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super dooper update ayesha u rock
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superb update dear...
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loved it
loved abhiya part.finally they kissed.
liked pooja and jeet part
holi seq was gr8
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Superb dr... i loved abhay pua jelousy act...
d kiss was superhottt...
cont soon n thanks 4 d pm
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update sooon
eagerly waiting for it...
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:::Update 14:::Rain of  Fun:::

Keeping secrets wasn't Urvi's best trait but what she had in spades was her humour. It was a laughable situation she found herself in. To spend an evening with the Raichands would prove to be an impossible task especially around Prem. They were like two passing ships waiting to collide and for some reason he just rubbed her up the wrong way but she had no problems with the rest of the family. It was all about keeping up appearances so Pia was safe from the people they'd feared. Power was on a rise and everyone was fighting for it. It was her responsibility to inform her sister of any new developments. Urvi the spy wasn't on her job description because all she wanted to do was have fun. Well there was no reason why she couldn't do both. The previous week she'd been a little conservative getting to know the Raichands and taking note of how they all operated. Now it was time to show some of her true colours. She doubted anyone would be able to handle her full personality because she'd witnessed how Abhay saw Pia as being a bad role model to his kids so she wondered what he'd think of her own effects on them.

Reina clicked her fingers waking Urvi out of her day dream-U were a long way away then Urvi.
Urvi blushed a little thinking of the last person in her mind was uff the stupid Riachand and how he annoyed the hell outta her with his womanising..-I was just thinking about Pia.
Reina saw past Urvi's blatant obvious attempt to hide her true feelings-U mean U hate being a spy. I get it but we have dark forces all merging and they are headed this way. Its why i relocated here to help Pia so i can protect U. My powers have become  stronger but they aren't as strong as Pia's. U have to be professional and leave any ill feelings towards a certain Prem locked away for good.
Urvi choked out a laugh-Oh please he doesn't bother me. Just his nature is so cheap. I can keep myself away from this jerk. All i care about is Pia and ...
Reina smiled at her sister seeing this twinkle in her eyes meaning destiny had other plans-Sure U do. And while you're at it try and get Abhay to get passed this wall he's built and knock it down. We need Pia to be at her best and for her to unlock all of her powers she must have what she wants the most in life. ABHAY!!!!!!!! The Raichand's have done the hard graft but i can't afford to let Pia be weakened at any cost because if Abhay is Pia's strength he is also her weakness. U understand where i am going with this don't U? You've witnessed how Abhay affects Pia? The rage within her must be kept under a tight lid because the powers running in her veins will only grow and for a witch it is in our emotions that rule and control what we do with our powers.
Urvi knew the gravity of the situation-Reina, i got this. Just let me worry about the looming dark times. U must keep your powers intact for when we really need it. For now i have to gather the other covens together and get the consensus of what our next move should be. I have no idea what i am going to tell them. 
Reina gives Urvi a lift using her teleporting powers-This will drain me but we can't waste any more valuable time. Warn the others as soon as U are done the spell will bring U back here.
Urvi understood all too well how powers can take its toll on someone whose been using for too long not to mention weakened mentally with all the stress-U have to look after yourself for once and not look out for others. You're all i have and this journey we're on can't be done without U. I need U.

Reina had seen Prem, her bright eyes filled up with mischief, her sister didn't like him much meant only one thing. Tie them up magically bind them together so the other could understand each other. They both would find the missing pieces of the puzzle. Prem would get what he was looking for and Reina would have her baby sister finally lose the childish nature behind. Either she was too serious or too playful. Her sister needed balance and Prem was just as crazy as her she thought with a sparkle in her eye. Both would tag along.

