::SEQEUL::ETERNALLY YOURS::Update 14 April pg139(Page 54)

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luved it a lot...
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superb update dearSmile...loved itEmbarrassed...
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wow really nice update!!!!

loved abhay n grams convo

bt this abhay is still in denial mode...seems like phir se apne STAY AWAY MISSION par nikal pada hai...bt as usual pia will break his defenses...aur iss bar toh all kids r wid her...i jus love seeing  abhay loosing battle against pia...eagerly waiting for all this to happen...update soon dear.

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Abhay in a state of denial but always jealous of his sweet heart getting close to anyone is not new. Waiting to see Pias reaction towards Abhay.
Nice to see father and son compete for the same woman I would say. Our vampire hero is sure in for some competition.
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:::Update 7:::Reality Bites:::

The next day brought Abhay a whole set of problematic issues. Like it wasn't bad enough to see Pia's shadow haunting him all over again not to mention his systematic, calculating practicality was now shattered replaced by uncertainty of the unknown entity that was the new girl. Abhay's reflex was to get into his ruthless, rock hard exterior, becoming merciless, cruel to be kind on this girl so he may guard his heart from opening up to any kind of affection with absolute vigour. Abhay was getting reduced to a wave of emotion right now mostly all self consuming facets of his trait he wanted locked away so he'd have his sanity back. Yes he'd taken on board what the old lady had told him about this Pia dying on this day was synonymous to his Pia's death but it seemed far fetched. Abhay couldn't delve back to a past he wanted never to revisit again but it was marvelling to see this girl. It was astounding he could even feel for this creature was making him feel guilty for cheating on Pia. The girl was well loved by his children another factor denominating his summed up conclusive opinion of her. Abhay hated how the girl was constantly calling out his name during her sleep it was highly irritating especially with his youngest two smiling like it meant anything to him.

Pia laying in her bed kept getting this weird sensation her life was already perfect now because she had found what she had lost. The man who'd she'd been waiting for but the fear of him leaving her again scared her like crazy because it was what he always did. Abhay always left her mid way. Pia never got to see him fully but those eyes were what left her bereft. His eyes had told her his story. Pia felt other people in her room coming in and out talking to her but it was his voice she desired to hear. Would she even recognize his voice? 

Arohi sensed her Mother waking up-Guys, guys shes waking.
Khushi was so excited to hear her Mothers voice finally-Do U think she'll like us? 
Jeet laughed at the silly question-Everyone likes U kiddo so don't start bombarding her with a million questions. Allow her little time ok? (He eyes his father with the corner of his eyes) Mom has the habit of answering questions with a question. She likes to challenge authority.
Prem laughed in response-Chilli flakes is sure a handful and your questions are nothing in front of hers. We almost stumbled on them a few times.
Karan frowned admitting-Its not funny. Moms a witch and she senses when someone is fibbing. How are we going to tell her we are all her children? From another lifetime ago. 
Abhay rebuked back-U say nothing. The girl is nothing to us. How many times...
Geet chided at her father-U said you'd help. Now don't get into any fights. We will call her what we want. She's waking up so don't scare her.
Priya loathed watching her Mothers death right before her very eyes last night and her recovery was a miracle sounding sad-She's been through the wars. Its a wonder she's still even sane!!! Not to mention accepting her role as a witch. Talk about trippy overload on a power trip.
Angel sympathized with her sister-Must have been lonely.

Pia smiled softly removing the blanket off of her fluttering her eye lids. The voices were quite soothing to her ears but she didn't quite hear them. Pia widened her eyes watching all eyes staring back at her with intrigue but her eyes only sought the blue eyes from last night. Abhay's eyes and she found his eyes coldly holding her gaze with not love but something primal almost animal like feel like she had invaded his personal space somehow. Pia never left Abhay's eyes unable to avert them just in case he disappeared again. She didn't care how he looked back at her so long as she could see him with a longing she'd never felt before.

