ArHi FF: Check Mate! (completed)

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Arhi FF: Checkmate!
Plot: The Story is pretty much a continuation of the plot in the show- it starts from the wedding promo, when they walk in married shocking all the family members.
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Part 1

Soon whispers were heard amongst all the guests, busily gossiping why Arnav and Kushi got married suddenly, that too on the same day when Aakash and Payal were married. If they wanted they could have had both the weddings on the same day right?

"Why chote?" Anjali asked Arnav "Why all of a sudden"
"Di, we love eachother... You know I dont believe in all this... If I had told you, you would force me into all this ceremony, so I took her and we did a register marraige"
"Chote, we know you both are in love, I mean we are not blind, we saw... but I dont know why you thought we will all force you for the ceremonies? We would have come to the register office? your wedding was completed without my presence?"
"Di, I am sorry, I.. We didnt want to wait" He told her, not knowing what to say.

why didnt he want to wait? soon a distinct gossip started making rounds among guests... "May be she is pregnant with his baby"
Anjali caught up with it again... All the family was shocked hearing this.
"Is it true Chotey? Is this what you wanted to say when you came to my room? you were feeling very sorry..."
but before Arnav could answer in negative, Garima came forward with anger and slapped kushi in her face.
"tell me? is it true? Are you pregnant?"
"no!" Kushi whispered in Agony, holding her cheeks. She looked at Arnav for support, but he was looking at shyam to see his reaction when kushi was slapped!

Arnav ripped his eyes of shyam and turned back to look at her with cold contempt. She turned back to look at her mom helplessly.
"No Ma!" she said again "How could you think I could stoop so low? dont you trust me?" she asked them, but it was indirectly routed to Arnav
"then why did you do this all of a sudden" Kushi could not answer Buaji's Question
"buaji,you know about me, I did this for a reason, something that is between me and Arnavji. we cannot tell you the reason now, but sometime in future, you will all come to know"
"when? Kushi you disgraced us, for all that we did to you, we took you in and this is what you do to us? did you think of payal when you took this decision?"

Garima asked her "No kushi, We can never forgive you for this"
She turned her face away from a shocked Kushi and told Naniji and Mami
"We are sorry for this, really sorry, we dont know what was in her mind to have eloped like this but Please do not punish Payal for Kushi's mistake!"
with that she left their house with Buaji and babuji. Kushi pleadingly looked at her father's face begging him to trust her, which he did, with a quiet head nod and a ackward smile before he was wheeled out of RM.

"Anjali bitiya, what has happened has happened. Now Kushi is also a bahu of this house, lets welcome her and see what is to be done next"
Kushi was overwhelmed at this and went to take Nani's blessings. Nani blessed her
"but Kushi bitiya, I am disappointed with you... I can see chotey taking a decision, you should have been able to convince him, you of all agreed for a quick wedding without any ceremony?"
"Sorry Naniji"
"Hmm, atleast I am happy that chotey got married!" Anjali told winking at Kushi with all happiness which made Arnav sad, He left the place and soon took the stairs.
"look at him, why so much Gussa? You dont know what you have signed up for kushi!" Anjali further teased Kushi
"I know what exactly I have signed up for Anjali ji" Kushi thought to herself.

to be continued...

