Prankster's day out!

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Posted: 16 years ago
Prankster's day out!

April Fool's Day is around the corner! We quizzed some television actors and found out how much of a prankster they are !

Riya V Anandwala finds out!

Priya Wal- "No one can fool Arshi!"

Well, it's really difficult to recall of the pranks I have played, as there are many. I remember this particular April Fool's day, when I was in Delhi. I had red ink with me, which I had put on the lower portion of my face, near my chin. My mom was in her bedroom, and laid myself outside her room. As soon as she opened the door, she was half dead. So it was quite a prank. No one ever fooled me, you see, no one can fool Arshi!

Amit Khanna- "The after effects were bad!"

Well, I love playing pranks. I played one on my mom. I bought a bouquet and a saree and sent it to my residence address by courier, with a chit attached to it which read, "I am in love with you and will call, and you have to meet me." My mother was very scared, and was cursing that guy to the core. This went on for four to five hours and then I broke it. The after effects were bad. I remember this incident where my cousin brother called me and said," Amitji, I am calling from Subhash Ghai's production house, we have short listed you as our protagonist, for Mukta Art's next project. The film's name is After the Rape, and we have made films like, Telephone Bhoot, Ganga mein Nanga." Then obviously I got to know that its my brother. But it was just too much.

Rupali Ganguly- " I was wanting to commit a suicide"

I have always played low category pranks. But yes I have been fooled many a times. Once, on the first of April I received a letter saying that you have won the best actress award for your Bengali film; I disbelieved it, as I couldn't ever win such a prestigious award. But then when I got my air tickets a little later than that day, I got to know that I was seriously being called. There was another time, I was in my tenth grade, and my childhood friend, considered a smart dude told me that, "I have got to know about our results, and you have failed in history. "I got too scared and was even planning to commit a suicide, though I don't have the damn guts to do it. He told me this on 30 of March and at night, at 12.00 am, he told me that he was fooling me. Oh what a prank that was.

Tina Parakh- "I cannot tell you how embarrassing it was"

Well, I remember this one incident, which took place long back. I was sitting at my place, a friend of mine called me from down, and said get dressed we are going out. I was a little surprised, as this never usually happens with me. I got totally dressed and went down. I thought there was something fishy going on and as soon as I went down, there was no one at all. Later, I came up to my place and saw that all my friends were upstairs and said, "Happy April Fool's Day". I cannot tell you how embarrassing it was.

Vipul Gupta- "A prankster is always alert!"

On the sets of India Calling, I was sitting with all my co actors and the lights were switched off. It had been six hours and I was thoroughly bored. I called my makeup man and put a white blanket on him and made him hold a candle. He entered the room, and as the lights were off, everyone started shouting, ohh-aah! It was just too good. As far as me being fooled is concerned, I guess never, or may those small ones. What happens is, once you yourself are a big prankster, it is really difficult for anyone to play a prank on you, as you are always alert!

Posted: 16 years ago

Posted: 16 years ago


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