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Awsome update miss pyaar ki ek kahani thnx keep updating x
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Awsome update. 
Update sooon
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Aysha who all from the forum are featuring in this FF?
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Thank u ayshu haha ur using forum members name haha i am saved Dancing
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Originally posted by strawberryrashu

Thank u ayshu haha ur using forum members name haha i am saved Dancing

Rashu tum ho kya ismein
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:::Update 6:::Heartbeat:::

In all of the scenarios Abhay had going on in his entire existence he had never once expected to find himself with this nightmare before his very eyes. He proceeded to move the girl's jet black wavy hair to get a better view of her pale face. Abhay was not just shocked but almost flabbergasted by the sheer resemblance she had to Pia. Not to mention she'd uttered his name before she passed out. His mind jousted and tussled to regain control scolding himself the girl was not Pia. She was just a mere lookalike who'd ruined her beautiful face with such brutality. What the...piercings on her nose, multiple piercings on her ears and then one on her bottom lip. Abhay felt her body was cold to the touch, his hand lay on her stomach to his surprise she'd even pierced her naval. Who the hell was this girl who enjoyed such body art? But all he saw was his mind cancelling out the girls piercings revealing Pia's old look to his dismay provoking an unwanted reaction from him. Was this girl spiralling out of control and taking his kids with her? He'd smelt liqueur on her breath and from his children as his tempers were raised. This was an intolerable act from his children and from this minor who was trouble with a capital T. Abhay finally came back to his senses feeling there was no heartbeat from his trance uttering-Pia!!!

Karan was deeply worried by the developments not wanting to rush his father but their mother was in need of some major help whispering in Jeet's ear-Maybe we need push Dad. 
Jeet hushed Karan to remain silent whilse glaring at Pooja angrily-Dad is just gathering his composure. Mom's not exactly breathing. Nor is she anything like the way Dad has her in his head so it will take some getting used to. Let him soak this in. He'll come to his senses. 

The 6 remaining Raichand teens all rallied round their Mother wanting to help. Their eyes all yearning to see their Mother back to life again and hear the sound of her voice. Khushi was the most affected by Pia's condition vigorously shaking her father do do something fast before there was any brain damage-Mom!!!  Save her Papa! We can't lose her. (She held her Mother's hand while Arohi held the other)
Vedhant encouraged Abhay on-We need to act fast.
Diana and her coven were dumbfounded all in unison-Mom!!! (Looking at the other in confusion) 
Jake muttered-Since when did Pia become somebodies mother? She's only 16 and those teens are our age.
Erin became a mere spectator nudged Jake to shut up and watch the floor show because she and Diana knew the gut holding Pia wasn't human-This is so ace.

Abhay didn't have time to reflect on the disturbing images he saw other than save the girl and ask questions later. He pressed his hand down to Pia's chest where he heart lay gently resuscitating her back to life doing compressions, he'd fely her body crackle with a blue electric current running through her until she gasped back to the living involuntarily hugging Abhay tightly bombarding him with a swarm of raging emotions mainly wanting to throttle this girl for being so careless and of something archaic almost like he wanted to protect her, sheltering her from the storm itself.

Pia savoured this man's strong grip around her body like this was where she belonged. She'd found her world and wanted to hold on to it never letting it go from her grasp. Pia slowly opened her eyes with her lips quivering at the realisation of seeing 6 worried pair of eyes around her and Jeet was now smiling back at her. She slowly started to loosen her grip on the man she'd been clinging on to eyeing him to see he was the man she'd been dreaming of. Those piercing blue eyes started back at her with an emotion she wasn't familiar with. Her heart was pounding so loud now. Pia all of a sudden had the urge to touch his cheek stroking it with her soft hands forgetting there was anyone else around them. Her fingers traced his eyebrows, then to his jawline to his eyes capturing the feel in her minds eyes. Pia followed the contours of his face by resting her fingers to Abhay's lips sucking in the air. He was arousing her evoking a wave of emotions. Abhay was real. He was in the flesh right before her. He was no longer a dream but reality. Abhay was a real person and not a figment of her imagination. She knew he'd come for her. It was emotionally too draining for her. Abhay overwhelmed her to the extent of despair.

