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:::Update 8:::Wiccan Convention:::

Two days later Pia was busy with Pooja gearing up for their final catharsis of showing their elders just what they had the potential of doing and hopefully getting the guidance and acknowledgement they deserved. Pia was sick of hiding out with her supposed secret circle she was bound by. Just because they were scared of getting caught didn't mean she should be afraid. The flashbacks were interwoven in her head of the many times Diana had instructed her to follow the protocol of being kept in the closet but she was struggling to contain her powers. The Circle hadn't stopped her powers from going out of sync like she'd thought they'd be. Ever since Abhay had arrived her powers had escalated almost, probably due to emotional if not mental duress. There he comes again back inside of her head. Pia couldn't for the good of her get the guy who'd torn her apart out of her head. He was always there. She'd tried so hard to ignore him but failed to detract away from his blazing eyes so cold but there was something deep she wished she could get inside his head for one day. So that she could in return give him a dose of her payback. For now she would bide her time sizing him up, little by little, get to know him better, even if it means hurting herself in the process and then back the hell away from him. Guys generally hated it when a girl shows them interest and then suddenly lose that fan following adoration they got used to according to Prem. The ultimate culmination was to bag Abhay Raichand because he was her her only hope in life right now. It was another issue if Abhay reciprocated her madness back because she didn't know for the life of her why she was so obsessed to possess Abhay at all cost even at losing her own soul. Why did she think soul then???? Why did he treat her like she was something to be frowned upon, no something to be spat at more like, all these questions kept appearing and the answers all lay with Abhay unless she could pry them out of her favourite friend Jeet. He was always so sweet and polite. Why couldn't Abhay be like him, after all they shared the same DNA? DNA. There was another gaping hole to all of this debacle. There were 12 Raichands all at some point calling Abhay Dad. How could he be their father? Then again she'd heard them call her Mom which she liked for some strange reason, It made her feel special almost, kinda tying her to Abhay, she felt very maternal around her friends. She was beginning to really like the new batch of the Raichand children she'd met. They possessed a little of individuality and were liberated almost but they all shared the same warmth as the others. They all looked like Abhay, his personality traits but Khushi, was just like her a dreamer. Why were they so endearing to her? Why was she all of a sudden interested in these people like they were a part of her? Pia was now thinking about Abhay again. Would he ever act like she was even a human being, like she existed or remain so withdrawn like he had been doing the past two days? Questions. Question and more question. Damn it she thought to herself. Pia was having trouble sleeping thanks to her million questions forming inside of her brain. Abhay was always in her dreams like a spirit guide.

