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hiya. I am back with a second one in this series:Life's Moments. Like I Said before, This is a series of OS on ARHI after their wedding. Read and let me knw if you all liked it. Also Please leave comments, it makes me feel good and encourages me to write more.
this one is titled: A day full of suprises

For my other works in this series, here is my Index:51533738  

Kushi's mobile was ringing. "Hello" Kushi called into her mobile.
"Kushi ji this is Aman" the other end called.
"hi Aman ji, tell me, has Arnav ji started from office?"
"Yes, he started just now."
"Ok. You remember what you should do now na?"
"yes, But I dont know if it will really work out, I mean he has given us some very tight deadline, we have to finish off the work before 8 tomorrow. he will be really angry if.."
"Dont worry" she cut him, "I will take care of him. Now you follow what i am saying ok?"
"Ok ji"
Kushi cut the phone and turned to di.
"Di Arnav ji has started from office."
"Alright then, Time for us to get into action" Di smiled excitedly.
Kushi grined back. "Today will be a hell of a day for you arnav ji" She declared to herself.
Anjali picked up her mobile and called Arnav to fetch something from a shop which was near his office when he was coming back.
"I am already half way home Di" he told her.
"Please chotey, I want it today itself"
"Ok whatever" he replied and cut her call to take a U turn.

When Arnav reached home, OP who answered his knock told him that all are yet to come from mandir.
"But Di called me just half an hour back" he wondered loud.
"they went in the evening itself. about time they returned" OP told him and left the place.
Arnav was angry and annoyed: angry because today was his birthday and everyone has forgotten about it. Leave alone wishing him, they were not even at home when he came back and he was annoyed that they did not even mind informing him that they are going out. Everyone in the house have forgotten his birthday, Kushi had fought with him yesterday night for something which was silly and was not talking to him ever since that which meant she did not wish him. But how could Nani and Di forget this day? what was more strange was the fact that not even one of his office staff wished him.

He started climbing the stairs and the adjoining part of the house which accomodated the swimming pool was not lit. He did not really think much about it and when he was half way up, Happy birthday tune started playing in the background. Arnav turned back in surprise to see kushi standing on the doorway near the pool with a cake and lit candles. This got out exactly the trade mark words out of his mouth!
"What the" before he could say anything, lights came up and Arnav was further more surprised to see his entire family along with his close friends and office staff shouted
"Happy birthday" 
"come chotey, come down" Di called him
"Poor boy, you thought we all forgot your birthday?" Nani teased him.
Kushi placed the cake on the table and handed him a knife. He was more than surprised. He was the one to throw a party to anyone in his house, Here was he taken by surprise by what his family members had done. He blew the candles and cut the cake. But before he could feed her the cake, kushi took a piece and held it near his mouth.
"you are forgetting something Kushi" hegritted his teeth.
"She is not forgetting anything. She made this specially for you" Nani told him
"Open your mouth" Di laughed
Arnav took a bite and was delighted to find it had all the texture and qualities of cake but it was a spicy cake.
"A Hot and spicy cake!" Anjali declared.
"Just like you!" kushi whispered to him such that no one other than him could hear.
"I thought you were not speaking to me?" Arnav retorted in hourse whisper.
"I gave you a surprise and you are wondering why I am speaking to you? Is that all you can say?  I spent three days to perfect that cake, the first one was half baked, second over cooked, third burnt...so much to get a taunt from you, Appreciation from your mouth is a rare luxury"
Kushi stamped her feet and went towards the dinner section.
"We would have wished you earlier arnav ji, But kushi told us strictly not to..."Payal told him.
Dinner was announced. "No sweet today, Kushi's Orders" Anjali told him.
He went near Kushi again.
"You dont have to keep away from your heart throbs for my sake."
"heart throbs?"
"yeah jelebis... I dont like people showing pity for my diabetes"
"This is not pity" Kushi was shocked."Today is your day, I wanted you to taste all the dishes, everything here is your favorites...thats why, you are being rude to me" She was annoyed.
"if this is rude then what do you call stopping everyone from wishing me? you fought and didnt wish me , so you stopped everyone from doing so"
"You think I didnt wish because I fought with you? how dumb are you?"
"dumb? me? how dare..." he gritted his teeth again.
"then what? I fought with you just to build this surprise. it was deliberate. oh devi maiya give him some sense." She was really getting more annoyed that she started getting second thoughts abut organising this party.
Then he broke into a grin, a really mocking one.
"wah, Devi maiya is so fast in granting my wish today?"
"Your plan made me feel annoyed for the whole day, thats why I returned the favour to you. You dont even manage to hold the frustation for 20 minutes, I am better" He laughed at her.
she opened her mouth in shock.
With a teasing smile, he grabbed a glass of juice and moved to talk to other guests.

