OS:Life's Moments Series- Jelebi days

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ok dears, cheerup! lets leave it to the CVs to make everything Ok for ArHi and they have never ceased to surprise us. Have they? they gave us glorious three weeks of ArHi romance after 2 months of literally nothing intersting. So lets wait patiently for the story to unfold and as some have pointed out or hinted, we might end up liking the track more than the last three weeks.

Ok now to cheer up all up I am gonna give you all more OS from the Life's moment series- ArHi's life as blissfully married couple. You can find my older works in this series here: 51533738  and I shall post the new ones as and when I type them. here's the fifth OS in the series.

OS:Life's Moments- Jelebi days

Arnav's was looking over the last minute details before going on stage for fashion show when his mobile rang. Payal was calling him.

"Arnavji are you busy?"
"what happened? Is everything alright?" he asked wondering why payal was calling him suddenly
"hmm actually, di and Kushi went to the outskirts devimaiya temple. they started 3 hours back. they should be back now. When we tried calling, they told that their car has stopped and they are stranded on the road. Aakashji is not picking up the phone I think he is in a meeting. so I thought if you are free.."
"yeah, He is attending a conference, Dont worry, I will take care"


"Hello di"
"Where are you?"
"actually chote...we came for this temple and we ran out of petrol and the car stopped and this strech is long and no auto rickshaw seem to come this way nor there is a petrol bunk nearby"
"where is the stupid driver? cant he take care of filling the fuel? dammit"
"no actually, Mohan left for the day, he was not well"
"then who took the car?"
A sigh escaped his lips
"Di, you let Kushi drive the car? you trusted kushi for a long drive? Are you mad?"
"no chotey, I wanted to go to that temple, mohan was not available, Kushi told she can drive, she is not that bad you know she drived well until..."
"she has not even completed her driving course and she took the car? unbelievable di!"
"Whats unbelievable?" Arnav heard Kushi's voice now. Somewhere in the middle of his sentense, she should have snatched Anjali's mobile. He didnt know how much she heard about him bashing her driving skills.But he was angry that she took the car for a long drive without a license and that too withoutthe presence of anyone who knows driving for assistance.
"For all you know you risked both of your lives!"
"I drived very nicely and carefully until we ran out of petrol.."
"yeah, any good driver will first look if the car has enough fuel, which has obviously slipped you remarkable brain!" he told her.
"leave that aside... now will you come and pick us up or not?"
"Kushi, there is a fashion show going on...my models are going on stage in 10 minutes."
"Fine then...I will try to get lift from some car that passes"
"you are doing nothing of that sort! did you hear me? how many times have I told you not to trust any stranger"
"Now what do you want us to do? stand here until you come and pick us up after your most important fashion show is over?" she sounded irritated.
"wait there I will do something" He disconnected the call.


twenty minutes later Aman picked them up and was on the way back home when kushi was talking to him about the fashion show.
"Sorry to bother you Amanji"
"Its Ok Kushiji, I will drop yu at home and have to get back to the show."
"But, if you want to go back, take us there only Amanji, after the show, we both will go with Arnavji" Kushi told him.
"thats alright Kushiji, Only ASR goes on stage, I will be needed later when the business deals are made, so they can afford to miss me for some time."
"Arnavji goes on stage too?"
"Yeah Kushiji, when he is showcasing his own designs then he goes on stage"
"then take me there na?"
"But Kushiji ASR told me to drop you both home"
"I want to see him walking on stage, he has never taken me for a fashion show"
Anjali was amused looking at Kushi's desire to watch the show and Aman's reluctance to go against his Boss's order"
what theme is it Amanji?" she asked him.
"Western style Summer wears" Aman told her.
She smiled. Now she knew why Arnav had asked him to drop them at home and head back to the show.
"Kushi, the very first meeting for you and chote was a fashion show only na?"
"But then I didnt see him walking on the ramp, I only .."
"Fell on him, I know" Anjali finished with a laugh
"Di! it was different that time, I havent seen him in a show after we got to know eachother, I mean after we got married, Di please, I really want to see him on the show, Please take us there na AmanJi"
Aman looked at anjali who was was not able to control her amusement, "take us Amanji, we will manage chote's wrath"


Kushi and Anjali entered the fashion show along with Aman and was just in time to see Arnav walking on the stage with two models on eiter side of him. Kushi's mouth dropped open.
"Di, look at him! he he is , I mean his hands on their hips"
"Kushi, shhh"
Kushi turned back to stare at him, while the audience were giving a round applause.

