llCrazzyFanStudioll#3.ArHi/DD PG 137[C]

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Posted: 10 years ago

                                                    (Fanks Dipz Luv yhew sooo much <33)


Hey guys welcum 2 our 3rd shop x Eeeks cant belive we actually 2 made it 2 3rd haha im in proper shock x hank u all sooo much 4 all da love and support yah have given me and Sai and yah keep it cuming me very very greedy hehe x i wanna fank some peepz individually x Embarrassed
Sara :I Luv ew Ji u and ur cute long emo messages dat have me dying hehe i love yah sooo much Ji u always stalk my shop and most of da time make it first x i luv ew ji and yah hank 2 u u raped my last shop ROFL 
Fozia Mummi Ji Embarrassed i love yah sooo much u always comment on my updates even though u still have some edits 2 fill in :) x i love yah and u make my day commenting x missing yah at da moment we have sooo much 2 catch up on will message yah later hehe x Tongue
Sunni : Miss yah sooo damn much ur fighting on my shop x hope u cum back soon and yah always pray 4 yah :) may yah pass yah exams wiv flying colors Big smile
Iqra : ur comments make me lauf ur drooling over da siggies x i just luv u marn <33 ur just damn amazing and im happi 2 have yah in my life :) Luv ew <33
Anniie : Miss ur comments ji x we r all sooo damn busy and oh reminds me have 2 edit mine in ur shop hehe x Luv ew Ann sooo much 
Kameenian : Luv yah guys sooo much ur my life and ur comments mean da world 2 me and u all better keep commenting lambha comments kaii LOL me maha greedy yah x 
Baby Don Luves u 

                     ... About us ..

Hey I'm Sai, I'm 25 and am from England. I'm a
mad Kash and Maaneet fan so our update is mostly going to be on them. I'm still
a beginner so they will not be the best but as we get used to making them
hopefully they will turn fab.

Hope u all will like our Siggies



Hey guys im Sanzy or wht yah all name me hehe x Im from England and yah all my upadates will be on either Kash,Maaneet or ArShi my new loves hehe x really wish yah all like my work even though its not da best ever but still wish yah all like and yah do request would luv 2 make yah all :)x 
Luv yah all <33


Animated/Non-animated sigs


Ri Creation 
Sai Creation


- Do not crop any of my work and name as urs
- Do not paste my works on other sites
- u can request as many times as yah want but 1 siggy at a time 
- if its a personal siggy feel free 2 PM oh and also plz dont ask Sai 4 requests she aint taking em in yet she is busy with work and dat so only im takin request at da moment x
Only Req when im open [O=OPEN] [C=CLOSED]


- Only request whn my shop is open x [O]
- U can send me up 2 12 pics 4 a siggy but if i cant use em all will defo PM yah and ask yah :)
- Text of ur choice 
- use da siggy 4 like 2-3 days 
- Do not call my work urs 

For Avis x
- YouTube vid 4 like 15 seconds
- Ask if yah wnt border and coloring and dat x
- Tell me if u want da videos stacked and dat 
- Give me da size

Hope u all follow da rules :) x 



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Posted: 10 years ago

Update on PG 1 
Update on PG 11
Update on PG 19
Update on PG 31
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Posted: 10 years ago







Hope yah all like da update :) x 
plz comment and like Embarrassed

Creditz - DeviantArt x 
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Posted: 10 years ago
Woohoo finally editting my res's
This is Res1/3 ROFL ermm wat was I here for??Ermm ohh yhhh!!! :P
Congoo shongoo biaatchh and sai on ur 3rd shopDancing woop woop i'm first mwahahah haha kameenians shameee lool i'm such a pro at stalking haina?!WinkCoolWoaah you guys have come a long way Lool I feel as if this shop is my home cuz I'm always spamming in thisROFL awww tramp you made me smile when I saw my name in ur mentions list, pfft who am I kidding I knew you'll write my name or someone would have got the chappal!ROFL awww you don't need to be formal shormal and say thanks kaii I'm always here to rape...errr..I mean spam ur shopROFL eeeks ur shop banner is soo A M A Z I N G<3 luv all the couples you put on :P dipz done a brilliant job on it =) I heart ur's creations and sai'z creations even though you call em crap WHICH THER NOT TWAT! I'm maha proud of you that you learnt how to make avi'z, avi siggies, pngs, icons & siggys :O I remember when like ages ago when I just used to be a commenter and you only used to do sigs and icons and now look wah wah you can do everything now and I'm amazed at how you got the hang of everything in only 3 weeks ;P

Now coming on to the updatee:

