OS: The Accident(cont. of yesterday's episode)

Posted: 7 years ago
This is an OS based on yesterday's episode, please read and leave comments I love to read them.
Arnav stood there feeling his entire world crashing down before him, the pain that he inflicted upon himself was nothing compared to the pain that he was feeling in his heart, He realised at that moment that money and power cannot do everything, he couldnt have a glimpse of Kushi before the ambulance moved.

He calmed himself and trained his mind to think clearly. What should be done now?

"Yes, I can go back and ask the police officer there where they are taking her, and I can reach there. I need to be by her side" he told himself, thinking clearly running back to the accident zone where the police officer was talking to someone on his walkie talkie.
"where are they taking the girl?" he stammered, his breath ragged due to running
"Are you related?"
what should he say? how is he related to her?
"I know her" he managed to say
"you know her family?"
"yes, but where are they taking her?"
"To lifeline Hospital.
Arnav began walking towards his car, thinking of an alternate route, He has to be by her side at any cost, he didnt even hear the police man demanding to know the girl's address to inform her family.

"bhai, Give me another plate"  her voice was ringing bells in his ear, He had already started the car, trying to reverse it when he heard that voice.
"Kushi!" his lips called out her name automatically
He immediately got out of his vehicle, his eyes searching for the source of the voice which had filled him with hope of life.
At last he found her standing by the road side jelebi vendor eating hot jelebis giving expressions of pure estacy tasting those garamagaram jelebis.
"Kushi!" he shouted before he sprinted towards her.

Kushi's eyes became wide, the expressions she always gives when she heard Laad Governers voice unexpectedly calling out to her. She turned back in the direction of the voice, and seeing him sprinting towards her with so much relief in his eyes made her eyes even more wide with surprise.
"Arnavji? Aap?"
but all she got was a hug from him, it was spontaneous, he wanted to make sure she was there, she was real. they both parted, Kushi still surprised at his hug and presence and Arnav relieved and happy.
"are you alright?" he said pulling out of the hug and looking at her with concern.
"yeah" she said with her half ate jelebi still in her hand. "what happened?"
"there was an accident and and.. i thought"
"Haan I know, We actually saw it, just before us, the bike, the man lost balance, the girl got hurt. pretty badly they took her in ambulance, I was upset for that girl, I saw this stall and came to have jelebis"
"but i saw your footwear there?"
"oh that? yeah My sandals broke, I had to leave it there."
"where is that NK?" he asked seeing she was standing alone.
"he went to take that ghee, Actually we could not take the car as the road was blocked and I couldnot go with him as my sandals broke, so"
"thank god you are safe" he cut her mid sentence and pulled her towards his car.
"bhabhi paisa" Jelebi wala called after them
"I didnt carry money, you pay him" Kushi told arnav
"what? you had jelebis without carrying money with you?"
"yeah so what? I thought Nanheji would come back and pay or I can even give him some tips to make his jelebis more tastier...or worse make some jelebis giving him some rest..."
"unbeleiveable" he said pulling out his wallet to pay the jelebi vendor

"I will pay back this 20 Rupees to you, Then I wont owe you anything." Kushi told him
Arnav bit back a laugh and held her hand again and she winced. He let go her hand and that was when he noticed her hand was cut where her bangles had hurt her.
"get in" he told her after they reached the vehicle.
"But nanheji?"
"he has the other car? and by the way why are you worried of him?" he asked angrily
"no we need to inform him"
"I will take care of that" he was about to close the door of the car when he paused, turned back to look at her and came slowly towards her took her hands and took out the glass sticking into it with his tongue.
she closed her eyes., her dhak dhak was coming back. he looked at her with a daze when his mobile rang. It was anjali. She told him to hurry home as the situation was getting out of control. Mami was creating problems with Akaash marraige due to Payal's past,
"you know payal's marriage was called off? Just like mine chote"
"I know di, I will come now" he spoke into the mobile and diconnected it
"We have to go, there is a situation at home"
"what happened?"
"mamiji came to know of payal's past"
"Devi maiya!"
"dont worry I will take care"
"I know you will"
He looked at her, This was the first time she acknowledged any confidence that she had about him without any prompt or ackwardness.
she smiled at him getting him to smile too and off they went towards RM. It was just the beginning of their confession and both knew at that time that their long pending confession was getting nearer.
the End.
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Posted: 7 years ago
Haiii...marjawaannn..mit gaye...truly cute and splendid..funny too...nice ..to see the situation on control and also the ice break off ..hope this and some more passion occurs toniteee..nice oneWink
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Posted: 7 years ago
Great update :D Khushi so calmly eating Jalebis..LOL..so typical of her!!
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Posted: 7 years ago
Perfect Clap
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Posted: 7 years ago
Nice! I hope Khushi and Arnav come to the rescue!
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Posted: 7 years ago
superb OS
really now can't wait to see whats going to happen in the epi
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Posted: 7 years ago
awesome hope something like this happens today
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Posted: 7 years ago
Nothing more than this will in the epusode also...very nice update...loved it...
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