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hey guys...

heres an interesting question...HOW and WHEN  did you start watching kumkum?..(when as in what scene/part did you see that you felt like watching it more etc etc)..basicallly how did you start liking the show...? how did you get hooked to it?....

(because wid some ppl it might have been tht they didnt like it in the beginning then started liking it later on)...

ok here is how i started reading updates/watching or following up on the show:

actually i thought of this while watching the star utsav videos posted by our darling murali...(thanks again)...

when kumkum had first started i used to be totally hooked on to KZK never used to miss even a single episode. the first promo i saw of kumkum...

showed kumkum sitting on a swing and eating pickles from a small bowl (i think she wearing something purple) and she looked at the screen and said 'achaar'...then she talked abt some function in the house and she said 'kitna maaza aayega itne log aayenge....aap bhi aayenge na?'

when i first saw this promo i liked kumkum at once (the character not the show)....i thought she was reallly cute/nice/friendly....i was like kool girl

so basically while watching KZK i got to know the story of kumkum some what through the promos that used to air.

then i saw the promo where they showed:

kumkum is in a white sari and basically they show jatin's dead.

i was soo shocked because at that time i had no idea how indian soaps work....KZK was like sorta my first indian show i was watching....

and i was thinking 'ooohhh nooo poor girl' i felt soo bad for her. and i was like oh no they cant do tht they cant kill her husband. and i thought 'now what they story is over what can they show after this now?' (i didnt know in soaps they show ppl getting married a million times lol except for kumkum n sumit of course)....

then next interesting promo i saw was:

kumkum again in a white sari and dadji had a heart attack...and everyone was trying to convince kumkum to get married to vishal for dadaji's sake

so i was like oooh kool thts what they are going to do...get her married again...thts nice lol.

next promo:

kumkum is dressed in red clothes, dadima comes behined her and puts her hands on kumkum's shoulder looks at the screen and says' hamari kumkum ki shaadi hai....aap bhi aaye ga'....

my thoughts were just like hmmmm...(still didnt start watching the show just the promos that were aired during KZK)....

next promo: the SHOCKER!

Sumit dragging kumkum by the hand and putting sindoor on her forehead!!!!!

i was sooooooooo shocked and annoyed at sumit for doing that lol. i was thinking oh no now they are going to drag their marriage on for ages then ultimately sumit n kumkum will divorce and then she will marry vishal.....BUT

by chance i saw an episode right after kumkum-sumit's marriage (my first episode of kumkum)....and sumit was leaving for office or something like that...and kumkum n sumit both were really awkward wid each other....then a thought came into my mind: 'what if these two fall in love wid each other?'

thats when i knew that that is what the writers of the show had in mind. ie to make kumkum and sumit fall for each other.....

Anyways i suddenly started liking their chemistry, and i wanted to see how they fall in love LOL....from then on i loved kumkum n sumit and the show and got HoOkEd!!!   WHAT ABOUT you??

(but unfortunately for me i cud only read the updates and not watch Cry  because i didnt have cable at my house (my parents think we will get hooked to the telly so thats why we never got cable since we were kids hahaha) but i used to watch at my aunt's house so i could only go when KZK used to come...i cudnt go at any of the times when kumkum used to come....only some episodes i got to watch by chance and now thanks to KIRAn and Murali (now you know murali why i insist on watching the old star utsav episodes coz i have never seen them beforeCry ) iam watching the rest.....thanks guys i wuv uuu)...

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how i started watchin kumkum?

well i was skipping through all my channels one day and passed star plus and kumkum was on it was when tara rahuls ex wife was playing sum game to get the wadhwa families money. i thought it looked intresting isaw the last 5 mins only. than next day at b4 the drama started i started watchin it and started likin it and never missed a episode after tht. also later on i started relising tht i liked hussain than i was gone mad about it and started chattin with my m8, fam, cousins and etc. and than i found out about this forum and i joined it and now thts where i am.and i'm proud to be!Edited by tara - 16 years ago
Posted: 16 years ago
mine is a very different and indeed a long story.
i used to watch 'babhi' in sony at first i think it was aired at 1.30 in the afternoon.i used to watch kzk sometimes and accidently i saw the promo of kumkum and i liked juhi Tongue Tongue very much so i decided to watch the show.i started watching in the beginning but i don't like kk and jatin's combination Angry Angry (i felt hu Embarrassed Embarrassed matches well with juhi)so i stopped watching.
another day i saw one promo in which kk was a widow i got interested and started watching again but the story goes slowly so i used to see some episodes and skip some.
when kk and su got married i continuously watched kk interestingly and i used to discuss with my friend abt kk Smile Smile Smile .
then when su was abt know abt renuka set top box problem Angry Angry came and i am not able to watch it thereafter.u know i can't even sleep for 1 week and that time i found no source to know what is happening. 4 years passed away but i can't forget day while browsing for my studies in google i put kumkum in search box and found this forum.then also i don't know that in this forum i can get videos.then again my search begins and i found that 'hindi joy ' is having videos of kk so i joined it and saw the videos but the videos are during abay time Angry Angry .
then i found in IF the video links to different scenes u know how much joy i felt Big smile Big smile Big smile .
after a struggle of 5 years now i am watching kk fresh in star utsav and don't want anyone to miss the early episodes as they r very interesting so i decided to post the videos.haaaaaaaaaaaaa........very long story naaaaaaaa....
Posted: 16 years ago
hmm.. nice topic shimmer Big smile
n a gud question LOL Tongue

