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Kya mast update hai Ayshu. Loved the Girl gang.LOL 
But poor Abhay...everyone's playing games with him.Ouch He seriuosly needs to sort himself and come out of this mess. Its heart breaking to see both Abhay n Piya like this.
Well we have quite a way to go till PIA brings out all the QUALITIES we all LOVE her for.
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the update was smoking. I have never had an encounter with Chahat's character much. I love this girl. Her character takes after Piya to quite an extent. Looking forward to what her man would be like.
Abhay has managed the kids well. He taught them not to ever compete with each other to so that they never have a fallout. Abhay is a really good father. And now he doesnt even try to keep the kids away. Though I am not sure about after this update. Btw, good thing that Jeet didnt let Abhay comfort Piya. Once they reach their breaking point, I cant imagine how explosive it will be. Will Piya dominate Abhay like before or will Abhay take the lead this time? He has stayed apart from Piya for so long. His self control cant be that good.
And who is this Karl? Why did he want to kill Piya. He came out of nowhere. It cant be all him. There is somebody behind him isnt it. Why are those people only after Piya? There are other witches too
continue soon Ayesha!! Kudos for the brilliant updateClap
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ayshu it was awesome...i am loving jeet n piya's antics..gud way to break abhay..poor him..he is losing himself. And pooja..no doubt she too is being affected...with this rate abhay wil lose his control soon...but karl? Who is it? I think this is just the starting and this short encounter is gona turn into bad news soon
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Originally posted by anjali.K

the update was smoking. I have never had an encounter with Chahat's character much. I love this girl. Her character takes after Piya to quite an extent. Looking forward to what her man would be like.
Abhay has managed the kids well. He taught them not to ever compete with each other to so that they never have a fallout. Abhay is a really good father. And now he doesnt even try to keep the kids away. Though I am not sure about after this update. Btw, good thing that Jeet didnt let Abhay comfort Piya. Once they reach their breaking point, I cant imagine how explosive it will be. Will Piya dominate Abhay like before or will Abhay take the lead this time? He has stayed apart from Piya for so long. His self control cant be that good.
And who is this Karl? Why did he want to kill Piya. He came out of nowhere. It cant be all him. There is somebody behind him isnt it. Why are those people only after Piya? There are other witches too
continue soon Ayesha!! Kudos for the brilliant updateClap
 :::Update took 3 days so should be good anyway. Up to my usual standards.:::
 :::Abhay has learnt from past grievances with Sid to know competing with each other isn't healthy amongst siblings. He is trying to maintain an unbreakable bond between the siblings and so far they all dote on each other. Even ROMEO PREM knows not to ever eye a brothers girl. He accepts this. So Abhay's worked wonders with them.:::
 :::U will soon find out who will dominate whom?????Abhay or Pia???Its debatable. After all Both are pretty intense characters. This Pia's even more forward than the old one.:::
 :::Karl isn't the first there are others in play. Pia is a sought after prize. Some want to turn her others want to kill her. There is a sinister game at play here.:::
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Originally posted by peehu24

ayshu it was awesome...i am loving jeet n piya's antics..gud way to break abhay..poor him..he is losing himself. And pooja..no doubt she too is being affected...with this rate abhay wil lose his control soon...but karl? Who is it? I think this is just the starting and this short encounter is gona turn into bad news soon
:::U are on the mend right?????.:::
 :::Pia has many enemies all hidden for now. They'll come out of the woodworks. Pooja needs this jealousy track for now anyway. It will help her come to terms with her feelings..:::

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amazing... i love d night out... n pias gift as well... abhay is annoyed as pia didnt gift him nything... dats cool...
loved pias affect on abhay...
waiting 4 more... cont soon n thanks 4 d pm
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:::Update 12:::Volunteer:::

Grams decided to check in on Pia still laying in bed the next day. She was trying not to show how stressed out she was but Pia read her Grams well. It had hurt her to know she was causing so many problems to her but she also knew that her going out at ridiculous hours meant she was keeping her Grams safe from her. At least the teens were equipped with powers to defend themselves and so was Abhay with his vampire powers. Then there was Pooja and Urvi. All she wanted was a night to cheer up her friend but misery always followed her. Grams stroked Pia's hair with her soft hands sitting on her bed a little pensive.