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part 2
Kushi was sitting on the bed, Arnav's bed where anjali had set her up, the room was beautifully decorated with candles and roses. Anjali was gigling and teasing her but her mind was else where, thinking about the turn of events from the time when she again confronted Arnav, telling him that she needed to speak to him.
He had looked angry, very angry, he seemed to be avoiding her completely. Why did he behave like this after all that he did for the past three days? she wanted to know.
"You want to know what happened? isnt it?" he sneered at her angrily "ok Let me tell you, I know what a two faced b**** you are! cheating on my Di with Shyam"
"what?" she asked unbelievingly "Arnavji How could you..."
"stop it stop it right now... I have always been right, girls like you... my fault, why in the world did I think you are special? What did my Di do to you?
Why did you do this to her? to me?" He kept shouting at her, without giving her a chance to explain
Kushi was lost for words, she could not speak, her body became chilled, he was accusing her of betrayal, treachery, she felt nauseatic...
"let me speak Arnavji please ! did shyam tell you all this?" she managed to say at last
"shyam?" he asked her "Oh yeah, your sweetheart, first name basis, so dont think of any other lies to turn me off the track, I have been there myself, seen it ok? " he told her, his last sentence, gritting his teeth.
"If you had been there then what were you doing? watching him when he was abusing me?" Kushi shouted at him
"Abusing? No kushi your sweetheart was hugging you... remember?" Arnav told her sarcastically "it was digusting enough, whatever I saw!"
then it was as if it was a shouting match between them, that they were surprised that nobody heard their fight and came up, luckily for them, the ceremony
had began downstairs and the noice was deafening enough for them to hear any noice coming from Arnav's bedroom.
"then why dont you let me tell you everything?"
"No I dont want to"
"you have to know before you come to a conclusion!"
"No I know whatever matters, I am not interested in you or details of your love story"
"oh you know everything do you? thane you must have known that he was my ex-fiance..."
"yeah that man whom you call as your jijaji, he cheated us, our entire family, he was staying in our pg, cleverly planned ot get me engaged to him..."do you know that?"
"Oh thats when you got interested in him? yeah I remember the day when you told you are devastated that your engagement broke, then you started coming to RM everyday.. It all fits in... yeah"
"oh please? how cruel can you get? how could you after all this that happened between us?"
"Thats exactly what I am wondering about you too Kushi!"
"DM! I can never do this to Anjali nor to any married woman! you are not in a state of mind to know truth from false...but what I am saying is truth" her voice broke down.
"How can I trust you Kushi?"
"What else do you want me to do if you are not able to believe what I say?"
"if what ever you say is true, then why didnt you come to us early enough?"
"I wanted to say everything to Anjaliji but seeing how vulnerable she was to shyam, I didnt have any option but to hold this from her"
"she being vulnerable is all the more reason to tell her! "
"no, I couldnt see her Broken down...I realised it will destroy her"
"you could have come to me? No,you didnt, all you do is after you have been found hugging a married man, deny that you not in love with him, funny actually"
"I have come to you didnt I? I thought of giving his a second chance, thought he will realise his mistake and be happy with Anjali ji, but no, he is a psycho..I realised it today when he when he...the point is I wanted to tell you everything the moment I realised that. I now realise Anjali ji is better off without him... thats what I told him, to leave he get out of her life..."
A small crease appeared in Arnav's eyebrows hearing this... Was kushi telling the truth afterall? No he needs to be careful before trusting her this time...
"Di cannot be told .. Atleast now...She is pregnant!"
"Why are you depressed Kushi? you sweetheart cheated you too and didnt tell you?"
"I am depressed for the same reason as you.. and again... he is far from that... he can never be, no one can ever be other than ..."
"other than?" Arnav demanded with hope
But kushi could not complete the sentence.. she slumped down on the floor, breaking into loud sobs. Arnav closed his fists, turning away from the sight of her crying in agony, still surprised that her tears had this much effect on him.
"Kushi when you feel upto it, come here and sit, I need to talk to you" arnav told her as he sat on the edge of his bed.
After sometime 5 minutes, she surfaced, when to his bathroom, washed her face, and came and sat next to him.
"See now its not the time to tell di everything.. I need to do something about this... I have a plan and you are in it whether you like it or not..."
"I dont know why I am trusting you still after what you think I am up to ... yes, I am in it" Kushi told him simply
"see if you dont agree to it then Aakash Payal marra.."he stopped suddenly realising that she has already consented without even questioning him what his plan is
"ok, we are getting married, so it would seem atleast to the world..."
she looked at him sharply "getting married?"
"Oh not in real sense? what did you think" he asked "that you will be asked to be a Rich Man's wife for betraying his sister behind his back?" He asked her
She simply closed her eyes tight muttering DM
"its going to be a marraige in others eyes!" he said guaging her cautiously.
"you mean we will be faking a marraige between us?"
"yes thats what I mean "
"for how long?"
"Six months!"
She pondered silently for a few seconds before replying back
"when do we do it?" she asked without any emotion in her.
"right now! he said getting up, come with me"
to be continued...
yeah more to come... Please comment, I will post the update faster...Big smile
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Checkmate aage badao!
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