when did i start watchin kumkum... hmm...
in school my frnd used to talk abt it... she used to tell me the story.. i basically lykd kumkum'z character n the name too attracted me.. it was new for me n sounded nice.. i used to ask my frnd how the story is going n whts happenin n al...

as my school tymingz were long enough to miss even almost the repeat telecast..
kk repeated at nyte aswell.. n she watched it then but as u al know my sleeping habbits so lolz.. hehe
neway 1 day i was lucky enough to watch sumit... n i was lyk Shocked yeh tu wohii haiii LOL
actually i knew him from before LOL ave seen ashirwad.. kyunki.. sarhadien so.. i was after him tab se he LOL
n that was it.. after that day i didnt miss a single epi... uhh actually i did a few.. cuz of this stupid cable problem Dead Angry Ouch ... n the 1z i watched i saw them 3 tymz a day LOL for hussain!! actually i didnt even know his name at that tyme Embarrassed neway i watche dthe show for him...
at that tyme i lykd sumit n renuka together.. n kumkum looked gud as his bhabhi LOL ... n when su got married to kk i was lyk wht the hell man he luvd renuka.. yeh kia bakwas haii..... n later when the luv started to blossom... i felt in luv with sukk... n wince then i ave been booked.. hooked with it LOL LOL ...

n the end of this story was that hu kept me hooked to it basically Embarrassed
Posted: 16 years ago
hii friends
   i started watching the show when dadaji said sumit to leave the house because kumkum taught to die taking poison when sumit was going near renuka
i liked kumkum she is cute i liked her hair style and started watching the show then sunit hussain face attracted me
t i saw hin in kisme kithna hai dum ,kuch kar dikanna ..i liked his way
i started watching kumkum helped sumit to tell truth of renuka sumit slowly fell in love with kumkum
some eye to eye romance started in sumit towards kumkum
he made her to fall in love with him kumkum loves him from early in other way then she and sumit became friends
sumit was showing his love to kumkum in different way kumkum was under standing his feeling but she was not able to express her feeling to him
sumit made her to come close to him kc night ......
i loved their chemistry it was marvolous ( i use to watch a serial in dd 1 before i don't have cable connection i use to watch shakthi their was romance scenes in it i use to love it ) when i saw kumkum sumitkumkum feelings as friends i loved it
i use watch the show for 2 times 7and 1 midnight
i am in 2nd year of my engineering i use to come early to home to watch kumkum tocaught 1.00 afternoon show it dragged me too much even noe i don't miss even one episode
i can say i missed 2 episodes once power cut and other time i could not come home early i was out
even noe i feel bad of it
now also i request for that videos but i didnot get that videos to watch
any one can help me
recently when sumit planned to go to gao on diwali their was dance between kumkum sumit last scene
Posted: 16 years ago
kool interesting to know how all ur friends got to watch our favourite show and couple!...keep em coming ppl i liked readin!! lol!
Posted: 16 years ago
yeah shimmer its nice to know abt every1 Big smile
thanx for the topic Big smile
Posted: 16 years ago
thanx for d topic.....

well i likd d show frm d start but coz of skol missed it....used 2 watch during my xams LOL LOL LOL really as used 2 b home early...then i ws in 10th std n had tutions but during dussehra i had hlidays for xams n i starte watchin n tht tymthe picnic scene was cuming....i fell in luv wid the show....thenn luckily my tution tym cchangd 2 7:30pm so i used 2 watch the show n never missed an eps...then in 11 th n 12 std i had my coaching classes at 3 pm so i watched it n luvd it...infact when i had tests at 1pm i used 2 cum at 9pm but used 2 sit till 1 am 2 watch the eps....infact sumtyms i watcd s eps 2 tym n sumtyms 3 tyms n frm then i fell in luv wid hussain n juhi n now im here

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