Pooja clicked her fingers snapping Pia out of her daydream laughing sweetly on their way to the convention-You've been getting lost in your own world a lot the past few days. Everything, (Hints with her eyes at Abhay) going ok with U?
Pia gave a sheepish grin getting caught again almost letting slip Abhay's name-I'm just stressed out that's all. I'm nervous about the convention. I mean i haven't performed well in the circle nor have i done much on my own.(Abhay was detrimental to her health she was thinking to herself. At this point she'd have blurted out his name biting her tongue back) Aren't U nervous?
Pooja shook her head whispering back-No. Yes. I'm trying to block it all out. By the way i know what's on your mind or shall i say whom?
Pia giggled at Pooja and then shot her a stern look-Don't go there. I can play the same game too U know. (Hinting at Jeet) I know how U two keep fighting. Its so cute. 
Pooja scoffs holding Pia's hand now watching Jeet with his Father in the front seat-Oh please, we aren't going there. I'd need to take some heavy dosage of lavender just to calm me down. I swear i'll throttle him at one point. I don't know where i stand with him.
Pia getting all defensive now warning Pooja-Don't use any of your magic on him because you'll have to go through me and U know how dangerous my powers are. I won't have anyone hurting him. 
Pooja nodded in agreement. Nobody messed with Pia-I know the story. I heard what U did to those witches when one of them decided to play a practical prank on the 6 some time back. U whooped them pretty good. Oh we are here.
Pia turned to face the back window smiling, then waving at the others in the other car behind them excitedly-Wish Grams could be here. (Looking sad now) We should have booked a minibus then we'd have all sat together. I wanted Prem here as well. I kinda like his playful nature. He makes me feel good about myself almost.
Abhay was now glaring upon hearing Pia's praise for his son sounding nonchalantly feeling jealous at Prem for steering Pia's attention when she should be thinking...NO should be running from his family-I'll park the car U guys head on in ok? Khushi U are staying with me ok?
Khushi folded her arms-But i wanna go...
Abhay wasn't leaving his youngest especially with her being so open emotionally-No!!! 
Pia got a call from the hospital making her realise she'd forgotten to volunteer for the weekend picking it up and replying back with Abhay listening in-Sorry! I forgot! I'll be there next week. I hope i haven't caused U guys any inconvenience. I haven't been well the past few days and erm...Sorry again.
Pooja couldn't believe Pia had forgotten but it was understandable-I should have realised U had to be elsewhere. Sorry!!!
Pia shrugged her shoulders-Don't be!!! I can't believe it slipped my mind. They were nice about it. I am their regular helper so all is forgiven.
Abhay wanted to know what this was all about? What was this hospital business about?-Are U ill?
Pia was keeping her mouth shut but Jeet answered for her cryptically misleading his Father-Sort of...Pia's got the hospital every weekend. (Jeet turns around winking at Pia to keep quiet) I think the doctors are all missing her. She gives them all a hard time.
Abhay got the feeling there was more to it. Should he heal her? Was she terminal? Before he could get his answers the kids had already started moving.
Jeet got out first and then helped his mother out first smiling at her-You'll do good trust me.
Pia hugged Jeet for giving her a push in the right direction and making her fears almost wash away from her-Thanks. Don't expect anything too spectacular. My powers have gone a little south. I seem to have lost my mojo.
Jeet cupped his mother's face-Believe in yourself because we all have faith in U. This is just a glitch. I think the past 2 days have been too taxing on U. Wipe the slate clean and if U are still struggling then allow me to help U.
Pia raised her brow-How?
Jeet smiled at her-Just think of something that makes U happy. 
Prem headed out of his vehicle removing his raybands-Think of me and you'll be happy Chilli Flakes after all i place a smile on all the ladies.
Arohi laughed-Oh don't start your boasting because we don't fall for it.
Pia flattered Prem boosting his already inflated ego-U always make me smile Prem. U haven't stopped since U came here. (Kisses his cheek then rubbing her lip gloss off.)
Prem smiled back-After all i did do a PhD in Wooing the ladies.
Angel mocked her brother-Oh next you'll be writing a book on How to snag women of your dreams and then ditching them for the next top model. Get over it bro. One day you'll meet a girl who won't look at U once foregt twice and then you'll be asking everyone for advice.
Prem full of confidence-U are just...jealous...I get more attention than U. Besides why tie yourself to one women when U can have them all. I doubt any girl can make me...
Pia giggled at this last statement-I'd stop before U dig an even bigger grave for yourself my sweet Romeo. I like your confidence and you'll flatter anyone ensuring they have a good time but karma's a b****. What goes around eventually comes around.
Prem wasn't bothered by this fact-So far i've been fine. I'm sure... (Saw this cute girl with a slender model beside her...) Wow!!!!
Pia, Angel, Arohi and the rest of the girls eyes followed Prem's in interest.

Abhay was feeling envious of his own sons. Both of them were hovering around Pia like she was their property. Both his sons glanced his way knowing they were getting the desired effect. They were protecting Pia from their Father for now until he chilled out. It wasn't worth putting starting another fight with them around defending her the way they had been doing the past few days. Pia had his kids wrapped round her little finger. Only his youngest remained by his side and this too reluctantly. Abhay saw two black haired girls emerging to greet them.

Reina hollered in with her sister Urvi inviting the newcomers into the Cafe DASH-Please come in so we can register U in for the night. Hope U enjoy your stay.
Chahat had never seen a Wiccan gathering before, She was taken back by the turnout conferring with Khushi-This is going to rock. Do U think they'll ask us to do some cool tricks?
Khushi was too busy comparing the evident distance between her Mom and Dad who were trying to keep out iof the other one's way-No. I think they'll know straight away we are gifted in a different way. They'll sense magic in us. I'm not sure if they'll know exactly what we are.
Vedhant was busy tucking away at the buffet munching on some taco's and the dips were amazing with the Salsa and the dressing was yum-They're all going.
Abhay felt like he was just a mere spectator watching the others taking part in something new feeling guilty for sheltering his kids from the world he'd kept them in wrapping them in cotton wool. He showed his discomfort-Looks like this is going to be one long night.
Pia flashed her irritation-Nobody invited U to come (In retaliation) Why don't U just leave?
Abhay smirked back-When U invite my kids U indirectly invited me.
Pooja saw this was a potential Pia moment ehere her irritation would develop into a Square off directing her friend away-Look they've started. (Gives Pia the look then calms her down) Why do U let him bug U? Show him U can rise above this. I want to see U take us by storm.
Jeet admired the way Pooja was handling his Mother giving her his approval-Yeah we haven't seen U yet in action.
In the dark night they'd been led to an open field surrounded by a gathering of over a hundred people all stood up in a circle almost.
Karan raised his brow sounding a little perplexed-Theres even more people here.

