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 Hi all, I have come back with 3rd OS in the life's moments series. As you all know this series of OS depicts ARHI's life after their wedding, hope you all like it. This one is titled: None like you

For my other works in this series, here is my Index:51533738  

Arnav was near the pool working on his laptop. Kushi who had just then climbed the stairs exclaimed "oh devimaiya" but before he could take a look at her, she ran into their room
"Kushi are you alright?" he called out.
"ha yes..." Kushi replied" Arnav ji you know how to drape a saree?"
"I know how to remove one" he smirked
"Dont joke, I need your help here"
"I am not joking...I would only know what will be useful for me right?"
"oh please stop teasing and come here or atleast call naniji"
He went and stood near the entrance to their room door.
"what happened?"
"While climbing the stairs, I stepped on the saree fleets and it came out" she looked at him helplessly showing her mehendi done in both her hands.

It was teej that day and every lady at RM was keeping fast for their husbands.
"I can call Anjali di or Jiji, but also have mehendi on their hands and I cant go down like this to Naniji, can I?"
"I guess you cant...But I dont know how to drape it either..."he  teased her.
"Please... What shall i do now?"
he came closer to her and started making fleets.
"its like this, like this" she was showing actions to demonstrate how to make it perfectly
"Why dont you secure it with a pin?"
"I used to do but I stopped using them..."
He looked at her raising his eyebrows
"after you tore two of my sarees" she explained
"oh" he smirked.
he had made those fleets by now, and tried to tug it in
"its not bad... I mean, learning how to drape a saree, its equally good" he commented when his hand touched her skin beneath
"I am on vrat, take your hand out, take it out" she ordered him
"How will I help you tug it in then? and besides You dont have to fast... I have told you so many times" he said but took his hand out
"thank god!"she blurted
"I help you and you thank your god! how fair is that?"
"I am thanking her for giving you some sense to take your hand out...come home early today, you have to break my vrat" she told him
"Will try to, but if i am late, dont wait for me" he called out
"we have a calender photo shoot today"
"whatever but remember, I will stay hungry until you come" she replied back before going down.he just shook his head

When he came back from office it was almost 10. Naniji and Di were at the hall.
He could sense that Nani was angry with him
"See, when did we ask you to come... there is a soul keeping fast for your long life and you come so late"
"I tried but was struck at office"
"you didnt even pick call, so busy were you?" Naniji asked him
"I was stuck up in a meeting with clients, how do you expect me to take the calls? anyways i told her that she need not keep all this fast for my sake" he retorted hotly
"ok, ok leave it now both of you, go chotey break her vrat and both of you come down for dinner"Anjali told him
"I had my dinner with clients" he told them looking guilty
"see, see him, he had dinner while that poor girl is waiting for him without even drinking water for the whole day..."Nani started again.
anjali was also looking at him accusingly

"chotey, she kept fast for you and she was very tired and hungry that i asked her to go and take rest, its been two hours since she went to your room"
"I cant help it di, I was with clients, I cant say no when they are asking me to join can i?" he reasoned
"how different both the guys are, one ends up fasting for his wife and other forgets that his wife is fasting and comes home late" nani was talking to herself moving to her room.
Arnav walked to the kitchen and took out a plate and started filling it with food items.
"first you have to offer water" anjali explained him handing a glass of water. He silently took it from her
"I didnt know she would stay without eating for so long, you should have atleast made her eat something" he told her in a broken voice
"she didnt listen, Its ok chotey, go break her fast first" anjali left from there

"oh devimaiya! how long should I stay with this hunger? this laad governer bhi na? probably enjoying with calender shoot girls, he forgot about me"
he saw her taking to herself she was lying down on the bed holding her stomach.
"I have started hearing his voice in hunger" she told to herself.
"no Its really me.." he told her, he went and sat near her.
She sat up suddenly
"you came?"
"why did you stay so long witho.."
"enough of talking break my fast" she almost snatched the glass from his hand.He made her drink it breaking her fast. she snatched the plate from him and started gobbling down the food.
he felt very guilty
"I told you, you need not do this for me"
she swallowed and then spoke"thats ok!.did you have anything for dinner?"
"I had" he told her without looking at her eyes
"I guessed! good you had something, I was worried that you would do fast like Aakash ji"
"yeah"she told in between her mouthfulls "if you had kept then your sugar levels would have gone down"
she got up to wash her hands.
"I am sorry I was late"
"yeah you should be! where is my teej gift?" she demanded
"I forgot" he mentally cursed himself, but he never really showed interest in these festivals that the fact that he had to get her something never crossed his mind.
"understandable! enjoying there with the calender shoot girls!"
she wondered "you forgot to bring a gift for your wife, dont worry, naniji gave me a saree on your behalf"

"I am sorry kushi, tomorrow, I shall take you out and get you one ok?"
"how many were there?"
"how many?"
"3? devimaiya! all short skrits?"
"no since last year traditional saree was a hit, we thought we will go for indian costumes this year too" he told her.
She came back and sat next to him in the bed
"but I should say, it was not half as good as last year" he told her..."not even one can come near those appealing hips, kissable lips, seductive eyes of last years model"
"devimaiya, I keep fast for the whole day to hear my husband talk about a model's glamour" she cried out, but suddenly stopped to look at him "but it was me..."she realised
"yeah I guess so"
"I can try this year too if it is traditional wear, you know" she suggested ans smirked.
"No,I am not letting you try... I cannot share you with anyone even if its only pics. Atleast not for now "
She smiled but again looked confused "what do you mean not for now?"
"hmm sometime down the line I might have to share you with my kids, you know"

She blushed and he had a blazing look which only meant one thing. She became uncomfortable suddenly sensing heat raising on her neck
"So shall we sleep? its getting late" she suggested tentatively
"I am not sleepy and Di told me you were resting for 2 hours now, you cant feel sleepy now. can you?"
he came near her, she stood up "but arnav ji I am tired, I had fasted for the whole day"
"really? I didnt ask you to" his hands were on her hips, he slowly placed his lips on it, while the other hand turned the lights off
"aaw... you will leave a mark there if you do it so hard, it will be exposed if i wear saree tomorrow...
"so what"
"so, anjali di and Jiji will tease me so badly"
"go with salwar suits for next three days"
"arnav ji no, please"
then her sounds become muffled to be recognised or written here ;)

end of OS.

Please leave comments, it will help me entertain you all better. thanks
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Posted: 7 years ago
LOL awwie cute! I loved the fact that Kushi doesn't use saftey pins any more because Arnav had torn her sarees before!! LMAO loved the hint you gave there!!! Wink SO like Arnav !!! LOL
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Posted: 7 years ago
Very nice OS. So cute how Khushi realized that the model was her. Do PM me when you write another one.
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Posted: 7 years ago
cute , soo gud , ws amazng juz lvd it ,
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Posted: 7 years ago
cute oneHeart
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Posted: 7 years ago
Trust Arnav to not bother about safety pins ...or gifts for that matter! Man, she must love him a lot to tolerate all his nonsense Wink !
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Posted: 7 years ago
That was a beautiful thought
a concerned Khushi & a naughty Arnav
Loved it
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Posted: 7 years ago
aww such a cute os...loved it...
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