Pia took her Gram's hand in hers sounding a little hoarse-I'm sorry U had to witness what happened last night.
Gram's grey eyes only shared compassion and lots of love-I know but none of this is your fault. Never forget this. It was always going to happen. Sometimes we can't change what destiny has in store for us. Pia (Pauses a few seconds before relaying back) U need to be more cautious. Last night was not just a one off. Whoever they are they'll keep coming no matter where U run, where U hide they'll always come after U. I don't want U thinking negatively do U understand me? (Pia shut her eyes nodding) I know U very well. Your powers have grown and the older U get it will help U but don't shut me out because U think i am a frail old lady. 
Pia bit her lips-I know but i'm just trying...
Grams smiles-To protect me. Isn't this my job. U already have an army of people who'd lay their lives for U.
Pia didn't want anyone to do anything for her-I can take care of myself. I don't want to be the reason anyone gets hurt. Maybe if i use my powers more, then i can get a handle on it U know, not be afraid of it but every time i have tried something has gone awry. I know the others can look after themselves but what if i bring my misfortune and they're not so lucky.
Grams hushes Pia-U always have had this problem of questioning and they never end. U need to enjoy your life Pia but not at the expense of exposing yourself and certainly not by breaking the law.
Pia leaned against her bed appearing sheepish-I know but its the rush i enjoy the most. I like to push boundaries.
Grams finished-U mean your need to push Abhay huh?
Pia beamed not denying her motive-Yeah. I like rubbing him the wrong way. I know he was going to scold me for last night. It was written all over his face but i guess last night had sort of made him think twice. I need to ...(Checks her watch) I'm late for my hospital round. Gotta see Mr Henderson. U know your cute friend? I was hoping to set a date for U both. Today i am at the children's ward. Wish me luck!
Grams kisses Pia's forehead-Good girl. Keep yourself busy. I was hoping to visit some of them later on. Its a Sunday so we shall see huh?
Pia left her Grams to shower and get ready. 

Downstairs Abhay waited for Pia to let loose all of his grievances he had of her still p***** off at her for spending time with Jeet. Pia barely gave Abhay the time of day giving Jeet a heart warming smile.

Pia shouted hoping for some help-You've passed your drivers ed can U please give me a lift at the...
Jeet remembered where his Mother went every weekends-The hospital. Sure! I'll grab my keys.
Abhay had now changed his mind now shifting to the word hospital. Was Pia in need of medical assistance? Was she ill? Had she fractured herself internally...-Hospital.
Pia was about to answer when Chahat finshed hinting at Jeet to take off while she had her Father's attention-Oh she's got to follow up procedures. Pia's not told U huh? Figures. You've never had a good thing to say to her.
Abhay by now was getting restless and worried-Why? What...
Chahat weaved her web of misinformation-Mom suffers from a long time of services at the hospital. She's very ill. She has a dangerous disease and we are all helping her with it.
Abhay gulped-She does!
Khushi seemed confused-But every...
Chahat nudged Khushi with her elbow-Its a new development. She is being cured of her ailments we hope permanently. She needs lots of love and lots of care. 

Jeet dropped off Pia At the hospital, Pia had got out of the car and straight to the staffroom then changed into her uniform covering all of her body art. Jeet had decided to take off for a few hours promising to pick her up later on and take her out for a meal for some Sushi at this place he'd spotted not far from here.

Jeet got out the car driving passed Pooja's home to see her storming out of her home running to a bike without the safety helmet on and her brother Varun ran out cussing at her. Jeet hadn't fully heard the conversation between her family but it appeared from the odd few outbursts he had heard were quite heated. They were comparing her to her Mother. Her father was drunk from the sound of his voice. Jeet felt obligated to help Pooja. She was his Mom's friend but why was she keeping all of this bottled up?

