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Posted: 11 years ago
Maan Proposes Geet Disposes

This is a true story of a couple I know. Whenever I heard their story, I always found glimpses of Maaneet in them, so much so that I felt like sharing the story with all.

But it is set in the 1980s. It would not have been feasible to narrate it in the present time as much of what happened and occurred would lack plausibility in today's time. 


Character Sketch

The Khuranas (in order of age)

Chaudhary Ajaipal Singh Khurana - A rich and influentional landlord from Chandigarh. A quiet man with a calm demeanor and strict principles. Built back his family's stature single-handedly after a being ruined in every sense. Married as per convention, but more involved in his work. Left most of the family matters to dealt with by his wife. Called as Darjee by one and all.

Savitri Swaroop Khurana - A proud woman who stands by the notion of upholding the family name in everything one must do. A matriarch who has brought up her children with every intent to further her ambitions and pride.

Nayantara Rajgir - The eldest born ofKhurana clan. Elegant, graceful and a loving sister. She shares a deep bond with her brother, Maan. Twenty eight years old and married to Devender Rajgir, an another affluent landlord.

Maan Singh Khurana - Age 24. A Captain in the Indian Army despite being the eldest son of a rich landlord family. Twenty-four years old, a man of independent thinking and firm beliefs. Strict in his principles, just like his father, he oftens comes across as a hard man. Loves his family a lot, but not the one to openly express. He idolizes his father but still to learn to reign in his temper when it rises. Fondly called Kakka* by his mother to his great irritation, there are many more issues on which he does not agree with her, to Savitri's great irritation.

Sashi Saberwal - Age 22.High-headed, vain and an outright snob. Resents Nayantara and Maan for the praise and adulation they receive from family, friends and acquaintances. Married to Romesh Saberwal, a very obliging husband, she got her name changed officially to Sasha believing it to be more modish. And in the same vein prefers calling Romesh as Romeo.

Tisha - Age 19.Idolizes her sister Sashi aka Sasha, to the extent that she too has had her name changed to Tasha, albeit unofficially. All beauty, no brains and picked the wrong sibling to emulate.

Yash Singh Khurana - Age 17.Apple of his mother's eye. A charmer, flirt, party animal but with a heart of gold. Finds his elder brother too uptight and boring but loves him a lot nonetheless.

Amrit Khurana - An obedient daughter, unassuming and reserved.

Iqbal Khurana - Fondly called Baby by the whole family as the real name was only of Maan's liking. The darling of her eldest brother and adored by all.

Vikrant Singh Khurana - Youngest and the most pampered son of the lot. Already showing signs of being a proud, competitive and arrogant boy.

The Handas (in order of age)

Chaudhary Mohinder Lal Handa - A war veteran, returned home with an amputated left leg while serving in the Indian National Army during the freedom struggle. Owns a small factory which makes spare parts for industrial machines. Also runs the family garage-cum-workshop. Hard-working, self-made but jovial, kind and large-hearted, he adores his family and dotes on his daughters.

Ranjeeta Handa - A devoted wife, dedicated mother and a loving personality. She stands by her husband in all his decisions, wishes and trials.

Nandini Singhania - Age 29. Married to Daman Singhania, a civil servant in Punjab's Education Deptt. Although settled in her married life, Mohinder Lal still feels guilty over the situation that she has been placed in after marriage.

Anwesha Pathania - Age 27. Always keeps aloof from her siblings and parents. Married to Arjun Pathania, a well-off business man.

Sameera Handa - Age 23. An extrovert, strong and determined individual with a fun-loving nature. If she got censured by her father for her pranks and practical jokes, she was also the he depended on for all the decision-making. Aptly named Captaan Sa'ab* by Mohinder Lal as she truly was his second-in-command in all matters.

Meera Handa - Age 21. A sweet adorable girl, always lost in day-dreaming. Often gets teased and scolded by Sameera and Geet, the three sisters share a deep bond of love and friendship.

