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Posted: 9 years ago
Hey friends Hug

Welcome to
Questions & Queries Corner

Please post all your questions & queries here instead of making new topics.

If any "help" topics are not posted in this thread, they shall be closed & required to be posted here.

You can find important links below:

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Thank You.


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Posted: 9 years ago

Important Links

Download Paint Shop Pro(PSP.Here are some download links

 PSP 8 with animation shop:

 PhotoShop CS3:

Download Paint Shop Pro 7
Download Paint Shop Pro 8 - Free Download

Download Animation Shop by Jasc

Animation Shop 3.05- Free Download

Download Paint Shop Pro with Animation Shop 7.01

Download Corel Paint Shop Pro X2 Unlimited


Updated Photoshop Tutorials

How to Create Speed lighting Photo manipulation

Falling Snow X-Mas Card

Text Effects
Retro Text

Chocolate Letters

3D Spectacular text Effect

Colorful Glowing Text Effect

Silver Text Effect

Magic Golden Text Effect


Color Blending Effect


How to download a font: PN=1 

How to download a font without using WinZip:

Adjusting Colors w/Curves in Photoshop PN=1


Making Blinkies: PN=1


Making a White Transparent Stripe: PN=2


Circle Border in PowerPoint: PN=2


Uploading A Pic as your Signature: PN=2 PN=3


Improving Pic Quality w/Ani Shop: PN=4


Making A Simple Siggy Tutorail: PN=5


Making a Simple Avi: PN=12


Make A Simple Video Avi: PN=5 PN=31

Making non-animated siggys with photoshop CS2 W=ddd

Making animated siggys with photoshop CS2 W=ddd

Making Video Siggys with Adobe Imageready W=ddd


Changing Eye Color in PSP: PN=6


Textures: PN=7 PN=28


Creating Metallic Type: PN=7


Creating Rain Drops in PS: PN=7


Glow Effect 1: PN=8


Glitter Text: PN=9 PN=10


Uploading Avis: PN=11


Adding Outline Around a Person: PN=11


Glitter Text in Photoshop: PN=13


Using Mask in Photoshop: PN=14


Brighten and Colorize pics in PS: PN=15


Using Floaties: PN=17


Making a Transparent Image: PN=18


Rotating Brushes in Photoshop: PN=18


Circle Border in PSP: PN=19


Masking in PSP: PN=21


Animated Siggy PSP: PN=21


Tubes in PSP: PN=22


Removing Bkground in Photoshop: PN=24


Installing Brushes in Photoshop: PN=26


See Thought Text and Shapes: PN=26


Circles in Photoshop: PN=28


Blending in Photoshop: PN=28


Butterfly Icon Tutorial: PN=30


Get Paint Shop Pro/ Photoshop Free: PN=31 PN=32


Resizing Video Avis: PN=32


Importing your Old psp7 Brushes to psp9 PN=36


Selective Coloring in PS PN=36 


Colorization in PSP


My Blinkii Text Tutz PN=39

Colorize a Pic in PSP PN=40

blending in psp PN=41

Adding 2 Video Avis together/adding borders PN=42

Scripts in PSPX PN=42

Outlining Brushes PN=46

How to make a simple Icon PN=46

Selective Coloring in Photoshop

Brighten in Photoshop

Download from youtube PN=48

Tutori al on how to make a siggy with multiple effects PN=50

How to add a copyright to your video avi PN=52

How to download and extract brushes - for psp PN=53

Brushes for psp:

paint shop pro brushes -

s.html ;qh=boost%3Apopular+age_sigma%3A24h+age_scale%3A5&q=psp+ brushes&offset=48

Photoshop brushes - s

Great site for ps brushes -


Another Circle Tut in PSP PN=55


Using Image Packs PN=56

How to add borders to your creations in photoshop PN=57

Putting videos in siggies PN=57 PN=82

Full Siggy Tut for PSP PN=58

How to use textures PN=59

How to make a layout for websites PN=60

How to blend 2 pics together! PN=61

Glow Your Text PN=62

Animated Text Gradient Photoshop PN=64

Creating a Funny Ghost Animation Photoshop PN=65

Add a glow to pic PSP PN=66

Stacking Video Avis PN=73

Adding Text on Video Avis PN=73

Photoshop Brush , into a Paint Shop Pro Brush PN=74

Tutorial for blending in photofiltre PN=76




How to get the link and add an avi and signature PN=85

Tutorial for Glowing Text PN=87

Video Siggy: PN=89

Soft dreamy effect PN=90

More Coloring Effects in Paint Shop Pro PN=90

Selective Coloring in Photoshop PN=92

Coloring Tutorial for Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro PN=93

Image filled text PN=94

Another Coloring Effect Tutorial for Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro PN=95

Custom Brushes in PSP PN=95

Coloring Effects in PSP/PS PN=96 PN=97 PN=99

Erase Bkgrd in PSP PN=100

Posted: 9 years ago

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Posted: 9 years ago
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Posted: 9 years ago

in one of the tutorials u have shown how to make a simple siggy (it is a word document)

in that you have mentioned 1 line...

1.        Then, using the same tool (Lasso Tool), I right click & choose 'Redefine Edges' Option.

I tried this but in PS CS2 when i right clicked while using the lasso tool, i could not find the REDEFINE OPTION.. 

Are the options different for CS2??
if yes... then what is its substitute??

Posted: 9 years ago
can i know a few photohosting sites because tiypic eventually deletes my pics and photobucket doesnt work all the time which one would u suggest?
Posted: 9 years ago
Try Imgur.comEdited by Faraan_4_Shweta - 9 years ago
Posted: 9 years ago
Hey  how can i change the font stlye , colour ,size  of my signature 
Pls helpBig smile

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