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Chapter 1

Next day morning.

After his bad dream of a child being taken away from him, Ram wants some senior doctor to examine Chhoti again to ensure that there are no residual ill effects of the miscarriage and that there would not be any problems in any future pregnancy. He calls up Sudhir who immediately agrees with Ram. So Kartik and Natasha reach another hospital to consult a very senior doctor referred by Ram's friend. Ram and Priya also reach there.

All of them are waiting outside. Chhoti is very worried as she's afraid the doctor would come to know that the loss of baby was on account of abortion and not miscarriage. She's wondering how she can at least avoid the doctor speak to Ram after the examination when she suddenly she sees a huge signboard displaying a breast cancer checkup board.

The doctor is informed that Mr. Ram Kapoor is waiting outside. She comes out to meet Ram and informs him that she would take just 10 minutes more. Ram reassures her that they would wait for their turn.

The doctor is about to go back to her chamber when Natasha stops her and asks about the importance of regular check ups for early detection and cure of breast cancer and asks if she and Priya could go and get a check up done till the doctor was busy with other patients.

Ram tries to stop Natasha saying that would take too much time. The doctor interrupts Ram applauding Natasha's suggestion saying that most educated women also refuse to take this issue seriously and sometimes detection happens too late. Priya understands Natasha's intentions and remains silent.

Natasha requests Ram to accompany  Priya and her, saying that Kartik could remain there and call her when her turn came. Ram is not happy but agrees.

There is a queue of people waiting on the 1st floor. However, Ram, now very impatient, makes a few phone calls and Natasha and Priya are called in almost immediately to the inside waiting area.

Natasha goes in first and is out very soon. She calls up Kartik who says that the doctor is still not free. Nutz then begs Priya to delay her coming out as much as possible so as to detain Ram on that floor whilst she met the doctor. Priya, though unhappy, nods her head and goes in to meet the doctor for her checkup.

Natasha goes out of the waiting area. Ram asks if everything is ok. Chhoti replies that her check up was fine and Priya had now gone inside. She continues says that Kartik had called to say that the doctor was free and she needed to go urgently before the doctor called another patient. Ram wants to go with her but she forces him to wait for Priya.

Ram is pacing the hospital floor waiting for Priya. After quite some time, he tries her phone but it keeps ringing. In the meanwhile Kartik and Natasha also reach Ram. Natasha informs Ram that the doctor assured her that everything was all right and there were no long term complications. She is mentally happy that Priya has delayed her return for so long. She messages Priya saying that she could come out now.

Priya comes out after some time. Ram is worried and asks her why she took so much time. Priya responds that after Natasha, there were 3 women who had to go somewhere urgently and she had delayed her turn. Ram is a bit angry that he missed meeting Natasha's doctor but does not say anything as he understand's Priya's nature by now.

In the parking lot, Natasha hugs Ram and thanks Priya. Kartik and Natasha drive off. Ram & Priya get into their car.

Priya is silent. Ram teases her asking what is going on in her mind and why she is so quiet. Priya smiles but does not say anything. He drops her to her coaching class and drives to office.

After an hour, Ram's phone rings. It is a call from the doctor who had been referred by his friend and who had just examined Natasha. The doctor asks Ram if Priya had told him anything. Ram asks regarding what. The doctor says in relation to the examination Priya had just undergone and gives Ram the contact details of the doctor who had examined Priya and urges him to call up the doctor immediately. Ram is unable to understand and again asks the doctor. The doctor replies that Priya's examination had revealed certain problems and it was to be taken very seriously.

Ram is shocked. He recollects Priya's silent face and is unable to react or think clearly.

End of Chapter 1.

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write the next part soon

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Cont soon
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awesome dear...
continue soon...
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laltia take a bow sweetheart, awesome. i loved reading each and every line, it is so great and it seems that it could simply be enacted right from the forum too, am eagraly waiting for the next chapter. actually am sure all of us are waiting for it. ClapEmbarrassed
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wow lalitha superbly written loved it hope this will be happen in serial also...
thank you sooomuch dear
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awsome. plz cont. soon thanks
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hey! dear..very well written n composedClap...its awesome...
do continue ASAP...Wink
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