Reina gave Karan her most serious look hinting at him to be quiet then retreated back to the gathering newcomers and some old faces. It was her duty as the ultimate witch from the previous consecutive years running to lead the new batch to take on the challenges before them clearing her throat.

Reina already singled out Pia from afar with intrigue and then her gaze shifted to Abhay who didn't belong in this world forget in this convention. What did she care? So long as he was keeping his fangs in check and ...The Vampire's eyes were solely blazing at Pia. This got her attention again. There was a power surge all in Pia's direction.

Reina had to zero in on Pia on the mike she started to make a speech-Welcome to the annual Convention. The only place dedicated to the  sisterhood of Witches galore. For all the newbies i am Reina the ultimate witch Queen. I guess now the times come where i must find my successor. Youth must lead the youth and so a teen must be selected for this prestigious crown. From where i am standing i can sense and see a lot of potential here. Some of U possess Powers beyond all comprehension and don't know the half of what U can do while others aren't naturally blessed with the gift others may find they were born to do this (Keeping her eyes locked with Pia's). I can see faces that do not belong here (Eyeing Abhay with disdain making Pia a little flummoxed by this witches audacity to dare accuse Abhay of anything taking her by surprise. Reina was getting the picture loud and clear as crystal with the sparks so evident between this witch and the vampire) I see some old faces here to help us train our new generation of Wiccan sisters. We are here to share a weekend of pure magic and in return attain the blessing of the goddess to always have her grace upon us flourishing our inert craft and hope U take away something from this. Now if this is a first time for our fledging sisters please will U step forwards so we may begin the initiation process and catch a glimpse of what U have to offer. Then there will be a dual next year to show us who is the fittest of U all displaying the greatest of U in a bout to take the Head of all covens. Its a huge responsibility but i am sure with guidance the successor will be a worthy heir. 

Pooja, Pia and a group of 30 witches all come to the fore one by one smiling at the other nervously. Urvi remained stood behind her sister Reina but her sister pressed for her to join the others so she can start the training with the others.

Pooja introduced herself by searching within her mind to raise the night alight with a chant to show off how bright she really is but it didn't last long. Her aura was pretty fiery.
Urvi wished she could be anywhere but here showing her sister her exasperation huffing by blocking her sisters torrid powers aimed at her. Aura was pretty blue.
One by one everyone had a go until Pia was the last one remaining unsure how to introduce herself because all she could think of was the storm still clouding her life using all 5 elements in accidence creating a whirlwind around her followed by lightening, rain drenching everyone until she'd accumulated enough to make a water ball smiling at the perfect mood being shown to the world but how does she turn it off? Pia scanned for help feeling overpowered by something she wasn't familiar with. Everyone was a little stunned by the myriad of colours flowing out of her but Pia couldn't see for loss of control over her powers.

Preet was worried now sharing it with his sister-Is this normal?
Geet shook her head sounding alarmed almost-She must be a little intimidated with so much power on display. Mom's taken on too much.
Arjun hoped Khushi could do something-Why don't U reach out Mom? U know shut her emotions somehow?
Abhay for the first time since meeting Pia was beginning to see into Pia's world but not sold completely. Why did she perform such a storm if she couldn't contain it?
Vedhant urged his sister to do something fast unable to see his Mom looking so helpless-Now!!!Khushi now!!!
Khushi nodded gearing herself to be linked emotionally to her mother taking her away from her dark place. It was quite upsetting to know her Mother had all of this she was bottling away and this was all building up-Done!!! 
Abhay uttered watching Pia a little shaken-Damn her!!! 

Reina had felt a connection made from a non witch with the witch showing her inquisitiveness simmering in her mind-I see we have already got a variety of powers on show. Control is what us Wiccan's must strive for not perfection. Our emotions can be detrimental to us or it can be our biggest weapon depending on the individual. Good job everyone. Now we all have campfires set up for everyone and tents to sleep in. Tomorrow we have a few tasks for our new witches. So feel free to mingle and get to know each other.