Grams spoke first to clear the air being careful not to overfill Pia with her reality-They are all family. They are Jeet's brothers and sisters and they've all come to see U after what happened last night.
Abhay glared at Pia with anger directed at her making her feel rotten for ruining their night but Abhay didn't care. He had to maintain a distance from the girl and shake her out of this destructive mode-How are U feeling? Good i hope after the stunt U pulled. My family have never witnessed such an out of control behaviour before. U could have died.
Pia mocked wryly-Isn't that an understatement. So U their eldest brother or something.
Preet sounding a little serious-I hope U don't mind us all in your room. U had us all spooked. I'm Preet. (He introduces each one of his family) We are all brothers and sisters here apart from him. (Directs his eyes towards Abhay) He's shall i say our leader. The boss man. We all answer to him.
Pia wondered why he looked like Jeet-But he and Jeet...
Jeet finished with finesse-We share the same DNA. Pia U look much better. Don't scare us like that again.
Grams was helped up by Arjun-Pia, do U want to go freshen up while i go make your favourite breakfast with Geet. I'm teaching her my newest recipe.
Pia gave her Grams a hug-I'm sorry Grams for putting U through this again. (Pia kisses her cheek lightly) I wish...
Grams gave a stern look-Never wish it Pia. U are my Grandchild. I want U to outlive me not the other way round. (Gives Abhay the nod) Make sure she remains like this ok?
Jeet plants a kiss on his Mothers cheek making sure she is 100 percent sensing her the pensive reserved side to her. They were all probably overwhelming her-U look beautiful. Now give us a smile and start showing us how strong U really are. I've been boasting to the others about what an independent young woman U are with Geet. I don't want them thinking we've been hyping U up after all our reputation is at stake. And Prems been gushing to them how U are his newest girlfriend on the block.
Pia nervously giggled-He wishes.
Geet concurred in agreement smiling widely emitting her approval-Yeah Khushi has been waiting to chat to U and i guess you've had us all worried now because U haven't said much. So we will give U a little space. (Gives her hand a squeeze) 
Pia now out of her depth watching some of them leave but Abhay remained put-I'm sorry about ruining your night!!!
Prem wasn't having any of his Flakes apologies-Don't be. We got a lot out of last night. Partying has never been so cool till we met U.
Abhay rounds his children out signalling them all out with his eyes but his youngest was proving to be a nuisance-Vedhant and Khushi both out now!!!

Pia still had her eyes on Abhay's burning a hole through him. Damn he was making her stomach churn, the butterflies in her stomach were making her feel light headed as soon as they all left her room he started to come closer to her sitting on the chair next to her. Pia just wanted to to wrap her arms around him but she was petrified Abhay would run the other way. To touch Abhay, feel his skin aginst her fingertips, to inhale his scent, to get lost in those icy blue eyes, to listen to his melodic voice right down to know the man behind this serious robotic stance confused her. He could tell from her features Pia was deeply affected by his presence. Good let her feel uncomfortable by him because she deserved this and more for putting his family into the centre of attention. Any hopes Abhay had of this Pia of feigning all of this for attention because this is what most teens from the wrong side of the tracks did lapping up all the attention seeking trouble for kicks but last night had shown him the gravity of this girls condition. He so desperately wanted her to have nothing in common with his Pia.

