ShreeRamCreations#7 new gallery link#146 - Page 45

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Posted: 8 years ago
OMG awesome creation
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Posted: 8 years ago
thank u frnz..

thanks aish for using MG sig..
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Posted: 8 years ago
Sorry for my lateness Swati <3

Your update is gorgeous!! The new banner is breath-taking!! Major major love for the Mytho creations especially the DKDM :))

Eeekkksss.. waaahhaaayyy!! Super duper love youuu so much Swati <3 You made the NL siggy from my absolute favourite moment and dialogue EVER.


Using. Using. Using.

You rock Swati <3 Thanks so much for doing that siggy! && it came out so beautifully too.. the colouring and text font is perfecto.

*jhaadoo ki jhapppi* Hug

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Posted: 8 years ago
@ swati :
            here i come, a shameless girl, to comment on a pm you sent me a month back * can imagine swati coming to grab my neck so moves to a safe distance* , maaf kar de yaar, i was busy with semester exams in march and then got involved with family problems so inbox dekhne ka mauka tak nahi mila .. anywayz, coming to your 7th march update, it's amazing as usual, the ramayana siggie, the piggie chops siggie and the icons .. my dabba is almost full now or i would have loved to take up a piggie chops from here *sigh* !!
ps : late comment ke liye jitni gaaliya dena hai de do, but do keep pming lolz !!LOL
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Posted: 8 years ago
np sweets...
thx for ur comments...:))
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Posted: 8 years ago
@ swati :
                   commenting on the 14th march update, arre yaar, why do you make such amazing siggies on Namaste London everytime yaar Confused *tries to guess hard swati's creativity* ??!! your Namaste London siggies make me regret the character limitation put by IF on siggie dabbas *sighs sadly*, .. and the colourings of choti bahu avis are just awesomeClap !! keep going and keep pming !!Smile
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Posted: 8 years ago
jai shree ram e1..
guys wazz up???
time for new update...seems to be a huge updt...hehe..
dind't expect this from me...

luvd whole update.
hope u guys will like it too...

n as usual...a common req..don't share them to nay website or page without my permisison..

n yup!! no new banner this






@^ aaila...just luv his expressions..

@^ text credit: some one here on IF..hehe

Humko Deewana kar gaye. Namastey london updt this time..

Hum Apke hai Kaun.

@^ not such a gud o/p





that's all guys..
hope u enjoyed it..

leave ur comments/suggestions...



Edited by akki-rockstar - 8 years ago
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Posted: 8 years ago
Gorgeous update hun!

I love seeing Ramayan/Mytho creations by you cos they are always so unique and stunning. You work leaves mee amazed. It always has :) The DKDM are beautiful! My #1 show at the moment so I get all excited when I see creations on them! I still need to catch up the episodes cos I am currently behind thanks to end of year assignments!

The Maaneet avis are beautiful and I love the taaveez ones. BOTH. They are really super duper well done! <3 I miss them! I hope Life OK does re-runs of GHSP like they are with DMG in the summer!

The GC/MSK one is amazing! MSK will always be my fav GC role, I know he was super as Shri Ram and even now as Yash he so sweet especially with the children! [make some avi's on them too please hun! GC& baache! from Punar Vivah they are so shhhweet]

I love the HKDKG ones! really pretty. The colouring is so stunning! :) Akki and Kat just look so amazing on in all your siggies of them! <3

& that Prem&Nisha one! Please make more of those two! I grew up obsessing over that couple and I remember watching HAHK all the time when I was like 10years old! The siggy is very beautiful despite being so simple. It really is gorgeous! :)
Edited by _Sanjana23_ - 8 years ago
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