FF : Lalita's take on BAHL post 22nd Dec December

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My first FF.. starting from the episode ended yesterday (22nd Dec). This will mostly be in English as I'm not very good in Hindi, especially the genders J

Precap : Ram ordering his secretary to distribute the food he's ordered from the hotel amongst his staff and to bring him the food that would come from his house.


Ram's food arrives. His peon sets the table, taking out innumerable small packets.

Ram is amazed to see 3 different types of achaar packed in 3 different packets. He thinks that in his 20 plus years of working life this is the first time food has come from his home for him. The peon leaves and Ram starts to eat. Suddenly he remembers the previous day's conversation when Priya tells him that she also wanted to work for her family. He feels sad and moves the plate aside and cannot eat. He remembers their last conversation at breakfast the previous day..when he shouted at Priya for bringing dahi for him.  He calls the peon and asks him to clear the table.

He gets back to work again. Mamaji had sent him profiles of Ashwin's replacement. This time he had made it clear to Mamaji that he would take the final round. After all, Vikram's replacement had to be someone worthy of Vikram and not someone like the stupid Ashwin. He remembers Priya's face at the Diwali party, with tears streaming down her face whilst he dealt with Ashwin. Dammit, every time he made Priya cry. Even if he had enacted the whole drama in front of everyone for her own sake, still, the fact remained that he had made her cry.

Ram switches on the laptop and opens Daljit's email. Priya's snap in the yellow sari …. He remembers the incident and smiles. Yeh Priya bhi na paagal hai.. koi lock lagaa ke kahinn wishes poore hote hai? And then Priya's crying face comes to his mind.. Priya in the red saree, holding out the kangan and asking him for explanations. He gets furious and closes Daljit's email.

There was a lot of pending work to be done. 9 days of holiday, 9 days of no work. That was the first time this had happened in Ram's working life.

He was very hungry. He had missed breakfast, his favourite meal of the day. He called the hotel himself and asked for a quick lunch to be delivered to him.

It was still evening when Ram finished all urgent work and decided to call it a day. He had started work very early that day; had left from home very early. That room was become suffocating for him. He couldn't face Priya. He wondered what to do and after some time decided to go to his favourite bar for a few drinks.

When he reached outside, it was raining. Torrential rain. He wondered how anyone could love rain. For him, rain meant traffic jam and dirty roads. True enough, the roads were blocked. He asked his driver to turn on the radio.

"Ooh la la la.. ..  Dirty picture songs were being aired. Ram remembered that night. How well Priya had danced. And after taunting her and asking her not to puncture his self respect, he had been gazing at her all through the dance. Even with his dream girl, Vidya Balan, dancing to such a sensuous song, he only had eyes for his wife. And he remembered how angry he had been when Emraan had whistled at his wife.

The car took a right turn. This area was where Priya had resumed coming, for her coaching classes. Suddenly, he saw Priya, in the torrential rain, on the other side of the road, trying to stop an auto. And he was furious ! How dare Priya try to insult him in front of her coaching students and teachers by continuing to use an auto after her marriage to the Ram Kapoor? Did she want everyone to say how Ram Kapoor couldn't even arrange for a car for his wife? He hoped his driver hadn't seen Priya..

"Sir, Priya Madam hai udhar...us taraf Sir.  Gaadi ghuma lu Sir? Madam ko pick kar lete hain?"

"Hoon." And wondered, weren't drivers supposed to look ahead while driving? Why the hell was he looking ath other side of the road. He would chuck out this driver after reaching home.

It was almost ten minutes by the time the driver managed to take  U turn in the heavy traffic and reach the other side of the road where they had seen Priya. But then Priya was not there any more.

"Sir, thoda aage le loon? Ho sakta hain, Madam thoda aage nikal gayee ho?"

"Nahin, mujhe jaldi kahin pouchna hai. Gaadi ghuma lo aur jaldi chalo. Kitne saal se drive kar rahe ho? Gaadi thik se chalani nahinn aati? Aur yeh radio bandh kar do"

It was a long time before he reached the bar. It was crowded there too. However, his favourite place was made available for him almost immediately. After all, who could afford to make Ram Kapoor wait.

He had a few drinks and realized that his loneliness and unhappiness had only increased. He decided to call Vikram over.

Ram : Vikram, tu kahan hain? Main Royale Castle mein hoon. Aaja.

Vikram : Nahin Ram. Mein bas abhi office se nikal raha hoon. Aaj ek presentation tha, toh late ho gaya. Aur ab Neha aur bacche aa rahe hai..sabko bearish mein ghumne jaana hai, phir dinner karke ghar jayenge.

Ram : Accha ok. Presentation kaisa tha? Thik ho gaya na?

Vikram : Arre Ram, tere saath itna saal kaam kiya hai, ab presentation dena tere se sikha hai, toh accha to ho ga hi.

Ram : arre nahin..

Vikram interrupts: Ram, ek kaam karta hoon. Neha aa jaye toh hum aake tere ko bhi pick up karte hain aur Priya ko bhi pick up kar lete hain aur ph..