Urvi gasped at Prem close in on her wrapping his arm around her-How dare U follow me? How dare U gate crash my mission U stupid hybrid? My sister's going to be so dead!!!!!!! She knew!!!
Prem smirked finding Urvi very funny ranting at him with her sexy angry look, her eyes just glowed in a fiery colour albeit it resembles the embers of a fire about to crackle in the air-Are U always this uptight? Or is this just around me? Anything to do with my mother is my business. I make it my business and U people i can't  trust U as far as i can throw U.
Urvi pushed Prem off of her hissing back at him flicking her long locks behind her ear-Feelings mutual sucker!!! You've just drained my sister's power. It means she is powerless right now.
Prem shrugs his shoulders looking the least bit interested in Reina because she was holding out on them-Not my problem. I came for my mother. Your sister saw me. I made sure she did. I saw the glint in her eyes. She sent me with U for a reason. I guess she doesn't trust U on your own. 
Urvi enacted with a gesture clawing her fingers into a fist and screaming-Stop making assumptions of what U don't understand. I guess she doesn't trust U so she sent U with me to keep U busy. Stay outta my way. I mean it or better yet hitch a ride home, actually U have powers right? Just buzz off and find a playmate in some other state.
Prem heard the emphasis on her last sentence. So he really got under her skin. Good. He'd do more than get under her skin. He'd make sure by the end of this mission, Urvi got to see the serious side to him-Why would i need another playmate when i have a wildcat to tame before me, now start behaving like a human before U scare off your oppositions.

Urvi turned round to see they were outside of the Dahlia Coven making an apologetic face-Sorry!!! We we're just having a disagreement. U know why we are here.
The old lady gave them a disapproving look-There is no place for bad energy my child. I know this meeting is out of an urgent matter. But we don't have time for immature teens causing the spanners in the works. (Gives Prem one look musing her wisdom) Your mother is the reason we are all under scrutiny. U want to save her but she can't be saved. Her souls been taken. Or shall i say will be taken.
Prem was now listening with full focus on the old lady-What do U mean? Her soul is at risk here? From whom? U can't mean my father! I know he's a vam...
The old women let them into her abode slowly limping to her seat-Take a seat! I wasn't on about her Soulmate. I was referring to the darkness waiting to consume her. He will unleash something in her to make her go to the other route. Pia is a time bomb. She has been blessed with an infinite, unmeasurable power one being should never have and i fear she will be used as an instrument to raise a little hell.
Prem was astounded by what the old woman was saying. His mother was just like the rest of his family, a little crazy but it wasn't prerequisite to fall under the category of going down the loopy side-So are U trying to tell me my Mother is an instrument for evil? Look lady My Mom is anything but evil. Urvi U can't believe this s**t.
Urvi knew where Prem was coming from but she also knew a being could be moulded into anything the darkness wanted for it held no form, it had no boundaries, it was in everything-Prem, this is why U were kept in the dark. U are too close to my assignment. Pia is not just an assignment but a friend. We are just trying to figure out..
Prem cut in sounding rather frustrated with this erratic if not rash decision-If she's unstable. 
Urvi sighed-No! Prem! Pia is fine but something might snap inside of her. We are trying to minimise all of the outside interferences. We have to keep Abhay glued to Pia. Nothing can penetrate our efforts. Any negative emotions might just ruin what she is today. (Rubs his shoulder gently to reassure him) Reina is never wrong. 