Pia stumbled on her words with Abhay searching for the right thing to ask him-Hi!!! (She had goosebumps just from the close proximity from Abhay smiling nervously at him) 
Abhay sounding abrasive almost yelled out-So how long has this been going on for? The teens have this impression U are cool. I don't appreciate U dragging them into clubs especially when they are all underaged like yourself. Its very irresponsible. 
Pia getting all defensive protecting herself almost folding her arms taken back by his harsh tone feeling vulnerable all of a sudden-It was just a little fun. They were...I was lashing out...Why are U so mean?
Abhay wanted this girl to hate his guts holding her tightly almost shaking her. Watching her eyes almost fill up with tears-U were drunk and could have died. U think its a joke? I pride myself on leading by example. They've never strayed from what i've taught them.But U are a poor role model. No wonder U have people after U if U are making yourself so open to attacks with your stupidity. 
Pia quivers her lips-U don't know me!!!!
Abhay shoots back watching the hurt in her eyes revelling in it-Good i don't want to know a self-centred, self absorbed, shallow girl like U. Look at U. U think this get up is normal? U think rebelling, not caring, adding the look, the style to the attitude will give U friends? I know how they saved U some months back but U are a danger to them and to yourself. They feel U need saving and they're not wrong. I've seen enough to know U are on a self destructive one way ticket to getting killed taking my kids with U but i won't let U. I've never met an obnoxious girl like U before into  drugs, booze until i met U. I can't even bear to look at U without reliving last night. U think deaths cool. Its not. When your gone. You're gone permanently then who'd have taken care of your Grams. (Abhay saw the tears trickling down her eyes continuing on breaking her spirit) I've seen death closely and i never want to lose anyone again and my kids are all i've got. They aren't following U to hell.
Pia felt the wind knocked out of her. He was harsh and so not like the sweet guy from her dreams making the spine on her back shiver at his outburst-Its not my fault. I can't help it. I don't know how to stop it. (She shouts at him) I'd never hurt them. Never. You're nothing like him!!! Your so mean!!! So bitter!!! 
Abhay smirked back at succeeding to antagonizing her-What? Sweet and all things fluff aren't me. I don't even know what U are rambling on about...U need to see somebody...U need help. Don't look at me like this. I'm not here for U. Do U get this? (Shakes her again) U have people after U i will do what i can but U need to quit drawing attention. Stop falling into bad habits ok? Stop dragging others with U? U may have powers but not everyone gifted like U.
Pia kept saying incoherent words at the raw anguish of losing the dream, those feelings inside of her were being clawed out of her by his curt words nonsensically blabbering-U weren't supposed to be like this. U aren't meant to be cold. (Pia had trouble almost breathing) I'm so...U were meant to save me...From me...From this...From my eternal black hole...We are...U are...
Abhay blasted her further alienating himself from her by punishing her emotionally conveying his distaste for her with his eyes-Wake the hell up before U take everyone down with U.
Pia felt dejected looking down sitting herself down unable to verbalise her feelings now full of shame almost-Don't bother!!!

Jeet stormed in shouting at Abhay for upsetting Pia who was now tear stricken unable to breathe taking her into his arms consoling her-Shhh i'm here!! (To Abhay in authoritativeness command) Get out now!!! You've ruined everything. 
Pia didn't understand for the life of her why Abhay affected her so much. Why couldn't she control her emotions? Why did he spark such a reaction from her? Nobody got to her. Nobody till he walked in to her life still crying her eyes out clinging on to Jeet. He was her only support system mumbling constantly over and over-U can't be. U can't be. Angel!!! Abhay!!!
Jeet glared at Abhay sounding irritated by his Father's lack of empathy for his Mother-U happy now? I hope your satisfied with your act now leave. 
Abhay smirked fully pleased by the impact on this girl but he did feel a little surprised almost by her over the top emotions. How unstable was this girl to warrant such a response from his harsh lectures-Don't worry i don't want to stay here one more minute and watch this sorry sight. Its not like i said anything wrong. She has to know she was risking everyone by her actions. The girl needs discipline.
Geet let out a sigh of anguish at watching her Mother in deep pain-Dad U are coming with me now. (Drags him out of there. Abhay was giving steely eyes directed at his son now wanting to pull him away from her. The girl was completely frazzling his brain) U can be so insensitive at times. I've never seen this side to U before. The vindictive side, this nasty streak U have is not pretty, Poor Mom she's besides herself. Is this what U put Mom through in the past? I'm surprised she came out in one piece.
Abhay smirked chiding out of Pia's room now-This proves she isn't your Mother. Pia was strong, kind hearted spirit, this girl isn't even anything like her. She's weak and her attitude is nothing like Pia's i don't want her thinking she can start following me around with those love sick eyes. Its how they always start. I know the signs and i don't want her any where near me.
Geet flashed her wise eyes back at her Father's knowing full well Pia had disturbed him to the very core which is why he was having a strong reaction in retaliation-Looks like history is already repeating itself. U with the stay the hell away from me and making Mom come after U. Let me shed some light on Pia. Nobody makes her cry. Pia is very much in control of her emotions until U came on the scene. U brings something out of her. If you've agreed to help her then start by being civil and don't talk to her. Pia knows when she's not wanted. She'll move on. The girls tough as nails U just gotta get to know her.
Abhay retorted back-Yeah i can see how sorted she is.
Angel shook her head-Let me guess he upset her!!! Boy U really don't know when to keep your mouth shut. I thought U were meant to be the mature one looks like its us whose more mature than U. U go to Grams and please behave. U aren't a child unlike us.
Abhay didn't want to leave but knew it was all for the best. Why were his children siding with Pia? She was a complete stranger as opposed to him. The witch had brainwashed his innocent children he thought thickly to himself-Has she given U anything?
Angel crossly answered-No she has black magicked us. U are getting too suspicious for your own good.

