OS:Life's Moments Series- Just Like you!

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Hi All, Another one in the Life's Moments Series, I had planned to post this a little down the line, after I post the ones on pregnancy and First child ones, But I had typed it, so posting it, Please leave comments.

For my other works in this series, here is my Index:51533738  

OS:Life's Moments Series- Just Like you!

The Raizada family was having their evening tea. everyone were there except for two.
"Where did they both go?" Kushi kept wondering aloud and kept looking at the entrance to the Hall.
Arnav looked at his wife.

 "Kushi why are you so restless? relax. They will be back- you are overreacting!"
"I am not, something tells me that today they are upto something, they went out in the afternoon after their lunch and not yet back home"
Arnav got a call then, it was from their neighbour.
"yeah Mr.chakraborti, what ? Are you sure, I mean did My boys..? Ok.. yeah I will ask them to...I will come to your place, yeah, I.. I will pay for the damage, I apologise for that ..yeah thanks"
"What did they do now?" Kushi asked immediately
"Mr.Chakraborti's second floor french window glass got smashed.."
then they saw the two quietly entering the RM and trying to sneak upstairs as quiet as possible.
"Barun!, Dhruv come here" she shouted
"Oh! Man you think she knows?" Barun asked without looking back towards the dining hall, but all the same he had stopped, hearing his mom's call.
"yeah I think the entire family knows, Obviously that man called to complain about us. Dad is staring at us" Dhruv told him and started walking to the dining hall, pulling Barun along.
"Did you break Mr.Chakraborti's window?" Arnav asked them sternly
"Dad! it was just a game and..." Barun told him quickly pushing his half seen catapult deep into his pocket but was cut off quickly
"I want a yes or No"
"yes" Barun told him softly looking down.
"Chotey, Dont be angry! maybe it was accidental" Anjali tried to calm her brother.
"No Bua, It was not accidental" Dhruv told her which surprised all of them.
Barun was staring at his brother with looks which plainly said "Man you are supposed to save me not get me into trouble"
"Explain yourself Barun" Arnav looked really angry.
"Actually dad, It was a Shart, Joshua challenged us and Barun had to take it, We had to prove the Raizada's were the best...should'nt we dad?" Dhruv told him.
"I see!" Arnav found himself smiling at his sons 
"What ?" Kushi stared him. Arnav quickly caught himself and regained the stern look again. Kushi turned back to face her sons.
"Shart? "Kushi asked them "you broke a window for shart? what sort of game is this?"
"Ma!, we were playing catapult, whose stone reaches higher and we needed a guage, we chose Mr.Chakraborti's  wall, sad that the window came in between!" Dhruv was explaining
"Dhruv, cut it, you are talking too much" Barun urged his brother
"Shutup Barun!, How dare you both go out in the afternoon and come in so late after nearly 4 hours and that too bringing trouble? You know Dad had to apologise to that Man because of you ?" Kushi started walking towards them
"she is coming" Dhruv called out
"Run that way" Barun instructed and he turned the other way and sprinted.

Kushi looked shocked standing at the place where the boys were standing few seconds before, suprised that they both chose to run in opposite directions in an instant, because of which in a moments confusion of whom she should chase, stopped her from chasing them.

"Its all your fault" she shouted at Arnav
"What did I do?"
"they are just like you, breaking a window for shart, look at them, strategically planning for running away without being chased"
"good that they have my dimag!" he relied softly smiling into his tea. others too smiled at this remark
"your tea is getting cold Kushi" he told her.
"oh god why didnt I get a girl like Daljeet and Deepali? Di and JiJi got daughters and all I get are two naughty boys" Kushi told to no one in particular."Look at these two girls how so sweet and obedient they are and look at those two? pransters! just like you, they have taken after you" She looked at Arnav accusingly

"Not necessarily Kushi" Payal told her."When Dhruv was talking about shart I was reminded about the day when you climbed that big guava tree just to prove atul sharma that girls can also pick guava by themselves, they dont need Boys help, you were just 5 then, Barun's age now!"
"Jiji!, shhh"
"Really? interesting! what happened then?" Arnav asked Payal smirking at Kushi.
Kushi stared back at him.
But they never heard the end of what happened after that as they all heard a loud thud from upstairs, both Kushi and Arnav sharing knowing looks, got up immediately.
"Not Again!" Kushi muttered before she followed Arnav who ran upstairs towards his garden.

They both were just in time to see their 5 year old and 3 year old standing beside a large mud pot now broken, with mud strewn everywhere in the proximity looking at their parents with fright.

"I am not gonna ask you both why you did it, you did it and you both are going to spend 1 hour in my garden."Arnav told them in a matter of fact tone and placed a old bucket in front of them "And now clean this mess. we will do the gardening later"

Kushi saw her sons looking at her with puppy dog eyes and then started cleaning up the place.
"Leave it both of you. I will do it"
"No, Let them do it" Arnav told with finality "You go easy with them and later complain that they are like me?"
"Its not that, they..." Kushi stood there looking helplessly at her sons cleaning the mess. Arnav took the plant which the broken pot was holding till sometime ago and placed it in the corner.
"Kushi! they will manage"" he told putting his hand on her shoulder

"Actually I was thinking about something that you were telling downstairs"
"what did I say?"
"About how you want a daughter"
"I didnt say I want a daughter, I only said it would have been nice if we had obedient and quiet kids"
"No I am sure I heard you wishing for a girl" he said her and before kushi tried to protest that she did not mean it literally, he added mischievously "and We can try for one"
"NO!" she shouted a little louder, Barun and Dhruv looked up at them and went back to their job at hand shaking their heads at eachother.
Arnav moved his hands down to rest it on her waist and pulled her close.
"you told these two are just like me, probably the girl would be a tigeress like you..."
"you are shameless! You dont know how to behave in front of your sons? you are not a good example!"
"Why? I am just showing them an important lesson in life, to treat their wife like a princess!" He replied huskily looking lazily down her lips and then back to her eyes again.
"leave me now!" Kushi told loudly again, the boys looked up for the second time.
"Boys! we were just thinking how you would like if we get you both a baby sister" Arnav asked them still looking at his wife.
"Not a bad idea" Barun told thinking aloud.
"But We already have Daljeet Di and Deepali Di, and just because they are good, we end up getting reprimanded for almost every act of ours" Dhruv pointed out.
"But they are elder to us... we cant order around with them, think about it, if we get someone younger to us, she can clean up after us, we can train her to support us at the right time when we get into a fix...you know how much they believe Daljeet di's words or Deepali Di's words" Barun told his younger brother.
"Yeah !"dhruv told dreamily
"Yes dad, we would love that..." Barun told them.

"What? "Kushi freed herself from Arnav's grip. "Like father! Like sons, Utterly shameless bunch" she went down muttering.

Arnav smiled at the retreating figure of his wife before Dhruv called out, "We are done Dad"
"wha? oh yeah, come on boys, lets do some gardening"

The End

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Posted: 7 years ago
very cute...i can totally imagine Khushi being troubled by 3 Raizada boys :)
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Posted: 7 years ago
so. cute. nuff. said.
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Posted: 7 years ago
awsomeee...juniors Raizada's...loved it
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Posted: 7 years ago
Loved them both. Thank You
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Posted: 7 years ago
this is really lovely yaaar
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Posted: 7 years ago
loved it father's son but the mom mischief streak loved it that was so sweet and wanting to try a for  a daughter just cute thank you so much for the pm
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Posted: 7 years ago
this was amazing...really cuteSmile
loved it to bit's!!!
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