Mark saw Urvi and instantly rushed to pick her up in his arms making her giggle-Hey trouble maker! U finally made it.
Urvi touched his face with a silly grin on her face-Hey bestie! Or shall i say enemy! U are in our rival coven now remember!
Mark placed Urvi back down eyeing the strange young man before him-Aren't i going to get a full introduction or are U going to keep him a mystery?
Urvi reluctantly revealed-He is Prem. U know the son of the one we i mean he's connected to the one.
Mark gasped shocked by this news-Oh, looks like U are still in the dark about the activities going behind closed doors huh? Urvi likes to control everything but this one is out of your control.
Urvi saw they had a new member to the coven-U guys are growing in numbers.
Mark gave a wry smile-I know but its not enough to stop the dark wave. Is she still...
Urvi laughed sarcastically-For now. Don't worry we are still working on it. She's making the job easier. How about feeding your good friend huh???
Mark smiled to show nothing ever changed-I can't believe U are such a foodie. Where do U put it all away?
Urvi pretended to be offended by it-Hey don't cast your eyes at what i can put away or i'll make my stay unbearable.
Mark chuckled-Oh, U can't do anything to me with no powers. 
Urvi pointed her finger at him-Oh don;t rub salt into old wounds. U know its a raw nerve.
Mark got hold of Urvi's hand and lead her to the kitchen leaving Prem behind feeling a little uncomfortable by Urvi's complete playful nature with another of her kind while she remained so distant from him -What will i do till then?
Urvi flashed him a naughty glint-U can flirt with the rest of the coven here after all U aren't short on female company. At least i can be free of U. I don't think you'll be bored do U?
Prem muttered back-I'm sure i can get their attention but aren't U supposed to be on a mission?
Urvi scoffed back-I'm back with my friends. U think i'll waste any time being so rigid. Live a little.
Prem had other things in mind-I'm sure Mark doesn't mind. After all 2 is just a starter but threes a party right?
Mark gave Urvi this look-Is there something i should know?
Urvi now in the kitchen opening the fridge to grab as many chocolate treats as possible sat down at the table-No. With him. Never. I told U. I'll always be yours only. Partners in crime remember.
Mark seated down eager to listen to Urvi's trials-So how did U two meet?
Prem decided to answer-We met at a Wiccan retreat. Lets just say she thinks i'm a waste of time because i pretty much get all the girls while she is a little jealous.
Urvi ground back fuming-Jealous of what??? Just because i don't give a damn about U.
Mark was beginning to get the picture-I see. Look the rest of us are meeting at the old Riviera. U remember where we first had our...
Urvi cringed-Kiss. Don't remind me. (Changes the subject) Want to get hammered like the good old days? U know tear the place up like we did back when we had no responsibilities? 
Prem by now was sure this girl was a whole other person-U drink???
Urvi rolled her eyes-No U idiot!
Mark gave her his stern look-No its all a magical liqueur. It gives U this high feeling like you're intoxicated. We only used to do it to experiment. U haven't seen her let loose have U????
Urvi pulled a strict face-He's not invited.
Mark kept his eyes on Prem-He's a guest here and we don't treat guests rudely round here Urvi. Prem U are more than welcome. U can meet the rest of this Wiccan coven. Good luck keeping tabs on all of them.
Urvi chided-Oh he'll keep tabs on all of the girls there. Won't U Prem?
Prem was getting so annoyed-Yeah i will. While U sulk in the corner.
Urvi was in no mood to sulk-Shows how much U know me.

Mark chuckled at both of them-U two are like kids. Worse than children. I've never heard so much squabbling my entire life. They've all been sent the invites.
Urvi scowled-Your powers have grown. I wish mine...
Mark squeezed her hand-I know but U have other gifts remember.
Urvi moaned-Yeah right!!!
Prem helped further-Powers don't make U powerful or strong. Its all about the battle of the wills and what U are mentally.
Urvi got up ignoring Prem. Why was he trying so hard to butt into her business???-I don't need a pep talk from U thanks. 
Mark got up to leave-I have to go now. We'll rasie hell later. Maybe Prem can show us his gifts. U do have powers right? I can sense U are another being altogether.
Prem kept his powers in storage-I don't like displaying them. Its only in case of emergencies. Us Raichands know when to use our powers and they're not for show. Now i will leave i need to let my family know what is going on here.
Mark had sensed the hybrid was into Urvi but knowing his old childhood friend she was aloof to her surroundings as usual. He divulged-U know, U could use a little tact with the hybrid. I know U don't generally mix with guys like him but he's not too bad. He cares. Not many care in this day and age. We have new blood in our midst. Some new powers manifesting. They'll all be there at the Riviera.

Back at the Petrove manor, the day wasn't so bright. Abhay had taken into account the changes within himself. The girl was getting too close to him. How could he do this? He kissed her back. It felt so good but now he felt guilty. Why didn't it feel bad to kiss her? Was his love so fickle? So weak? He couldn't do this to the mother of his children. Were his feelings morphing into something new just because she was like Pia? Or was it something different, but whatever it was he wasn't prepared for it. Abhay couldn't stay away from her. The Petrove girl did something to him, making him him restless if he wasn't around her but when he was near her all he wanted was to be with her. The thought of another guy all over her was something he hadn't taken into consideration until the other night. He was this close to almost breaking Tom's neck. 

