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Posted: 9 years ago
^^ When one of your oldest sigmaking inspiration makes you a banner, the stunning result above occurs! Big smile Thank you for being a total sweetheart Jens, and making this for me <3
For those wondering, the banner above explains my 3 most favourite and hyped dances of Indian Telly =) KaSh's Zara Zara Touch Me, Maaneet's Kurbaan Hua and ArHi's Teri Meri (yes I've declared it as my favourite already without even watching the scene yet! LOL I know I'll love it. Embarrassed)
. . I n t r o d u c t i o n //
Welcome everyone! I am Dangelz (Not my real name, incase you were wondering) and this is my 9th gallery/shop. I've been making creations for about 5 years, and I'm sure people are familiar with my creations by now. LOL 
I have learnt alot over the past few years, and in a place where copying and over inspiration is common nowadays...I've tried my best to keep my work and styling different from others =) Recently, I'm really into the trend of making icons, and I have finally learnt how to make vid avis! Big smile
I don't think I've ever really mentioned this in the past, but all the colourings you see in my work are pretty much my own. I've never used tutorials or PSDs to learn or try colouring. All my colourings I've done till date have been purely experimental and random. So if they do end up looking similar to other people's colourings, its completely unintentional.   
. . F a v o u r i t e s //
I've never actually listed all my favourites before in my shops...but I'd like to take the time to list them because most of my work will be seen on these people. LOL They're all Indian Telly people, cause if I sat down and listed my Bolly and Holly favs...I would put people to sleep. LOL
Karan&Shilpa, Shilpa Anand, Prem&Mukti, Karanvir&Tina, Rahul&Muskaan, Abhi&Nikki, Samrat&Gunjan, Mohit&Sanaya, Sanaya Irani, Mayank&Nupur, Rati Pandey, Yuvi&Naina, Sameer&Avni, Karan Tacker, Karan&Perneet, Maaneet, Drashti Dhami, Gurmeet Chaudhary, Gurmeet&Drashti, Abhay&Piya, Barun Sobti, Shravan&Saachi.
Pheww...look at that LONG list! LOL There's more people I like...^^ but the above are my favourite <3
Currently in LOVE with: Barun Sobti & Sanaya Irani/ Arnav & Khushi <33
. . I n s p i r a t i o n s //

I am inspired by pretty much all of the amazing and fellow sig makers in the Avi/Sig forum. I don't think I've ever mentioned who specifically I am most inspired by...so thought of listing a few of my favourite inspirations/sigmakers.
Kaira/Sadz (sadz11)

Jenny (jenny1000)

Amna (amnamalik)

Roz (PyaarSe)

Ash (Aichuu)

Ashu (notfadedaway)

Payal (-IPayal-)

Aish (aishhh.)

Tina22  (Tina)
Fary (Fizzylicious/Mausam)
And probably a few more I can't recall at this moment... LOL

 . . T h a n k  Y o u  T o  A l l  C o m m e n t e r s //
I want to thank my commenters from the bottom of my heart who have encouraged me by loving, and commenting on my creations. It is because of you people, that I have come a long way and have been able to reach my 9th shop =)
Special mention goes to all my regulars and friends who have always given me endless love and support no matter what! Hug Love you guysss <33 You should know who you are! Big smile
Also would like to mention my chatterboxes who take the time to write me long and lovely essays (You know who you are Wink)  Also a big thank you to my shop movers who always are willing to help me move my shop forward! ROFL 
Hope all of you enjoy my creations and please feel free to comment/criticize on my work.
 . . P r e v i o u s  S h o p s //


I  A m  C a p a b l e  O f  M a k i n g  :

non-animated signatures
non-animated icons
video avis
 . . G e n e r a l  G u i d e l i n e s  o f  M y  S h o p //


