Lalita's take : Episode on 24th January 2012

Posted: 2012-01-24T03:37:10Z

Next morning, after the precap.

Ram : Priya, sahii mein, agar mein tumhe jhoot bolu, toh tumhe pata lag jaata hai?

Priya gives her Hitler look : Haan, toh please aap mere saamne jhoot bolna bandh kar dena. Aur ab chailye.

Ram : Nahinn. Main nahin jaoonga and that's final. Please Priya, we'll continue our morning walks and your diet and I assure you everything will be ok. And I also promise that in case I get chest pains again within one week, then I'll go and get the medical checkup done. Please?

Priya turns away: Haan, samjhaute ka rishta jo hai. Aap meri baat bhala kyon sunenge?

Ram holds her hand at the elbow and pulls her round, very angry : Priya, blackmail mein tum expert ho…but don't stoop to sub standard blackmail. I never want to hear this again. And moreover, after this, mujhe tumse baat bhi nahin karna.

He starts to walk away.

Priya realizes her plan has misfired. So now she first has to placate Mr.Kapoor and then also make him agree to the test and that too, before he has a chance to leave the room.

Priya gives a loud sigh: Sorry, Mr.Kapoor. Actually, I also wanted to get my medical checkup done. I've been feeling very dizzy last few days so I was thinking that maybe I could also get a check up done, along with you.

Ram stops. He realizes that there's a 99% probability that Priya is just making this up; but he doesn't want to take a chance.

Ram : Tum sach bol rahi ho?

Priya, very seriously : Haan. Waise rehne dijiye….I also think, going to doctors is a waste of time and money. I'll be okay in a few days. Aapko der ho rahi hogi, aap office jaiye.

Ram : Dekho Priya, mujhe abhi bhi lag raha hai ki tum sirf mere ko force karne ke liye yeh sab bol rahe ho…

Priya : Yes you are right. Mujhe kuch nahin hua.

Ram : Mere sar par haath rakh ke kasam khao.

Priya : Yeh lijiye. She keeps her hand on Ram's head and says  : Mera tabiyat ab bilkul thik lag raha hai.

Ram : yeh "ab thik laga raha hai" ka matlab? Priya, please sach batao na.. tum thik ho na?

Priya : Le,jab bolo tabiyat thik nahin hai, tab bhi you don't believe me. When I say, I'm ok, then also you don't believe me !


Ram is stumped. He realizes how correct Vikram is; it's very difficult to figure out women !

He goes back and sits on the chair, trying to figure out what to do. On one hand is his extreme fear of needles and on the other hand, his fear that Priya's health should not be neglected, at his cost.

Priya understands his dilemma. She goes and sits beside Ram on the other chair, on his right hand side.

Priya : Mr.Kapoor, please don't get bothered. Seriously, there is nothing wrong with me. Mujhe kuch nahin hua dizziness nothing. I was just trying to frighten you, I promise. But please, mere khatir yeh check up kara lijiye? Dekhiye… aapko sea plane mein bhi itna dar lag raha tha…but end of it, you enjoyed it, right? Aapka dar khatam ho gaya tha, na?  


She holds Ram's right hand with both her hands and continues : Main rahoongi na aapke saath. Aapka haath aise kas ke pakad ke rakhoongi, aapko kuch nahin hoga.

Ram, gives his schoolboyish innocent look : Koi rishwat milega?

Priya, smiles : Kya chahiye?

Ram : Pata nahin, par bina koi rishwat ke main kaam nahin karta. Koi dhamakedaar rishwat chahiye.


They look at each other for a while. Priya is still holding Ram's hand and then … slowly she raises his hand, brings it to her lips, kisses the inside of the palm and runs out of the room.

Ram is zapped ! Myriad emotions engulf him. He doesn't know for a moment, how to react. By the time he gets up. Priya is already out of the room.

