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Abhay is really feeling a little left out here. And he is becoming jealous of his own children.
Pia seems to hold her ground and the last few lines were mind blowing. Could fel the sparks flying. Abhay in a stqate of denial seems to be more in a confused state to me. He doesn't want to let go of the past. So don't you think that the rest of them are being too harsh on him. So will we get the grand parents and Sid Alina pair also joining hands with Pia. That would be the final blow to him.
So waiting to see how Pia's wild streak is going to have Abhay haivng him pull his hair out.
And why is Pias power so unsetteled what is the past that connects her to Abhay. Its kind of gettingtoo mysterious.
 Wow U have wonderful insight into ABHAY'S mind set. Sometime U gotta be cruel to be KMIND. Abhay needs his backside kicked.
With Pia its pretty dark her beginnings but i am still making it up as i am going along
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Terrific update ayesha...!!!

Jeet s so undrstndg n helpful towrds pia...nd khushi s really sweet !!! :-D

Wonder y isnt abhay stll nt gttng d hint...!!! He too feels fr hr bt isnt ready to accpt tht...!!! :-< Watng fr d nxt part...wth lots f magic nd abhaiya...!!! :-)

Thx fr pm...continue soon...tcr...


I love Jeet as well yaar he is awesome to the very end. I guess i haven't paid enough attention on the other 9 kids but introducing them all will take up all of the FF no room for ABHIYA then

yaa...thts ryt..!! Bt wud love to see a bit mre of preet n karan...if possible ..!! :-)
nd hwz ur health nw??
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gr8 update ayesha
loved the witch convention
loved pia and children connection
liked urvi.seems like she is gonna make prem fall 4 her
abhay...cant he see pia's connection with children?still he is ignoring it
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aweome update dr,
nd sorry for late rply yar, my exams r going on so i was not geting time for IF.

nd why abhay is ignoring bond btwn piya nd khushi , it was so straight.
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update soon plzzz
update soon plzzz
update soon plzzz
update soon plzzz
update soon plzzz
update soon plzzz
update soon plzzz
update soon plzzz
update soon plzzz
update soon plzzz
update soon plzzz
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:::Update 9:::Fountain of Truth:::

There was a tug of war devised by Reina for team building skills. The teens were on one side and 12 of the chosen witches on the other side. Abhay had decided to join in so Pia would lose. Meaning another witch entered the game. Both sides sized off their competitors with impish thoughts to thwart the other. They started tugging from one side to the other. The witches for the confusion as how non witches could have an upper hand in this game so Reina had decided magic was allowed to settle this game. Pia was keeping her powers on the low coz there was no trusting what she'd do. Urvi had noted Prem's cold standoffish look in her direction rolling her eyes at him. There was no way he was winning she thought with determination but her powers were useless. Eventually the wiccan team all fell towards the Raichands knocking Pia over to Abhay's arms getting lost in those icy blue eyes. Abhay couldn't help but drown in those familiar eyes seeking entry back into his life but he kept her away. Pia couldn't help but try to get into his head with no luck. Why couldn't she do it?

Abhay dropped Pia to the floor and walked away-Witches are just too predictable. And so are U Pia.
Pia got up dusting off the dirt in pain-U brute!! Why catch me if U were going to only drop me? (She sat dawn next to the fire)

Khushi hadn't got to know her mother properly apart from the brief hello and coyness she'd felt in fear of being...Pia had clocked Khushi's gaze in her direction. There was something uncanny there, between them, Pia had felt it with all 12 teens and with Abhay it was the strongest but she couldn't pry into his world but the kids seemed to want to know her was beyond her understanding after all she wasn't anyone of any importance. Khushi had frowned at that thought. Pia bit her lips and fried a marshmallow on a stick burning it to a crisp. Pia's eyes changed looking glum. Just like the rest of her life even the mellow burnt to a crisp. Pia invited Khushi to sit with her saving her a seat.