Abhay heard her footsteps, she was shuffling down meaning she was in a bad mood. This thought seemed to amuse his daughter Angel busy giving him a smug grin-Get out of my head now!
Angel winked at her Father giggling at the mere thought of how her father had quickly turned so conservative stroking her fingers through her jet black hair sounding very impish-Hey can't help it if you're so loud. So you've started noticing little details of Mom.
Abhay muttered back reminding his daughter-She's not your Mom.
Angel gave a definite shoulder squeeze to her father-Hey if she's not Mom she'll soon become one but face the facts Dad. Pia is Mom and the sooner U accept it the sooner U can both get a life because right now U are both driving us crazy.
Khushi in agreement resonated her sisters observations-Papa! Accept it. She's messed with your head and now U can't get her out. I doubt either of U can run away from this fact. She's already decided to move on with Tom but it won't solve anything because she has feelings for U.
Abhay felt like he was sucker punched in the gut-She's what????
Khushi knew this would send her Dad in a frenzy-U heard. She knows U won't commit so she is looking for a rebound. This isn't Inida U know where girls tend to wait and hope for the best. Here people operate differently. They actually know when they are backing a lame horse so they cut their losses and move on.
Abhay was baffled by his daughter-U think i'm a dead ...
Khushi realised she was now testing new waters-Mo, I meant Mom is afraid of rejection so she is clinging on to a dead cert. She declared her love for U remember and i think she afraid of getting hurt. Don't forget she also likes Tom a lot so i say good on her. Its not like U are going to ask her out and its common knowledge by her coven how much she adores Tom. 
Angel finished revealing-Lets not neglect to mention she has feelings for Jeet thanks to U and Prem so its all misconstrued in her mind. Mom doesn't want to ruin our family.

Pia was in need of a time out away from Abhay so she was going out clubbing alone. She tried on the blue number first asking Chahat for her opinion on the dress. It wasn't something she was comfortable with yet. Plus she didn't want to look like she was on a date, date. Tom was just a friend. Looking too promiscuous might send the wrong signals and she didn't want to lead anyone on. Tom knew the score. He was helping her stay sane for once. 

KATRINA BOWDEN photo | Katrina Bowden
She wore her heels to match. Pia twirled around in front of the mirror-What do U think?
Chahat felt it looked great but she need something more nude in colour-Maybe U should try this one. I can see you're not feeling so comfortable in it.
DAKOTA FANNING photo | Dakota Fanning
Pia sighed breathing deeply-I guess this will have heads turn. I feel so sexy already. Plus its not so colourful Blues not a colour i love.
Chahat gave a thumbs up-This is the whole point of dressing up. Its to make U feel good about yourself. Now shall we go out already. I am so hyped up and this is the fifth outfit you've tried on. U look good in all of them. But this colour is more U. But we will have to get used to adding colour in your wardrobe. Just because U are a witch doesn't mean U should stick to morbid colours. 
Pia curled her lips-I know but its a big ask. I prefer my old grungy look. The blacks, greys and nudes are more me. I need more time ok.
Chahat and Geet got a matching clutch bag and pushed her out the door-Don't wait for us. We are off. Khushi, U want to join us.
Khushi shook her head-No! I am waiting for Prem bhai's call. He's been gone a day already with Urvi.
Abhay was far from happy with Pia heading out again-I'd rather U girls stay...
Pia retorted back-They deserve a little freedom. If U try to shelter them too much they'll begin to feel caged up. U don't want to do this to them Abhay. Don't worry i won't influence your daughters. If anything i need someone to keep an eye on me.
Abhay gave a little laugh-U admit U need babysitting.
Pia scoffed irately-I don't have Prem here and i am without Jeet so there is nobody to tame me down. (Pia wanted Jeet fully focused on Pooja. They had to move past all the drama and commit. Tonight was supposed to give them this opportunity) Geet is the only sensible person i know to understand me. Angel is waiting for Prem and Priya is busy with whatever she is working on. So if its not too much of an ask can i take them with me?
Abhay countered back inviting himself-Only if i get to come.
Pia was now startled by Abhay tagging along-U want to...
Abhay saw the colour drain from Pia's face smirking back at her-Just because i am a little critical of your partying doesn't mean i am against it. We all need a little fun once in a while.
Pia gulped back-We are???? I mean you'll be like a chaperone. U can't come...i mean i'm on ..
Abhay resorted to some digging-Date! I won't intrude. I mean U are taking my girls out after all right to this date. So it can't be an official one if they are all joining in.
Pia wasn't on a date. It was just friends going out. She wasn't trying to snag a man but make Abhay think she was. Boy these mind games were screwing with her head-Sure the more the merrier. (Now she had to come up with a plan B. No stringing Tom. She had to bring in a third person)