Ram is happy, very happy. This is a totally new sensation but he also realizes that it's not a strange one. This was definitely there somewhere at the back of his mind. But why? Was he wanting this? Expecting this? For the first time, the realization dawns on him that he loves here.Yes, as Vikram would say, Ram ko apni biwi se finally pyar ho hi gaya tha.

Ram is super excited now. He doesn't want to go to office but knows he now has to go to the doctor, at any cost. He doesn't mind anymore but wonders what to do, after that. How should he act, how should he react, what should he say to Priya. He keeps on sitting for another 15 minutes, thinking about Priya. Their first meeting, their marriage and he savours all their sweet memories till now. The divorce scene also comes to his mind and he shudders to think how close he'd come to removing her from life. Thank God she saved him that day from making the biggest blunder of his life.

He also wonders where Priya would be at this time. Her purse was still in the room, so she couldn't have gone to her classes. Maybe she was with Daadi?

He doesn't want to come back home after the checkup. There was no privacy at home and everyone would just be surprised and shocked as to why he was home.

Finally, as usual, he calls up Vikram, for help and advice.

Ram : Morning, tu 5 minutes ke liye free hai?

Vikram : Haan Ram, bol kya baat hai?

Ram : Woh mujhe kuch puch na tha… Neha aas paas toh nahin hai, na?

Vikram : Aisi kya baat hai? Nahin Neha yahan nahin hai, woh bacchon ko school ke liye tayyar kar rahi hai, bedroom mein hai.

Ram is silent for a while.

Vikram : Ram, kya hua? Bol na. Kuch problem hai kya? Main tera office aa jaata hoon?

Ram : Ek baat bata, tu Neha ko date ke liye kahan kahan le jaata tha?

Vikram : Kya ! Ram, tu sach bol raha hai?

Ram : Kya?

Vikram : Tujhe pata hai main kya puch raha hoon. Bol na Ram, tujhe pyar ho gaya hai na? Please Ram.

Ram, softly : Haan

Vikram : Dekha, maine bola than na ! Congratulations Ram. Now you will start a very beautiful chapter in your life. I've been explaining this to you for so many months now.. ki tujhe Priya se pyar ho gaya hai…par tu hai ki manta nahin..

Ram interrupts : Nahin, tu toh shaadi ke bhi pehle aisa bolta tha… mujhe tab koi pyar vyar nahin tha…


Vikram : Ram, pyar kab hota hai, kisi ko pata nahin chalta. Tu yaad kar, Priya ke mehendi function ke din, jab tera minor attack hua…main kitni der tere paas baitha raha… tere pressure mein koi farak nahin pada…aur jab Priya aayee aur thodi der tere saath baath kiya, tu thik ho gaya ! Yeh pyar nahin toh aur kya hai Ram? Chal thik hai, tujhe pata nahin chala…par tujhe kuch toh ehsaas hua hoga na? Both of you belong to each other, right from the very beginning. Tum dono ke aankho mein woh dikhta hai… par tum dono us ehsaas se darte ho. Aur phir ek woh compromise wala stupid baat apne aap ko samjhate rehte ho. Phir soch, woh idiot Ashwin wala kissa… on Diwali day, in front of so many people, without actually knowing the truth, you challenged Ashwin only on basis of your "gut" feeling that Priya could never be wrong. Yeh pyar nahin toh aur kya hai Ram? Don't get me wrong, I am not reminding you again, par necklace wala episode ke baad tune apna 20 saal ke dost par bhi shak kiya Ram… par itne kam time pe Priya ke upar tera itna bharosa kaisa ho gaya?

Ram, interrupts : Vikram, request hai yaar..tu woh necklace wala episode phir kabhi mat…

Vikram : Ram, mujhe bura nahin laga. Mein tera dost hoon. I'm bringing up that episode only to make you understand the depth of your love for Priya and h…

Ram, interrupts : Tu bas lecture hi dega ya bataega ab mujhe kya karna chahiye? Dekh, mujhe thodi der ke liye ek medical check up ke liye jaana hai..I don't want to go to office after that.. but I don't want to come back home also…

Vikram smiles : Haan, ab Mr. Ram Kapoor koi restaurant ya park mein jaake apne biwi ko romance toh kar nahin sakta…

Ram : Wohi toh… and then becomes silent, embarrassed a bit.