Khushi anxiously got up and sat next to her Mom and then touched her hand smiling-Hi!!!
Pia rubbed her shoulder gently-U know from what i've observed you're not as shy around the others as U are around me. Am i that scary U don't even want to talk to me? (Giggles holding a straight face) You're cute. 
Khushi blushed a little and gave a wide eyed look-I was just trying to give the others a chance to get to know U first. I am the youngest so they have rights to U first.
Pia gave out a puzzled look sounding serious-U were being courteous because U are the youngest. No way. So tell me why won't U really speak with me and how did U get into my head?
Khushi gave a dry laugh now sensing a sensitive topic-I wasn't sure if you'd like me. I can be a handful ask my family i didn't want to alienate U from me and i was letting my brothers and sisters a chance because once i start i don't stop.
Pia gave a proud smirk-Atta Girl. Well i think we'll be best of friends so how did U get into my head? I am right it was U wasn't it?
Khushi nodded-If i make an emotional contact with U then i can get inside a family members head and if you're a stranger one touch is all it takes. (Saw Pia listening with interest) I'm not a witch. I can see U want to know everything about us. About Dad!!! You'll find some answers today but none of us can tell U. Something about keeping the balance of nature. I hope U didn't mind me interfering?
Pia gave a warm smile touch Khushi-No!!! I have been having trouble. (In a self deprecated tone) Actually trouble follows me. I must have done something bad in some life. So you're all special. I wish Jeet would have told me all of this before. He's been vague U know? Prem too and Geet has been evading my question for a few days now. U and Abhay are close?
Khushi blurted-Yeah! He babies me too much. In fact we're all he's got but not for long.
Pia turned to face Khushi veering her eyes away from the blazing fire-Is he about to meet someone? (Looking a little worried now) I mean is he U know seeing someone?
Khushi shook her head-No but he will just needs a  push in the right direction. He's been alone for 17 years since our...Now she's back he can be whole again. We're all grown up now and he can't use as as excuse all the time U know?
Pia felt her heart go out to Abhay-So she did die? Or is she just Missing in action?
Arohi saw what Khushi was doing-U need to go. I'll sit with Pia. 
Khushi smiled-It was nice talking to U. (Eyes her sister mentally relaying I couldn't help it. She's Mom. I want her back now. With Dad. Mom has to know the partial truth. Right now she thinks Mom left us high and dry when really she died.)

Arohi sternly shot back mentally all in due time. She's a witch and he's a vampire they are the opposites to the balance of nature. Let them find their own way. She's already peaked her interest in Dad meaning a job half done. Dad is already mad at her don't add to hus cart! Khushi got a Marshmallow and handed a perfectly toasted one to Pia. 