Jeet followed Pooja to find her at some graveside stopping his car, parking it up. Pooja was sitting by the grave of her Mother just crying uncontrollably with her head buried in her hands. Jeet for the first time had seen a vulnerable Pooja, feeling his heart go out to her, He hadn't meant to intrude on her private conversations with whoever this person was but it struck a cord to his own heart strings. She'd suffered and was going it alone. It reminded him of a fate his Father had shared dealing with the loss of his Mother alone unwilling to share his pain with anyone.

Pooja  touched her Mother's grave between sobs sounding upset-Why... didn't U take...me with U...? Then i wouldn't...Why did U have...to leave me...alone...They...hate...me...I wish...i was...dead...(She rocks herself unable to get the words out) I can't...keep...them...together...I...failed U...I'm a failure...I'm sorry!!!!
Jeet had never seen this side to Pooja before. He'd always seen the self destructive Pooja, a daredevil with her partner in crime Pia risking it all for the thrills because they were taking life for granted when really they both had internal emotional pain they had no way of letting go of and now he began to understand...Both of their stories...They had deadbeat parents..The responsibilities they had to shoulder on, ...His Mother and Pooja were friends so why was she keeping this from her? ... Some things were best kept a secret for sharing it made it all real...A common trait he'd head his Mother say this to them sharing her thoughts on why she was keeping this lifestyle? ..their self esteem was obviously low if...or in his case high...but now it began making sense. Their behaviour was questionable but he'd never saw it to be any of his business. Now it was his business.  

Pooja had felt Jeet's hand over her shoulder feeling angry now at having been caught at her weakest moment wiping her tears-What are U doing here following me are U? How long...
Jeet saw the bloodshot eyes reddened from the tears feeling a lump in his throat. It hurt him to see her so upset-Long enough to know all is not well at your place. If U need a...
Pooja huffed angrily-Oh please! U just want to use this as a way to hit me where it hurts right? Show off with your perfect life. Perfect family. Loving Father. A family. IHow dare U listen to a private conversation between my Mother and I????
Jeet defended his action-If U don't want to tell me then Mom...
Pooja was now bellowing-Don't U dare tell Pia!!!!! She has enough on her plate.
Jeet heard the surly attitude coming back-Fine i won't tell her. It just means you'll have to tell me what's going on to make such a touch chick like yourself breakdown like this. I know i've not always been there for U and U don't even like me but i am a good listener. Maybe it will help U deal with this head on (He made his tone more empathic) i do have expertise in this area with 11 brothers and sisters and a very stubborn father to deal with. (Sat down to her level holding her protectively in his arms) Pooja, please don't shut me out. Everyone needs someone at one point in their life. Let me be this one person U need.
Pooja for some reason found herself melting at his hypnotic voice murmuring-Why should it matter to U Jeet? Why do U care if i...
Jeet blurted without thinking-Because U mean a lot to me...(Realises what he just said) To my Mom i mean. U are special never doubt that for one second. Anyone crazy enough to handle a Hybrid like myself deserves a medal and i can see U are just misunderstood. Help me help U Pooja. I only now realise i know nothing about U. 
Pooja saw the depth of Jeet's concern for her and was flattered he even thought of her-I'm just going through a bad phase in my life. Nothing serious...U don't need to be here..
Jeet took Pooja's hand in his stroking it tenderly then with the other hand traced her cheek gently-I want to...(Then observes her make-up was wearing off to see the imprint of a hand marked there) Did he hit U? (He was now getting angry) Tell me!
Pooja had never seen this side to Jeet before-Its nothing. 
Jeet kissed Pooja's cheek with his warm lips healing the bruise there and then tried again-Pooja i need U to tell me the truth. I have to know.
Pooja didn't know why but she spilled everything berating herself-My brother and Father are a little hard to talk to right now. I am screwing everything up for them. 
Jeet piped in full of praise for her-U are doing fine. This is them talking. U are the most confident person i know. Don't let anyone rip U apart. 
Pooja sighed feeling comfort in a long time-Its hard to ...(Jeet rubbed her back caressing her making her feel even more at ease at telling the truth) My brother is turning into my Father. (The tears started flowing again) He's turned to drinking profusely and...Sometimes...(Looks away from his eyes fearing she'd drown in them) he gets violent...I can't even...leave...i promised Mom...I tried with Dad...His gambling has spiralled out of control. Varun can't keep on top of it...I'm a liability...I deserve this...
Jeet felt his temper rise. He wasn't angry by nature but this was beyond a joke clenching his fists. Pooja saw the reaction and gulped-You're not going back there. Pooja you're coming home with me.
Pooja pried herself away from Jeet-I can't. I have to be there for them. I promised her. I have to do...
Jeet angrily exchanged-Some promises are meant to be broken. I won't let them hurt U. Break your spirit. Besides Varun will kill U for stealing his bike. 
Pooja felt better having shared her problems but she was still in the same predicament. Why was Jeet pushing her to come with him? No guy had ever shown this kind of interest in her life before-Hey if i get killed at least i can go down trying. I can't give up on them. Maybe i can get through to Varun. Its never too late...
Jeet felt like shaking her-I'm not risking U for anything. I'll get my brother to drop the bike off while U come home with me. That's an order.
Pooja resilient defied his orders-Look U might have a rose tinted perfect family but some of us have to work hard at keeping it going.
Jeet muttered-If there are cracks in a mirror and U fix them you'll still be able to see the cracks. No family is perfect but i'm not sending U back there to be their punching bag.
Pooja fumed-They don't punch me.
Jeet scolded-No they do much worse...
Pooja heard the sting in Jeet's voice. He was scared for her-I just had a moment of weakness. Let me lead my life Jeet accordingly. I don't want to get emancipated not with a few months till i turn 17 then i am my own person. I can leave home then but not till i fix my family. Please don't breathe a word of this to anyone ok? Keep this between us. Pia already knows half of whats going on, lets leave it at that.
Jeet would take Pooja away from her hell at all costs-Mom won't know about this discussion but on one condition. I tag along with U at your place.
Pooja gulped again-They won't like it. 
Jeet didn't care if they liked it or not-Its my rules here. If they ever lay a finger on U again i swear i'll kill them.

