Lalita's take : Episode on 25th January 2012

Posted: 2012-01-25T07:33:59Z

Continuation from yesterday's episode (24th Jan)


Ram is just entering the hospital when he sees Priya staning at the entrance.


Ram : Arre, tum kahan se aa gaye?

Priya : Coaching class se

Ram : Haan, woh to pata hain, par kyon? Tumhe mere upar bilkul bharosa nahin hai kya?

Priya : Nahin, aisi baat nahin hai…

Ram : Phir?

Priya : Bas, mujhe laga akele ghar jaake kya karoongi, toh main yahin aa gayee.


They continue to stand at the entrance, looking at each other and smiling.

A young guy, maybe around 30 years old, rushes past them, in a hurry : Arre Uncle, didi hatiye na ! He pushes Ram a bit.

Ram looks amazed.

Ram : Is ladke ne mujhe Unle kaha? Aur tumhe Didi?

Priya, runs after the guy and stops him : Tum dekh ke nahin chal sakte? Aur yeh Uncle kise keh rehe ho? Pointing to Ram she continues : Yeh tumhe Uncle lagte hain?

Boy : Arre, sorry Didi, jaane do na. Uncle toh lagte hai. Meri behen admit hui hai, main jaldi me hoon. Ab jau?

Ram comes forward : Priya, jaane do use.

The boy almost runs away.

Priya : Ajeeb log hain ! Koi manners nahin …

Ram interrupts : Sahii toh bol raha hai. I know I look old. Ab jab tum dinosaur bol sakte ho, toh …

It is Priya's turn to stop him : Woh sirf mein bol sakti hoon…aur mein toh pyaa…. She stops, biting her lower lip.

Ram : Ruk kyun gayee?

Priya : Kuch nahin.

Ram : Bolo na, woh to tum..?

Priya : Bola na, kuch nahin.

Ram, smiling : Accha thik hai, toh tumne hamara aaj subah ka deal execution chalu kar diya.

Priya, smiles but doesn't reply.

Ram, seriously : I know Priya, because of my weight, I look older than what I am. Tumhe apne liye bhi bura lagta hoga na, koi aise bole to?

Priya : What are you saying Mr.Kapoor? Aap mujhe ab itne din se jaante hai,how could you think like this?

Ram smiles a bit but Priya knows that he's not convinced. She realizes that Ram is feeling ashamed of his size and weight and says softly :  Mujhe "bade" acche lagte hain. "Bade" logon ka dil saaf hota hai…

Ram is quiet for some time, savouring what Priya said. He still doesn't believe in his heart that any girl would like being married to an obese and unhealthy person but doesn't reveal his thoughts in front of Priya.

Ram: Priya, I promise you, I'll also become healthy and fit in 6 months. Bas, tum mera saath dena.

Priya: Ab chale? She links his hands in his and pulls him towards the elevator.

Inside the doctor's chamber.

RaYa are sitting in front of the doctor. The doc excuses himself and goes out for a minute.

Ram is very happy for two reasons. Firstly, his tests have finally been done in 20 years and there was no fear of another injection in the near future and secondly, he was sure that nothing was wrong with him. Priya was a bit anxious though. She desperately wanted Ram to discontinue his medicines and live a healthy life but was also frightened that his long dependence on these tablets might not allow a total removal of those.

The doctor comes in.

Ram : Doc, everything is ok?

Dr: No Mr. Kapoor, I'm sorry, but there seems to be a problem in the reports.

Priya holds Ram's right hand tightly under the table, almost crushing his fingers.

Ram : Er, can you please explain?

Doctor is still looking at the reports. Can you please excuse me for another minute? I'll just be back. I think one scan is missing.

Priya is crying, silently. Ram looks towards her and tells her not to worry.

Priya, sobbing : Hum ek aur doctor ke paas jayenge. Aap bilkul ghabrana nahin. Main hoon na. Aapko kuch nahin hoga.

Ram : Priya, control yourself, please. I know you're there with me. Please chup ho jayo. Dekho, jo bhi hua hoga, I'm sure it can be treated. He tries to make her smile : Dekho, ab main accha bachcha ho gaya hoon na? Paratha nahin khata, kal se sandwiches bhi kam kar doonga..

Priya does not stop crying. She doesn't let go of Ram's hand either. Ram looks at her for some time and takes out his handkerchief with his left hand and tries to wipe her tears.

Ram brings his face close to her and says softly : Please Priya, tum to mera sahara ho na !

The doctor comes in.

Doc : Mr. Kapoor, aapke reports bilkul normal hain. Mrs. Kapoor, I'm sorry, aapke reports mein kuch problem hai.