Pia saw Khushi take off then tasted the mellow-Did U 2 just have a telepathic moment? Damn! I so want to learn how to do this without the others in my head. The circles p****** me off. I can't even be near them without hearing something i don't want to hear and then there's all the back biting. Oh and the hatred is unbearable but i'm scared i'll hurt them.
Arohi nodded-Yeah. I guess this nights been quite eventful. U were great by the way. A little finesse and you'll be a pro.
Geet was giggling with Jeet teasing him about Pooja which set off Pia as well-Bro U are just like Dad!!! U are so in trouble.
Jeet warned his sister-Don't set the others off i swear...
Priya pulled his cheek-Big bro is all in a fix because he can't admit what we all see.
Vedhant was enjoying the look on his brothers face-U have to admit it though she's getting to U. Kind of like Prem bhaiya. He's never had a girl reject his proposition before. Damn his face was a picture.
Preet quizzed-Where is he?
Angel laughed-Probably licking his wounds. I've never seen him so...
Chahat hushed everyone eyeing them to check on their left. All eyes turned to see Prem with another witch laughing with her flirtatiously-Somebodies bounced back!
Karan muttered-He'll never change. On to another girl already.
Jeet saw the sparkle slight;y missing in Prem's next notch-Don't be fooled by what he's trying to show us all. So how's my favourite girl? (To Pia with a smile showing his dimples)
Angel pouted pretending to be hurt-I thought i was your favourite!
Jeet pulled his tongue out-You're all my favourite. 
Priya and Geet knew he'd be diplomatic-Great save. But we all know who you're real favourite is. She's off with Dad right now!!!
Jeet laughed-Hey she's the baby what can U do? But i didn't say anything U girls said it. 
Pia sat still in adoration at how close these teens were to each other feeling a little envious. She'd never had anyone to call close until now-U guys are so lucky.
Preet creases his forehead-How?
Pia pours out-I always wished i had a family U know? Brothers and sisters! A Mother? A father? I see how U bounce off of each other, the way U know what the other is thinking, i've noticed it since Jeet came into my life with his 5 siblings. I'm just glad i have a loving Grandma. 
Preet is touched by this-U know, we are lucky but we don't have it all. Nobody really has it all. U make do with what you've got. We are still incomplete despite having each other.  But you're family too.
Pia frowned-U see me as family? But you've only known me for 3 days.
Vedhant answered back-We've known each other longer. I mean it feels like we've known each other longer. So where is Pooja bhabie?
Jeet glared-Don't!!!
Pia laughed-She's gone for a smoke!
Jeets eyes almost popped out of his sockets.
Pia continues-We both smoke this wiccan herb. It stimulates U. U know gives U a little happy feeling. She's not in a happy place. She erm its not my place to say this comes from a broken home so don't judge her. Look i know there is all this mystery about U guys but i get it. U are protecting youre Dad. I just want to know why he is so p***** off at me like i'm...
Karan admits-He's in a dark place and doesn't want to get out of it. None of us can get him out of it. We've only managed to keep him sane and and neutralised but since he lost Mom he's been distant from the outside world. This is his first time out of India and ours as well. 
Pia nodded-Oh. So why do i get all of his angst? Do i remind him of someone? Or am i a hate magnet? 
Preet curses under his breath his poor Mother-U could say he's seen his past and he hasn't faced it, mourned it look its getting late we should go to bed.

Abhay had heard the entire conversation huddled with the moon 's light shadowing his face sat with his daughter leaning on his shoulder. So Pia thought he hated her. Good. Khushi smiled softly realising her Mom was becoming a fixation.

Khushi muses lightly-Papa U know i like her. Pia. She's so sweet. Just like i thoght she'd be. 

Next day

Pooja, Pia and Urvi were instructed by Reina along with 27 witches to go in search for a test that had been engineered to find the rightful successor at the crack of dawn. The girls wished each other luck and headed off together for the first round to self discovery. Teamwork!!!

Pia wanted to know what Urvi thought of Prem so started to get some info for him-U were pretty harsh with Prem.
Urvi replied back bluntly-I've seen his sort and frankly i prefer my own company. And he wasn't cut up about the rejection. He was quite happy with the new witch on his arm, i don't need this in my life. 
Pia sensed Urvi wasn't fazed by anything she saw-I think he took it hard and covering it well but the cracks they are hard to ignore. I've known him for 4 months and he's behaving anti-Prem.
Urvi shrugged her shoulders-I want to get through one day at a time. I have no time for romance. Or Boy's or even friends.
Pooja was like wow-U sound hurt?
Urvi choked out in outburst-Lets just say Reina being the leader has opened my eyes to some intense and shown me nobody is what they seem so trsut nobody. I guess my powers help me but my sister is a little shaken up by conspirators. This event is to bring a new ray of light. Infortunately the girl she wants is a little messed up.
Pia laughed-You're referring to me. I am just doing this...
Urvi continues-No being messed up early on in good. Means U know the problem and U solve it. Its down to us to help each other.
Pooja beamed-Hey go team Witch.
Urvi smiles-So we ready to do this?
Pia nodded-Yeah. Lets go do this. What are we supposed to do?
Urvi helps by taking Pia and Pooja's hand and closing her eyes-We need to go here!! Reina's given each team a map we have to follow it and then we go solo. Its to find who we are. There is a prize for who can find their location first. 
Pia smiles then realises she never told anyone at camp where she was going-I normally tell Jeet and Geet everything but this was strictly confidential. They'll get worried.
Pooja scoffs-Oh they'll be ok.
Pia touched Pooja's arms hoping her friend wasn't besmirched by Jeets cold and unfriendly manner towards her-U are mad at Jeet even now? Don't be. He's got a good heart. If U know him like i do you'll love him.
Pooja sternly laughs-No!!! I am ok with him now. To be honest we just rub the other the wrong way. Here's your stash! I couldn't give it back there with the guards.
Pia laughed-I know i almost feel like a naughty school kid.
Pooja admitted-We are school kids. Pia be sparse with the gear ok? Its only a temporary fix. It will help with the migraines ok?

