OS:Think Green

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This is my first OS and its set at the time when NK came to RM and Kushi and Arnav relationship was just budding...
For my other works, here is my Index:51533738  
Arnav at the poolside, He was feeling very angry... angry with Nk, with kushi and more on his family members who quoted NK and Kushi to be made for eachother... He did not understand what and where everything went wrong...
He remembered the day when he introduced Kushi and NK... they both were extroverts by nature which meant their first meeting itself went on very well... not to mention Aakash telling him NK and Kushi are a good match... He was throughly irritated then...but what if Kushi and NK start feeling what Aakash told him? NO he told to himself and brushed that thought away.
Later after the cocktail party, Di also told something to that effect. How can he forget the cocktail party? He had an argument with kushi and he had told her that she was not invited...but Kushi turned up for the party with that NK and the dress that she wore for the party-ooh she was hot, He was shocked to see her in something like that but he was more angry with her because she was so hot that she was making every man at the pparty stare at her. He was shocked when he heard that NK Blabber to everyone that she was his date.
She was but mostly sitting with Payal and Aakash. Finally Aakash successfully made payal agree for a dance and took her to the dance floor.He made a move to the that table where Kushi was now sitting alone. He was angry that words just sort of fell out of his mouth.
 "What are you thinking about yourself? coming for the party as NK's Date? and what is that stupid thing that you are wearing?" Kushi gave him a cheeky reply as usual..
 "Ha yes, you told me that I was not invited, so NK told me that he will take me as his date and this dress was gifted to me by La ji... Why shouldnt I wear this?"
 "Why? you ask me why? look at every man in this room.. Are you enjoying them oogling at you?" "What? I " She could'nt complete her sentence then, whe suddenly felt so uncomfortable...
"And what the heck were you thinking? coming to the party as his date?"
"yeah you told me that i was not invited, then when NK called me I told him that I am not coming... He came to my house and told me that its alright, he will take me as his guest...date means guest right?" Her innosense was making him mad.He was atleast happy that she didnt really know what an date means.
"So did he ask you to wear this dress?"He asked her with a tint of jealousy.
 "No, La ji gave me this dress. Actally NK suggested to wear a party kind of a dress, So I chose this" NK came towards them at that point.
"Hey Kushi, come we will dance." He pulled her to the dacing floor. "Oh No, nanheji I am not sure if I can dance..."
"I will teach you its simple...haha to think I thought you were my dance teacher"
"hmm yes and I thought you were a saree wala" she happily chatted away with him going to the dance floor. This annoyed arnav. He was totally annoyed with NK and Kushi. Aakash and Payal came back to their table.
Arnav excused himself from that place but not before getting further annoyed overhearing Aakash suggesting payal that they should turn match makers to NK and Kushi if required. But he noticed Kushi and NK doing a desi step enjoying themselves. Kushi caught Arnav string at them angirly and stopped dancing. Later they both came back to the table carrying jelabis
"Oh jiji,I couldnt dance so we thought we will enjoy the jelabis, nanheji is so understanding, I wonder how nanheji and jijaji can be so friendly and your brother is always angry"
 "who Nanav? nanav is always angry"
 "why do you call him Nanav?"
"thats a secret"
 "you wont tell me?"
 "sometime later..." NK winked at her.
Arnav did not understand why these two being friendly should affect him so much.. That was when he moved towards the bar. He didnt know when Payal and Kushi left. He came to know later, the next day from Aakash that NK offered to drop them at home.
"why didnt you go to drop them? you sent him?" he asked unbelievingly.
 "Bhai, you got drunk. I had to stay next to you."
"I got drunk?"
 "Yes, and also I had to bring you home and leave you in your room without the knowledge of others in our house. If Naniji or Di had seen you..."
 "Seen what?" Anjali asked entering the hall.
 "Oh nothing di, you should have watched Nk and Kushi dance together..."
"yeah? both of them are so jovial that the place they are will always bubble with happiness, both together means double damaka"
"oh not here too" thought arnav.