Urvi was in awe of Pia's powers, it was so raw, nothing she'd ever seen before and knew her sister was already championing her as the next leader to take the throne. Urvi wasn't much of a witch in fact she didn't even have powers other than blocking mental attacks and emotional attacks. Reina had wanted her to experience this feeling of being part of something special.

A mass of whispers spread and one by one the girls began to introduce each other by name and not by aura.

Reina had to introduce herself properly to Pia already finding the heir-Quite an impressive stunt U pulled there. Have U done this before?
Pia choked out a nervous laugh seeming modest and slightly fractious-It just happened. (To Pooja glibly) I told U this would happen. Something always goes wrong. There was too many people out there. 
Reina gave a apathetic look-No offence but in the early stages we all go through an emotional melt down. Is there something bothering U deep down? Something related to i don't know say him (hinting with her eyes over to Abhay) I sense friction. And lots of it. In fact U are surrounded by some unfinished business and until U complete it, find yourself you'll never reach salvation.
Pia thought to herself the witch was right-How do U...
Reina chimed in cheerfully-Experience. U my friend are a delight to walk in to this convention. I've never met anyone like U. I want U to meet my sister Urvi.
Urvi let out a coy smile shaking Pia's hand-Hi!
Pia replied back welcoming the girl in feeling a good vibe from her-Hi. U did good out there. I wish i could block everything out. I'm Pia and this is Pooja. (To Reina probing further) I think i've scared everyone a little. Sorry. I bound my powers with 5 other people and somehow managed to do magic on my own. I don't know how to shut it off. I was hoping you'd help me. This has been going on for too long. I want to control what id do and not let it control me.
Reina embraced Pia for her bravery-Good U want to do something about it.
Jeet rushed over to his Mother-How are U?
Pia smiled softly-Good (Saw Abhay's icy blues indifferent to hers) I know i let U down.
Prem used his smooth operator moves on the new girls-Hi prem here.
Urvi was beginning to dislike this guy. He was everything she disliked in a guy. Complete prat. The way he was working the crowd and all the girls were falling for it but her-I'll see U later. I have to go.
Prem stopped Urvi giving her his cutest dimpled smile-U didn't tell me your name?
Urvi blasted back-I don't talk to guys i don't like. Why waste my time and energy?
Angel and the rest of the Raichand clan were pretty shocked already loving Urvi as her prediction was coming true-Bro what did i tell U?
Pia wanted to help-Oh he's our infamous Romeo of the gang-Prem. You've met All of the girls and the boys. He's harmless. Once U get to know him he'll grow on U.
Urvi wasn't interested in any of the Raichand gang other than the girls in general and ok the others but not Prem-Its good to meet U Jeet. Maybe later we can talk. (To Pia) We've got a long night to sit round the camp and get to know each other.
Prem was taken back by this curt reply. All the ladies were charmed by him including his own mother then why was this girl behaving like he was just an average joe? running after her for some strange reason to know why the girl was cordial with everyone but him-Have i done something to offend U? On the contrary i won't waste your time but make your time worthwhile. Lets start again. I'm Prem.
Urvi a little peevish gave him the i don't care look-I'm not interested in who U are. This isn't a place to pick up girls in case U haven't noticed and U don't belong here. You're not a witch. If i come off rude then so be it. Now if you'll excuse me i have things to do.

Prem was stomped if not stupefied. For once his charm wasn't working on this one girl.

Abhay was stood taking all of this in. He saw how all of his children had rallied round Pia like she was a member of their family. They'd freely accepted her in no questions asked. Khushies emotional involvement wasn't lost on him either. Abhay saw several wise eyes in acknowledgement to his being a vampire expecting them to be afraid but instead they were at ease probably due to the numbers they had. Pia wondered why Abhay was standing out like a sore thumb? Did he hate her this much he had to exclude himself away from her like this? Why did it bother her if he wanted nothing to do with her? Pia excused herself from the 12 youngsters she considered as family to Abhay. He was away from everyone like he belonged in the darkness.