Down the mountains they'd found some beautiful landscape and the sun coming up was a beautiful sught. It took all of their breath away. They started to help the other down the path until they came down to an even slope. Trekking further down until a gush of wind had threatened them all.

Pooja was getting worried-Is this part of the task?
Pia hoped not-I can't do spells it might backfire.
Urvi helped Pooja down all three were working together until the storm hit them again-This isn't good!!

Abhay and his teens had already sensed something was at a disarray. There was no Pia in camp. He clenched his fists. His daughter was fast asleep. He took her in his arms. Poor thing had been reading too many minds after she'd found out a dark presence in this place. Abhay handed Khushi to Karan fearing the worst. Jeet was the only other person to reach out to Pia just in case he needed back up.

Abhay always knew Pia would bring a hurricane into his world. Abhay had known the past 2 days but removing his kids was now impossible with their attachments to Pia now. He'd run following her scent. He was too aware of how Pia's scent had now become all too prominent now. He'd been annoyed with himself for wanting to save her. Oh she was in for another pasting. How dare she endanger herself? 

Abhay had managed to track her all the way down to the slope down below. Pia was in a pernicious state to venture out here all by herself he though hedging into the dark land. He was concerned for this witch, he hated to admit it but she had qualities in her he found endearing. 

Pia was lost in a maze after losing the two girls in the storm and sheltered in this place. She had managed to get into this haven where a well was placed before her after a few hours worth of going round in circles. Pia calls to the others but she gets trapped inside. No she had to think clearly coming away from the closed up wall, it was a fountain going round it as she came closer and saw her face-This is what i came for? (See's an image appearing) Why is there 3 of me? Blue eyes? She is looking at me. Wait the girl with the curls. 12 roses all in full bloom and then a sun shining down. The Moon (Behind her she heard a sound) Abhay. What does this mean? (She screams) What is this? (It showed her how the curly haired girl and blued eyed girl emerged into one and they were her) Abhay you're not theirs. (Abhay had fangs causing her to take notice almost touching the water) Abhay!!! (Pia was crying now!!!) I can't breathe. (Another vision of a woman sniggering at her and a man, no 2 men were closing in on her and then Abhay was trying to save her) What do U want from me? (She was now filled with POWER.) Abhay!!! (Pia holds her throat unable to breathe not the air being sucked out of her. Darkness was all around.)
Abhay had broken through the wall to find Pia kneeling face down and touched her trembling body-Pia!!!
Pia pried Abhay off of her-I have to see more. They're both staring at me. Why are they staring at me? They want me to wake up. I am up. The girls. They are me or i am them. I don't get it. Those people want me. Why do they want me? (She tried to shun him so she could get back to the fountain of truth closing her eyes again to concentrate hard.)
Abhay shook Pia in his arms-Look at me. (Causing Pia to open her eyes again.)
Pia touched his mouth gently with her finger tracing them in a gasp-U have fangs. (Pia looks back for more and started jumping into the fountain in frustration)-Show me!!!(Chants for a vision to emerge) I need to see.
Abhay had a still face as usual-Who did U see Pia?
Pia blurted crying-Me. There was 3 of me. A girl with Curls looking emaciated, a vampire with blue eyes, and myself in corporal form. Then they went into me disappearing and i became visible. Wait!!! (Shifts him away from her) Stay back. U came and made it disappear. U have to leave. Then i can see the rest of my story.

Abhay dragged Pia screaming out of there over his shoulders and then back up the hill. Pia wriggled out of his arms and ran blocking him with her powers. Abhay was taken back by her unprecedented powers knocking him back only infuriated him. Pia then reaching to where she was before. The place was no longer there. How could it disappear? Pia had to go around and started to divert in a complete other track finding Pooja who was anything but smiling holding her hand.

