UPDATE - 31/03/06 Kkavya learns the truth

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Posted: 16 years ago
So guys here's today's update --
1. Episode starts with everyone reaching the party
dida - Nitya then asks vanshita to go inside to take care of the guests & she'll stay at the door & welcome the guests,vanshita leaves.Just then 2 missed calls come on nitya's mobile as recalls what plan they have made,she then tries to call on the same number & hears ringbell,she goes outside & takes her men inside before they were checked by the security men.

Just then a guest comes to nitya & asks about kkavya to which she tells him that he would come soon.

Nitya then thinks that why hasn't kkavya come yet & then she calls him - Kkavya tells her that he wouldn't be able to come - nitya gets upset & tries to convince him but he tells her that anjali is ill therefore he can't come.Nitya then tells him that if he doesn't come then she would cancel the party - kkavya eventually agree & tells her that he's coming(anjali gets upset).Kkavya
tells anjali that he's going,anjali tries to stop him by saying that nitya is trying to kill him as she's after his property,he doesn't believe her

she tries to tell him that she's after his property but kkavya tells her that nitya is his god & even if
anjali tries to convince him but he doesn't believe her & also tells her that he will not tolerate anymore & also he cannot listen
& asks him not to go but kkavya tells her that he'll go to show that his

then he's about to leave with vaid when anjali tells him that she'll also come with him.

2. A dance begins which everyone is enjoying - shlok then goes to nihaal & tells him that the girl(who's performing) is not his type but nihaal doesn't listen.

Baouji then goes to nihaal - nihaal tells him that the girl's looking hot without that it's baouji,baouji then asks that what did he said just now to which nihaal tells him that he's just hearing too much & asks him to leave,baouji before leaving tells him that today he may hear something break as nihaal puts his hand on his cheek.

Nitya is waiting outside when she tells her men about the details(kkavya's car number) & also what they should do after the accident.

Baouji goes to dida & asks her for a dance - she initially refuses but finally agree & then they start dancing.

Kkavya & anjali reaches the party while nitya looks happy to see them.

Kkavya is talking to a businees man where he compliments him for his work & asks for the reason behind his success - kkavya then takes nitya to the stage & tells the guests that his success is all because of her(anjali also but not that much) - how she take cared of him & how she loved him.... & dedicates this success to her,he also tells them that she's god to him & then he touches her feet.Nitya then tells the guests that she's just a mother & asks anjali to come to the stage & then she put's anjali's hand on kkavya's.Nitya then tells the guests that her strength is her son & anjali while kkavya tells anjali that may be they have united again but his trust on nitya is still there.

Nitya's men call her where he tells her that kkavya hasn't come yet & also the security is increasing - nitya then tells him that he would send kkavya right away,then he tells his men to get ready.

3. Nitya goes to kkavya & tells him that someone is waiting for him at the parking lot & asks him to go there to which he agree,while on his way kkavya tells anjali on that he's going to the parking lot.

Kkavya reaches the parking-lot when nitya's men hold him at gun-point(nihaal sees this from a distance & follows them),then they take him to a place but nitya then sees nihaal & wonders why is he here - she follows him.Kkavya asks bad guys that why did they brought him here when nihaal comes & asks them to leave kkavya but then he starts fighting while kkavya calls out nihaal's name(he cannot do anything as 2 men r still holding him at gun-point).By that time nitya also comes there & they point their gun to her - kkavya cannot see this & starts beating them.Then he gives nitya a gum & asks her to take of herself,then he tries to catch them but fails in his attempt & when he turn around he see nitya holding a gun pointing at him as kkavya gets shocked to see this.
          Overall a boring episode except in the end where kkavya gets to know about the truth,anyways do send in ur reviews............ Smile Wink
Posted: 16 years ago
Thanks!!! 4 the wonderful update Smile Tongue
Posted: 16 years ago
hope kavya snatches the gun from her Cry
Posted: 16 years ago
thanxx for the update Tongue
kavya Cry
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks for the update Smile
well its good news that kavya has learnt the truth but bad news is that he is going to die soooonnnn Cry Cry Ouch

maybe anji gonna save him one more time and this time too he didnt listen to anjali Ouch
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks for the update - i don't think he is going to die yet - he will learn the truth and give up living or something like that. (article)

Anjali will come and stop it.

Esti aunty
Posted: 16 years ago
i m not sure whether nitia will shoot him or not as she is very clever but u never know maybe this time ektaa madame wants her to shoot so kavya should know the truth.hope for the best .after hearing alot abt kavyas death i still hope that he doesnt die.
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks a lot huN! Clap


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