Pia waving the white flag-I come in peace. This is surreal isn't it? I am among people with the same boat as me but i still don't fit in. I guess we all have our demons to fight, struggles we face, Abhay i know U hate me and i'm cool with it. God, no i'm lying. It bothers me a lot coz i don't know what i've done wrong. But can't we just call a truce?  (Searches his eyes for answers involuntarily stroking his cheek like it was the only way she'd get through to him) I see the devotion U have for them and its something i totally admire (If only U had the same feelings for me) Thank U. U could have turned this day into a nightmare but U kept somewhat normalcy for me. 
Abhay breaking off Pia's gaze-I didn't do it for U. I did it for my kids. And no we can't call a truce as long as U keep trying to...fit in using my kids to do it.
Pia smiled back. Abhay was jealous or feeling insecure so it feels curling her mouth-Doesn't matter who U did it for just that U did. For a guy so young how did U manage to have 12 grown up kids? I wish i could say they are all adopted but they are just like U not just in looks but i've seen U with them from your characteristics to... Only they are more alive while U...
Abhay testily asked-While i what?
Pia gave him a sad look. Why was he being so argumentative?-Seem like you've lost something precious. So you're trying to hold on to them for dear life. Usually this happens if you've really lost...Her...
Abhay grabbed Pia by her arms and made sure he made her flinch to warn her in an angry tone-Don't dig into my world Pia. You'll turn to ash. U don't even know what i am forget who i am? Keep away from me. My life. My kids. My past is of no concern of yours. I'd be more concerned about your future.
Pia laughed out in reflex-Stay away isn't my forte but i want answers Abhay. U are tied to me somehow, Behaving like a caveman isn't going to scare me because Pia isn't scared so easily unless i'm the reason to be scared. You're kids choose to be with me. For once try to be more active in their social life. U act like they're all going to go off the rails trust me they are a good bunch of teens. U raised them well Abhay. (Saw something change in his eyes) U hate me. Fine. Hate me but you'll never get the better of me Abhay. U want me outta your life. You'll get your wish sooner than U think. But not until i'm done with U. Take care Abhay. And enjoy the floor show. I have a lot more to give and U have a lot more to see.

Abhay wished Pia would just get the hell out of his freakin life. Even in the wilderness she wasn't leaving him alone always butting in to make sure if he was ok? 
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Posted: 2012-02-06T12:05:20Z
great update...
loved urvi for bursting poor prem's bubble...
so i guess its urvi and prem cooking up...!!!!!!!!!


abhiya are as usual stuck up and not letting go of anyone of them...

great... update, cont soon...!!!!!!! 
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thnx for d pm
lovely gr8t ClapClap
cont soon
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Posted: 2012-02-06T21:25:42Z
Haha urvi ki entry ho gayi kya baat haiTonguewho will b the nxt entry in ur ff ayshu hehe
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fantastic update. and why is abhay so dumb. cant he understand that if khushi can connect to pia and help her control her emotions, then there has to be some relation between them. but no, abhay was always a jerk. OuchEdited by abhayfan_dishu - 2012-02-07T21:14:13Z
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nyc dr!!!!

y abhay didnt understand what he want!!!!
children are so suportive n cute... dey really care 4 pia!!!!!
urvi didnt fall 4 prem charm... he is really shocked!!!!
i m glad pia didnt let abhay overpowering!!! hope she put some brain in him...
cont soon n thanks 4 d pm
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Superb update Ayesha. I love the witch convention thing. Clapvery well written and ufff... what sud we do with Abhay  D'ohAngry gosh this man... seriously. he is simply ignoring the connection between pia and his children. atleast he sud give it a thot how he's children are so fond of Pia and also emotionally attached to her. its not just becoz of her face...but no.. he has to be RUDE Stern Smile
urvi totally squashed Prem i must say...poor prem. LOL Jeet is awesome.. love him. and so is Khushi. probably my two favs till now. I like Pooja.. n waiting to see her relationship wid Jeet. and abhiya... waiting eagerly kab sadu raichand will understand LOL update soon Hug
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loved it ayesha awesome update Clap Smile n Abhay getting jealous of his own kids LOL liked d convection n Pia using her magic n what was hospital thing about n what did Pia do 2 who tried using magic on 6 of raichands Confused n boy Prem really got stumped by Urvi sach mein baja ke rakh diya loved it n Abhay when is he gonna except Pia n come out of his denial mode n stop being RUDE  he is argh Angry liked Khushi helping Pia Smile aaahhh i m loving this ff of urs more n more hope they would have shown something like this in d show it would have never ended at d first place Cry thanx for pm Smile n update next part soon Smile

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