Pooja gave a sarcastic look limping towards Pia-U look like i feel. U saw something deep right?
Pia nodded-Where's Urvi? (Gave Pooja her most discerned look) U are hurt? Can U walk the rest of the way back? Sit here. 
Pooja was worried-We have to find her. I lost her. (Together they hurried before night drew on them. Eventually tumbling due to tiredness.) Urvi won't last the night here i heard some wild animals around here. My powers are good but not that good.
Pia wished she had a cloth to stop the bleeding-Urvi will be fine. I wish i wait. (Got her scarf wrapping Pooja's head with it) Whatever U do don't go to sleep. The head trauma is a little dangerous or so i presume from the show ER.

Jeet managed to find Pia in gashes and Pooja-Forget me. Help Pooja. Please. She's hurt bad. (A little out of breath.) Take her to see a medic. I'll be fine.
Prem had found his Chilli Flakes-Thank...
Pia muttered-Forget me go find Urvi. Please. My powers. Somethings not working. Prem U have to help her. I know she's down there.
Prem refused-I'm not leaving U Chilli Flakes. 
Pia took off her chain from around her neck which was already festooned by several other charmed necklaces and chanted a finder spell-Then take me with U so i can slow U down. This locket will help U. (Hands it over to Prem) Prem hurry!
Prem hated being told what to do-I am taking U with me and this is final.
Pia argued back-You're Dad can take care of me. 
Prem got a naughty idea in his head-U know what? I'll leave U stranded out there on purpose. Just don't tell Dad this he'll kill me.
Pia loved the devious little idea in Prem's head-That's my boy!
Pooja a little wary-Pia U are playing with fire! What if he doesn't come and putting yourself in danger. Isn't prevention the best form of intervention? Why tempt fate? After what we've been through, U can't go on this suicide mission just to spend some alone time with Abhay.
Pia had no other choice. What she'd seen could not be ignored. She had to know if those visions were valid. Was Abhay a vampire for starters and who were those women ok girls and what was their connection to her and if they were even real and Abhay had told her to back off so the oasis must come to her-I have it on good authority i am in safe hands. Abhay found me back there he'll find me again. Now don't waste my time and go while i search for a way back in to the fountain.  (To Pooja sounding a little comical) Whatever U do don't break any part of your body. Jeet pat extra attention to Ms Klutz ok? I forgot to mention she comes with a warning. Pooja is accident prone like me so handle with care.
Jeet smiled softly wishing his mother luck-Whatever U do don't press too much ok. I don't want to leave U behind. 
Pia touched Jeet's cheeks with her hand and kissed them-They are priority over me. I can't let anything happen to Urvi. But i can't run from my problems either. (To Prem. Commanding him to drop her off) Lets go.

Urvi cursed her luck. She was stuck. Her leg she couldn't move it. She'd managed to fall from a height. She'd been in search for Pia and Pooja and got lost thanks to a distraction. This was why she preferred working alone. She tried shouting out for help again then saw Prem with Pia. 

Prem gave his cheesiest smile-Someone called for help placing his Mom down. I believe Big bro has found Pooja Bhabi.  
Urvi bit her lips trying to block out the agony. Then saw those playful eyes honing in at her-Oh please. If i was to be saved why did it have to be by U?
Prem shot back-Maybe i should take my presence elsewhere?
Pia nudged him with her arm-Nip it in the bud or you'll get stick from me. 
Urvi relieved to see Pia was ok-U have no idea how pleased i am to see U Pia. No wonder they call this Death Valley!! 
Pia heard the wind howl again meaning a storm was on its way again-Prem take her please. I'll contain this.
Prem gave Pia a kiss on her forehead-Be careful. I shouldn't even do this. I love U Chilli Flakes.
Pia loved Prem back-Me too! Now go.
Prem picked up Urvi-No need to thank me.
Urvi muttered-No need to look so pleased. I don't plan to thank U for leaving Pia behind.
Prem started to run-Mom's got her 24/7 own personal bodyguard waiting at the wings for her. We are just her part time guards for the duration he official guard needs a break. For now i'm playing Hero to a vamp!!! (Urvi was livid he called her a vamp)