 - Please feel free to use my creations, but do NOT claim my work as your own!
 - Please do not cut, paste or copy my work! I will definitely hunt you down if you do! If you are inspired by my work, please do credit me =)
 - My copyright sign is DANGELZ'12 for sigs, and DD for vid avis
 - Requests will be taken from time to time, only certain amount of requests will be taken (I do not take any personal requests)
 - Updates will not be too often (I am currently a 4th year university student after all). I will try and update when I get the time, which is usually once a week.
 - Please do not PM me for requests (unless it is a birthday or thread request), all requests will be taken from here only when I OPEN my shop
 - Please be patient and give me time for making requests, I will PM if there is any problem
- I do not have a PM list for my updates, because its extra work for me and I'm too lazy to PM people. LOL If you want to visit, then please visit on your own time =)
. . R u l e s  F o r  R e q u e s t i n g //
 - I will prefer to take requests that involve Indian TV Soaps
 - - [Preferrably any show I like and watch, or am familiar with. LOL I can also take any other fictional telly shows, but no religious mythos or reality shows please] - -
 - **If your request involves Dill Mill Gayye, I am now available to take any AR requests whether it is KaSh/KaSu/KaJen. DMG1 and DMG2 (including SR/JeRan) are both allowed**
 - I can also take Bollywood requests as well.
 - - [There are just two exceptions. I will not do anything related to Salman Khan or Emraan Hashmi.] - -
 - I do not take Hollywood requests.
 - - [The only exceptions are Twilight/Harry Potter/Vampire Diaries] - -
 - If you request, please do use it for more than one day! (Even if you don't happen to like your request) I work hard on making them, so it disappoints me when people don't use their requests.  
 - If you have NEVER or BARELY commented in my gallery or shop, then I suggest you become a regular or occasional commenter first and then think about requesting here. I find it highly unfair for my other regular commenters if random people I've never met or barely know, come to request.
 . . W h e n  R e q u e s t i n g  P l e a s e //
 - Provide good quality pictures (Max : 6) The better the quality, the better the request will look
 - The text you would like on your request (No long poems or lines)
 - If you would like your name on your request or not
 - The style you want or prefer (Posting an example from my creations would be helpful. If you want to post an example, then please post something from my recent work or style. Cannot gurantee the exact style! It all depends on number of pics and text)
 - Only one request at a time Smile
Resource Credits For Brushes and Textures
 - Deviantart Users from Deviantart.com
 - Swimchick.net
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SA/ArHi/SaRun -  pg.49
ArHi/AnYa/Sukirti K -  pg.54
ArHi/SaRun -  pg.60
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Kryan/ArHi -  pg.73
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SaRunatSPA/ArHi -  pg.82
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Barun Sobti/ArHi/Mohan-Megha -  pg.92
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KaSh/MG/AN/ArHi/Requests Batch 2 -  pg.126
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ArHi/BS/SaRun -  pg. 139
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Posted: 9 years ago
Small 100x100 Video Avis
Big 250x150 Video Avis
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Posted: 9 years ago


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Posted: 9 years ago
first Silly Silly
OMG Dangz im first ShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedcan u believe it this im sure will be first and last time im first ROFLROFL
CONGOOO on 9th gallery Dangz <3HugHugHug
hope you open manny manny manyyy more <3 Hug
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Posted: 9 years ago
oh hell yeah first page reclaim Cool 

can you believe my hands are cold, i don't know where to start and where to finish and i always run out of words at the wrong time which is bad but:$ you know good thing i decided not to sleep in todayROFL erm ok that aside your 9th makes me so proud of you and so happy for you Hug ever since i can remember i've loved your work so so so much, itna ki i have your stuff from 2008-9 saved when i didn't even know that the girl who makes those creations (wait, nvm, i thought dangelz was a guyErmmROFL) would turn out to be one of my closest friends hereEmbarrassed so excited for your 9th, as you know it's my lucky number..and this place is no less than home for me. not only do you make some of the most amazing and unique stuff on IF but this place has emotional attachment for me too, with you and ashu..especially ashu and our jhagde *wipes khushi ke aansoon*ROFL congratulations on #9, i love you countless endless infinity <333 

before i forget, Jenny's made you the most gorgeous banner which we were talking about yesterday on PM. should have figured it's for youLOL it's too too too beautiful Day Dreaming makes me like green *sigh*

ps. see, just SEE how lucky 9 is..i edited my spot within half an hour Cool you gotta believe that:$

and and and I LOVE YOUUU and this place and maybe i love ashu kameeni tooo :) 

Edited by aishhh. - 9 years ago
Posted: 9 years ago


on you 9th shop..may you have many many many more shops in the future...I dont visit your shop on regular basis and get the time to comment on it..but i have seen your creations and they are completely mind blowing...I love 'em especially on ArHi Day Dreaming
Love the banner of your new shop..has most my favorites in it as well like Maaneet <3
anyways!! many many many congrats on your new shop once again...Hope to see an update soon!! :)

P.S. I will try to leave a comment in your shop on regular basis...

keep up the great work sweetheart Clap Embarrassed


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Posted: 9 years ago



First page pe last spot.. just in time huh? LOL Lucky meee :D And Shop Number Nine ke liye ek big phat mota waala congratulations Hug A much deserved #9 Dangelz :) Your work is definitely the best I've come across and seriously speaking, the most unique as well. Everyone else is in some way or other similar in terms of blending, or text or colouring but your's is totally different. Be it the colouring, the blending or the way you write texts or the borders. Your avis <3 When I first saw them, I seriously could not believe that was the first time you had made avis; they are that good. I am so glad I visited your shop, because your creations are the reason I started making siggies in the first place Embarrassed It was you who inspired me :) May you have 238560718561 shops, because your creations/styles never grow old. Always the best <33

Now onto the banner :P Jenny did a fab job with it. I love how the green incorporates with B&W so nicely. It truly is one of the most gorgeous banners ever :) Love it :)

Waiting for an update soon, and once again, congratulations :D

Love youu <33
Edited by ..Jojo.. - 9 years ago

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