All this time all Abhay could do was let this strange girl touch him exactly the way Pia used to. Why couldn't he read this girl's mind? She held some sort of power over him and he had to break it. Abhay couldn't afford to drown in this pipe dream. This girl meant nothing to him despite the old buried emotions stirring inside of him they'd remain dead and buried. His children were under the false illusion their Mother was back but mentally he was so torn. He was meant to be the sensible one and lead by example. Time to get back to reality and ...Abhay felt wet tears on his skin. The girl was crying. Why was she crying? Why was she shaking? Then she repeated his name like it was sacred to her the way his Pia used to before she fainted in his arms again. What was wrong with this girl? Actually what was wrong with him?

Arjun a little worried whispered to Priya-Does Mom faint a lot?
Prem managed to respond firmly-Chilli Flakes...I mean Mom does this around Big bro and Dad only. 
Jeet gave his father the typical Raichand smirk with his steady grey eyes confirming the truth-I guess she really is Mom. Theres no doubting this fact. Mom knew i wasn't Dad just by a mere touch but with U she knew straight away who U are.
Angel had to shift them all out of here-We'd better go to Mom's place. Grams will be worried. She's alone right now and Mom's been a little too adventurous.
Preet couldn't help but admire how strong willed she was-Mom's amazing.
Chahat agreed filled with pride-I guess we know where we get our wild side from.
Abhay fumed keeping his voice stern picking Pia up-Stop referring to her as your Mother. She is just another girl with your mothers face. Deal with it. This girl is a menace if she's gotten U all drunk. I can smell it on your breath.
Jeet heard the disapproving so evidently displayed in his fathers tone-Here! Let me take her. You'll scare her. Mom needs me. I mean Pia needs me. She's (Looks a little warily at his Fathers direction) a little attached to me. 
Abhay already developing this streak of possessiveness against his own son for this girl-No!!! I don't want her polluting U kids any further. I can handle my temper.
Geet diplomatically helped-Papa maybe its best if Bhai takes her. Moms already rattled by your presence and like he said he is the only one who can soothe her worries away. And we need U to appear rational in front of Grams. Please. For our sakes.
Abhay was adamant on keeping the peace handing over Pia to his elder son feeling a little jealousy to Geet reassuring her he'll be civilised-I do know how to act in front of the elderly U know. I'm not going to kill this girl.

Jeet in actuality needed something in his hands to stop him from strangling Pooja for being the main instigator by handing wiccan herbs and creating this in the first place. His mother was his universe. The short time he knew her he was already bound to her. Nobody messed with the Raicahnds least of all an ego ridden irresponsible brat.

Pooja saw the dirty looks directed in her way defending her action-I warned Pia of the repercussions but she was stubborn as usual. U do realise i tried to on several occasions against my code of conduct tried to talk her out of this.
Jeet flared his nostrils at her-Shut up.
Pooja flashed her own angry eyes at him-Look grey eyes before U past judgement! Pia's condition was going to deteriorate. This night always brings her a death like experience. I guess U guys are really related to her. Or bound to her magically. (To Abhay) Listen Blue eyes i get U are in denial. I have no business in your life. But Pia is screwed up. U don't know the half of what she's been through and from the vibe i am getting i can see U are going to give her the third degree. Pia died and came back for a reason. Talk to the old lady. Talk to Grams.
Jeet still in one of his dark moods-U stay away from her. Stay away from us! 
Pooja dared back-I'll stay away from whoever i like no need to give me orders. Just go to Grams. And take care of Pia. She's not over the woods yet.
Geet tapped on Pooja's shoulder-I think U should come with us. Mom is a friend of yours. U shouldn't let him affect U.
Pooja nodded-I gotta...
Karan mused-Yeah. I'm sure Mom will want U there.