Arohi so wanted to see this-Can i come?
Khushi wanted to join in too-I think i can always get the low down from bro any other time. Lets go.

Jeet heard some more arguments having the urge to barge in again but Pooja slammed the door on her way over to him giving him a forced smile-Everything ok?
Pooja lied-Yeah! Why shouldn't it be?
Jeet decided to leave it for now not wanting to ruin the night-Fasten your seatbelt we are on a tight schedule. Looks like its another family outing again. U sure U don't want to go to some other club. I heard Nexus is supposed to be very good.
Pooja meekly rasped-Pia will be there so why go to Nexus. If Abhay's there it means fireworks. Dcode is the place to be. Now gas it.
Jeet stepped on it parking his car then helped Pooja out complimenting her on her dress-U look amazing. 
Pooja blushed. It was the first time she'd actually dressed to impress a guy-Thanks. So are they here yet?
Jeet took Pooja's hand in his-Yeah. They're here. I think we are on the verge of being interrupted by the family. U don't mind the disruption? Its the price U pay for hooking up with a Raichand i'm afraid.
Pooja had no issues with them being overcrowded with people since her slip of the tongue-I'd rather see Pia and Abhay come to blows. I can see them colliding into each other and to be honest i don't even know what its like to have a family around with my dysfunctional ...
Jeet entered with Pooja and saw Khushi at the far end sipping on some OJ-They are over there. Looks like we are just in time for a major scene.

Pia was with Tom who was having the time of his life-Tom i think U should go spend a little time with the red head. She has been watching U for some time.
Tom was in two minds-I came with U so i'd rather leave with U.
Pia insisted-I'd rather U ask her out. I mean U need to widen your horizon.
Tom joked playing-Is this a hint for me to quit hogging your time?
Pia giggled-No silly! I just think U need to find a girl who isn't a friend and show her a good time and have fun yourself. I'm not exactly what i'd call your type remember.
Tom admitted-I know. This jealousy game is a little OTT don't U think? This vampire is really stubborn. I say U go mix it up a little. I don't mind hanging out some more but any more of this fake romance and i swear i'll really fall in love with U.
Pia gave Tom this stern glare-U better not. Our friendship means the world to me. I can't lose anyone in my life right now. I'm low on friends as it is remember. U and Pooja are it. Now get your a** over there and be the playful Tom that i know of and rock this party already. This vampire needs a little action and i think i know how to get his attention.

Pia was going to make sure Abhay saw everything she wanted him to see. She'd made sure he couldn't overhear any of her conversations using her powers to block him. Pia found a few guys she knew were on the wrong side of the tracks. She knew for sure this would get Abhay's attention. She had to get hammered first. Their minds were full of filth. It sort of scared her but excited her at the same time.

Jeet rushed over to Pia-U can't be serious.
Pia raised her brow teasing-U watch me. Have U told her yet?
Jeet got his vodka shot-Its the timing. I don't know how?
Pia gently stroked his arm-Times never right. U just have to bite the bullet and go for it. Pooja needs to know. And its best if she heard it sooner than later. She loves U. So theres reason enough to do it now. Plus she's not intoxicated either.
Jeet smiled softly-Thanks and good luck with Dad. He hasn't taken his eyes off of U all night.
Pia beamed-I know but this stay away thing is p*****g me off. This Pia i mean your Mom was she so beautiful? I mean, how can i even compare? U know? How could he ever want me? Theres nothing...
Jeet hated women or girls putting themselves down-Trust me when i say U are the most beutiful girl Dad has ever laid eyes on. Mom is just Mom, wild like U but U have something she didn't have. Us. It took her a long time to make Dad hers but we are hoping it only takes less than a year for U to tame Dad. Mom had to wait 3 years before he was all hers.
Pia was never waiting 3 years or a year for Abhay. She wanted him now without chasing him-U really think i'm beautiful. You're not just saying it. 
Jeet laughed-I never pegged U for the insecure type. Trust me when i say U are one in a billion. If anyone can make a vampire weak in the knee its U. Dad is already crazy for U. Its why he can't take his eyes off of U.
Pia kissed Jeet's cheek-U are my rock. I don't know if i could go on without U. Now go out there and make my Best friend a happy girl.
Jeet warned his Mom-U make sure U don't let them touch U. I'd rather U didn't even look at them.
Pia wasn't really listening--I am just teaching them a lesson ok. Its not like i am doing anything. They have their free will. 

