Poems of Bharatiar - Page 3

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Posted: 15 years ago
wow....great sangeeta.......... Clap
Posted: 15 years ago
Originally posted by sangeetaa

Wow! Vidya Clap Clap Clap Thank you! That is one of my favorite poems. I did not know the second verse... just the first few lines.

Ok, here's another one (esp. for gumshuda, since he dared me Wink )Usually in TN every child learns in school and sings as a morning prayer. My 7 yr old nephew who is lucky enough to have Tamil class (as I never did) taught it to me!!

It is so typical of Bharati's style: simple, direct, sweet, yet profound. "Vendum" can be translated as "There should be" or "Let there be" or " want" or "I wish for". Basically you can read it as a prayer – Bharati is wishing for all these things he mentions

Manathil Uruthi Vendum

Manathil uruthi vendum
Vaakiniley inimai vendum
Nilaivu nallathu vendum
Nerungina porul kaippada vendum
KaNavu maiyppada vendum
Kaivasamavathu viraivil vendum
Dhanamum inbamum vendum
DharaNiyil perumai vendum

KaN thiranthida vendum
Kaariyatthil urudi vendum
PeN viDutalai vendum
Periya kadavul kakka vendum
MaN payaNura vendum
Vaanakamingu tenpada veNdum
Unmai ninRida vendum

The mind should be firm
There should be sweetness in speech
Let there be good thoughts
Cherished desires should come to hand
Dreams should come true
Let the goal be attained with ease
wish for wealth and love
wish for respect in this world

Let the eyes be opened
Let there be determination in work
Let women be independent
May a mighty god protect
May the soil be fruitful
Let the heavens be within sight
May Truth remain.

Nice one, again.ClapClapClap I have to save these.
Posted: 15 years ago
That was simply Great, Sangeetaa. Clap Clap Clap With little exposure to language, you could do so much. I too studied tamil for 3 years in my primary school, but somehow that seems to be not enough to understand poems and Tamil News..

Posted: 15 years ago
This is another one if his gems. Bharathi used to place all his songs in raga and sing them. So most of his songs can be sung - you can find them in many tamil films.

I was googling thru some other sites and came across this song translation from some other intelligent individual called Surathi. thought of posting it here too. Tmrw is Tamil New year - Apr 14th and what better way to celebrate it other than listening to bharathi.

ninnai charaNadainthEn, kaNNammA
ninnai charaNadainthEn
ponnai, uyarvai, pugaLai virumbidum
ennai kavalaigaL thinna thagAthena..
ninnai charaNadainthEn, kaNNammA
ninnai charaNadainthEn
midimaiyum achamum mEvi en nenjil
kudimai pugunthana, kondr(u)avai pOkkena
ninnai charaNadainthEn, kaNNammA
ninnai charaNadainthEn
thunbam ini illai, sOrvillai
sOrvillai, thORpillai
anbu neRiyil aRangaL vaLarththida
nallavai nAttida, theeyavai Ottida
ninnai charaNadainthEn, kaNNammA
ninnai charaNadainthEn

Tne translation goes as under:

I surrender to thee, the Ultimate
I surrender to thee!

Yearn do I for riches, status and fame!
As I do not wish to be eroded by these yearnings..
(I surrender to thee)

Cowardice and fear spread in my heart and
make it their home. To let these perish..
(I surrender to thee)

May my revelling in conceit end here and
may I fulfil what you destined for me.. so
(I surrender to thee)

No more sorrows, no more despair, no defeats!
Will all noble things be nurtured by Love
(I surrender to thee)

I lack wisdom to differentiate the evil from good [Oh mother]
Let nobility prevail and evil perish!
(I surrender to thee)

You can listen to this song at:


The song is Ninnai saranadainthen in Bhairavi Ragam. Thats a very powerful and strong raga and once you understand the lyrics and hear the song it will transport you to a different realm.

Happy Tamil new year guys and will come back with another one soon!!! Sangeetha..waiting to hear from u too.
Posted: 15 years ago
vidyaah, wow, what an incredible poem. Such a powerful meaning. Thank you for that one!! And Happy Tamil New Year to all tomorrow!

Will be posting one later tonight as i do not have my laptop with me, unfortunately.
Posted: 15 years ago
vidyaah ji..
thank u ..that was a great poem.......beautiful meaning......
tamil naal nalla varthagal(sorry if i made any mistakes)
Posted: 15 years ago
In my eyes, this is perhaps one of the best poems ever written. People always describe this as a sad poem, a poem about pain, but if you ask me, this poem is about the fire of a soul that is striving. It starts as a complaint to Mata. He speaks to Her in the familiar - and lists his demands on Her.

At the end is that defiant question to her. Almost like asking her: "do you have a problem with this?" Smile

I hope you enjoy it.

Puttandu Vazhtukal!

NallatOr veeNai

Nallathor veeNai seythey… athai nalankeTap puzhuthiyil eRivatundO?

Solladi Sivasakti! Enai cudarmikum aRivudan padattuviTaay

Vallamai thaaraayO – inta maanilam payNuRa vaazhvataRkE?

Solladi Sivasakti! Nila chumaiyena vaazhntiTap purikuvaiyO?

VisaiyuRu panthinaippOl uLLam vEndiya padiselum udal kETTEn

NasaiyaRu manankETTEn – nittam navamena chudartarum uyirkETTEn

Dasaiyinait thee chudirRum – Siva Saktiyaip paadumnala akankETTEn

Asaivaru matikETTEn; Ivai aruLvatul unakketun tadaiyuLLO?

Difficult words:

Padaittal – to create (eg a work of art)
Nilam: land
PayaN: benefit
Chumai: weight
Purikuthal – to exercise as grace or mercy
Visai: spring, impetus, impulse, force
Nasai: desire, greed, lust
Navam: new
Dasai: flesh
Mati: wisdom/intelligence

You made a good veeNa – would you throw it to rot in the dust?
Tell me, Sivasakti! You went and fashioned me with spark-like intelligence.

Will you give the strength – to live a life beneficial to this world?
Tell me, Sivasakti! Will you condone a life [which is] as a burden to the earth?

Like a wind-up toy that will do as I will it to: for such a body I asked 
For a desire-less mind I asked – Like a lamp lit afresh daily: for such a life-force I asked.

Even as my flesh burns, it will sing to SivaSakti: for such a self I asked.

An unshaking wisdom I asked for; to grant me all these –have you any objection?
Edited by sangeetaa - 15 years ago
Posted: 15 years ago
Originally posted by srianne

Originally posted by kd286

vidyaah ji..
thank u ..that was a great poem.......beautiful meaning......
tamil naal nalla varthagal(sorry if i made any mistakes)


that would be "Tamizh puththandu nal vazhthukkal"....


thank u sri for correcting me.......

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