Finally they were all around Gram's place. Abhay kept taking peeks towards Pia's direction feeling so out of sync. There was nowhere to run. She was in front of him and he just wanted to touch her again but couldn't for fear of losing control. He was afraid of breaking down. He'd never once allowed himself to cry or to let himself mourn Pia for the sake of his children and now he was afraid to open himself to complications. 

Jeet took his Mother upstairs laying her down and stroked her head then kissing her forehead-We'll be a family again Mom. 
Grams was smiling at Jeet finding him lay his head on Gram's lap-Looks like destiny is finally correcting the wrong done to her. You'll be one again my child. Where is he?
Abhay simply stared blankly at the old woman trying to read her mind making her laugh-Something funny!
Gram's wise eyes held Abhay's-U still have doubt. U really have turned your back on her? Don't shut the door because she'll break it wide open. U have no idea what's in store for U. (Sounding very serious) Don't be fooled by whats before U but be cautious of the depths a woman will go to get what she wants. You'll learn soon enough. Pia's headstrong, a powerful witch in the making and she has her sights set on U Abhay. We've been expecting U. What took U so long? Jeet can U take the rest of your family down so Abhay and i can chat. 
Jeet read his Fathers mood meaning he'd be fine-Sure. Give us a shout when Mom comes around.
Arohi holding Geets hand left and the others followed leaving Khushi behind to plead with her Father-Papa don't be mean to Mom please.
Abhay moaned emphasising-She is not your Mother.

Grams chuckled heartily-Oh how wrong U are Abhay. (Observes his lack of willingness to be anywhere around Pia) I have noted how U are hessitating to come near her. U scared she'll open the floodgates again. Because trust me doesn't matter where U run she'll find U. Pia always does. I've seen the young woman she has grown into. Pia maybe with me but her heart has always been with U. I am just trying to fill U in on her secret. U don't know the mystery behind what happened this night do U?
Grams paints Abhay a picture watching him shake his head-Every night on this day Pia dies.
Abhay stiffens-Why?
Grams replies back with a grave face-Your Pia died on this night right? (Abhay nods) Well so does my Pia. The connection is simple. On this night is where she is connected to U all. I can see U still don't believe me. You've really strayed back to the empty shell Pia had brought U out of. Only U keep yourself alive for your children. A gift left to U by Pia. (Strokes Pia's forehead) My grandchild is like this, because of what life did to her. Don't judge her by what U see but on her merit. I don't want U to feel sorry for her but this version of Pia U see has been rejected, dejected by those who gave her life. U were the only hope she had. U both need the other to survive. This is your purpose for living. My child will never find peace until she rests with U Abhay. Jeet has brought her light but only U can give her back her life. 
Abhay was listening but none of this made sense watching Pia heaving and then convulsing rushing to her side-What's going on? Why are U telling me all of this?
Grams smiled back filling up-Because soon she won't have me. She'll be all alone and i can't bear this. Pia is in danger. I can't save her. I don't have the power. Pia's powers are fluctuating but she needs help. 
Abhay sighed-I'm not her sitter! 
Grams covered Pia with a blanket-Its not Pia who needs a sitter. Although from her antics it seems this way. Pia's always been a free spirit.
Abhay had enough of this ridiculous be a hero c**p-So she's a witch? Then why can't U stop her from behaving like a spoilt brat? Bind her powers. This way nobody can come for her?
Grams explained coughing away catching her breath-Because she needs an output. Pia doesn't know how to convey her struggles and i'm too old to run after her. Pia's never had structure in her life nor has she had the love and warmth she deserves from anyone other than me and your kids. Even your children can't control her. 
Abhay wasn't impressed at all by this girl-Sounds like my worst nightmare. How do U know about us? Why do U keep calling her Pia?
Grams darkly mused-I know! You're a vampire. In another life Pia was a human. Those 12 teens downstairs are both of your loves proof that despite U coming from different worlds U managed to defy the laws of nature and create them. Now the cosmos has given Pia a chance to take back everything it took from her. Pia's destined to be a powerful witch Abhay. I maybe old but i'm not senile. I can see the pain U have in your eyes U try so hard to hide but i'm too wise for your own good. Love it or hate it U are here for her. Pia will only ever answer to by the name U call her and that's Pia. I've told U enough now maybe not in detail but the brief outline of what U need to know. Pia has some power hungry supernaturals after her powers to control her, to kill her if not to weild her Power and they'll go through any lengths and my child is cursed by the misfortune of dark powers thanks to a cursed beginning. If she dies then good magic will be lost with her. From the way U are looking at her i can see there is something far greater at play here. I dare U to leave her. Let her die if U can. Can U see her die Abhay? 
Abhay couldn't bear to relive Pia...even if she wasn't Pia there was an element of his Pia within this girl excusing-Lady i can never see an innocent die. I maybe a vampire but i don't take pleasure in seeing humans or anyone die. I don't think my kids will allow anything to happen to her anyway.
Grams steadied herself-So U will help me?
Abhay wished he didn't but he still had some humanity left inside of him-I'll see but i don't want her to have any influence over my children.
Grams laughed-U are the leader i thought you'd be. Negotiating to the very end. U better rest. I know vampires don't sleep but you'll need a sane mind when dealing with this one.