Jeet saw Pooja watching him with Pia. He took her drinks to the table she was sat at-Mom is reaching.
Pooja took her glass and smiled-U really are good to her.
Jeet took Pooja's hand in his and looked her in the eye-Pooja i love U. There i said it. I love U a lot. I tried not to but its not easy not to fall for someone as special as U. I mean your my Mom's best friend and i didn't want to spoil what U have with her. I had to make sure what i felt for U was real. Before i committed myself to U. I guess U just took me by surprise. I wasn't looking for Love. It just happened. U know. Mom's right. There is never the right time to tell someone U love them and i wanted U to hear it with a clear head.
Pooja felt her heart swell up and the tears just fell against her will-U love me!
Jeet mocked-Is that so hard to believe? I mean i know i'm a little on the serous side but i can be conform on the obscure random side too and plunge the unknown once in a while. I guess U just brought your wild side out of me. Now do U still feel U can love a boring, broody if not irresistibly handsome guy like me who also happens to be a freak?
Pooja was dumbfounded but gaped a cool-Yes!
Jeet creased his forehead-U don't need to sound so excited. U can say no if U have a change of heart. 
Pooja smiled back-I am a little irresponsible and irrepressible and U love me despite what i mean. I'm not even your type.
Jeet laughed-I know which makes U perfect for me. So what do U say? I can live with your dark moods i live with a family full of misfits. Can U handle the baggage i come with?
Pooja was now beaming with delight-Only if U can handle a family like mine. I love U a lot. 

Jeet got up to Pooja's side and kissed her. Khushi and Arohi were so happy for their big brother. Abhay liked the smooth approach his son had taken. A confession wasn't what he'd expected so soon but they were made for each other.

Nidhi and Karan were hust glad they were away from the rest of the family. Karan and Nidhi were pleased for Jeet. Nidhi wrapped her arms around Karan hoping Prem would find his own life partner. She liked Urvi a lot. Karan had already sensed Nidhi was in deep thought.

Karan swayed with Nidhi-So i guess my family are setting uproot here.
Nidhi wisely nodded-I think they make a great couple. I thought Pia would beat them to it. Jeet seems so close to her.
Karan cleared up the misunderstandings-Jeet and Pia are like family. U know there is nothing there but respect for each other. Its Abhay, Pia loves him not Jeet.
Nidhi muses-Oh. So don't i get a kiss?
Karan lingers the kiss and responds back-U get more than a kiss. U get me all to yourself. I say we take off for a long walk.
Nidhi was eager to get away from the crowd-I'd love to.
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That was one long and lovely update Ayshu Clap Love Prem-Urvi's track. Its surely headed the right way. Hopefully they find their solace in each other. I already like Mark, don't know why but I like him a lot Embarrassed He seems to be very wise. When will Abhiya get together? What is this darkness you had mentioned? Please don't let it ruin Abhiya Ouch I was hoping that their reunion will stabilise Pia but looks like a bigger storm will brew up its way into their relation once they get together. So now Pia wants to flirt with other guys? Wink That too the mean bad types? Shocked She's surely rubbing Abhay up the wrong way LOL Wanna see the outcome of this time. Will Abhay succumb to Pia or will he continue his stay-away-from-me-Pia mission Tongue? Loved JeeJa Dancing Jeet's confession was so cute Day Dreaming All in all a terrifc update Ayshu ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap SUPERB!

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