Geet Handa - Age 19. The youngest of five sisters. The fairest, tallest and prettiest of all five, her beauty is not just skin deep. Her heart is as beautiful. Giving, caring, chirpy and a darling of the family. Protected but not pampered, she is called Kakku* by all. Enjoys painting with her father and Sameera with same passion and energy as she loves singing with Meera or taking care of her little brother Lucky. She does not open up easily but once she does she can not be stopped from talking non-stop. She no dreams of her own, only lives to fulfill those of her father. Her Sameera Di and Meera Di were her only and closest friends.

Lucky Handa - Age 05. The pet of all the sisters except Anshewa. His birth and the events that led thereafter hold a significance in the life of Handas.


*Kakka - Means little boy or in a spefic sense adored boy in Punjabi
*Captaan Sa'ab - Punjabi accent for Captain Sahib
*Kakku - Female variation of Kakka


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Index: Thread One


Character Sketch (see post above)

Chapter One


Chapter 2 


Chapter 7 

Destiny's Play - Part 1

Chapter 8

Destiny's Play - Part 2


The Heart of a Father

Chapter 9 

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Chapter 12

Secrets revealed; Truth realized

Chapter 13 

The Aftermath


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Life moves on; Time catches up

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Index:Thread Three

Chapter 25 - Page 1
A Day to forget, A Memory to erase (see post below)

Chapter 26 - Page 24
Whispered Nothings

Chapter 27 - Page 38
Giving up Us, for You - Part 1

Chapter 28 - Page 45
Giving up Us, for You - Part2

Chapter 29 - Page 55
A Prince Far East, A Princess up North

Chapter 30 - Page 64
Character Maketh a Man

Chapter 31 - Page 83

And One Thing leads to Another

Chapter 32 - Page 97

Faces UnMasked

Chapter 33 - Page 103
Th Plot

Chapter 34 - Page 110
How to Soothe an Ache - Part 1

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Chapter 25
A Day to forget, A Memory to erase

(April 6, 1982...)
(Army Cantonment, Roorkee...)
"Anything else Yash? Alright, I will send you the money. But this is my last warning to you. No more gambling on silly bets. Hmm...Sat Sri Akal."

Maan leaned back in his chair keeping the phone down with a heavy heart. A heart filled with dejection.

No one had wished him on his birthday this year too.

Why do I even bother when I know the reality?

Only two people bothered.

Early in the morning, Ajaipal would offer prayers and karah-prasad in Maan's name at the Gurudwara Sahib and then immediately call to wish him. And soon after, Nayantara would call to wish her brother.

Rest...well it depended on their mood and memory. Though Savitri would send him a money order for Rs 500 every year without fail.

But it was not money he sought.

He often wondered why people who did not have someone of their own complained of their misfortune. Unfortunate is he who is alone even though he has many to claim as his own. Would I ever have someone to call my own?

He glanced at his diary which lay open on page dated April 6 and picked up his pen,
Eh mera geet kise na gaana.
Eh mera geet,
Main aape ga ke bhalke hi mar jaana.
   - Shiv Kumar Batalvi
[This song of mine, no one would sing along
This song of mine
I must sing it, and die, alone]
Eh mera geet...

Maan read the words again as they took an altogether different formthan intended by the poet.


He turned the pages of his diary till he came across the picture Savitri had given him on his request. She was smiling brightly at the camera, her two plaits framing her face, her chin resting on the back of her hands. A ring shone on her fingers, it was a gift from his mother to Geet on her last birthday, when he was away. It was a family heirloom. How odd that it fit exactly on her ring-finger, where he would have placed it himself had they undergone such a ceremony.

Would she have wished me had she known?


(April 10, 1982...)
(Khalsa College, Amritsar...)
"How about we go for lunch somewhere?"

"I am sorry Ruby," Geet looked at her apologetically, "I can't come."

"But Geet, its our last day in college! Shouldn't we celebrate it?"

"Papaji doesn't like us roaming around the city unchaperoned. I have told you this many times."

"Oh if that is the issue, then don't worry at all," Ruby eagerly spoke up, "my cousin brother, he can accompany us. That would be fine, right?"

