IPKKND OS:One Arnav, One Khushi, One locked door:)

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Hey guys, I found the precap for today absolutely hilarious so I thought I would write a One Shot around it, Im pretty bad at comedy so forgive me if it is really bad, I tried my best. Hope it gives you an enjoyable read. Please do check out my index for my other work and for more reading check out my Fanfic Tearing Ourselves Apart or my Short Story Holding On and Letting Go


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OS : One Arnav, One Khushi, One locked door


She pulled in what seemed like a much stronger hand than her sisters and giggled cheekily as she locked the door behind her with the full intention of attacking her sister with a fit of tickles for taking so long to get her a towel in the first place.


She turned around, smile spread halfway across her face and felt her heart stop.


This was not her sister, this was not even close to her sister. Before she knew it she had opened her mouth to let out a blood curling scream, not realising who she was or where.

All she knew, was that Arnav Singh Raizada was standing in front of her, holding on to a light pink towel which she had asked for. Right now, it was the last thing in the world she wanted.


She could feel the need to take a breath hitch at her throat but she was too shocked to pay it any heed as she kept on screaming.


Arnav, incredulous at her reaction looked around for something to help her stop, he knew he had scared her.

"Khushi...Khushi shhh stop..." he tried, watching as Khushi only continued to scream, shaking her head now as the blood filled up under her skin to match the colour of her red clothes.


"Okay, Woaah, Khushi breathe.. stop..please stop screaming" he pleaded.


"Aaahhh!" she continued.


"Khushi!?" Payals voice called from the room outside.


The sound of her sisters voice snapped her mouth shut as Khushi looked wide-eyed at Arnav standing before her in the small bathroom.


"Khushi are you allright?" Payal asked.


"Yeah, we're.." Arnav started, only to be interrupted by Khushi pouncing on him, covering his lips with her palm, and vigorously shaking her head, eyes still wide open.


"Yes, n...no..no Jiji, I ..just.. you didn't give me a towel so I..urm screamed because I was angry" Khushi stuttered, pressed up against him. She didn't even want to think what her sister would think if she found them in there.


"What? Khushi are you sure you are okay? I can give you a towel n.."


"NO! NO!" Khushi screamed through the door "I'm okay, I ..uh... I don't want a towel now..not now..just forget about it" she called "What are you doing here" she furiously whispered to Arnav who roughly pulled her palm off his mouth and pushed her off him so he could move.


"You called me in here" he harshly replied, annoyed at her.


"Khushi? Are you talking to yourself" Payal called again, just about to leave the room.


"Huh!? Jiji? No, No I'm not talking to myself, I was just uhhh, just doing .. Ooh! Is that Buaji, yes yes Jiji, Buaji is calling you, go, go now, hurry"


"Buaji? Khushi, Buaji has gone out" Payal called back in to the bathroom door, confused.


Arnav rolled his eyes and reached out for the door handle.

She jumped infront of him and pushed him away so that he hit the sink behind him, turning the tap on as he collided with it, he reached out for Khushi as he slipped in the small space, carrying her down with him in a tangle of arms and legs as he fell against the wall with a loud bang.


"Khushi!?" a concerned Payal called.


"HAPPYJI" Khushi screamed, lying on top of Arnav she raised her head only to hit it on the bottom of the sink and fall back down on him. Holding on to the pain in her head she called out again to her sister "HAPPYJI IS CALLING YOU."


Payal stood silent wondering what was going on with her sister.


"It's just, Happy Ji and Buaji sound the same sometimes" she said, rubbing her sore head.


"Khushi what are you saying" Payal asked.


"JIJI JUST GO! YES YES HAPPY JI SHE IS COMING" Khushi screamed to have Arnav look up her struggling form lying on top of him as the sink above her filled up with water and spilled over her.


"Crazy girl" Payal muttered to herself as she left.


"Ahh" Khushi complained, holding her head that was beginning to become drenched with cold water "What are you...okay...I know why you are in here, but why did you come in" she spoke in a rush, blinking through the water dripping through her lashes and onto his face.


"Khushi you called me, now get off me!" he strained, struggling to keep his voice straight as she squirmed against him, the cold water staining his immaculate suit.


"STOP" he called, slowly holding her up by her shoulders and making her sit up.

When they had finally straightened themselves up Arnav stood up, turned off the tap and asked her whether she was okay.


"No, No I'm not okay, first, there is no towel around here and then this" she indicated towards him in the bathroom.


Arnav bit back on his tongue, and watched her struggle to correct herself. He reached out to help her only to slip on the wet floor and fall on top of her, cornering her against the wall against which she was backed up.


"Oh!" she managed, freezing as the touch of his lips at the corner of her mouth lingered where he had accidentally touched her. He stopped breathing, and watched her from a few inches away. He had felt his lips brush against hers and loved the way they had silenced her.


He realised his inappropriate position after staring in to her eyes for what seemed like a long time. He carefully lifted himself off her and reached out to brush away a damp strand of hair stuck to her cheek.

"Is your head okay?" he asked, breathless.


She nodded, not sure if she would be able to find her voice and accepted his help to stand up.

Arnav looked down at their clothes and the wet bathroom, they could really land themselves in messy situations.

He sent her an apologetic nod for walking in to the bathroom when he should have known better before turning around to reach for the door handle.


She held on to his arm, stopping him.


He turned around to face her as she pointed at the small window at the back of the bathroom.

"You can't go through the door" she said, as if stating the obvious "Go through there"


Arnav looked at her with an unbelieving expression on his face... This girl was crazy.



Thanks a bunch for reading, I hope it wasn't too bad, I wrote it in a bit of a rush, please leave likes, comments and criticism and do check out my index Embarrassed.


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i loved this bathroom romanceWink...
if they fall on eachother like this (that too two times), omgEmbarrassed...then our whole forum willgo mad...
i have already became mad watching the precap...
 very nice os and too quick yaar...
pls continue ur amazing work ... 
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Posted: 8 years ago
it was really nice and funny
i loved it Tongue
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Posted: 8 years ago
Girl, you're fast! :D And such a cute OS! I really wish something like this happens!
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Posted: 8 years ago
it was truly fab...
loved it
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Posted: 8 years ago
Haha!! Cute OS!! :)
And that was a real fast update!! :P
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