sonu fair ?????????

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Posted: 16 years ago

Hi every one it's a poll ..the 10th gala is judge's choice round and kishor kumars songs ..sandeep is gona sing sonu nigam,s song from the movie  mujhe kuch kehna hai

Is pyar KO main kiya naam Doon ..this is a very difficult song if this song is sonu nigam, s choice given to sandeep  by him do you think its fair to give him such a tough song  ..give your opinion

Posted: 16 years ago
y do u think sonu is not fair? infact i thnk its a very good opportunity for sandeep 2 prove tht he can sing tough songs. its one of the best songs of sonu.
tomm wen sandy gets into playback singing, do u think music dir will always give him easy songs 2 sing.
at this level of competition ur expected 2 sing tough songs...
tough songs will show who has got the best talent
Posted: 16 years ago
when you are in Top3, you are expected to prove yourself by singing tough need to prove your singing talent to move to next round especially in the last rounds.Thats the BASIC CONCEPT of INDIAN IDOL

compare with saregamapa,when they were final 3,they were all given very tough songs(mostly by ARRehman)
Posted: 16 years ago
I love the song'is pyar ko mein'I would have liked amey to sing that song Embarrassed he would have rocked.but I am told all sang well in 10 not to worry.
Posted: 16 years ago
so!!!! yupz sonu is 1000000000000% fair
on the foolr many time hard songs are sung!
Posted: 16 years ago

I agree with Pragya. At this stage of the comepetition, the songs have to get tougher. With just 3 of them left, with the title a coupla weeks away, the contestants are expeected to perform at that level.

I personally don't think Sandeep can do justice to that song. But then, this is also Sandeep's chance to prove he is capable of belting tough numbers. Anyways, lets wait and watch.

I wonder which song Karunya is singing from Bunti N Babli. Dya have any idea about it???
Posted: 16 years ago
Yes of oourse he is....If Sandy cant do thr song properly he shudnt be in the top 3......He has to prove himself atleast now.......Gr8 going SONU Clap
Posted: 16 years ago
sandy has a good playback voice. i am sure with some practice he can sing this song well.

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