Pia garnered the elements of the wind, then got some soil from the earth and spat on it for water, she lit a lighter for fire and then used her inner soul to harness this power despite having doubts of being able to control the storm flying up. The sky began to darken, the energies emitted from around her created a magnetic field, lightening struck around her diverting all of the effects in her direction. Pia watched from above, the birds eye view was marvellous, mystifying to say the least and a dreamers delight. Prem had run like the wind answering one question that these teens were gifted with super-speed, Jeet was nowhere in sight strengthening her beliefs that all of them had powers of a magnitude, the 12 roses must symbolise them she thought. Her head began to hurt by channelling so much power had taken its toll on her falling down. Pia attempted to regain control again struggling a lot and her nose began to bleed. 

She'd seen Abhay smiling at him knowing he was also gifted and genuinely worried about her. Showtime!!! Her attention now split caused her to rocket down. Pia screamed flying down. Was this what an outer body experience felt like? The two girls she'd seen were whispering to her. The good, the bad, made very ugly causing her to blackout.

Abhay caught Pia feeling the crackle of the electricity running through her. He'd started to run with her so she'd warm up somewhere safe. At least with her knocked out he had no problem taming the wild witch. Oh when she woke up he'd give her a piece of his mind. How dare she run from him? 

Abhay began to examine her pale complexion, then placed her down and kissed her wounds better. Why he kissed them better he did not know. He just did it. It made Pia come around.

Pia fluttered her eyes open aghast by what Abhay was doing to her and saw his icy blue eyes change colour-Did they make it out? (Sounding alarmed) Are they...? (Wait a minute...His eyes...I  gotta do something really stupid...What can i do to p*** him off?...) Get the hell off of me!!!
Abhay was now in no mood to get the brunt of  Pia's hissy fits-Look. I don't have patience for one of your stupid, mindless, idiotic games. If anyone should give U the third degree should be me. What were U thinking?

Pia skimmed around Abhay. How do i find out if he's a vampire? It sounded ridiculous but blood... yes vampires loved blood...Her wounds were healed...impossible...if she asked him he wouldn't tel her anything...-To get the hell away from U!!! U are an overbearing control freak. U control everyone around U. U wanted me to stay away i did. Now U stay away from me. As far away from me as possible starting now!

Abhay rolled his eyes at this crazy girl who was a flight risk around him. Did she take liberties at having him run after her. This is it. He wasn't budging. If she wanted to run and go on a wild goose chase then she can play this game on her own. He was staying out of it. He'd had enough of the ungrateful witch power blasting him.

Pia didn't hear him run after her. Now what? Uff this guy was too much. Fine i'll make U play. This was beyond anything extreme she'd ever done. Pia closed her eyes and let herself fall imagining this was a dive at one of her swim metes. No pain no gain grazing her skin against the rocks going down. Abhay couldn't watch her kill herself on his watch so what could he do? 

Pia opened her eyes and then saw the cuts and used a pocket knife to open up the wound so it bled. She had to make it look like an accident. She muffled the scream by biting on her lips. Then she'd placed the knife back in her pocket.

Abhay's eyes now were almost intoxicated by her blood were changing colour-What have U done?
Pia smiled weakly-What i had to. U really are a vampire!!
Abhay had to scare her so she'd leave him alone but there was no fear in her eyes. This girl was crazy-So U know!!!
Pia observed his eyes were full of hate. She didn't care. He hated her anyway. Abhay transformed in front of her-This is so cool!!!
Abhay got hold of Pia's wrists baring his fangs out-Cool!!! I'm about to suck your life out and U think this is cool?
Pia for the life of her didn't know why she was so daring placed her wrist to his lips-Suck away vampy!!! I dare U! (She was transfixed by his powerful eyes and those hypnotic eyes) At least i have one answer. I know U want it.
Abhay was tempted but..no he couldn't-It doesn't scare U!!!
Pia laughed-I'm a witch. If U wanted me dead i'd be dead. Is this why U kept pushing me away because ...no theres something more to it...(Pia placed her wrists over his lips causing him to taste her licking his lips) Feels good doesn't it?