Pooja was tempted to kiss Jeet wanting to calm him down somehow and automatically leaned to feel his lips on hers feeling emotionally wrought. Jeet had responded back to her kiss with a passion to take away all that was wrong in her world making it right for her.

Pooja kept her eyes locked with Jeets and broke the kiss off-There. That shut U up. (Was walking away to get away from him for now to keep some sanity left in her head) No more talks of killing anyone. Take care Jeet and Thanks.
Jeet followed Pooja with his eyes still trying to process what had happened here?-Pooja wait.
Pooja took off leaving with some more questions to her already complicated life. Time to face the music she thought this time she had to be stronger. She had no right dragging Jeet into her mess. 

Jeet had decided to go to Pooja's place so he knew she was ok. This girl was going to make him insane with her irresponsible behaviour. Who went back into a prison to get slaughtered again on the notion to fix damaged goods? He always knew Pooja was a few screws loose but he also knew he couldn't let anything happened to her because he cared for her. A lot. Once he reached Pooja's place some hours later he saw Pooja only just arriving about to enter her home this is when he got in with her startling her again.

Pooja pleaded with Jeet to leave it. Varun was out and Pooja's father was passed out on the floor with empty bottles lying around. Jeet helped clear the mess and picked her father up taking him to hospital. There was no way he was healing this sucker for what he did to Pooja but he was a human so it was best to do the right thing to do.

Pia began to get to work with some of the children at the ward offering them some of her time handing out papers to them all to draw on using a range of creative tools like paints, crayons, pencils on whatever they enjoyed to keep them occupied. She spent equal time to each child as possible sharing her stories of tall tales making them laugh at her odd jokes.

At lunch time she'd take out the lunch and encouraged them all to eat healthily. She even helped feed some of the children. 

Grams had stepped in with Abhay to see Pia. He'd feared the worse thanks to Chahat. Abhay had never been so scared for this girl till now. If she died he'd lose...what? He was shocked to see such a caring side to Pia. Abhay had witnessed her acting like a child making them laugh.