OMGG the ArHi sigs are to die forDay DreamingSillySilly I L-O-V-E the style you used on both sigs<3 the colouring you used is beautz especially the B/W one =) the border thing is s t u n n i n g and gives the siggy a whole new lookDay DreamingTongue i luvd how you wtite arhi arhi around the sig it looks like as if wer chanting ther name ROFL haaaye they are just soo vsusbsjdkebwis. Day Dreamingcan't pick a fave out the 2 marn ther just soo effin Fantastic!!!!!Clap

Sai =) ur work is frikking amazing< I realise I'm using the word amazing a lot but it's true ur work is beautz<3 I luv the different styles you used on each one of em and ur colouring is fab especially the pinky-purpley colourEmbarrassed the maaneet sigs are just haaaye soo dreammy<3 i can just stare at em all day i luv thr little flowery stuff you put on em =) saved ur sigs and the DD sig is soo adorable<3 keep making loads more siggies cuz you rock!!Cool that glowish effect you put i'n the SKJ sig is G O E R G O U S! <Lool dunno if I spent that right ROFL

keep rocking both of you with ur amazing (ther it is againROFL) updates and may you have 15825728276293628 more shops i'n the future (LOOL dw with my spamming you'll deffo get therROFLWink)

Luv yhew loads lesboo and hate you at times but oh well that's how us 2 roll ennit?!WinkROFL

You better give an A* reply to this essay idiot ROFLTongue

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Posted: 10 years ago

vas happenin'?

Congraaatss Sani & Sai <3 Ahhh you guys are on your 3rd shop! :O I can still remember you two opening your first shop ROFL good timess :') Lool I remember you retard making me a siggy and i was like :O Ahaha it had Miss Awesome on it ;D we were so babyishhh Miss SoSweet ROFL  But they were the best times ever :) And then you were like i'm opening a shop with my sis! i was like yaaay finallyyy! and then you opened it. obvs. DUH. ROFL mwahahaa i shall always be special cos i was the first person to res on the first shop Approve so i'm the 'official' first commenter ;D so HA kameenians:P But ahh that was like months ago & you're already on your 3rd both of youu<3 you move so fasssttt! and hopefully this shop will continue to go faster! you both are AMAZINGG at making creations<3 you both have improved soo soo muchh since the first shopp! and you'll continue improving! i'm sorry i haven't been commenting at all :( busyperson and all. stupid studies. fbgdfjgb. omg i used alliteration, i'm so coool ROFL as you cann seee i'm suppperr highh, blame the cows i saw today :$ and the fish i dissected. interesting i knoow. any whoos i'm supposed to be writing you both a message for your shop not on dissection Ermm apologies for that. let's move on to the update. oooh forgot about the banner! it's gorgeouuuss<3 love it :D awesome job whoever made it! lovee all the subheadings tooo, amazing jobb preetss<3 and the update is freaaakin gorgeouuus :D Let's start with Ri jeee ROFL those two siggys are like the most beautifull things ever :$ the colouring is gorgeouuus<3 arhi look amazing hayeee! love love the texture used! (: and the text is pefecto<3 i love that songgg firework. "baby you're a fireeeworkkk" tooo good ;D anyways stop singing anniie:/ moving on to sai's creations<3 amazinggg job sai! i lovee all fivee sigggys loads<3 fave one has to be the first one on maaneet<3 lovee the whole layout & placement of picss it's perfect. loving the texture (: and colouring is tooo goodd<3 love the kash one too, it's something different and uniquee :) awesome jobbb girl! <3 this brings me to the end of my amazing short mini essay:P yes i'm going retard i know you're getting bored -.- Loool. all the best for this shop:D i'm suree it'll go flying phaaasssttt. that don't make sense but ohweeellss. btws vas happenin? i had to say thatROFL i'm a freaak again blame the cows they made me high. ahaha. i should go before i embarras poor sanya in her own shop:P goodluck with reading all this rubbish! Big smile mwahahaha! i don't even know how i managed to do this comment. feeel lucky both of you honestly. i haven't commented on anything in anyones shops//FFs in DONKEYS YEARS. i just ainvayii came here sat down and edited and BHAM the work is done comment finished. lool congrats once again on 3rd shoppp<3 may allah always bless you both :) >yesh i can be serious when i want :$ you have my blessings ri jeeROFL jeete raho. okay bye. congrats.
p.s i want a surprise siggy for achieveing thisROFL
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Posted: 10 years ago

[Content Removed]
Posted: 10 years ago
congrats for third shop
very nice update..
Posted: 10 years ago
congratulations for new thread!!!!!!!!
superb work!!!!!!!!

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