EmbarrassedBig smile

keep up the great work you guys <3 Really stunning creations you guys have Embarrassed Big smile really like them!!! Thanks for the PM and hope to see more rocking creations...once again many congrats on your 4th gallery EmbarrassedEmbarrassed


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Posted: 9 years ago
4th gallery??!! Shocked What did you do? Bribe people to spam??! Shocked Jks. :P Seriously, congrats meri mutton!! Hug Hope to see your 40th gall, real soon. Big smile (Psshhhtt! If you need help, then just tell me. After all, main hoon na. Cool)

LMAO! When I first read your intro, I was like what memo is she on about?? Then I realized memo is MEMORY! ROFLROFL Just had an S moment there. BlushingROFLROFL

Sai? Who's Sai? Confused

Okay, I definitely know this is Sanzy. LOL

Is Sai your sister? Ermm

Why is your copyright Ri Creation or RC? Ermm I understand Sai's, but you?? Just have to do something a little extra don't you? :P LOL

Aaww, dhak dhak. :) This is definitely Sai. :D

Aaahhh!!!! The kiss avi is just making my heart stop!!

Okay, so your second sig for ArHi is REALLY good. Although there's a lot of pics, it doesn't look too crowded like the other one. I guess it was just the blending that had to worked on for that one. But this sig is just faabbb!! <33

Sai, I really like your last sig. The way you put in Shilpa's pic in that sepia tone at the top is just a killer!! If possible then can you please make me an icon of that? Embarrassed

The avis are looking gorgeous!! Where did you guys get those vids from?? Shocked DD and SI. <33

All in all, beautiful creations ladies. Can't WAIT to see what else you all have in store for us. :D
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Posted: 9 years ago

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