Lalita's take :How Niharika K meets Krishna K

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How Krishnaji and Niharika Kapoor meet

Inauguration of new ward.

The principal calls up Ram one day to invite him; saying that since he was the biggest donor, they would like him to inaugurate the ward/school section a few days later.

Ram agrees and and asks Daadi to accompany him. Niharika overhears and also want to go. After all, she would get a few pictures clicked on this charity which would make their way to Page 3 the next day.  She tells her reporter friend to cover the function.

Ram knows that Priya would have to be at her coaching class and so he doesn't tell her.

So, from the Kapoor family, Ram, Daadi and Niharika reach the venue.

Priya also reaches the venue. By now, she is friends with Krishnaji and had asked her to accompany her to the school. Krishnaji also does not know any details; she just thinks she's just going for a charitable function.

Everyone is seated at the venue; after having entered separately. The 2 different groups have not met each other; however, Priya looks for Ram in the crowd and there's a smile on her lips after she sees him.

The principal gives a short speech and thanks Mr.Ram Kapoor and asks him to inaugurate the ward by unveiling a statue. Ram is surprised and thinks that it is probably the founder's statue or of some great freedom fighter..

Ram goes onstage.

Another person is giving a speech; with details of when the school was founded and history of the school.

Ram to the principal, softly : Ma'am, whose statue is this?

Principal : Mr. Kapoor, this is your father's statue.

Ram : Kya? How did this happen? What are you saying?

Principal ; Haan Mr. Kapoor, yeh Priya ki request thi. You may not know, but she is actively involved with this school. She has been trying to raise funds for this for a long time now. So when your cheque came, she immediately requested that we name this ward as KrishnaAmarnath ward, after your parents and gave us a snap of your father to enable us to make the statue.

Ram puts his right hand to his eyes to wipe off his tears. There are so manythinsg going through his mind; but there was no time for reflection now.

Principal: Mr. Kapoor, since your family is also here, do you want anyone else to come up with you for unveiling of this statue?

Ram : Yes, please.

The person giving the speech sits down.

The principal asks Ram to say a few lines and then do the inauguration.

Ram gets up, holds the mike and calls: Daadi, Ma.

He knows that Priya would also have come and looks around trying to locate her.

And then he locates Priya and then sees Krishnaji sitting beside Priya !!

Ram looks astounded. His mouth remains open. He continues to look at Krishnaji.

Daadi and Niharika get up from their seats as people begin clapping.

Ram again calls, Maa.

Niharika and Daadi both look at Ram and then notice his expression. Both of them turn around to see what Ram is looking at.

Daadi and Niharika look at Krishnaji. Daadi has tears in her eyes and calls "Bahu".

Priya is confused and thinks Daadi is calling her. She gets up to move towards Daadi.

By then, Daadi has reached Krishnaji and hugs her with tears streaming down her cheeks. She keeps on saying Bahu, Bahu.

Priya is totally confused seeing this. She also notices Nihariks's super shocked expression and Ram also standing still. She does not understand what is happening.

Then Daadi turns to Priya and tells her, Yeh teri saas hai Priya. Yehi Ram ki ma hai.

Priya's mouth also opens wide; just like Ram's.

Then Daadi takes Krishnaji on one side and Priya on the other side and goes on stage.

Both Krishnaji and Priya are unwilling to go but Daadi drags them.

Daadi then tells Ram: Tu niche aa puttar. Is ward ki inauguration Mrs. Kapoor karegi and she pushes Krishnaji forward.

Krishnaji keeps on looking at Ram. Ram, controlling his emotions in front of so many people and the media holds his mom's hands and helps her to unveil the statue.

People clap.

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you should write more fan fictions, you wirte really well, could actually see it happening.
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keep Clap it up
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Posted: 2011-12-27T03:36:09Z
awesome prediction lalitha loved it and very well written
thank you
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Posted: 2011-12-27T04:02:18Z
ClapBig smile no mg what a ff  u shd continue ,wish the cvs go with this
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Posted: 2011-12-27T04:28:53Z

Thank you all so much for your encouragement. 
Kya kare, if Madam Ekta doesn't show what we want to see, phir khud imagine toh karna hi padega.

Thanks again.
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Posted: 2011-12-27T04:36:01Z
nice prediction Lolita dear..but i don't want this to happen any soon as i want to see more of Priya and Krishna Ji's scenes before all this happen..but very nice keep writin yaar..
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Posted: 2011-12-28T04:59:43Z
Thumbs UpFantastic prediction yaarClapClap  Clap Clap  Clap   Claphope ekta sees this post and hav some idea to do so according to her fans idea hope hope so...Day Dreaming
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Posted: 2011-12-28T05:13:10Z

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