Arnav saw them soon enough, gave a surprised look and then came over to them.
"What did I ask you to do Aman?"
"ASR, Kushiji only.." He was busy staring at Aman to notice Kushi fuming with anger.
"I only asked him to take us here. Why what is pricking you? You are not happy seeing us here?"
"Excuse me?" Arnav was puzzled with the angry tone of Kushi. Normally Kushi used that tone with him only when she was really pissed off with something he did

or didnt do and that too she would always make sure they both were alone when she used that tone. He was wondering what he did today that she lost her cool in front of one of office staff.
She immediately caught herself, walking away angrily.
"Aman see if you can get one of the office shuffle vehicles to drop them at home"
Aman excused himself to carry out the task give to him.
"What happened di? she seems so ticked off? I couldnt come leaving the show..."
"Oh it was not that chotey, She saw you walking on the stage with models, I think green is her color right now" Anjali smirked
He saw his sister puzzled then it dawned on him.
"oh alright!"he said before walking over to her.
He saw her near the water table, gulping down water glass after glass.

"The restroom is on the other side, over there" he told her showing her the direction
"I didnt ask you for one"
"You will need it soon, you have gulped down 3 glasses of water already"
"Very funny...what were you thinking? two short skirt models, hands on their hips, How dare you do that in front of me ?"
"kushi, the theme needs it and moreover you walked in unexpectedly"
"Now I know why you dont take me to these kind of shows."
"I didnt know you would be so possessive about me Kushi, Otherwise, I would have taken you for every single show" he winked at her
Kushi's jaw dropped open. "You look so happy? I will not forgive you for this, you are so mean!"

"Am I getting to meet the gorgeous Mrs. Raizada at last" A voice boomed behind Arnav.
They both turned to see a young man smiling down at them.
"Hey Rohit, yeah this is Kushi" Arnav introduced her to him "And Kushi, This is Rohit Arora, my best friend at college, he has his fashion firm at London, he has come down here for some business, so I had invited him for this show""
"yeah, the only one at college who could put up with his mood swings" Rohit laughed "A lot of people used to pity me, Like I am pitying him now Kushi"
"yeah, Tough at times but not that bad" Kushi smiled 
 "Kushi were you into modelling any time?"
"me? No"
"I think you should seriously try, You have got it in you, you know"
"Rohit, stop flirting with my wifey, you dont want me to beat you black and blue when we get to meet after a long time right?" Arnav asked him jokingly.
"you have not changed at all man! highly possessive! isnt he Kushi?"
"me? oh you should have walked in a little before" arnav smirked looking at kushi. Kushi stared angrily at him. Rohit told her about someincident back during college days.
"You know once I came to stay at the Raizada's during our college days, I fell ill and Di took care of me. Arnie got so possessive that he faked fever you know?" Rohit told her "couldnt even share his di with me"
"Now will you stop teasing me Rohit, that day, I was not feeling well really"

"Rohit?" they turned to look at Anjali standing behind them
"Di? How are you? so long, he didnt say you are also here"
"You didnt give a chance Rohit, You were busy pulling my legs in front of my wife"
"when did you come frm london?

"two days back"
"Come home for the weekend, lots to talk"
"yeah come for lunch or dinner Rohit ji"
"oh I would love to come, its been years since I tasted home cooked food and Arnie has told me that you are a good cook kushi"
"really did he tell that?" kushi glanced at Arnav with a tone of surprise
"chief!" A lady in her early twenties, called out to Rohit.
"yeah Jess!" but the girl seemed to have forgotten why she called him, was looking unbelievably at Arnav.
"Mr. Raizada?"
Arnav nodded his head
"Jess! now, now" rohit laughed before introducing "Guys, This is Jessica, My secretary,  A very intellegent and smart girl the only thing I cant handle with her is her crush with my best friend. "
"Chief!" Jess called out with fake anger before going over and hugging Arnav "I always wanted to meet you, I am such a big fan of yours!"
Anrav nodded graciously before Rohit told her "meet his sister, Anjali and his wife kushi " pointing both of them.
Jess nodded to Anjali and Kushi.
"You are very lucky" she told Kushi "there are lot of girls out there who would want to be in your shoes"
Kushi who had not taken the hug that Jess shared with Arnav well was again back to her foul mood. She stared back at Jess.
"Jess, we have been invited by kushi for dinner this weekend."
"really? I would love to come, thanks" she told Kushi
Kushi didnt seem happy with her decision to call Rohit for dinner. Arnav knew that her self control was soon diminishing and could not sigh a relief when he

saw Aman walking towards him.
"Asr, the car is ready"
"Yeah thanks Aman, about time, you both start, Nani will be worried"

"We will meet during the weekend then Rohit" Anjali told him.
"sure Di" Rohit told her before turning to Kushi "and kushi do consider my advise back there"
"about modelling?"
"yeah and if your hubby is not ready to give you a chance, I will do the honours"
"Man, stop putting those ideas into her mind, she might seriously start considering it now"
"Yeah Rohit, stop if you want home made food this weekend" Anjali joked
"Yeah di, If that invite gets cancelled then I will be seriously in trouble" Rohit laughed looking at Jess.
Kushi started regretting the invite already, she didnt know Rohit would come with a trouble package!
Arnav knew kushi was angry and but somehow he knew she will end up making jelebis at home