As if that would make things acceptable. Geet looked at Ruby awkwardly. Why can't she take the hint? I don't want to go with her. Lately, Ruby had been very insistent on going out together. Lunches, shopping, movies, etc. Something Geet was not very keen on. And even if she would ever agree to Ruby's suggestions, she knew her father would not agree to it. And Geet had no inclination to displease her Papaji.

Plus ever since that Holi incidence, Geet had started to avoid being in strange company totally. That day was the most horrible day of her life.

A life that she had lived sheltered in love and care of her family. This one incident that really shaken Geet up.

"Look," Geet replied, "why don't you come to my home instead?"

"At home?" Ruby grimaced, but quickly put on a smile, "will you be having a party?"

" It will just us and Pari di."

"Oh, well let it be then."

"As you wish," Geet smiled politely and hurried off to meet up with Meera and Pari.

(April 17, 1982...)
(Army Cantonment, Roorkee...)
Anupama entered her home and kicked off her sandals, "Wonderful party, wasn't it?"

Tejbir snaked his hands around her waist and whispered suggestively, "The party is yet to start darling."


Tejbir just grinned as he reached out to help her remove her necklace as her hands were at her ear-rings.

"But only one thing was amiss. Maan bhai shouldn't have left Rasika on the dance floor abruptly like that. That was rude. Poor thing must have felt so bad."

"Pammi," Tejbir sighed and faced Anupama towards him, "you very well know Maan hates to be forced into situations he dislikes. He doesn't dance. Period. You and Mrs. Rathore coerced him into dancing with Rasika. He was extremely uncomfortable. Particularly when Rasika started almost clinging to him."

"Yes," Anupama made a sour face, "that was quiet embarrassing even for us to watch. What was the girl thinking? Gadhi! Ki bokami [Stupid girl! What sillyness?!] Off-late I have started finding her very irritating. Especially after that trip to Rishikesh. Remember how she cribbed and whined the whole way to and back? Arggh!! All I could think was that our baby should not get disturbed by her screeching."

"And yet you wish to set her up with Maan..."

"I just wanted Maan bhai to open up a little. Consider getting married. And she did seem such a sweet, cultured..."

The telephone rang interrupting Anupama.

"Ke phone koresi ei shomay" [Whose phone it can be at this hour?]

Tejbir shrugged and picked the receiver off the hook, "Hello...kya? we are on our way."


(Maan's Quarters...)
"I will freeze to death out here."

"It is middle of April. I have my doubts."


"It's Captain Khurana for you Miss Rathore," he leaned against his door, "You have already broken all rules of propriety by coming over to a bachelor's pad unattended at this late hour atleast maintain an iota of manners. Do not attempt to familiarize with me."

Rasika fumed at his words, "Is this what propriety dictates then? Being rude to a lady?"

He scoffed at her question, "Lady? I don't see a lady before me but a spoilt conniving brat!"

Maan was sure his head would explode any minute now.

It was a shock to find Rasika at his door in the middle of the night. The girl is crazy! Coming to a bachelor's house like this, at this time. She has no care for her reputation and will ruin mine too. After the cold shoulder he had given her at the party before he was sure she would get a hint to stay away from him. But I guess I had underestimated her foolishness.

Even now he had at first tried to send her away. But her obstinate stupidity combined with three mugs of beer had turned her into a stubborn mule. There was no way he would let her inside and give fodder to rumor mill. He respected Col Rathore a lot and his own father's name was too precious for him to be soiled such. So he did the only thing that seemed possible and appropriate.

"Maan," Tejbir rushed over to him, "Rasika? What are you doing here?"

"Ooh ma! Eta ki?" [What is this?] Anupama looked at Rasika and then at Maan.

"Come in," Maan heaved a sigh of relief at the sight of his friends, "all of you," he glared at Rasika.

No sooner had they entered Rasika lashed out at Maan, "What is your problem Khurana? Why this entire attitude? Just because I am pursuing you instead of the other way round. Does this give your ego a boost?"

"Attitude? Pursuing me? What the hell are you talking about?"

"Why don't you tell him Pammi?"

"Mind your tone girl," Tejbir growled.

Anupama kept a calming hand on Tejbir's arm and looked at Maan, "She likes you Maan. And I am afraid I have encouraged her in her feelings," she admitted regretfully.