That day when he returned home from office, Naniji and di were talking about how good the pair looked together. He first thought that it was Aakash an payal, but later learnt that it was Kushi and NK. Di was jokingly telling Aakash, that Payal will also be happy if her sister also become one of the bahus of their house and he has to make this rishta happen for payal's sake.
 Arnav was going crazy over this talk. Thats when Mami came and made things from bad to worse. She was terrified that they were matching that pati saari with her beloved NK. She said she will not let that happen. As NK was not around, she tried to call him on his mobile to speak to him and make matters clear. But it happened that the bugger was out shopping with kushi.
"Maasi, I am out with Kushi. She was feeling a bit low and so I took her out for shopping" he had told her. Di was excited after hearing this that she snatched the mobile from Mamiji and told NK to bring Kushi home. Why what happened to kushi? why was she feeling low and who is NK to take her out to brighten her mood? Arnav wanted to put a stop to all this but did not know how.
They both came home after an hour and arnav wanted to blast at them but Mami saw to it. She spoke to kushi so badly but Arnav was atleast happy that NK and Kushi would not dare to move closely again. But how wrong he was, He had gone to his room to take his laptop and was coming back to the pool side when he saw both of them standing nearby the pool.
"Kushi, you wont take it seriously right? come-on smile now... or do you want me to run and fetch a plate of jelabis to make you smile?" NK was trying to console Kushi.
"From whatever Maasi told, I feel she is not happy with Payal and Aakash rishta... Am I right?" NK asked her. Kushi nodded slowly. Her eyes were brimming with tears.
"Hey ok dont worry. I have met Payal today, such a sweet girl, and I know she will change maasi's attitude and will be a good bahu to this house.alright now give me your 100 watts smile..please" Kushi smiled.
"Thanks Nanheji."
Arnav dropped his mobile while hearing this convo and thts when they noticed his presence.
 "Hey Nanav, such a nice pool out here... Kushi was upset that Maasi bad mouthed her sister, so I brought her here to lighten her mood..."
But Arnav was in no mood to listen to NK's Blabbering. He was busy staring at Kushi, trying to asking her through his eyes why was she doing this to him? why was she making him so jealous? Kushi was staring at him too. Then she said she has to leave. Nk told her that he would drop her. she politely refused but then he asked her to call him after she reached home safely.
 "Oh its ok, I am used to go alone to my house" she told him eyeing arnav tensedly. Arnav was all the while looking at her angrily.
 "it doesnt hurt if you call me and let me know if you reached safely right? You are not in a good mood thats why" NK told her.
"ok, I will call you" she assured and left the place.
Arnav couldnt take it any longer, He tried to talk to NK and sort it out when NK got call from his mom.
"Hello Mom, everything is fine mom. India is so beautiful, I am enjoying myself. What? Oh Maasi told you? Kushi is such a nice girl Mom, Bubbling with happiness always just like her name... You should meet her Mom... you will like her." he spoke into the phone walking away.
 Arnav grew more jealous. Here he was concerned about kushi but in short of words or action to let her know how much her is concerned for her and there is his cousin who is easily scoring points against him. Later at the dinner, Arnav learnt that Mamiji had called her sister to make sure that Kushi and NK stay far from eachother, but her sister was unlike her, she had told she would be very happy if NK settles down with a Indian, that too a girl from Lucknow. Mami was in foul mood, but Di, Nani and Aakash was talking about the Nk and Kushi again dampening his mood. Only Shyam was suggesting that they were taking it too far.
 "Probably they are just friends and you people are taking it as love" he told them.
"You keep quiet" Mamiji told shyam. "you told me to call my sister and tell about NK's sudden interest in Pati saari and that will NK in limit with that girl, but it worsened matters" She told him angrily and walked away from there.
Anjali and Nani was shocked, Anjali asked shyam if it was true and he told he only suggested that NK's mom was informed about the developments as it should not come as a surprise for them and looked tentatively at Arnav. Arnav thought atleast shyam is sensible, But does he know my interest in kushi? Why does he look at me like that?

Two days later, Kushi's Family was invited for a Pooja at home. They had all come. Kushi had come a little early to help with pooja. Arnav decided to tell kushi about his feelings as things at home were going far and if he keeps waiting, he might lose kushi for ever to that dumbo NK. But Kushi was never alone. She was either with Di and Nani doing some work or NK was around her. And he is left to fume thinking how quickly he had landed in a situation like this because of NK.

