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congo 4 book 3...Thumbs UpClap
cant believe pia is dead...Unhappy
but i guess u will make abhiya meet again rite???? u cannot leave it with such a sad ending...Smile
OMG!!!!!  12 little raichands...Big smile
abhay seriously must be having a hard time handling dem...LOL
waiting 4 abhiya meeting...Smile
update soon...Smile
n congo once again...Clap
 ABHAY needs a diversion to keep him out of his lull. 12 Mini ABHIYA'S will keep him occupied and he is a VAMPIRE leader to his clan so we have a lot of action instore already.
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       on the new thread

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thank god aysha u r opening another book
i was literally crying due to the end u hav given to book 2
but this will be awesome i m sure about it
the 12 raichands playing as cupids for their parents will be awesome to watch
please update soon i m dying to read it

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congracs 4 d sequel!!!!

i really hope pia will be alive
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congrats ayesha for sequel book3,waiting for the update.
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Cngrats 4 book 3 aysha plz cntinue soon
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congrats for new book.. btw pixie is sort of pia's new janam or something or it is pia??
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:::Update 1:::All on my OWN:::

The Eternal Wait he'd had to endure for Love, for death to take him was like a nightmare Abhay never would get out of the quadrangle he found himself in. Time moved on never stopping for any man, people changed, places were nothing new for him. Abhay had seen it all but he had felt the new life he was given was sucked away replaced with the bitterness eating away at him. Abhay the humane part of him was now officially dead and now he replaced himself back into the thick, thorn, surmounted in an illusion of obscurity building a life for his children. Abhay had been appointed as the leader of his Clan due to his accomplishments in ending the werewolf, vampire war and bringing Maithali's death not to mention now siring the future powerhouses in the form of his 12 Angels were more than enough to qualify him for this promotion.

Most of his time was taken up by raising his children. It didn't matter how many people he had around him he always felt this constant loneliness inside of him nothing could take away. A void that could never be filled in by anyone. Abhay kept this raging storm inside of him building up because he didn't know how to get rid of it. A few years had already passed by but the ache never died. She should have been here to see them all he thought darkly. Abhay had drowned himself back into darkness scolding himself for even going back to the past. He cradled his eldest toddler staring back at him with his grey eyes talking to him almost made him smile out of the icy haven he'd sworn never to venture out of.

Jeet Raichand smiled softly at Abhay stroking his cold features at the new ray of sunlight about to enter their life showing his father all is not lost-Mom!!!!!
Abhay handed his eldest son a wary smile-She's gone buddy. Its just us! Time for your nap and no more wriggling out of the cot. I have enough problems with your brothers and sisters. Try to be a good role model for them and help Papa out here.
Jeet blew a raspberry-Fine!!!! I'll be good. (His father wasn't ready to accept the light again. Adults could be so annoying) Hug!!!!
Abhay gave his son a hug and placed him down with his siblings picking the next one up for a feed-Angel i've made this organic juice and i expect U to finish it all or no chocolate for U little madam.
Angel giggled sparkling her notoriously hypnotic blue eyes matching her fathers sticking her tongue out knowing full well her father would give in to her-Chocolate? (Abhay handed her a treat and saw her finish it off in one gulp then took her juice) More Chocolate (flashing those electric blues at him)
Abhay chuckled-This rate i'll have a fat baby on my hands. (Playfully pulls her cherubic cheeks) U are all growing too fast for me.

Alina knocked on Abhay's door smiling at Abhay looking a little perplexed-Need any help?
Abhay sighed-They're a handful. I send one off to sleep then the other wakes up. Khushi needs her nappy changing. Good job vampires don't sleep.
Alina mused thinking good job U have 12 Angels to keep U busy who knows what you'd have done with all the spare time on your hands-I'll change her. I don't think she'll let go of U any time soon.
Abhay nodded-Khushi's used to sleeping in my arms. Vedants with Dad. He's getting told off for hitting his brothers. Prem won't let go of Mom. Dad's not too happy about it.
Alina laughed heartily picking Khushi up and changed her-Looks like we have Abhay jnr in the works huh? He calls us all sexy! And hotness. (Khushi starts wailing) Looks like princess wants Dad. U better take her all she'll tear the house down.
Abhay got Khushi in his arms feeling her hug him tightly with her small hands-Your mad Dad's been very busy huh? (Kisses her rosy cheeks) I'm all yours now be a good girl and sleep for Papa ok? I have a meeting to attend to with the senior vampire teams on a power surge.
Khushie flashed her baby browns at her Dad looking defiant-I wanna go with U!!!!!
Abhay wasn't going to have her upset again-Fine but U be quiet there. No picking on the good vampires ok?
Khushi stood up on Abhay's lap and kissed his cheek-I love U PAPA!!!
Abhay melted by his daughters angelic voice-Yeah yeah i know U do but U are giving me a hard time here. Papa has 11 other children too U know. I can't keep carrying U everywhere just because you're the baby of the family.
Khushi giggled proudly at monopolising her Father's time meaning he wasn't busy thinking about their mother. She felt bad when she saw her Papa go into a  mini depression at times-Tired!!!!!!

