Posted: 2012-01-23T03:48:54Z
haye it so good
my life is urs now accept it or reject it
mai to is line par flat ho gayi

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Posted: 2012-01-23T03:50:35Z
too good
he expressed himself so simply
and now how will geet answer
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Posted: 2012-01-23T04:26:53Z
That was simply beautiful Zoha...I loved each part of it...
the way Maan confessed his feelings...the way he expressed his was awesome
I hope we get to hear Geet's response next time...
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Posted: 2012-01-23T04:30:00Z
oh god!luvd deir first gentle kiss..!
maan respects her a lot..
i hope she vl give a positive answer..
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Posted: 2012-01-23T04:44:48Z
Originally posted by maaneet5

hi zoha me first

excellent update zoha
me to kushi ke maare uchal rahi maan ka dilogs se osum
Geet. I have not answer dadi yet, because I want to know you decision first. She looks at him. If you have any problem, you can reject this marriage, main sab sambhaal lunga, par tumaari Marzi k bina kuch nahi hoga. She looks at him in awe.
geet ki khushi to satvi aasmaan pe hi
This was the first time ever someone asked for her decision, no one ever asked for what she feels or never have anyone asked her opinion except Samar and his mom dad.
maan waiting nervously for geet reply wow simply wow
You can think about it and take as much time you can. He looks at her eyes but find her blankly looking at him. He was already feeling nervous how will she react after his confession but here she was sitting starring at him giving not a single hint from her expression.
scene was breath taken simply osum
when maan holds geet hand
If you need time. Then why didn't you rejected me? She asked from nowhere, he smile looking down and hesitated for some time but finally hold her hand. She looks down at his hold. I was all ready for that. He softly strokes his thumb on her skin. But you have become very special for me. She looks at their hold but maan could see her turning bright, he tightened his hold still stroking her finger with his thumb.
maan ladki se ijajat mang raha hi shadi ka ya propose maar raha hi samaj nahi 
i am damn shore ladki pata rahe ho

Par tumaari Marzi k khilaaf kuch nahi hoga. She inhaled for air; his strikes were only making her week to even say a word. His every word was building a new feeling inside her making her so week to even look up at him for a glimpse. My life is all yours now. Accept it or reject it. He whispered moving close to her she immediately closes ger eyes and ger hold tightened. Geet. It took a moment for her to open her eyes slowly and again concentrate on their hands.

zoha hatsoff the each and very line u wrote today has so meaningful to maaneet and us
ye meri dil ko chugayee ha kaise kaha i am all urs pata liya geet ko u r too good man i love u

The choice is yours now. He whispered softly removing a strand behind her ear. I'm all yours. His lips move close to her ears, her breath caught on her throat, she gasped lightly feeling his breath on her skin behind her ear.

zoha kiss miss kardi ha
He was almost loosing himself, wanting you feel her skin for just one time. Wanting to at least kiss her skin soft skin, he hide his face on her nape inhaling her sweet aroma, he was about to touch his lips on the skin of ger neck when. Suddenly loud noise of mobile ringing brings both in reality.
ye line badiya hi
The only thing which was connecting both was the hold of the hand. It was still tight from both. No one was willing leave but was not sure how to talk.

 highlight of part

He looks down at their hand and brings it up to his lips pressing a soft and long kiss keeping her hand on his lips for longer time.
dev na kya jaroorat ti tease karne ki wo kitne khush the ek dooje ko leke
all in all nice update zoha
i really loved it very much from my bottom of heart
abi se next part ka waiting ore kitne nazdeek honge maan



yay... you first...


haye , main to behaal ho gahi

itni taarerf se.

thanj u soo much.

aur loved your comment every sonhli linr a lot...

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Posted: 2012-01-23T04:46:19Z
Originally posted by Remya_Pillai

oh god!luvd deir first gentle kiss..!
maan respects her a lot..
i hope she vl give a positive answer..

kiss nahi yar...
kiss on hand...
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Posted: 2012-01-23T04:49:58Z
Loved it.
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Posted: 2012-01-23T04:52:07Z
Originally posted by nats024

hey gr8 updt.. maan s so calm, mature nd understanding in his approach..
way 2 go.. 
waiting for geet s reply!!

me too love this maan a lot..Embarrassed
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