OS:Mystery of Bangles

Posted: 7 years ago
hi all,
This is a short OS on how Kushi gets Arnav to confess that he bought those bangles for her. Read and please leave comments. your comments make me happy and encourage me a lot.
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"Did you get me these bangles?"
Kushi looked at him as he left the room avoiding her question. Kushi knew that he was the one who got her the bangles, but she wanted him to say it out,
"I shall make him confess" she told herself.

Later when she went down, the Haven was getting over and NK called everyone for a family pic.
Kushi went and stood next to her mom, incidently Arnav was standing beside her on the other side.
"Ok tell me only one thing... You got these bangles for me? yes? no?"
"I dont know"
she purposefully put her hands in front of his face in every photo then.
After the photo session was over, they all had dinner and Kushi ended up next to Arnav.
"How do you know my bangle size"
"Very smart kushi!, I told you I dont know who got you these bangles"
Arnav smiled to himself and carried on eating
"Nannav, See in all the family pics, your face is hidden!" Nk told him after they all had finished dinner
He showed him the pics, where Kushi was holding her bangle cladded hands in front of him.
"Kushiji, see you are partially hiding Nannav's face in all these pics"
"oh sorry Nanheji, I wanted to show these bangles also in the pics"
"so you like those bangles so much that you wanted to show them in the pics?" Anjali asked her. Anjali had guessed that Arnav had gifted her those as the very
first thing that Kushi asked to him after she gained conscious was that.
"No Anjali ji I dont like them"
"then why are you wearing them"
"I dont like my hands without bangles either. thats why, Immediately after going home, I will remove them"
Arnav was miffed at this comment. But was still watching her conversing with his di.
"I have some new bangles if you want you can try them, remember I got some for you and Payal?"
"Its Ok, Anjali ji, Anyway it is time for us to go home"
"Payaliya, Sankadevi can we leave?" Buaji's voice called over to them.
Payal said bye to Aakash and came over.
"Wait buaji, I shall bring those bags"
"Kushi why dont you stay here. you were not well remember" Arnav asked her
"No I am Alright, I have some work to do I am going home"
Kushi rushed to the guest room. Arnav followed her.
Anjali and Nani shared knowing looks and smiled.

"So you didnt like those bangles?"
Kushi turned back to see Arnav standing at the door way.
"Why are you so bothered if I dont like them? Anyway you dont know about them remember?"
Arnav realised it was another tactics for her to make him confess. He was not going to give in that easily. He decided to play along.
"I still dont know, but it doesnt look that bad on you"
"everything looks good on me! "
"Dont youlike them?"
"Hmm kind of... But i have to know who got these for me."
"what difference does that make?"
" It makes all the difference in the world. "
Kushi came near him as she said this, slighly touching the lock of hair that fell on his forehead. Arnav felt his breath becoming ragged.
"why did you get these bangles for me?"
"how many times should I tell you? I dont know"
they were very close, kushi removed her hand from his face proximity and whispered
"Only today I realised!..."
"That Mr.Raizada is a coward"

Kushi moved away form him and went to take her bags. It was as if cold water was splashed on him.
he went and grabbed her by shoulder
"What the? how dare you"
"then tell me Is that where you went? after you dropped me here, you went to bring these bangles for me?"
she stared steadily at him.
"Why do you ask when you already know the answer?"
"I want to know. I have to decide if I have to remove them or wear them for a lifetime"
Did he hear her saying lifetime? Arnav loosened his grip on her.
"Ok I got it for you. Happy?"
"very happy"
"now tell me what you are going to do with these bangles"
"I think I will remove them now only."
Arnav was annoyed but soon realised that she was teasing him.
"Oh really? and exactly what else are you planning to remove now Kushi?" he asked her huskily, looking at her from top to bottom, closing in on the distance
between them
Kushi's jaws dropped open at this question but she regained herself
"Exactly how cheeky can you get mr.Raizada" she asked him mockingly
"oh this is nothing dear, Actually I am better with my actions than my words, I can show you if you want"
"no thanks" kushi shouted
"Sanka devi how long will you take to bring those bags?" Buaji's voice reached them
"coming buaji!"kushi replied back thanking her devimaiya instantly, she pushed him away and ran towards the door.

He saw her stop on her tracks, come back again, pick up her bags and in an impulse she placed a peck on his right cheek
"Thanks" she told him and ran towards the door.
Arnav was still in shock as he didnt expect the kiss to be coming. His hand went to his wet cheek and smiled at her retreating figure along with her family
from the stairs
When she was about to leave she looked back saw him smiling towards her. she also smiled at him and they exchanged a quiet farewell through their eyes until
they met again the next day.
The End.
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Posted: 7 years ago
me first! :D totally epic!!!!!! Edited by LatinCinderella - 7 years ago
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Posted: 7 years ago
Aww, how cute and sweet.
Loved it.
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Posted: 7 years ago
Such a cute OS.  
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Posted: 7 years ago
Very cute..i luvd it..
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Posted: 7 years ago
Awww tool cute... Let's see if tires epi is as good, :)
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Posted: 7 years ago
that was so cute and sweet loved it thanks for the pm
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Posted: 7 years ago
Cute!  Very cute!!  The kiss was like the icing on the cake. Smile  Oh how I wish that this what we get to see in the episode tomorrow. Day Dreaming  Thanks for a lovely OS...Smile
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