Ram interrupts : Nahin Vikram, mujhe achanak se ek zaroori kaam yaad aa gaya hai. You carry on. Baad mein baat karte hain. Bye.

Ram smiled thinking of Neha and the kids. Vikram was so lucky, he had such a wonderful family.  And then he became sad when his loneliness hit him again. He decided to go back home. He would just avoid Priya… but why should he avoid his room? That was his house, his room. Why did she hurt him so badly? They were getting along so well, had so much fun in Australia..why did she have to ask him questions? Why did she have to hurt him .. at his most vulnerable spot? Why did she have to spoil everything? And hadn't she promised that she would always trust on him and never ask anything? And that even if she saw him in a beautiful girl's arms, she will still believe him? All girls were the same, you could never trust them.

He entered his room. Priya was lying curled up on the couch with a book, facing the wall. He remembered the auto incident and felt sure that Priya was just trying to insult him by continuing to take an auto. He was just going to question her when Bansi Kaka knocked.

"Sir, khana laga du?"

"Nahin, mein khana kha ke aaya hoon."

Priya turned, "mujhe bhi bhook nahin hai, Bansi Kaka".

"Ok Sir. Good Night Sir, Good night, Madam".

Priya turned to the other side again. Ram changed his clothes and lay down on the bed. The image of Priya in the red saree, holding out the kangan and asking him for an explanation, continued to haunt him. And then Priya asking him if she could hold his hand and sleep. He sat up, had 2 sleeping tablets and some water and lay down again.

Ram still couldn't sleep. There was complete silence in the room. He got up again and picked up the bottle of tablets and took out two more.

In a second, Priya was at his side and snatched the bottle as well as the 2 pills he had in his hand.

Ram : Kya..kar kya rahe ho tum? Samajh te kya ho apne aap ko? Tumhe ek baat samajh mein nahin aa raha hai ki hamara rishta ek compromise ka rishta hai. Tumhe koi right nahin hai interfere karne ka mere life mein. Main kya khaoon, kya karu, please stay out of it. Aur yeh sab insaaniyat ki baat bhi mujhe mat sunao.Tum apn..

Priya interrupts. She is standing in front of Ram and takes Ram's face in her hands. Ram tries to move his face away but she continues to hold him strongly and says calmly.

Priya: Ek minute. Bas Mr. Kapoor, aap ek minute ke liye shaant ho jaiye. Please.

Priya moves her right hand from his face. She holds out her right hand and shows him the friendship ring.

Priya : Mr. Kapoor, ek minute ke liye bhool jaiye ki main Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor hoon. Ki main aapke patni hoon. Bas, ek minute ke liye sochiye ki main sirf Priya Sharma hoon, ek ladki jo sirf aapki dost hai. Aur aapki dost aapko iss sleeping tablet khane se rok rahi hai.

Ram keeps quiet.

Priya :  Aur mein is dosti ki kasam, is ring ki kasam kha ke promise karti hoon ki main kabhi aapse apeksha ke baare mein kabhi kuch nahin puchoongi. Mujhe pata hai Mr. Kapoor, ki mere upar chillake, mere saath rude behavior karke, main jitna hurt hoti hoon, aap usse kahin zyada hurt hote hai. Mr. Kapoor, dosti ki hai, dono ko nibhani toh padegi. Aur aaj se, aap apne dost ke upar kabhi chilla nahin sakte. Aur kabhi apni patni ke saath ladai karna ho, toh pehle Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor bolke shuru karna.. toh phir aapke friend Priya Sharma ko bura nahin lagega.

Ram, smiling a bit : Aur phir Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor kya karegi?

Priya : Woh phir se CD player maximum volume pe chalake apne pati ke saath ladai karegi. Middle class couples ki tarah.

Ram touches the "friendship" ring on Priya's hand. Tears fall down from his eyes. Priya looks at him for a moment and sits on the bed beside him and brings his face close to her. "Main apna dost ko itna dukhi nahin dekh sakta. Ab Bansi Kaka ko bulau.. bhook lagi hai?"

Ram starts smiling and gets up and says "Yes"

End of Day 1.

HI.. was this ok?
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Posted: 2011-12-23T07:31:00Z
hey lalitha welcome to balh forum and nice ff loved it
thank you
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Posted: 2011-12-23T07:49:26Z
sooo sweeet...i hope this happens...
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Posted: 2011-12-23T07:59:43Z
hi Lalita... 1st of all a very warm welcome to BALH forumBig Hug!
wow!! this is superb
Thumbs Up specially the last scene... very well written... do continue Edited by Anamika163 - 2011-12-23T08:01:41Z
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Posted: 2011-12-23T08:13:13Z
hope smthng like this happen in d show...

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Posted: 2011-12-23T08:13:55Z

Lalitha awesome FFClapClapClapClapClap

Thank you and Please continue...

Your FF will mke our weekend

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Posted: 2011-12-23T08:17:22Z
Very nice ...Clapthank you... 

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Posted: 2011-12-23T08:30:33Z
plz continue soon
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