Llater that evening, the guests started leaving, Aman was one of the few guests to leave last but not before Arnav reminding about work.

"thanks for coming Aman. But how did you managed to reach here before me?"

Anjali and Kushi reached there
"Kushiji told she will take care of that and we have to start immediately after you started."
"Kushi?" He looked at puzzled.
then he realized, "You too di? you made me go all the way back for her stupid plan?"
Anjali held her ears "sorry chotey, you enjoyed the surprise isnt it?"
He turned back to Aman. The fact that he has been taken for a ride by all of them at the expense of his wife annoyed him a bit.
"But I clearly remember telling you all that the conference is highly important and I want the presentation ready by tomorrow morning by 8 and you people decided to attend a  party organised by my wife? wow how cool is that?"
"Sir, Kushiji requested us to come here, we couldnt deny..."
"Am I your boss or she? "
Kushi went to Aman's rescue. "Arnav ji, I had told them not too not to wish you, and I was the one who invited them, now dont be wild with them, not their fault."

"Kushi I dont like anyone interfering at my work"
"this is not work, this is their boss's Birthday and its only 2 hours right? Not everyone can be all work and no play like you" She teased him."
He stared at her for once."2 hours is it?" and then turned to Aman "now that the party is over, I want it ready tomorrow by 10, thats final! I will fire you otherwise"
"Sir.." Aman pathetically looked at kushi.She assured him not to worry before he left. Anjali moved to help Payal and Aakash clearing up the party lights

"How many times have I told you kushi? Not to be too friendly with office staff, that wont work in Business" he told her roughly
"I dont work that way arnav ji, I thought we have agreed to disagree on this long time since we knew eachother" Kushi told him cheekily
"yeah, I know! emotional relationship... what crap!"
Their argument was attracting attention of his family members too.
"What happened you both are still not done with fighting?" Nani called out.
Anjali and payal who were watching over the domestic helps clearing the left overs and party arrangements, looked over and smiled.
Kushi wanted to end all this mess. "yes and what were you saying about party getting over? its not over still" she told him  softly and winked at him
"What? You have planned for more? the guests have left if you failed to see..." he told little loud for everyone to hear
Kushi could see everyone glancing at them curiously. She looked back into his eyes and let him know through her actions silently about the second part of the party. She indicated him and then herself and then moved her eyes towards their room and left from there with a tease smiling on her lips.

"unbelievable" gasped Arnav surprised at the audacity of this girl in front of his family. Then he noticed the shy smiles exchanged between Payal and Anjali, Naniji leaving towards her room blushing. Aakash tapped his back, "Good night Bhai"

He couldnt stand there anymore. He quickly took the stairs.
"Happy birthday again chotey" anjali called back at payal and Di smiling to themselves.
"Kushi and her nerve..." muttered Arnav rushing upstairs.

Hours later when Kushi and Arnav were in each others arms, slowly drifting to sleep,
"Did you enjoy the birthday suprises?" kushi asked him
"hmm, the second part was far better than the first part"Arnav whispered back earning a soft punch from her.

Please leave comments. thanks for all the encuragement in my previous OS. It helped me a lot
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sooo cute last line was
arnav is sooo arnav in dis os...loved it
yeyyy me first to reply
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Posted: 7 years ago
Loved it. Wow. 2 part birthday surprise.
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Posted: 7 years ago
the last three lines made me smile and made my heart flutter of happiness!!!!!!! Heart
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Posted: 7 years ago
That was awesome!ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar
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Posted: 7 years ago
super cute... and hours later... arnav does have very good stamina... hahahahhaa... enjoyed reading it..
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Posted: 7 years ago
That was waaaoow!! 
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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Nici0306

super cute... and hours later... arnav does have very good stamina... hahahahhaa... enjoyed reading it..
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