"Oh it is not about the liking anymore. It's about all the times you have slighted me."

"You were behaving out of line with me. You were getting clingy. I was only maintaining my distance."

"A girl shows her interest in you and you are calling her clingy! What are you," Rasika screamed, "gay?"

"I am engaged."

"What!" Three voices echoed in the room.

"Fabulous," Rasika huffed, "so you got yourself a village fool! Soon you will know what you have missed."

"Let me amend my statement Miss Rathore," Maan smirked, "I am happily engaged," he stepped towards the main door, "to a girl of my choice," he held it open, "and not interested in the likes of you," and gestured her to get out.


(April, 1982...)
"I am so glad you came," Ruby grinned at Geet.

A little emotional blackmailing goes such a long way. I wish I had used this tool earlier. Atleast I wouldn't have had to tolerate Rahul's mental torture this long. She invited Geet inside her home. All the guy wants is to meet her once. One meeting has taken almost two years to come about. God knows how much long will it take for him to finally get her. I am already tired of all this.

It had taken an hour long phone call to Geet crying and faking misery of being all alone on her birthday. She had cajoled, pleaded and eventually begged for Geet to come spend time with her. Thank God it paid off!

Geet was feeling odd and slightly restless at being in Ruby's home.

She had never been to anyone of her classmate's home before. And definitely never alone. But hearing Ruby so low and dejected on the phone tugged at her heart. She hesitated but let Mohinder know of Ruby's request.

For some reason he had agreed.

Though Geet had not told him that Ruby is alone at her home. That would have been unacceptable to Mohinder and he would never have allowed Geet to go.
And now sitting in Ruby's house she wasn't sure if she made a right decision to come here. Something felt wrong. Or maybe she was just nervous because of the novelty of this experience. Visiting a friend all alone.

She looked around Ruby's house observing the interiors. And found a table decorated with rose petals and candles.



"Why is that table decorated so elaborately?"

"Oh that is for cutting the cake."

"Cake? Where is the cake?" Geet politely smiled.

"My cousin brother has gone to get it," Ruby nonchalantly replied not noticing the alarm on Geet's face.

"Brother? You said you were alone at home. How can I be here when he will be here? My father won't like this."

"Who will tell your father anything?" Ruby winked at Geet.

Geet frowned at Ruby's words and her lack of respect towards her father's wishes.

"Look Geet," Ruby shrugged, "it is no big deal."

I hope she doesn't create any issue now. I knew Rahul's plan was crap. Wooing her with cake and flowers. Nonesense! Looks like she will run off before he even comes.

"Geet, I think you should know something..."


"My cousin brother," Ruby began explaining, "he likes you. I mean really like you. I think you should meet him once."

"What are you talking about? How can you say such things to me?"

"Oh come on Geet, don't be like this. What is wrong in my cousin having a liking for you?"

"It is wrong for you to lie to me," Geet stressed, "and moreover I am simply not interested in meeting your cousin, whosoever he maybe!"

"But why?"

Geet turned towards the voice that had raised the question. And she couldn't believe her eyes when she Rahul, the same fellow from the Holi incident, standing in front of her holding a cake.

She let out a gasp, "You!"

"You guys have met?" Ruby looked on incredulously.

"He is the same guy who had troubled me on Holi Ruby," Geet complained panicking at the sight of him standing infront of her.

"Bhai was that you? And you never told me. Oh well," Ruby waved off, "good that you have already met."

"Is he your cousin? I am leaving right now," Geet spoke with determination.

"No you are not!" Ruby snapped. "I have not wasted two years of my life befriending you so that you simply walk away from this."

And then in an unexpected move she grabbed Geet by her arm and dragged her towards a bedroom.

"You are not going anywhere till you hear him out."

Rahul followed Ruby into the room and leaned against the wall next to the door.

"Wait...Ruby...what are you..."

The sound of the door slamming and the lock latching filled Geet with a sense of dread. Her eyes darted towards Rahul who was leaning casually against the wall.
She ran upto the door conscious of Rahul's presence next to her. Keeping down the bile that rose in her she banged the door. "Ruby! Ruby! Let me out! Why are you doing this?"