Abhay closed his eyes to see a small part of Pia he'd neglected to see. The part where she'd risk her own neck for others. For Pooja, for Urvi a girl she'd only just met and for his kids so they'd get away leaving her to deal with the consequences but this was all he got. Looks like he was wrong about this girl. But she was a few screws loose to pull a stunt as dangerous as this just to get to the truth. Abhay now tamed the vampire within him to keep his blood thirst at bay. He had to heal her before anyone suspected there was foul play. First he'd  touched the area's where she was hurt miraculously healing her and then he took her into his arms and straight to camp.

Abhay had arrived with Pia placing her down in her tent warning her-I am not healing the rest of U as a punishment for doing this on purpose. U keep your mouth shut. Its been a long night and i don't want any aggravation. We are leaving first thing in the morning.

Pia gulped and then sulked-Sorry!! (Boy was she in trouble? She saw there were people getting up to check a dark haired older woman and two men.) I'm hallucinating. No more magic herbs for Pia.

With this Pia drifted off to sleep with grave difficulty as her entire body ached from her daredevil and stupid impulsive act to play stunt-girl filled with questions and Abhay!!! 

Reina congratulated all of the witches in accomplishing their labours and declared Pia as their true Queen. With it she was bestowed with a magical book of shadows containing all of the spells and incantations to help her and to face her inner demons.

Reina finished-Pia i gather U did a little soul seeking at the fountain of truth. I sent everyone there but U must have wanted it more than the others and your Pure heart is what decided your fate. Always listen to it and don't let darkness consume U. For each of us has 2 sides. Evil and good exists in all of us Pia. The 2 girls U saw are U. They represent both sides of the coin making one person U. Your selflessness paving the way for the others before U and their needs being met so they survive is a quality all leaders must be born with. U made difficult decisions and used your wit and guile to survive and help others. This is why U reign supreme. I know U are impulsive but this is all down to being young. Experience will help U become a much wise and give U immense knowledge not to mention a more of a stretegic mind to deal with issues. We've all witnessed the absolute Power U have at your disposal use it well Pia.
Pia utters-How do U know about the fountain?
Reina smiles-U are easy to read for me right now. U are at your most weakest thanks to some questionable decisions U made. Follow your heart and not your head Pia. Its already crowded in there. I think we'll be seeing each other a lot more than usual.
Pia knelt down to Urvi in a plaster cast-U do realise Prem could have healed U?
Urvi lashes out-Like i want him touching me. No way. I'd rather endure pain than let playboy taint me with his impure hands.
Reina scolds her sister-U better thank him for saving your hide! He did save U and one should be gracious not filled with hate.
Urvo apologizes-I'm sorry!
Prem wants to hear Urvi apologize again-I didn't hear that. Will U repeat it again for me this time louder.
Urvi glares-Are U hard of hearing? I said i'm sorry! Hope we never meet again.
Prem laughs-Feelings mutual.

Pia thought she'd seen a dark figure looming around in the back somewhere-Hey!
All turn around
Pia shouts out again-managing to see side of the face-Who are U?
Reina's colour is drained-Its starting. Pia U have to be cautious. There are people. No other witches, they...U have to go now!

All depart from the camp sight in a hurry. And go back to where they came from. 
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Fab update Ayesha...loved it Clap Clap
Khushi is very naive...ker convo with Pia was very adorable Embarrassed
and the fountation of truth was amazing. I hope she realizes the curly head was her another life. so Pia now knows Abhay is a vampire. Always desparate and irrantional when it comes to Abhay ha LOL 
So Abhay gave healing kisses to her Big smile offcourse he has to... i hope he tames down a bit.. Tongue LOL but Abhay is Abhay so cant trust him in this issue LOL
Prem is too good... he n Urvi would be superb together.. lets see who tames down whom.. so Pia is the qitch queen now.. cool.. looking forward to the next update.. love this FF Embarrassed 
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Posted: 2012-02-18T15:33:44Z
aweome update dr,

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