Jeet managed to calm his Mother down soothing her with his voice-Now U go freshen up ok? I will just...
Pia not letting go of Jeets side-No!!!!!!
Jeet smiled back stroking her back-I'm not going anywhere. I'll just be in the corridor. 
Pia gave a weak smile back-I'm sorry!!!
Jeet chuckled-Will U stop apologizing already. Its fine. We had a good birthday bash not to mention a little excitement and a lot of drama which we don't have from where we come from. Now U go get ready and i'll just be out there for now.  
Pia nodded-I don't know what i'd do if i didn't have U. I'm not like this.
Jeet knew his Mother all too well over the past 4 months-I know.

Downstairs Pooja made her entry getting interrogated by Angel and Khushi about what she does and her powers? They were all facinated by her cool powers on display fanning the events of a frosty reception Abhay had given to Pia. Khushi was still upset at him for treating her mother so cruelly but on the other hand she knew what her father was going through better than anyone. Pooja was just relieved Pia was up and about not informed of Pia's breakdown earlier.

Pooja to Grams seeking permission-Can i go see Pia? I have news to pass on to her about a gathering taking place.
Grams gave Pooja the green-Pia will be happy to see U (Gives Abhay her stern look of disapproving gaze omitting to tell Pooja of Jeet being upstairs) She should be settled down.

Pooja upstairs was heading up bumping into Jeet shot angrily-Can't U see where U are going?
Jeet blazed back-I could say the same for U. U here to see Mom?
Pooja eyed the door then back at Jeets grey eyes-U keep calling her Mom! Why? I thought she was just a friend or some crush U have from the way U keep staring at her.
Jeet wasn't one bit amused by Pooja's observations-Its complicated. We have a connection far greater than your little brain can take. U have to have insight which U don't have witch.
Pooja getting miffed-No need to get so rattled grey eyes i was only asking? I can see the resemblance ok i just wanted to know the reason behind it. Why U keep calling her Mom and then theres Blue eyes. He looks just like U. But he's not alive...
Jeet didn't like her prying into his family matters. Damn this girl was fluctuating into his life a little too fast he thought-In another lifetime ago ...hold up...your a witch U work it out...but U have no business...