"No use banging the door Geet," Rahul cocked his head to his left, "she won't let you out."

Geet jerked away at the sound of his voice. All that was going in her head was that she has to get out of here. She felt suffocated. Her palms were getting sweaty. Beads of sweat started to form on her brows. She banged the door again and couldn't help repeating again and again, "Why are you doing this? Let me out."

"Why do you want to leave Geet? All I want to do is talk to you. You don't how much I like..."

"But I don't like you," she screamed at him, "I don't like you...I don't like you...I don't like you..."

Enraged at her outright rejection he grabbed both her arms, "Why don't you like me? WHY?! Do you know since how long I have been thinking about you? Admiring you...loving you..."

He jerked till she shook. Too numb to speak tears sprang from her eyes as her body spasmed with silent sobs.

"Why can't you understand my feelings? What is so unacceptable about me that you can't even stand my presence?" He shook her again, "Speak up!!"

"Let me go," she barely managed a whisper, "please."

"WHY?!" He let out a string of curses and spoke in a softer tone, "What is the point of leaving when you will be mine anyways."

Geet shook her head in denial hearing his claim. ""

"Yes! Have no doubts about it!"

"I am engaged...engaged to get married to someone else...I am..."

He released her abruptly from his grasp on hearing this. "SHUT UP! This is not are lying...LIAR!" He screamed and lunged at her arms again.

Terror-filled her heart and gave momentum to her words. "No...I swear...I am engaged to someone else...let me go...let me go..." Not knowing what else to do she started screaming at the top of her voice, "LET ME GO! LET ME GO! LET ME GO! LEAVE ME! LEAVE ME! LET ME GO..."

The door suddenly flew open and Ruby came barging in, "What the hell! Let her go bhai. The neighbors are already complaining," she freed Geet from his grasp and dismissed her, "Leave."

Rahul tried to get past Ruby as he saw Geet fleeing from the room, "Let her go bhai. Not worth the effort anyways."

Geet ran out of the house without stopping even a second. She looked around sobbing uncontrollably and found herself in the middle of the road with traffic rushing forth from both sides.

She did not even dare look back.

She wiped her eyes clean and tried to clear her head.

Looking ahead she found few rickshaws standing. She hailed one and asked him if he would take her towards her home giving him the name of her locality.

"Das rupaiye..."

"Koi farak nahi painda. Just go," she stressed and climbed upon it. Just take me home, she cried inside, I have to get back to my home. I want to go to my home.

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Eh mera geet kise na gaana.
Eh mera geet,
Main aape ga ke bhalke hi mar jaana.
   - Shiv Kumar Batalvi
[This song of mine, no one would sing along
This song of mine
I must sing it, and die, alone]
Eh mera geet...

Maan read the words again as they took an altogether different formthan intended by the poet.


Would she have wished me had she known?

Beautiful! The starting para really touched a chord! When he asked "Would she have wished me had she known? "
I immediately blurted an "HELL YES"
I had no words to explain what i felt reading it Jazzy. It really pricked my heart that after being the elder son of the home, and after being the back bone of his family, he still doesn't get simple wishes of his.. like dining together and now...
Maan deserves some happiness Jazz.. And I'm sure he'd get it in the form of our dear Geet. On a lighter note, I would want to see how Geet'd celebrate his b'day. Aah! How I wish to see his wishes getting fulfilled Big smile

What's this Ruby girl's problem? I mean seriously I know she's quite shameless and bold or whatever but doesn't she have B of brains? Why doesn't this lady understand that Geet DOES NOT want to go out with her. Get your brains checked RUBY-SCOOBY!Angry
"Gadhi! Ki bokami [Stupid girl! What sillyness?!] Off-late I have started finding her very irritating. Especially after that trip to Rishikesh. Remember how she cribbed and whined the whole way to and back? Arggh!! All I could think was that our baby should not get disturbed by her screeching."
 When i read this I was like hi-fi Pammi ji
Pammi said it quite perfectly. Gadhi Kahinki!
BTW I was wondering.. you know I mean something caught my attention..
He doesn't dance. Period.
On this occasion, I remember something else..
"Then he should dance for me too."