Pia finished off to see Grams was already here-Hey Grams shall we go? Mr Henderson is waiting for U. Oh s***t! Sorry i forgot his flowers. U wait here i'll go get them.
Grams asked-Have U eaten yet?
Pia was so engrossed in the children she hadn't taken her lunch break-I forgot.
Grams knew it-This girl never takes care of herself. I have to remind her everything. 
Abhay decided to take Pia to the Cafe in the hospital-Why don't U go in and i'll take Pia for some lunch.
Grams nodded-Sure thing.
Pia shrugged her shoulders-I don't need U to babysit me. Jeet...he said he'll bring...(She lied)
Abhay took her aside-Nonsense. We'll meet U later on.

Pia ventured in the cafe grabbing a packet of crisps but Abhay took her hand straight towards the canteen for a healthy lunch. 

Abhay sat with Pia looking at her eating-U know i had pegged U all wrong. U hide the good traits and only show the bad traits why?
Pia rolled her eyes-Why? I like to show people i'm a bad girl so what's the biggie? Don't tell me Abhay Raichand is feeling bad for judging a book by its cover. Just because i like drinking, partying, a hell-raiser can't have another side to them. 
Abhay was indeed shocked by all of this but he should have learnt nothing is as it seems with this Pia-Chahat said U have a condition. U have some terminal illness.
Pia joked-Oh she must be on about my mental health issues. Its nothing to worry about. Really. I am just crazy. Actually i think she was on about my dual personality disorder. I like to have it all.
Abhay was relieved it was nothing serious-So you're not ill.
Pia muttered-I'm taking migraine pills for over-usage of my powers. Nothing else.
Abhay saw Pia was playing with her food-U need to eat on a regular basis. You're just as bad as my ki...
Pia warned Abhay-I am nothing like your kids U hear me. I'd rather U saw me as me. As an indididual and not as...
Abhay started again-So when do U finish?
Pia responds-I am officially finished. Jeet will be picking...
Abhay cut her-You'll be coming with me Pia. Jeet is tied up with Pooja.
Pia smiled with a wide grin-Wow!!!!!!!U want to give me a lift? I want Prem...
Abhay annoyed now-Whats so bad about me?
Pia got her mobile out-I don't like the way U look. 
Abhay hated this haughty behaviour-Wait i look just like Jeet. I mean he looks like me.
Pia shot back-But he's better looking. He doesn't scream killer like U do. He's sweet, not like U with the acid tongue. He looks more human oh wait he is half human right? U behave worse than an animal with me. I don't understand why U are so cold with me. And now U want to be civil. Sorry. I didn't mean...U hate me.
Abhay replies back-I don't hate U Pia. I can never hate U even if i tried. U just irritate me. I have worked hard to lay rules to my children to uphold and U just break them all. I do respect U for being a strong girl under these circumstances. U have a good heart. U care as opposed to the selfish girl i thought U were.

Pia got up paying the diner only for Abhay to foot the bill for her burger and fries and side salad-U didn't...
Abhay smiled back-I'm old fashioned when it comes to treating a girl out. U need to eat healthier. Junk food is no good.
Pia took Abhay to the shop in the hospital for some flowers-These Gardeniers look good and smell nice.

Then rushed up to see her Grams getting some blood tests done. Pia worried-Grams whats this?
Grams gave a weary smile-Its just routine check up. Nothing serious. We'd tell U if there was any concerns.
Pia didn't buy it-Grams!!!!!!!!
The nurse replied back-Pia its fine really don't start worrying ok. Grams didn't come in like she was supposed to for her diabetes check up. See U next week ok.
Pia handed the flowers to Abhay-She's the only family i got. 
Grams squeezes Pia's hand-Pia, its nothing. I'm old ok and i guess i got a little excited. I shouldn't be sneaking in chocolates at my age.
Pia let this slide-So lets go see Mr Henderson i bet...Oh and i'll keep these chocolates for myself.

Abhay helped Grams see Mr. Henderson and saw the conversation flowing with Pia in the centre of attention as usual. He was already seeing the stark difference in the girl he'd met to the girl she was now. And she was staying away from him as he'd wanted. Only he hated how dependent she was on Jeet. Had Pia shifted her interest in his son? It disturbed him. Gone was the scared girl from last night. She was independent.