Pooja saw Pia come out looking a little worse for wear but she was alive this was a bright side hugging her-U gave us a fright last night. Sorry i let U down.
Pia sensed the tension between Jeet and Pooja smiling also feeling a little protective of him-Its not your fault. U did warn me. As U can see i am still alive. Another year to go and then we'll see if i'm still around. (To Jeet smiling at him gently lays her head on his chest hugging him) Thank U for being my rock. U didn't need to help me out.
Jeet kissed Pia's forehead-Its all part of being here for each other. If U want us gone we'll go. All U have to do is say the word.
Pia blurted a little fast-No!!! (The thought of them leaving her was too much) I'm no good on my own. 
Jeet patted her back-Good. Coz none of us wanted to leave. We'll handle U know who!!
Pia kept Abhay as far away from her mind as possible with grave difficulty-We'd better for my sake. I mean your sake. (To Pooja sounding a little concerned) So how's it going with Varun? 
Pooja rolled her eyes twirling her long black hair-Not good! (Eyes Jeet then back at Pia again) Apparently i'm not good for business if i'm warning my customers. He's an a**. (Heading downstairs now) I came to invite U to a convention. We have one every year but you're new to this game and thought we should tag along. Leave Diana and the nasty gang behind though.
Pia giggled sitting down in the living room now her mood was dark eyeing Abhay from the corner of her eye feeling saddened by her broken preconceived notion of how stale her life was right now-Sure. When is it?
Pooja relayed back-2 days time. But we need U prepared ok? 
Pia shrugged her shoulders-Can i bring a few friends round?
Pooja already knew which friends-Sure!!!
Pia beamed full of zest for life now-Jeet U gotta come with. I want U to check this place out and what others can do. Will U come? I want U guys there.
Jeet nodded confirming-Sure. What about school? 
Pooja laughed-Its at night so we'll have plenty of time. This is our final year so we'll be cool. Pia U have to practice your craft coz there will be some seasoned witches to guide us and with your powers out of sync we gotta get all the help we can get. 
Arohi quietly chimed-Does this mean we get to see U do spells?
Pia nodded cheerfully-Yeah but so far i've screwed up big time. I'm hoping i get better. I think i overwork my spells. 

Prem and Arjun were excited about the conventions. Meeting new chicks would be fun. On the way out Jeet thanks Pooja for bringing a smile on Pia's face only confusing Pooja further. What was going on between them? One minute they hate each other then the next he's thanking her.  
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WoW...Great update ayesha!! Thumbsup
no mattr hw much abhay denies bt inwardly there's wave f emotions !! Ohh...its alwyz hard to mak hm undrstnd...!! Though grams did put sme sense n abhay!
Aww...abhay! He s alrdy jealous..tht too of hs own son..!! Haha
whn it cums to piya nthng works! Abhay's mind jst stps wrkng!

Nd i m lovng dis childrens mre nd mre! Thx ayesha fr introducng thm n dis ff... :-D
so will abhay agree nw tht its piya r wil he tak mre tym ?? Nd wil he help piya to gain cntrl ovr hr powers nw?
Hope to see lots f abhaiya n d nxt part..!
Ahh..cnt wait to see piya's reactn d abhay's inner turmoil tryng to keep hr away!
Once again...a wonderful update..! I jst lovd it...!!! :-))
Continue soon..
Thx fr d pm...

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Posted: 2012-02-01T14:23:50Z

Res- ohh..u updatd alrdy !! Mm..bt its nt cmplt i guess..!!

ahh...that ws a great update ayesha...!!! So abhay s as usual n hs denial mode...bt hw lng he cn maintain it, thts d qustn..as he's alrdy strtd feelng fr chilli flakes..!!! Nd all d abhaiya kids r jst amazng...lovng thm...specially jeet nd geet...thy bth r v..mature...!!!
So will dis piya fight wth abhay fr abhay,jst lyk d previous ?? nd hw long will it tak fr abhay to realise,tht its hr piya only...!! Nd its really surprisng hw he cnt feel hs piya being so near!!!

So is smthng big going to happn n d party?? Cnt wait to knw...
Thx fr d pm...nd i gt tht it wsnt cmpltd cz u nevr fail to pm...!! So its k...nd hw'r u nw?
Do tak cre...

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Is it complete ayshuConfusedwaiting 4 ur pm
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