Vikram : Dekh, ek idea hai. Main jaa raha hoon office.Neha ja rahi hai apni mom ki ghar. Tu hamare ghar aa ja. Tu Priya ko bol dena ki Neha ne bola hai ..nahin…tu yeh bolna ki N..

Ram : Woh tu chod de…woh main kuch soch loonga…

Vikram : Acchhaaa….

Ram : Thanks yaar, main rakhta hoon. Aur shyam ko tu kitne baje ghar aayega?

Vikram : Ram, tu dar mat. Neha aur mein tujhe message karke hi aayenge jab tu All Clear signal dega.

Ram : Vikram tub hi na… aisa kuch nahin hai..hum to bas..

Vikram : Haan, tum dono baithke chai piyoge aur Ramdev ka channel dekhoge..

Ram : Tu sharafat se kabhi baat nahin kar sakta? Chal bye.


Ram again wonders where Priya is. He calls up Bansi Kaka who confirms that Priya is sitting with Daadi. So he goes to Daadi's room and informs Daadi that they are going for a medical checkup.


Daadi : Kamal hai Priya puttar, tune Golu ko mana liya ! Jeeti rahe puttar. Golu, main bahut khush hoon ki tu ne apne biwi ki baat maan li..


Ram, softly so that Daadi cannot hear him very well : Kya karu Daadi, abhi usne tohfa itni zabardast di ki..

Daadi : Kya bol raha hai Golu?

Ram : Nahin Daadi, kuch nahin. Aur waise, sirf main nahin, Priya ka bhi full checkup hoga.

Priya : Daadi, main toh bilkul thik hoon phir mera..

Daadi interrupts : Dekh, ab Golu ne teri baat maan li na? Ab tu bhi uski baat maan le. Tujhe bhi checkup karvana hai puttar, thik hai?

Priya, making a pouting face : Haan Daadi.

Ram : Hum late ho rahe hai.. Priya main gaadi mein tumhara wait karta hoon.

Ram goes out and informs the driver that he would be driving himself.

Priya gets her purse from her room and joins him in some time.

They drive towards the hospital. Priya is unable to look at Ram and continues to look out of the window.

Ram switches on the radio. It's his favourite track : Bade Acche lagte ho… he looks at Priya, still looking outside, and smiles. Priya's hands are on her lap. Slowly he extends his left hand and covers her hands with his hand.

Priya tries to remove her hand.

Ram, in mock anger : Ghar wapas jau kya?

Priya stops resisting immediately.

They drive on, to the strains of… Yeh dharti, yeh nadiya, yeh raina, aur Tum..

End of episode

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Posted: 2012-01-24T04:00:27Z
Sooo! sweet :-*
luv it. :-)
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Posted: 2012-01-24T04:18:13Z
WOW!!!!!GREAT Yaar Kaash aisa sach much mein agar hojata UFF i just loved it and i could imagine thro' ur FF what's going on lovely Lolit FANTASTIC, SUPERB,MARVELLOUS so nice...WELL DONE ...Keep doing it everyday yaar nice to read after the tiredness working and back home and reading this type of FF quite relaxing and njoyable also...
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Posted: 2012-01-24T04:39:03Z
awesome dear...
write some more also...
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Posted: 2012-01-24T05:09:04Z
loved it to the core...:)
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Posted: 2012-01-24T05:11:32Z
if iam vikram ill say ram first date  ...
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Posted: 2012-01-24T05:24:36Z
Such a wonderful ff. please keep writing.your writing brings a smile to me
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Posted: 2012-01-24T06:29:58Z
very nice update. thanks
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