Downstairs there was a commotion all communicating telepathically and then giving their father a smile.

Abhay muttered-U heard the conversation didn't U?
Chahat was excited about staying on-Does this mean we get to stay with m...Pia?
Vedhant was eagerly waiting for the news-Papa please!!! The others got to know her we are still deprived of her affections.
Abhay bemused by the enthusiasm in his youngest sons vice-She's not a good role model. I'm outnumbered here anyway. So yes we will stay and help Pia out. But we are not staying here. I'll arrange for our accommodation soon enough.
Arjun moaned-But they got to spend more time...
Preet mused-Sure but until then we can all take turns talking to her. I can't wait to start using my powers. I want to see Moms Powers in action.

Jeet and Pooja head outside so he can drop her off. He felt a little guilty for being so cruel to her.

Jeet found it hard to apologize but he did it anyway-I'm sorry i was a jerk. Even if U deserved it. I mean i didn't know the full facts but i don't condone selling dangerous drugs ok herbal drugs to novice witches. Its wrong. 
Pooja wasn't up for much arguing-Pia's a friend ok and i was just trying to do my job and help her out. It won't happen again. So why are there 2 of U i mean are U like twins or something? U know blue eyes and yourself?
Jeet blurted abruptly-No blue eyes isn't my twin. He's my Dad. My names Jeet by the way! U can stop calling me grey eyes. U make me sound like a hit man.
Pooja nodded-But he's not even alive! I mean U are alive. And why do U keep calling Pia Mom?
Jeet remained tight lipped-Someday you'll know why? Maybe when U come round tomorrow i'll be more calm. Bye.

Pooja could only stare at grey eyes. What kind of apology was this? It was so blunt. But she bit her tongue. It was a long night and Pia was close to him and she was guilty for supplying Pia with the goods. Pooja was very intrigued by this family. Grey eyes was getting to her. He was so infuriating and so caring towards Pia. He was a mystery. Varun was going to skin her alive. 

Pia remained dreaming away holding Abhay's eyes locked with hers. They kept haunting her. Calling her. She had to get back to him. Abhay was near she felt him but her body was exhausted. Her mind was still teasing her while her heart felt Abhay. It was beating his name out. For the first time Pia had slept watching his masculine virile features so sharp and immaculately clear as day to her. He wasn't being shown in snap shots but in all his glory with his eyes as the window to his soul. A soul she so desperately wanted to ensnare and bind it to hers.

The teens all took their turn talking to their Mother and holding her hands while Grams rested. 
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wow great story plz update soon
I'm really looking forward to your next part of the story
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