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Hiya, This time I have tried to write an SS on ARHI: A magic called Love
This SS is based on the Kidnapping track that was under discussion in the forum sometime back. I really dont know if this track was thought by the CVs or was it an imagination of a fellow blogger? Anyways I dont own that track, but thats where my story starts.
Hope you people will enjoy the story. and please do leave comments, It helps me improve.


It was payal's mehndi ceremony and RM was festive. they had decided to keep all the wedding related ceremonies in RM and the Men were as usual banned from that part of the house where the ceremony was about to take place.
Kushi was dancing along with other girls when Buaji asked her to fetch something from their house. She decided to leave by auto to fetch it even though anjali offered to ask one of her brothers to do it. She had gone for a long time and had not returned back. Arnav was near the pool side working on his laptop and had to put up with a tensed Aakash and hyperactive NK trying ot sneek in to the mehndi function trying to get a glimpse of Payal and Kushi respectively. They didnt know that kushi was not there right now.
When our story starts, kushi had gone for a long time now and the elders are getting worried as Kushi is not picking up their calls as well. The mehndi ceremony is almost over and the ladies are tensed about kushi.


Chapter 1:

when the men were finally allowed inside the hall, Aakash noted payal was worried and thought probably she was worried about her bidai and tried to console her on that sense. Arnav noticed everyone else were also tensed. Anjali was repeatedly calling someone on her phone.
"What happened Di?"
"Chotey, Kushiji is missing"
"what ,? how what happened" NK busted in
"what do you mean? missing? didnt she come for the mehndi?"Arnav wondered
"Yes she came, then buaji sent her to fetch something some three hours back. She hasnt come back yet" Payal told them
"oh what happened to my Sankadevi , not even picking calls" Buaji started crying. Garima and payal were also silently crying. babuji was distressed.
"Why did we send her alone" Naniji was panicking.
"You should have informed one of us to accompany her" Arnav told them.
"I told her , but she told she will take an auto" anjali was worried
"dressed in lehanga and wearing jewelery and taking an auto,, doesnt she have sense?" Arnav muttered. He realised the risk of her getting into trouble. She would have attracted trouble or anything else could have happened...
"dont worry. Nothing would have happened" Nk pacified them all."Here have some chocolates all of you" he was trying ot reduce the panic.
"yes, she is probably taking a nap" Arnav tried to reassure himself more than his family members. But inside he was also tensed, where did she go and why wasnt she picking up the calls? He tried on his mobile- the number you are trying to reach is currently switched off.
"Did she pick?" Anjali asked him
"switched off"
"I shall go and have a look"Arnav fetched his keys.
"I will come too" Akash told him
"Even I am coming" Nk joined.
"No one of you be here. Jijaji and mamaji are not here"
Shyam had left for an urgent work some ten minutes ago and Mamaji was out of station and was returning back tomorrow morning only. Aakash was made to stay back while Arnav and NK left to Kushi's house.

Gupta House was locked. No one was there. Happy informed them that kushi had come 3 hours back to fetch something but had immediately locked the house and left.
Arnav started panicking
They were on the way to search for her in Devimaiya temple when Anjali's call came in.
"Chotey come fast." anjali sounded hysterical "come home, Kushiji got hurt... she is bleeding" Anjali's words were coming between her cries. she couldnt continue any longer. Arnav cut the call and strated driving like maniac.
Nk was asking him what had happeded, but Arnav had forgotten there was someone nearby.

When they reached the house, they rushed inside to see kushi being tended to by a doctor. she had cuts and bruises on her body. Her wrist was cut and her forehead, knees and elbow had bruises.One of her feet was bandaided. The doctor was cleaning up the other one which was equally bleeding.
"What happened her? she met with an accident?" NK asked them
"We really dont know what had happened" Aakash told them. "Soon after you left an auto fellow came ringing our bell. he said a lady had taken his auto for hire nad asked him to take her to RM and she passed out in the auto. He hadnt noticed it, Only after he reached here he saw and then came and rang the bell."
"she was badly hurt" Anjali sobbed.
"what the...Didnt you realise it could be auto fellow?" Arnav blasted "you left him?"
"No he seemed genuine, also he was at loss what to do" Aakash reasoned
"where did he pick her up? Didnt he notice then she was hurt?" Arnav spit back.
"I asked him Bhai" Aakash told him calmly "He said somewhere in the outskirts. He said she was running and she was in a great hurry and when he asked her if she was in trouble, she didnt reply was again and again looking back, so didnt ask and started driving"
"But how and why did kushiji go that far? outskirts?" NK questioned all their thoughts. Arnav was getting all worried. did any one hurt her? Did anything bad happen? he is not going ot leave the ones responsible for doing this to Kushi.

The doctor told them that kushi was fine, and he had tended to all her bruises. and her had given her medication.
"her wrist is cut?" Payal asked timidly. she had been crying very badly
"It is not a deep cut., I dont think the girl had cut it purposely. Let me know when she comes around, I will pay a visit then" the doctor left.

A couple of hours later, Kushi woke up to see anjali and Payal sitting next to her.
"Kushiji you are awake? what happened to you? "
"Kushi? " payal was holding Kushi's hand
Hearing Payal and anjali's voices others rushed in. Arnav came busting in first.

Kushi was in a daze. She was wondering if she was dreaming or is it real? Is she in safe hands now?
Everyone was demading to know what happeded in their own style.
she looked at everyone and finally came to rest on those pairs of eyes which were bursting with pain, curiosity, anger and passion but at the same time assuring her all was fine.

She told them all that she was kidnapped by some five men and was taken to the outskirts. she somehow tried to escape and in the process got hurt. She somehow came running on the road and took the first vehicle, an auto and told him to take her to RM. She didnt know what happeded after that.

"But who kidnapped you and what did they want from you? I mean we didnt even get any calls for ransom" NK's concern was getting irksome to Arnav
"From their talk I sould sense that they were working for a person. I also saw a panditji there, they were arranging for a ...for a " kushi couldnt continue further.
"Pooja? could it be..." buaji's voice trailed off.
She could sense that her family had finally understood whose work it was. Arnav got it too
"Your ex-fiance?"he enquired gritting his teeth.
her tame look at him confirmed his worst fears. Her ex-fiance had kidnapped her and tried to get her married to him by force.

"Ok since it pains her so much to talk about it, lets not disturb her" Arnav declared
all started moving out of the room one by one. Arnav was the last one to leave. "take rest" he said before he closed the door.

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