After the pooja was over, kushi volunteered to clean the place and pack the prasad while Aakash and Payal took a walk. Both the families retired to the hall and were chatting. Arnav decide this was the best time to talk to kushi and left to find lauging over something with that Nk. He was highly irritated and left the place not before having an eyelock with Kushi which silenced her suddenly puzzling NK.
He came back to the hall to go to his room when he overheard his Di talking to Kushi's parents and Buaji about pairing NK and Kushi. The only person uncomfortable there apart from him was Mamiji. But wait did shyam also look uncomfortable? But why? did shyam really know about Arnav's feelings or is there something else? Whatelse could be there? they dont even know eachother...He was brought back to present tense by the voice of Buaji telling how she can agree for this as the rishta would mean that kushi has to travel abroad.
"oh dont think about that we will make Nandkishore to settle down here itself" Naniji assured her. Kushi's mom told they are ok if Kushi is ok. Di started getting excited and told she was sure they will agree. They both seemed so comfortable with eachother that Kushi has not shared the reason for Kushi's broken engagement with anyone but has told NK. Kushi's Mom and Buaji was surprised at this. Shyam looked petrified but Arnav was simply stunned. He couldnt believe Kushi was moving closely with NK.
 "Really?" naniji asked her.
"Yes Naniji, yesterday NK took her out na, it was because Kushi ws little upset because of that and he took her out. He was telling something about her misplaced trust in her ex fiance.".
 "hmm yes you know how people are treacherous... you wont know if they are cheating you under your nose" Buaji was giving snide remarks.
 Arnav didnt realise he had come towards them, he was lost in thoughts that his legs took him there. they all asked him to sit. while they were taking about other stuff.  Meanwhile NK and Kushi were talking about jelabis nd chocolates when Nk asked her a question.
 "Kushi, tell me what do you think about Love?"
"Love?, Its a beautiful thing, Lot of lovely emotions.. but only if you get the right soulmate..."
 "are you in Love kushi?"
 "me?"she looked at him surprised.
 "I feel you are in love with someone here"
"What do you mean Nanheji?"
 "dont you have feelings for Nannav?"
 "me? love? laad governe? no.."
"your Lips lies Kushi, But your eyes doesnt. " Kushi was silent for sometime then she spluttered out "How did you find out"
"The way you become so restless when he is around, you stare at him with such a passion and sadness, yet the mother in you springs up whenever he needs that care, like when someone offered him sweets in that party,you sprang from somewhere saying he wont eat sweets- you give so many hints that anyone who knows you well can easily tell that you are in love with him"
"hmm, yet that laad governer doent know"
 "he loves you too"
 "dont tell me"
 "I am telling you the truth... cant you see he is boiling with jealousy, this very instant when he was here...I know how a guy thinks, I know he is in love with you...If you dont go and confess your love, then anytime now he will just go mad" Nk laughed. kushi smiled.
"How did you know? I mean I am very close to my jiji but she failed to notice what I had in mind and Anjali ji can find out anything about arnav ji but she too did not see this"
 "Kushi, I dont know, the minute I saw you, I knew i found someone who is going to be my life long friend. We are both alike... and I want the best for my friend. and I know Nannav from childhood. I knew him when he was a different personality very loving and jovial, and I saw him tranform to the mask he wears now. I want you both to lead a happy life" Kushi was so happy that she hugged him to thank. "Ha no Kushi,I am not going to stop here...I am going to tell everyone about this..." "No Nanheji please, later"
 "no way" he started running and she chased him crying "no please"

This is how they all saw them. "hey NK we are speaking about you only" Di called out.

 "is it?"
 "yes we are talking about bringing kushi as a RM's Bahu."
 "really? kushi did you hear this? I was about to tell you all and you all are saying this to me?" kushi was blushing like anything, she playfully pushed Nk and run away from that place.
 "hmm, see Kushi is blushing and NK also accepted the proposal. Now we will have two weddings to do. but NK dont take her away to your place. you both have to settle down in India only" Anjali happily chattered. Arnav could not take it any longer. He was shattered, lost and just wanted to get away from that place and get into his own shell. he angrily stood up to go. "But why should I take her to my place?" NK was confused.
 "Ha after you get married to kushi..."Naniji started.
 "me? no no But how can I marry her when she is in love with Nanav." NK declared.
everyone went "what?"
Arnav who was in the process of getting to the stairs, looked back.
"What? what did you say now?"
"yes Nannav, Kushi loves you and thats what I wanted to tell all of you. And I know you too have feelings for her" Arnav came near him. Everyone was expecting what he would do to NK, Probably turn him into a pulp?
But what happened then surprised everyone...Arnav, came near NK and hugged him.
"Thanks NK. Thanks so much" He blurted out.
 "chotey.."Di called surprised.
NK just calmed her."he will have time for us later di, First let the Love birds confess their love to eachother"
Arnav walked towards the room where kushi was thanking her Devi maiya to have a heart to heart talk about what he felt about her. 
The end.



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awesome updateClapClap
loved itt
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Posted: 7 years ago
Wow, really good! I think NK will be the one who figures out Khushi and Arnav have feelings for each other!
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Posted: 7 years ago
aww how cute!! i hope the last bit happens where NK just reveals Nanav's and Khushi's feelings
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Originally posted by shweta987

awesome updateClapClap
loved itt
thanks shweta
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Originally posted by MrDarcyfan

Wow, really good! I think NK will be the one who figures out Khushi and Arnav have feelings for each other!
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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by LyssaPie

aww how cute!! i hope the last bit happens where NK just reveals Nanav's and Khushi's feelings
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Posted: 7 years ago
Superbbb updt.. Luvddd it:)
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