When Arnav came back at night, He saw the ladies of the house, except kushi in the Hall couch.
"Di, where is Kushi?" Arnav asked her.He was about to climb stair to his room.
"She is in the kitchen" Anjali's look told him that Kushi was still angry.
"oh" he said turning to go towards the kitchen
"Chotey! Did you and Kushi fight?" Nani called him
"Nani? No." He said looking at Anjali quickly before answering her"why do you ask?"
"Because she is frying jelebis from the time she came home and you want to see her first thing after reaching home, even though she is in Kitchen"
"oh that... Nothing Nani" Arnav told before he made his way to the kitchen

Arnav found Kushi taking out the jelebis out with her big chamcha, while munching away another jelebi in her other hand.
she did not even turn back. He went and stood behind her, close enough for her to feel his breath on her neck. She started sqeezing the batter into the oil as if it didnt Affect her at all.
"6 months into marraige and  you dont even Blush?" he sounded hurt
she looked at him. "your puppy face is not going to save you this time"
"What did I do?"
"Kushi I told you, its my profession, just like a doctor checks your pulse, just like a tailor takes your measurement, that glamour is needed for my profession"
"ok, leave the ramp walk, what about Jess? Hugging in front of me?"
"If you havent noticed, she hugged me first, I had to reciprocate"
"Reciprocate is it? Where was this manners when before our marraige when bauji was admitted in hospital, I out of want for support hugged you at the hospital, you didnt even hug me back?"
Arnav was spell bound for sometime. Did kushi remember something that happened nearly one year back and compare that with this?
"thats the point Kushi" he told slowly "I reciprocated to that girl because the hug meant nothing but curtesy. but to you it was different"
"what difference" kushi asked switching off the stove and turning towards him.
"hmm, our hug is anything but curtesy or customary" he said hugging her "I dont want to finish it off anytime soon you know" he smiled at her.
she freed herself from him and turned back to the frying pan.
"I already have jelebis to eat, you dont have to give me sweet talks, I told you I will not forgive you easily today."
"I havent even started trying" he winked at her.
"Try all your might" she said taking the last of whatever was left in the frying pan into the plate heaped with jelebis.
"shart?" He smiled at her "10 mins?"
"what? 10 mins? you think?" she asked looking at him "You are sleeping in the couch today"
"if you wish so" he said still smirking at her "I dont mind us in the couch you know, We have done that before!"
Kushi could not help when her cheeks reddened at this mention. His eyes told her that her sudden coloring did not go unnoticed by him.
"I meant alone!" she said taking the jelebi plate in hand to move out of kitchen.
"you are showing me Attitude Kushi?" Arnav raised his eyebrows."you will regret it"

"lets see how I will regret it" Kushi challenged him
"I want to know what is in this that makes you feel so good when you are upset" he reached and grabbed one jelebi out of that plate. "That worked" he thought

when she immediately snatched it out of his hand and took a bite out of it.
"Not for you!"
He shruged and went ahead to suck the sugar syrup in his fingers before she stopped him
"I told you I did not make it with sweatner!"
"did you?"
she proceeded to relieve his fingers of the sugery stickiness with her own mouth.

He smirked. She immedately realised that she has made a wrong move immediately letting go of his hand, she tried diverting the angle
"How does it feel for you when someone oogles at me or flirts with me?" she asked him "Dont you feel angry, you would smash the other person's head if

"hmm, true, I would be angry with the other person more than with you!" He said calmly
"who said I am not angry with those girls? I wanted to rip the limbs off her! but I cant possibly react like you. can I?
Kushi kept on eating jelebis while she was talking.
"Kushi you are eating too many of those"
"so what if I eat?"
"Its not good for me"
"what? How can my eating affect you?" she asked stuffing another one into her mouth.
"like this" he said moving swiftly and grabbed her mouth with his.
It was a deliberately planned passionate kiss, he deepened it purposefully only to withdraw it when she started to respond.
Kushi let out a protest opening her eyes to see him smriking at her.
"Now I'll see if you can let me sleep in the couch"
Kushi's jaw dropped open while Arnav made a move to the kitchen door.
she was still open mouthed when he paused near the kitchen door, and said
"By the way Kushi, I love this possessive side of yours too!" and left leaving a pouting kushi back at kitchen.

The end.

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Awww That was Lovely
Mr.and Mrs raizada...Day Dreaming
Keeep writing more...
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loving these post marriage series
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Write More Please And PM Me Thank You Embarrassed

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too gud , arnav rmnce wth kushi ws nce , wel wrtten ..
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This was sooo sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!! Add me to your PM list dear!
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I love this series of os..u always come up wth brilliant ideas.
Khushi was sooo cute and i loved their possessive sides
Really enjoyed reading it , pls add me to ur pm list.. ThanksBig smile
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