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::Other FF:::

IS PYAR KOH KYA NAAM Doon? OS & SS based on Arnav Raizada's journey from an emotionally cut off business tycoon to a lovable human again thanks to his arch nemesis Kushi Kumari Gupta.
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Click the link to read them based on Abhay Raichand a vampire's impossible Love story with the light.
My Sixth FF

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My Short Story

Abhiya Group FF Written by Aysha, Tanzie, Shivani, Swati and Gauri
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The cocktail party was in full swing. All of Arnav's guests had already started the proceedings with the usual party piece of appetisers whilst listening to his jazz music playing in the background. The food had to be desi as well what the...? Arnav felt like strangling NK and Khushi for their wishes  to include all things Indian. Those 2 were beginning to get on his last nerve especially with all the whispering and the evident flirting. Khushi was laughing and being mischievousness. He was glad to not invite her to the party. He certainly wouldn't miss her poking fun and mocking his tastes for the finer things in life. The girl sure had a lot of energy bouncing of the walls thought Arnav. Damn her even now he couldn't enjoy the party without feeling like a jerk for excluding her from it. This was her sisters do after all.

Then to make matters worse NK's date had arrive wearing a black saree shaking Arnav's very foundation. What the...? Khushie Kumari Gupta was his freaking date. After he'd made sure she was uninvited his daft cousin invites her as his plus one. Damn them both he thought clenching his fists. Arnav saw NK extend his hand watching Khushi place her hands in his like she was in some fairyland. Arnav gritted his teeth looking a little angry at this situation. What was going on between Khushi and NK? They'd only just met and already she was his date. How fast did this guy work? And Khushi was cheap for moving on so fast after her engagement broke.
Khushi was overjoyed at her new best friend nanheji rocked having given her a reprive. She could now enjoy this party and be there for her sister. On the phone her sister sounded quite low. Khushi was here now she'd make everything alright. NK smiled at her with those cute dimples face of his filling her with sunshine. He was so considerate and funny which astounded her that he shared the same DNA as ASR. They were complete opposites. NK was so jovial and open to her suggestions while Arnavji simply ignored her unless she was on loud speaker phone. Nanheji 

NK to Khushi simply over enthusiastic dancing with her to classical music now with the rest of the guests-Aap koh party achi lagi na? Yeh gaane kuch zyaada hi slow hai. Nanav koh yeh sab pasand hai its so boring Nanav koh aggar yeh sab pasand hai then why he looks so sad? Dekho na kaise muh koh baloon ki tarah poo kar raha hai?
Khushi noticed Arnavji wasn't joining in but excessively drinking-Yeh thore rhuke rukhe rehte hai. Chinta mat karo hum unko patana achi tarah jaan te hai.
NK a little baffled-App unkoh patayenge kyun? What is rhuke rhuke? Yeh kya hota hai?
Khushi explained-Gussa! Kisi koh jaan se maarna unki fitrat mai hai apni baatho se. Tum achi nachle the ho. Dancing very Good.
NK beamed twirling Khushi in his arms-I know. Main bohot acha hu. Tum bi achi ho.
Khushi smiles holding NK-Nanhe ji aap bohot ache hai.
NK to Khushi-Soh toh hu. 
Khushi gave dirties to ASR then avoiding his eyes now because she knew a storm was brewing in his head. He was going to scold her-Yeh saru yaha baar baar goor raha hai. Zaroor lecture dega mujhe. Mujhe mana ki thi yaha aane ki lekin mein phir bhi chali ayi.
NK touched Khushi's cheek-Tum mera dost ho. Nanav koh mujhe guzzar na hoga agaar unhe kuch kehna hai. Main tummara bodyguard banunga.
Khushi pulled a face showing her discern-Yeh party kitni peekhi hai. Na rang hai, na sur hai na taal hai, is mein maza nahin hai.
NK had a wicked idea-Ab haso! Tum yaha mera wait karo. Tumne woh CD'S layi?
Khushi nodded opening her bag now handing it to NK-Isse kya hoga?
NK winked at Khushie making Anrav's blood boil. How dare NK openly flirt with Khushi? NK mused-Tumne woh orders ki kaane keliye?
Khushi nods responding with a dazzzling smile pointing over to the back-Haa woh mere kuch samaan hai peeche ki darwaze se ayega. 
NK offers his service-Khushi main yu aya! (Clicks his fingers) Woh saaman andar launga mai tum Nanaz par nazar rakhna.