Back at home Abhay confronted his daughter Chahat about her lie-Why did U say she has an illness?
Chahat smirked back seeing the horror in her fathers eyes earlier had now been soothed by Pia-Oh she has the love sickness. Pia's in love.
Abhay was now fuming-With whom???
Chahat left it at this-I don't know but whover he is she's besotted with him. It could be Jeet bhai, could be Tom could be Prem Bhai anyone. She's not short on admirers. 
Pia got in now shutting the door behind to greet Chahat-Has Urvi called?
Chahat nodded-Yeah next month U have to meet with her coven seems ominous. Oh Diana, Jake dropped by wanting to see U and erm (Gave a wicked look in her Father's direction) Tom called to see if U were on for the study date.
Pia raced to call back-Hi Tom. I'll meet U there ok.

The following week Nidhi met up with Karan on their date at the Mexico Spice Grill ordering their meal. They'd finally managed to get here. 

Karan to Nidhi U look gorgeous.
GRIN & BEAR IT photo | Lindsay Lohan
Nidhi blushed-Thanks. So i guess we can order right?
Karan handed the menu to Nidhi-I already know what i want. So i hope U weren't expecting anything flash? This place does a very good Tortilla wrap. I'm a fan.
Nidhi decided to go for whatever Karan was having-So how are your family? 
Karan relayed back-They are good a little full on but good. I guess they can be quite intimidating to a new person.
Nidhi smies back-I quite like them all. Your all quirky in a good way. Thank God we've done the assignment. It was doing my head in.
Karan wished he could say the same he found it easy-So (Waiter brings the food over and they thank him. Then Karan saw his little brother and sister watching) Great.
Nidhi followed Karan's eyes laughing heartily-That's so cute.
Karan annoyed-I'll wring their...
Nidhi invited them over waving at them to come over-They are just curious. U better not say anything ok.
Vedhant and Khushi sat with them-Sorry. We were trying to be less conspicuous.
Karan showed his annoyance in his voice-Can U butt...
Nidhi kicked him under the table making Khushi laugh-He doesn't mean that. So lets tuck in.
Vedhant muses-Yummy taco's.
Prem had brought his date round, Kylie in a vain effort to spy on Karan pretending to accidently bump into them-Oh hi. I didn't realise...
Karan gave up-Anyone else left?
Nidhi couldn't help but laugh-This is a fun date. I was nervous at first but U guys made this a pleasant experience.
Kylie introduced herself-So these are all family i guess.
Khushi nodded-U could say we are all family. Brothers and sisters actually. Take a seat. (To Nidhi) U are beautiful.
Nidhi thanked Khushi-So is there anyone U like?
Khushi shook her head-No i don't like...
Prem protectively uttered-Khushi isn't allowed to date without our consent which is never.
Khushi scowled-Bhai U assume to much. I know who i am meant for unlike some people. And he isn't here so why bother dating a few frogs if U already know your Prince is waiting in the wings. I'm more like Karan Bhai. He likes U a lot.
Karan wanted to escape-She doesn't need to know that. Sorry!!!
Nidhi liked how frank Khushi was-Its endearing. Karan U never told me how much U like me. Its taken him a while to ask me out. So Karan what else do i get to know about U huh? U guys can tell me everything about Karan. I hear the worst critics and the best character profiles are made by family.

So Vedhant and Khushi tell Nidhi everything about Karan with Prem chipping in. All Karan could do was wish the ground swallowed him up but Nidhi was impressed by some of the glowing and crazy antics. They'd left out that Karan was a supernatural. This was a detail best left untold.

Prem took Kylie back home and gave her a good night kiss. Karan dropped Nidhi off. He had his hands in his pocket then leaned in for a kiss.

Nidhi lingered the kiss a little longer-Wow!!! Thanks for a good time. Oh and i can't wait to see U agin. Next time U pick me up we should invite the others. Get to know each other.
Karan mocked-I'll bring my Dad next time too.
Nidhi laughed-Ok fine. We'll have an intimate dinner just the two of us no eating out. My place ok.
Karan cheered up-Better. (He sealed the night with a kiss again)
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