Haseena entered with Prem in her arms bouncing up and down in her arms-This one won't stop talking!!! We've bathed him, fed him now he's all yours. Sleep tight little man.
Prem winked-Goodnight sexy!
Haseena laughed placing him down-Chand's not too happy with him!!!!
Abhay could understand how his children was rubbing up his father. Prem was a born flirt-Yeah thanks Mom. U can all go now i'd like to be left alone now.
Alina gave Preet and Arohi a book to read to their brothers and sisters.
Abhay to Geet now darting his serious eyes on her-No more singing. 
Geet still singing away ignoring her Father-Sing to us!
Abhay shook his head-Daddy doesn't sing i only shout. Now get to sleep now. (Where was Sid? He was missing his boys Karan and Arjun probably out playing pranks on his Dad rolling his eyes) Arohi, Priya cover yourselves up. I need a lie down.

Chahat saw Abhay take Khushi with him to take a little time out only for his children to crawl out of their pen and climbed on to his bed giving him a hug causing him to groan. He'd been trying hard to get them to sleep on their beds but they had a habit of getting into bed with him. Abhay found it difficult to seperate himself from the children with their mother gone it was his only comfort knowing they were safe with him.

Another few years passed and Abhay had started teaching his highly intellectual children Physics and the meaning behind it. 

Abhay on the smartboard wrote down Pysics is derived from the word Physika a Greek word meaning the natural forces of the world around us. As usual his children knew the answers before he even knew them. He wished to send them all to school but with their growing powers and his children being very hyperactive he felt sorry for anyone who'd teach them with their devilish antics. Abhay took it upon himself to teach them everything he knew but sometimes he felt like a spare wheel. Jeet was the mastermind picking all the knowledge of the world on the web and self teaching his siblings of the world itself.

As soon as Abhay was out of earshot for his boring save the vampires meeting; the children discussed about their Mother now already born and isolated by her family. They wanted their father to meet her and were already planning the intricate future cleverly devising how they'd roll this dice.

Geet to her brothers showing her ideas on the table-Papa is still hurting. He won't talk about Mom and i don't want to see him upset. We'll have to physically do something fast before its impossible for Mom to come back to him
Vedant agreed feeling his Mother call out to them-Mom's very alone!!!!! I don't want her facing this alone. Her Mom's not nice to her.
Khushi didn't want to upset her Papa but she wanted him to be happy again-So we start bugging Papa for a move to the states right? But he can't live without us?
Priya chirped laughing-U mean U can't live without him. Don't worry we won't send U there. We need Papa very busy. So busy he won't have energy to chase after all of us.
Arohi beams-We need the Danger squad. So Chahat is already causing U boys nightmares and Khushi will cause Papa sleepless nights with her getting into trouble. Start behaving more like Chahat and you'll see Papa in action while we work on the adults. 
Prem had this base covered-I got sexy and Jeet Bhaiya will have to leave this place to be with Mom to remind her about Papa.
Karan felt their father on his way-Everyone start acting up now.

Arjun brought out shaving cream from the cupboards that was left by their fathers friends Venti and Shaan and started chasing his siblings with it spraying it all over the place indoors. Arohi got the other can and started whizzing around with her powers applying it on Prem and Arjun.

Arjun muttered-Watch the hair airhead!!!!!
Arohi taunted her brother-U look like a snowman.
Prem was very annoyed having his sleek hairdo ruined now jumping on Arohi-Now U are dead!!!!!!!

Haseena heard all the commotion and came around-What is going on here?
Prem planted a smirk-Sexy they've ruined my new look!!!!!! 
Haseena already won over scolded Arohi for being a disruption until she saw the state of the room-U kids have completely ruined the decor. Abhay won't be very happy.

Abhay rolled in and saw the bomb site shaking his head in disdain-Who started this?
All fingers started pointing at each other apart from Jeet keepin still and Karan remained tight lipped .

Abhay  couldn't even sit down there was no place to sit down-How many times have i told U all not to use the house as a warzone!!!! This costs money. You've wasted resources and broken the furniture. I know its boring in the house and Papa's not a barrel of laughs but why didn't U go outside for this?
Chahat batted her lashes at her father hugging him with Khushi-Sorry!!!!
Abhay huddled them all outside into the garden-I might as well punish U all. I suck at being a Dad don't i?

The children felt very guilty now all with sad faces. Abhay got a hose and started to wash all 12 children chasing them with the water-See i'm not always so grumpy.
Sid entered to see Abhay laid back having a little fun and joined in with the frolics. 

Alina saw the children bring out the fun Abhay out even if it was for a little while he was smiling.

A 15 year old Pixie Petrove saw both her parents fighting over her making her extremely angry at them. Apparently her Mother wanted to control her, We're grown ups always this selfish. All she saw was hate in their eyes for each other. Then what she saw had shaken the very ground from under her feet. Her Mother killed her father in a fit of rage startling her. What was her mother? Pixie had to run but where to? Then her Grandmother had miraculously visited them out of the blue taking her away from her hell to a new place.  

Pixie was glad to get away from her mentally unstable mother. This place would be a cool place to grow up she thought but little did she realise what was in store for her. Pixie hated her name. Her mother must have been on drugs when she named her Pixie she thought wryly. She never fit in anywhere. Maybe this would be her year. Her home but her heart told her something else entirely. Lately she kept on seeing this tattoo and wanted to get one herself. 
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