"And what if he does not know how to dance?" Pari questioned.

"Phir woh khotta* hai,"ROFL

BTW  You do realize I'm trying to make the situation lighter.. because after reading the update, I felt like ripping of few people's throats.
 And BTW I was wondering if Geet's wish (which was underlined above) should be granted.. you know.. Don't you think I am too much demanding?LOL

"I will freeze to death out here."

"It is middle of April. I have my doubts."

I was like BANG ON Captain! Did i tell you I love Maan's comebacks? He never entertained her attempts of clinging to him. But this was the first time he was rude to her and trust me I was darn happy.

Rasika fumed at his words, "Is this what propriety dictates then? Being rude to a lady?"

I raised my eyebrows at Rasika's statement. I was like "Who's the lady here?" And when I read Maan's words I was grinning. Shahbash Maan ji!

"A girl shows her interest in you and you are calling her clingy! What are you," Rasika screamed, "gay?"

When a guy is not interested in Rasika, his brains are working and he's smart enough. He need not be a gay to turn her down, just needs some common sense which Maan has in abundance.

"I am engaged."

I virtually wolf-whistled hereLOL

"Let me amend my statement Miss Rathore," Maan smirked, "I am happily engaged," he stepped towards the main door, "to a girl of my choice," he held it open, "and not interested in the likes of you," and gestured her to get out.

And I was dancing! Bravo! I tell ya I like and respect Maan so very much and it's just increasing exponentially the more I get to know about him Smile
i can't even come to terms of quoting the following part of the update. Even though I did hear it already, reading it had much more effect and knowing that somewhere someone actually went through all this, especially after having a secured life until then, the amount of trauma it might have gave me chills.
But if i don't give you credit for something I have to be termed as an idiot.

"I am engaged...engaged to get married to someone else...I am..."
The incoherency of the sentence shows the amount of fear, the desperation to get away from the situation.. You did a wonderful job.

Just take me home, she cried inside, I have to get back to my home. I want to go to my home.

This was the last straw! If the entire update wasn't enough, this last line was enough to break you. It was painful...
Eve teasing is something many of the girls would've faced at some point in their life. But getting locked with someone.. in their home,.. with someone-whom you believed to be your friend, waiting outside to door- not letting you out..
Would there be any more blow for a girl like Geet who never saw the outer world and whose innocence wasn't touched by the cruel world yet. How can she believe another friend ever? I was almost in tears, with rage when I read the last line.. It clearly shows her helplessness and the amount till which it effected her. Time and again I was asking you to get that Rahul be punished for what he did but Jazz, now I want him to be punished specifically by one person. Maan. Oh BTW You update soon.

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Posted: 11 years ago
First of all that line Would I ever have someone to call my own? had me in really depicts that a person can feel lonely even in midst of crowd if they don't have someone near them to share their happiness or sadness. 
But, Maan, don't worry, you will have dhamaal, in the face of Geet handa, in your life very soon...hopefully all his shikwa and shikayat will fade away (or just replaced by other onesTongue)

Loved, the "tamacha" on Rasika's face...yeah yeah, take that you s**t Censored

Can't believe that Ruby would lock Geet up with Rahul Angry I really hope that is end to that episode b/c I was ready to whoop their a** for even thinking about touching Maan's Geet.

Edited by LuvScooby - 11 years ago
Posted: 11 years ago
hello ji... bookmarking this thread ;)
Ah finally the cat is out of the bag! yayy! maan just confessed his engagement so did geet... but i feel this is the silence before a toofan for it would be too dramaless on the part of rahul and rasika to leave their respective pursuees away just by the fact that they are engaged... Wink

oops forgot to mention a few other things...
*sigh* it was maan's birthday and nobody wished him Cry i really wish geet knew it was his birthday.. poor boy he wishes for one thing in his life only to see it unfulfilled Ouch

PS: Jai Ho for the new thread! Big smile
Edited by Maaneet099 - 11 years ago
Posted: 11 years ago
congrats for new thread

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