Priya, with her 100 watt smile : Mr. Kapoor ke reports thik hai? Bilkul thik hai? Unhe koi problems nahin hai? Aur woh chest pain toh nahin hoga na?Aur woh apna tablets bhi chod sakte hai na? Aur

Ram shakes her slightly to make her stop.

Ram : Problem in Priya's report? Kya problem?

The doctor explains about the possibility of a breast cancer scare and explains how a physical examination and then a mammography had revealed a small lump.

Ram closes his eyes. He feels as if his whole life is crashing in front of him. He doesn't know how to react, doesn't want to look at Priya. He has once indicated his fear to Vikram; that something might happen to spoil his happiness; spoil the new life he had dared to dream with Priya and now it seemed as if his worst fears were coming true !

Priya is much more calm. She asks questions to try and understand the technical details; what exactly he had seen; how serious was it?

The doctor again explains and suggests an immediate biopsy. That would involve taking a small sample of tissue from that area in order to be able to examine it under a microscope. It would be done by the least invasive method called Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA). Priya would be given local anesthesia and there would be no scar.

The doctor also explains that only a certain percentage of biopsies turn out to be cancerous. And even if, God forbid, it is cancerous, it might be a benign cancer which could be removed by a simple operation. Hence it was necessary to get this examined as early as possible.

Ram is shaking with fear now. He is unable to ask anything. He gets up suddenly and informs the doctor that he would be back next morning at 8 am and leaves the room abruptly.

Priya thanks the doctor, picks up the reports and follows him out.

In the car, Priya starts to talk but Ram doesn't respond at all. He continues driving without even looking at her.

They reach home.

Ram : Tum upar jao, I'm c…. he cannot continue. He is on the verge of crying but he doesn't want to break down in front of Priya.

Priya nods her head and goes up. She changes her clothes, waits for Ram for some time but he doesn't come. She then picks up the comforter and lies down on the couch. She is worried about Ram and doesn't want him to take on any additional tension for her. He had anyways been through an emotional trauma during the Krishnaji episode and then the Natasha story. She regrets her decision of going for her own medical examination. For now at least, her concern for Ram is overshadowing her possible cancer diagnosis.

She wonders where Ram is. She hopes he doesn't talk about this either to his family or hers. She did not expect or want any support or concern from his family. And she also doesn't want her parents to again deal with this right after the loss of Natasha's baby. She wonders whether to call up Ram but decides not to. She closes her eyes and wonders what would happen the next day.

Ram enters the room. He sees Priya lying down on the couch with the comforter covering her head also partially. How much this one girl means to him, she, who had come into his barren and bleak life so suddenly. He slowly walks to her, sits down on the ground beside her.  He doesn't call Priya or try to talk to her but tears are falling down his face. He makes a small sound and Priya immediately opens her eyes. Ram's face is very close to hers and she sees the anguish in his eyes, the depth of his anxiety. She calls softly, Ram….and tries to wipe his tears.

At this, Ram breaks down completely and buries his face in her shoulders. Priya, in that position, tries to put her hands around him, trying to support him. They remain like that for a long time. Finally Ram's tears cease.

He sits up straight.

Ram : Priya, one day you held my hands and went to sleep because you were afraid. Today I am afraid and I want to hold your hand and sleep. Mere saath please bed pe chaloge?

Priya is silent for some time and then nods her head.

Ram : Chalo phir. He helps her to get up and leads her to the bed and makes her lie down. He handles her like a small baby, adjusts the pillow under her head and puts the comforter over her.

Tum so jao. Main change karke aata hoon.

He starts to walk away when Priya holds his hand and stops him. Jaldi aana.

Ram smiles and nods his head.

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Posted: 2012-01-25T07:48:38Z
Lalitaji , such a beautiful and wonderfully emotional writing. Dil ko choo liya. You write emotions so well.  You depict the scenes  well too. Wonderful.really amazing 
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Posted: 2012-01-25T09:05:54Z
Thanks for a wonderful episode take.. You can write both comic and emotional stuff really well!!
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Posted: 2012-01-25T09:16:37Z
Lalita... what a wonderful way to express emotions... I think we all have our imagination on coming show tracks and RaYa... but to put in Words so correctly.. is certainly Not Every body 's Cup of Tea... thanks... keep it coming...
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Posted: 2012-01-25T09:45:05Z
Lalita ji u r mindblowing, awesome writer. I luv all u r post .
Please koi ye wala post CVs ko dekhaoye. :-)
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Posted: 2012-01-25T10:25:44Z
Awesome post !
CVs iska 50% bhi dikha de tau chalega Big smile
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Posted: 2012-01-25T12:21:59Z
Im speechless its was awesum ,marvellous lovely keep tem coming lolita ji
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Posted: 2012-01-25T12:31:33Z
Its beautifully written.. wish d episode wz as good..thanks!
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