Then the music changes all of a sudden with the desi beats hitting the entire room pulling everyone out of their tranquil place and into an amazed look glancing at the host like what is going on? Some of the guests raised their brow in surprise.

NK returned and pulled Khusi with him and started to follow in her footsteps matching her free style dancing. Akash Raizada vlew caution to the wind and saw the bored look in his fiancees eyes and decided to join in the fun. He too danced with Khushi and then dragged Payal to dance with them. Payal eventually loosened up and smiled for the first time at the party bringing a smile to Akash's face lighting up. Eventually the other guests began to join in. 

Arnav was fuming. His party was ransacked. What the...? Khushi was still dancing with NK. How dare she? She was supposed to be depressed not happy in the arms of another man. Arnav consumed another glass of champaign. NK left Khushi's side and came to Arnav offering him a drink that Khushi brought with her.

NK smiled brightly-Nanav isskoh peeloh. Its so tasty.
Arnav creases his forehead with doubt in his mind. His accent flowed through-Yeh kya hai? Since when has Khushi become your date? 
NK chirped helpfully-Since tonight. Khushi has a right to be here. Why should she miss out? Its her sisters party too. Nanav don't be mad ok? I like her coz. She's cool. Here drink this for me.
Arnav muttered taking the drink and gulped it down-What the...?
NK smiles-I know right?
Arnav a little bemused-What was this?
NK to Arnav smiles softly-I'll tell U after U drink this as well. Please.
Arnav takes another swig of the concoction-Wow! 
NK full of humour-Bhaang. She said this is some good desi stuff. U feel the effects right away.
Arnav thought he was hearing things-U are serious right? U made me drink this stuff! (Not taking his eyes off of his cousin) The music where did it come from?
NK answers honestly-I asked Khushiji to bring it so i can play it for her. Now look Payalji is happy, so is Khushiji. I want my date to enjoy herself not fall asleep.
Arnav arrogantly fumes-This party was a hit til U did this. I have a reputation to uphold. Bloody hell. I need another drink. (Knocks a few more glasses back feeling quite merry)
NK takes Arnav to join the others-U should dance. As a host its your duty. Show Khushi U aren't such a grouch. Nanav sab koh dikawoh ke thum bhi sab se behtar naach sakthe ho.

Arnav felt a little loose and started dancing with the rest of the guests for once shocking Khushi, Payal, Akash, NK, and the rest of his family and guests. For the first time everyone actually had a good time and Arnav even let slide the old niggling jealousy because he was with Khushi. They were dancing with each other and not fighting like they'd always done in the past. 

Khushi for the first time saw Arnav's wild side. Its shocked her yet thrilled her that he could be fun. Arnavji was a enigma. Would she ever understand him? Who knew what the real Arnav was inside? He hid behind a mask. If only she could show him the world she saw. Khushi only wanted to see him happy. This was all she could ask for him.

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this is beautiful my dear Thumbs UpClap... I wish aisa hi ho kalDay Dreaming ...thanks for PM Ayesha Hug... 
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sorry but what is this who is khushi kumari gupta n who is asr n nk sorry dont understand it but ya agar ya imaginary story hai to nice ur a great writer
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Originally posted by --sumana13--

this is beautiful my dear Thumbs UpClap... I wish aisa hi ho kalDay Dreaming ...thanks for PM Ayesha Hug... 
:::From the precap i doubt we will get to see ArHi like this. I just wanted a plyful air to the OS than the miserable accusation flinging matches we are seeing.:::
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wow awesome ayesha,loved it n i didnt knew that u also like IPKKND drama too.i wish epi main bhi aisa ho but i think asr will say some thing bad to khushi n she will hurt precap se to aisa lag raha tha,thanks for pm.
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wow amazing job <33
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